ABS-CBN Concedes to GMA

From Malaya:

ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corp, the country?s largest network, is conceding its defeat in this year?s ratings war, saying there is too little time, barely two months to wrest the lead from GMA Network Inc.

Randolph Estrallado, chief financial officer of ABS-CBN, said “it?s about time to lower expectations. Airtime revenues for the rest of the year will be low. I?m not too optimistic about growth in terms of airtime revenues.

ABS-CBN?s audience share for the third quarter was 35 percent, a slight improvement from 34 percent from the previous quarter. Its rival has 47 percent, from 46 percent from the previous quarter, boosted by fantasy series Darna and Encantadia.

Among the top ten prime time programs, only Pinoy Big Brother made it with the rest aired by GMA.

Wow. What an eye-opener. The fact that profits are being generated mostly from TFC subscribers in North America (kami! ako!) means that ABS-CBN has completely lost in the Philippines. It’s kinda ironic that for DirecTV subscribers, you can only get GMA Pinoy TV as an “add-on” to ABS-CBN’s TFC. I wonder how many subscribers are getting TFC because they want GMA Pinoy TV.

Generally, naka-telebabad ako sa GMA Pinoy TV most of the time, then just checking what’s going on at TFC every once in a while. Aside from the fact that most of the shows I like are on GMA, I hate lingering on TFC because every commercial break, they are hard-selling phone cards and lawyer services — nakakarindi. GMA meanwhile shows music videos (from GMA records of course) and this wonderful program called SideTrip by Howie Severino which takes you an a hands-on trip to unexplored places in the Philippines.

  • http://yakap.org james

    hindi bitin ang chika-chika!

  • blac

    you know what… seriously… im tired of this ratings fight between the GMA & ABS… and i guess im not the only one who are tired with this bs thing going on between GMA&ABS ratings…

    Whatever the ratings are I think what really matters the most is the their viewer’s trust… & creating really good quality entertainment…

  • http://jeffer.multiply.com jammer

    i think the ratings war and network war are OK, IDEALLY. IDEALLY it is supposed to be healthy competition.

    it’s the fans who blow things out of proportion and make it dirty.


    Hey… how’s that?

    I’ve finally realized why there are a lot of Kapamilya viewers who’ve been bragging about ABS having lots of TFC subscribers abroad, without realizing that GMA contributed in addition.

    Is it true? For you to have GMA Pinoy TV, TFC is a prerequisite?

    I wonder, too, why TFC is increasing subscribers. Thanks to GMA Pinoy TV.


  • http://pangitka.blogspot.com karen

    damn! i love your website! your true!

  • LEE

    OMG! ABS-CBN is losing millions. And so their viewers. lol

  • Aurora

    An aside, Howie Severino is one of the journalists that I really admire … natutuwa ako palagi sa Side Trips niya.

    Another thing GMA has going for them — their unbeatable News and Public Affairs team

  • querk

    i have a friend who works in the news of ABSCBN and yes it’s true!!! they totally are clueless!

    poor bernadette sembrano should never have left GMA. they are eating her alive there and she doesn’t even know it! she smiles as piranhas and buwayas bite her in the back.

  • yaya

    i dunno… yeah, some shows are a definite must-see in GMA’s telebabad like encantadia but the rest… i dunno… i do hope that panday would “lift” ABS ratings…

  • querk

    dude… they’ve already LOST millions. ang dami nang na-fifire na diyan sa dos.

    the staunch supporters of ch2… god… i’m telling you if you’ve worked there… it’s a living hell. if you can endure… you’ll make it big. but if not… your “officemates” and “fiends” are gonna step on you like a bug.

    i get a little tired of the 2 & 7 rivalry. but what gets me riled up is how blindly the posters/fans here devote themselves to a company that they have no idea of.

  • pinoy

    you’re right querk……we’re here to be entertained not to take sides….hope more good shows come our way….

  • http://empressmaruja.blogspot.com empress maruja

    ratings are important in TV. hindi naman nila kakaririn yan kung hindi yan importante. diyan kasi pinagbabasehan ng mga advertisers kung saang show sila magbabagsak ng pera.

  • Sentinels

    Well I’m not completely taking side with GMA, besides the fact is that they’ve got good quality shows. I’m glad they’re giving the Lopezes the run their money. It serves them right. I HATE MONOPOLIST, ABS-CBN/Lopezes plays dirty, like what they’re doing with the skycable subscribers, they’re sabotaging GMA’s sister channel QTV. They’re transmitting a weak signal for QTV, so I have to switch to an antenna to get a clearer signal. ABS-CBN/LOPEZES SUCKS. THE LOPEZES ARE EVIL that’s why they’re loosing money.

  • http://s13.invisionfree.com/AicelleSantos vincent

    may plug pa ang abs cbn d2 sa pinas
    “abs cbn ang mas pinapanood ng mas maraming plipino sa buong mundo” prang ganon!
    meron din b jan??

    kya pla cla pinapanood sa ibng bnsa dahil n rin sa gma.hahahaaha!! kaka aliw nmn!!!








  • Keen Vaurx

    He…He…This is really a site for avid kapusos! But I just want to say…LIFE IS A WHEEL.Pana panahon lang yan.But it seems huh…Mas mabilis ang ikot ng gulong as GMA Leads over ABSCBN? Wish ko lang hindi magkamali ang mga kapuso for what they think.

  • Aurora

    vincent, kasi, they can’t claim to be No. 1 because the Adboard monitors claims like that. Obviously, the OFFICIAL ratings here in the Philippines say otherwise.

    So they go the hyperbolic, “not-measurable by statistics” route. The kind that can pass (sorta) adboard scrutiny. Of course, they hype up TFC kasi doon na lang sila nakakalamang. Bago pa kasi ang GMA Pinoy TV. Pa’no na lang pag humabol na ang Pinoy TV?

  • marc

    i love this site…people here are very open minded…escpecially the exchange of ideas…but there are some who are so engrossed with worng perceptions…i feel sorry for them..=(

  • querk

    dude. eto pa. to show you guys how weird abscbn is… di ba (let’s all agree please…) na according to ratings or whatever… ch 2 has been beaten by ch 7. ok?

    i have friends who work in media companies and advertising companies…

    the media rates of abscbn is still more than gma, than ptv4, than ibc13. even when they are number 2… they still give super high rates to the media planners. kaya ang daming pissed off na advertisers sa ch2. mataas na nga dati ang costs…

    i think one interpretation is that ch2 really needs the money. if they go lower or even as low as gma7 media rates… they will die. good bye benpress goodbye rockwell goodbye abscbn foundation goodbye sociallysinful talents fees.

    the advertisers love gma kasi gma adapts to them. if anybody from ch 2 is reading this… sabihin mo sa lopezes na kailangan FLEXIBLE! dude… they’ve fired so many of my friends who are producers and production assistants and even some junior directors. sayang.

    matigas kasi ng ulo ng CH2!!! dude… eventually ch5 is gonna kick your butt. industry chismis is that ch5’s owners and several super rich families banded together to bring down ch2. they will enter every aspect of media and entertainment. newspapers, radio, tv (ch5), lahat. these are uber rich families who have a grudge against the lopezes. god! i hope they make it! it will be interesting to see what happens…

    actually it would be good if more channels battled for the number 1 spot. :)

  • querk

    hi sentinel.

    not sure about the signal jamming thing.

    to be fair din to ch2… rumor has it that it’s not on purpose. there’s even a chance that sa sobrang lakas of even gma7’s transmitter… medyo na-co-corrupt ang qtv11 channel.

    not sure what the real story is. just hearing from my friends in ch2 and ch7 the chismis. :)

  • francis

    GMA rules…ABS babay…

  • Aurora


    Ewan ko ha, pero ABS really is mismanaged. Pero I didn’t know the extent of their mismanagement problems until what you revealed in your post. The high-ad rate practice doesn’t make sense at all. Methinks, they are committing financial suicide.

    I grew up on ABS-CBN. I watched them when they were in their heydays (after nakabalik sila during Cory’s time). It’s pretty sad to see a giant fall so hard, pero it’s all their doing. Grabe yata talaga ang mismanagement and the corporate culture is cutthroat. Meron yatang group of ‘yes-men’ ang mga Lopezes ah.

  • http://pinoypride.uni.cc Kapamilya_)Mukhang_Pera

    Oh My,Kailan Magbabago Ang ABS?

    May Natanggap Akong sulat Sa Is asa Mga Nagke-Claim Na Kapamilya Employee….

    para lang po ito ka imbestigador_ng_bayan…


    gusto kong mag react tungkol sa mga sinabi mo againts ABS-CBN’s retrenchment.

    una sa lahat,ako nga pala si kapamilya_employee,nagtatrabaho sa kapamilya network for more than 4 years na,and to tell you the truth:hindi naman ako ganun kaloyal sa tv station na yun,syempre,nanonood rin ako ng mga Programs sa GMA…..

    lagi akong naglulurk dito at nababasa ang mga reactions mo tungkol sa retrenchment ng ABS-CBN,at sa lahat ng tinuran mo,hindi ako makatutol…oo nga naman,bakit nagreretrench ang ABS-CBN kung no.1 naman sila nationwide,di ba dapat pinagpapasalamat pa nga nila ito sa kanilang mga empleyado???

    indeed,ABS-CBN before was the undesputed no.1 tv network in the phils….dati maganda pa ang pagtingin sa amin ng aming network na pinagsisilbihan….pero nang nag no.2 ang ABS sa mega manila,iba na ang nangyari.ABS-CBN neglected us,their own employees….

    at nang mabalitaan nga yung retrenchment ng ABS sapagkat lugi na,nadamay ang mga inosenteng empleyado sa kalokohan ng aming netowrk….yung mga loyal employees na nagtatrabaho sa ABS for 10 years,tinanggal,yung mga kaibigan ko na walang kinalaman sa kurapsyon sa ABS,tinanggal din…selected lang ang hindi tinanggal,kasama ako dun.okay sana,pero paano naman yung iba na walang kasalanan,nadamay.

    at eto nga,kung nagreretrench ang ABS,bakit nila kinuha si Maria Ressa Para Humalili sa News Dept?,bakit nagrerecruit pa sila ng mga employees for their regional network?,bakit sila kumukuha ng mga bagong talents?

    niloloko lang yata kami ng ABS…at kami naman,naging tanga.

    you are right from what you have said:viewers nila,mahal nila…pero employees nila,hindi.

    pinagusapan na rin namin ito sa ABS-CBN Forums,pero ni isang kapamilya,walang nakinig…

    si TFC God father,tinanong ko tungkol dito,pero wala siyang naisagot,si sLick,pinagtanggol pa ang ABS-CBN.yung ibang forumers,tinawag ang mga natanggal na mga empleyado na tanga at walang silbi sa buhay,tama ba naman yun,kapamilya sila,dapat sila pa ang nakikiramay sa kanila.

    pakiusap po,mr.inb,gamitin niyo po sana ang mga tinuran niyo againts ABS,i know you want a fair fight,so sana pakinggan niyo ako…

    hindi ako pinakinggan ng kapamilya network,hindi pa ako pinakinggan ng mga kapamilya,kaya nagbabakasakali ako na makatulong ang tinuran niyo sa akin….para magising na sa pagkabaliw ang ABS…

    maraming salamat po.

    They Have Said It a rude Awakening Pero Bakit Di sila nagising? :lol:

  • http://pinoypride.uni.cc Kapamilya_)Mukhang_Pera

    Sentinel,You are Right…

    Lopezes Are The PERFECT Source of Evilness

    Ilang Kapamilya Stars Na Ba Ang Pinatakbo Nila Dahil Sa di Malamang hidden Agenda?

  • http://empressmaruja.blogspot.com empress maruja

    querk, as long as abc 5 has PBA, they will never have a solid programming.

    PBA deserves to be in cable like solar not in free TV anymore.

  • http://empressmaruja.blogspot.com empress maruja

    QTV signal is weird. I mean, noong ZOE pa yan ang linaw naman (at dapat lang kasi 11 na malapit sa 1, unlike 23 na…hmmmm…). Pero noong nag-QTV lumabo bigla.

    But still QTV is currently ranked 3 (minsan 4th kapag may PBA ang ABC5).

    I disagree to the notion na QTV is tambakan ng mga patapon na talents ng GMA. mabuti nga binibigyan sila ng show, eh ilang batches na ng Star Circle/Star Magic ang umaasa pang maging extra man lang.

    Kasi puro na lang Claudine, Kristine, Diether, Jericho, Piolo, Juday, John Lloyd at Bea lang ang nasa utak.

  • http://pinoypride.uni.cc imbestigador_ng_bayan

    Nga Pala….Nung ABS Ang Nagdeclare Na No.1 Sila Di Tayo Umangal…

    Pero Nung Tayo Na Yung Nag Declare,Bigla Silang Umangal At Nag Inarte…

    how I Wish Napapakinabangan Nila yung Nationwide Ratings Nila,Para Naman Mawala Na Yung Losses Nila… :lol:…Hahaha!

  • AJDubai

    I just hope people currently subscribing to DirectTV voice out their concerns regarding this TFC DTV arrangement to have TFC a default with the package. Though wala namang masama sana na kasama na ang TFC kaso let the people choose kung gusto nga nila ng 2 with 7 magiging mas mura pa if pwede silang mamili instead of add-on ang PinoyTV.

    Saka masama nito mag mumukha na namang engot ang mga Zombies ng EBS thinking na malakas pa rin ang TFC nila all the while pala eh kaya mag nag susubscribe ay dahil PTV talaga ang habol.

    Just one thought kung ang DTV kaya ay mag decide na alisin ang TFC as default Pinoy channel sino kaya ang sasalo pa sa TFC considering na tinabla na nila ang mga dati nilang distributors?

    Kaya naman ako naiinis sa 2 eh kasi nga mahilig sila sa mga negosyong unfair.

    There goes my two dollar’s worth :D

  • Aurora


    AT least the emergence of QTV means more jobs for our local talents. at konti lang ang nababakanteng talents ng GMA pagdating ng QTV, hindi katulad ng ABS, na kedami-dami na nilang homegrown talents walang projects. Tapos ang masakit niyan namimirata pa sa kabila. Okay lang yun, pero sila ang ginagawang reyna while ang homegrown talents nila ang kawawa.

    Tingnan mo ang lumipat na former ABS to GMA

    Bearwin Meilly – may ilang shows at may launching movie na
    Dennis Trillo – one of the most sought after young actors today
    Alfred Vargas – one of primetime’s most recognizable faces
    Julia Clarete – winner ng Hollywood Dream
    Camille Pratts – princess ng ABS noon, nung lumaki sa ‘child star’ phase, pinabayaan, ngayon may two regular shows na.
    Pauleen Luna – contract star ng regal, two regular shows, may movies na

    Sana nga ayus-ayusin ni Hero yung kanyang mga extra kuri-kuri at baka maambunan pa siya ng swerte

    Eh, ang dami ngang former ABS talents na nakikita ko sa QTV eh :D


    Mga kanguso 7 inggit lang kyo sa dos.. dahil alam nyo lampaso pa rin kayo kung paguusapan nationwide viewership.. Inggit lang kyo coz my TFC ang dos.. ang kapuso ala ng ginawa kungdi manira 2lad ng ginawa nila kay kris…

  • querk

    aurora. wow. dennis came from ch2? didn’t know that. kala ko straight gma7 tlent siya.

  • querk


    i know how you feel.

    ang dami kong mga kaibigan that have been promised this and that from ch2 management… but eventually they were fired.

    to be fair… gma7 has it’s own share of “weird” management issues.

    i’ve freelanced produced with both… so i’ve seen it. production is really ruthless. industry rumor is that if you are from ch2 then you are automatically an a**hole. but i’ve worked with both networks. talagang there are good eggs and bad eggs everywhere.

    i feel bad lang that instead of allocating funds to the employees… fire them nalang and strat ng abs.

    empress maruja…

    unfortunately i am not an avid fan of sports and basketball. sorry hehe. i can’t really discuss about PBA placing. all i know is that surprisingly… PBA still rates relatively high. my friends said nga… “ha?! may nanonood pa ba ng basketball?” well… the answer is yes. i’m not sure… but i think PBA might still be lending a hand in ABC5’s development. dude… ang dami nilang pera. chismis of the 5 rich families… each family is just as rich or even richer than lopez clan. i think these are ex-business partners or friends who the lopezes screwed. so the chismis is… these families got together. 5 billionaires versus 1? odds aren’t that good for 2.

    me personally… just want to see really good shows. if 3 channels can deliver them… (2, 5 and 7) then i say go! hehe.

    as for QTV. female oriented shows. the signal issue…? well my gma7 resources say it’s either that skycable is twisting the signal or ch2’s transmitter is jamming it or it’s just a fluke lang talaga… or the funny possibility that gma’s own transmitter is so strong it’s screwing with qtv’s signal. possible… but that would be really low na talaga if ch2 was actually blocking it. hopefully not.

  • querk


    it’s funny isn’t it? they are still demanding their original ad rates to agencies and media. CH2 man… they got balls. feeling ko it’s a gamble. like in poker… they’ve got their cards and are raising the stakes… double or nothing. if they bluff well or if their cards are strong… they’ll win.

    sana lang talaga they improve quality of shows.

    want to pitch shows… kaso lang scary.

    years ago… me and my friend pitched a music channel idea to them. they put us on hold for months. wouldn’t return our calls or reply to text. then lo and behold… MYX was born. hehe. we wrote up a complete concept for a music channel… exactly what MYX is today. titles are different coz of the word “MYX”… but we had acoustic session type show, live type show, etc. oh well… in my line of work… you always have to take chances.

    it’s funny coz i’m going to try to pitch shows again to studio23 soon. hehe. roll the dice and snake eyes! :)

  • ABSrocks!!

    wala nmang gnawa yang mga kanguso na yan kundi manira. dba yun lang naman tlga alm niong gawin. mgpaka-cheapX( pano nio nlamang #1 kau??san nio nanaman nakuha yan?? kht ako kaya kong sbihing #1 ang chnnel 2 dba. Tgnan nio nlng c Anne Curtis, dba sumikat xia na dating hnd pnapancn sa 7, c Iya na nging host at dting hnd mxiado klala, c Toni na host na ngaun ng PBB na #1 kht san ka pmunta. Ano kya ang mas baduy, wowowee o eat bulaga na pnahon pa ng lolo ko. sa 22o lng mas myaman tlga ang ABS kc naman kung gumawa cla ng show, tlagang pnaghahandaan at gumagastos ng napakalaki.. And what happened 2 Hero na nga pla dian sa 7?? dba nalaos na rn?? And what’s wid Mark and Reinier, they don’t even know how 2 act and dance. Yung mga artistang lumilipat dian sa 7 nagiging cheap na yung dating..Ano nga pla ang mron dian sa QTV na yan, napaka-labo nd wlang kwenta yung mga shows, makaluma yung style kya ang boring panoodin.. Aminin nlng natn na #1 tlga ang kapamilya 4 ever…

  • sandarafukers…..

    wawa naman kapalmilya…TFC Na Lang Ang Bumubuhay Sa Kanila…..

  • navi

    yehey! number one ang GMA!!! magdiwang tayo! palakpakan!!! ang gaganda ng mga shows ninyo!!! yeheyyy!!! ang taas ng rating ninyo! yeheyyy! 47 ba? dati 46 lang, PALAKPAKAN TAYO! nagdidiwang ang buong bansa, mula aparri hanggang Jolo!!!


    Ganito pala pag number one ang GMA ano? lumalabas ang TUNAY na kulay ng mga manonood. MANPANGLAIT, MAPANGALIPUSTA, MAPANGHUSGA, MASYADONG-NEGATIVE ANG VIBES NILA.

    kung ganyan rin lang ang kalalabasan yoko nang mag-number one.



    kawawa naman ung mga talent ng dos na lumilipat sa kanguso,,para ala na clang pagasa sumikat..hay naku..kc nagpapaniwala cla ng no.1 ang kanguso eh sa totoo lang hindi naman. ano ba naman ang survey?? eh nababayaran naman yan..c Lolit solis sabi nya palagi leading ang kanguso sa rating,, syempre naman no..sayang na lang ang perang ibinabayad sa kanya ng siete.at c lolo joey naman ala ng ginawa kundi siraan and dos because sobrang insecure talaga cia sa dos.. kc naman ayaw pa nilang magpakatotoo na talagang ala clang binatbat sa dos..btw alam nyo ba mga bloggers na karamihan sa surplus tv na nabibili ay walang channel 2,, kaya naman palang ang daming nagtyatyaga na lang manood ng siete kc alang choice.. anyway ang importante ay ano ba ang pinaguusapan pag nasa labas ka ng bahay hindi ba mga programs ng KAPAMILYA…PEACE TAYO MGA KAPUSO HA?/

  • http://pinoypride.uni.cc imbestigador_ng_bayan
  • http://pinoypride.uni.cc imbestigador_ng_bayan


    ako si Kapamilya_Mukhang_)Pera….

    Di Sa Akin Yan…

    Eto Po yung Link…Nakapagtataka:Bakit sa Mga Kapuso siya Nagtitiwala…Ganun Na Ba Talaga Ang Mga Kapamilya?


    So Saddening:Kapamilya Ang Nagtitirahan Sa Isat Isa…..


    NEVER NAGMAYABANG ANG DOS pagdating s ratings! proven n yan even mga stars nila wla kang maririnig n nagpaparinig unlike s kanguso nangunguna sila joey and richard n mga galing din nman s dos.
    As far as i remembr wlang nilabas n ratings ang ABS-CBN nun sila ang pumapalo s mega manila ratings, lately n lng sila nagllbas nun after gayahin ng kanguso mga shows nila and sbhin sila ang number one s mega manila.

    back in 1986 nung laos pa ang ABSCBN (because they were acquired during martial law), their management climbed up the ladder as to make it the no.1 in the 90’s. During the 90’s they were undoubtedly the best. And they used the ratings thing para isampal yun sa GMA7, PTV4, RPN9 at IBC13 (wala pang ABC5). Ginamit din nila ung AGB. Fact yon, so to say na NEVER NAGMAYABANG ANG DOS is an understatement, much more, biased.
    — Mas madami nga bang quality shows sa ABS? or is that not another biased opinion? To say that the people do not watch quality shows insults the viewers. Is it rightful to say na MASMAGAGANDA UNG SHOWS SA DOS, MAS MARAMI LANG NANONOOD SA KABILA… so bakit? KASI ###### UNG AUDIENCE?
    As for Ariel Rivera, Paolo contis and camille pratts it was mainly for career expansion, but for Mel Tiangco, Pia Guanio, Joey de Leon, Richard Gomez, and Hero. hindi ba nilaglag lang sila ng DOS. Samantalang yung ABS ang mas magaling sa piratahan kasi mas malaki sila, no.1 sila dati, global ung market nila, kaya nilang magbayad ng mas malaki [may option to buy ung mga cotrata sa ABS, tapos puro one year pa]. Kaya nga nila nakuha si Kris Aquino, si Boy Abunda, si AiAi delas Alas, Anne Curtis, ung news team ng GMA etc. etc. [dami eh]
    —–As for the PROBE TEAM… they were not dropped, their contracts were not renewed.

    Acording to leading Tagaolg tabloid Balita, GMA is doing its dirty tactics to persuade people to watch their shows by commercializing the AGB ratings in which they said that they’re still the leading station and most especially, at the weekday primetime block. Papayag kayo doon?

    ABS-CBN deserves it. Although thankful din ako sa GMA because
    without them challenging ABS-CBN’s National Lead, wala tayong makikitang ganitong kagandang shows sa Kapamilya Network

  • http://pinoypride.uni.cc imbestigador_ng_bayan

    Tanggapin Na Lang Ng ABS_Ilusyon Lang Ang Nationwide TV Ratings…

    No.1 Ang GMA sa Forum Site Namin:Kaya Malaki Ang Kita…..

    No.1 Ang ABS Sa Forums Nila Pero Lugi At Nagreretrench…

    Nga Pala,Alam Niyo Bang Sinisi ni Gabby “The Dramatic Flick” Lopez Ang Mega Mla Viewers Because of The Things That Was Happening To Them,What A Heck?

    pasalamat Siya,Di Ko Siya pinakulonng Due To That MERALCO Incident…..

  • http://pinoypride.uni.cc imbestigador_ng_bayan

    And Did I Say ABS-CBN?

    It Should Be ABuSo-CiBakiN??

    Bagay Sa Retrenchment Nila??

  • http://pinoypride.uni.cc imbestigador_ng_bayan


    Kaisip:Come To Think Of It;

    Kapamilyas Said They Are No.1 But They Dont Act Like One….

    Ugaling Talunan…..

  • RYPM

    Hey Buboy, galing ng history mo sa ABS. Pero naaalala mo ba kung bakit me Game ka na ba? ni Kris Aquino? Ginawa ng ABS yang show kasi gusto nilang patayin ung No.1 show na Who want to be a Millionaire sa IBC 13. Namamayagpag nun ang na-iisang top rated show ng IBC pero pinatay ng ABS para ung dami ng nanonood dun e lumipat sa kanila.
    Next, yung top rated naman ng RPN 9 na Marimar. Aba at sa kalagitnaan ng series nito e naglabas din ang ABS ng show ni Thalia. Maria d Barrio ata yun. Ayun naghati na naman ang audience ni Thalia. Kawawang IBC 13 at RPN 9. Dun na lang nga sila kikita e NINAKAW PA ng ABS ung audience.
    Last e ung sa GMA 7 na Betty Lafeya. Natapos yung series na me karugtong. Pero 1 week na lang bago matapos yun, pinalabas ng ABS ung continuation nito. Nalito ang mga nanonood kung tatapusin ba nila ung sa GMA o switch na sila sa ABS sa umpisa ng karugtong nito. HANEP talaga ang ABS.
    Kaya Buboy, ano masasabi mo sa ABS mo. ISANG MAGNANAKAW! Yan ang totoo.
    Cge depensahan mo ang station mo. Tingnan ko lang kung me ibubuga ka pa!

  • querk

    whoops. sorry imbestigador :)

  • hevince

    buboy,bago ang lahat wag mong linawin ko lang sayo yong sinabi mo na never nag yabang yang abs mo sa rating!noong mga early 90’s lagi nilang binabandera sa lahat ng mga dyaryo na sila ang number#1 nakakaawa ang 7 nong mga panahon na yon di man lang sila pumasok sa top 10 mga show nila swerte na pag pumasok sila sa top 20,laging pinapamukha ni cristy fermin sa show nila noon ni butch francisco sa SHOWBIZ LINGGO na inilampaso ang 7 sa lahat ng palabas nila.bata ka pa siguro noon di mo alam kong paano ipamukha nila sa 7 na talunan sila.AGB NEILSEN din sila kumuha ng rating noon tapos ngayon sasabihin nila na bayaran yang mga rating na yan!bakit ba masyado kayong apektado jan sa rating na yan ha?kasi alam nyo sa sarili na talagang tinalo na kayo sa 7!wawanaman kayo palubog na abs-cbn nyo di na nga gaanong pinapasok ng mga patalastas buti nga!tsaka minsan lang kayong umangat noon MULAWIN VS.LOVERS IN PARIS NAGBUBUNYI NA KAYO.pinatikim lang namam kayong lumamang di na naulit ibig sabihin naniniwala rin ang abs cbn sa AGB.kamparenang kuba ipinagyayabang din nila na lumamang sa encantadia pero isang gabi lang sila nakaungos di na rin naulit! hehehehe yabang kasi kaya di na umarangkada.lubog na kayo araw na lang binibilang mapag iwanan na kayo ng milya milya.basta kmi dito sa bahay lahat kami kapuso…katulong lang namin maka channel 2.


    Ratings from AGBNielsen are credible. AGBNielsen is the same firm that declared ABS-CBN as the undisputed leader for decades. Nagiging questionable nga lang kapag dumaan na sa iba’t-ibang sites. Kapag pinost ng isang Kanguso este kapuso, dinaragdagan or nira-round off yung data.
    Hintayin na lang natin ang formulation ng National Ratings Data. This will determine which station is ultimately the winner when it comes to National Viewership. And I’m confident advertisers would be basing their marketing,sponsorship decisions on this data soon.
    Mas maganda ang abs_cbn kaysa sa gma7 dahil palaging nag gagaya ang 7 sa dos.walang originality,ang mga stars nila ay hindi marunong umarte.super oa talaga kala mo kung sino.
    Mga KAPUSO, Palagi ninyong sinasabi na marami ng shows sa ABSCBN na puro REFORMAT na. Sige, aaminin naming mga KAPAMILYA FANS na OO, marami ngang REFORMAT TV SHOWS sa ABSCBN ngayon, pero alam ba ninyo ang mga resulta nito sa RATINGS? But before that, the reason why ABSCBN make a move to REFORMAT some of their TV SHOWS so that the TELEVIEWERS can watch more interesting and beautiful SHOWS compared to GMA7 REFORMAT SHOWS na lahat ay BAGSAK sa RATINGS.

    ABS ang number 1
    GMA 7 – the insecure channel

  • hevince

    talagang # 1 pala kayo bakit daming natanggal sa abs cbn ngayon?ibig sabihin bagsak na sila wawa naman yan ang napapala sa mga gahaman!masyado kasing mayabang kala nyo lagi kayo nasa itaas.lugi kayo sa loob ng 9 mnths ng 734 million.kong tutuusin maliit na kumpanya lang ang 7 pero di nila kayang pataubin!yabang pa nila sumabay ba naman sila sa pelikula ni richard angel (LET THE LOVE BEGIN) yon tuloy napag iwanan.buboy ito lang masasabi ko sa darating na pasko manonood kami ng mulawin gawa ito ng GMA ALAM KONG KIKITA ITO KAHIT ISABAY NYO PANG IPALABAS GAWA NG ABS CBN NYO KAHIT PAGSAMAHIN PA YANG PINAGYAYABANG NYONG SIKAT NG DOS!PAKAININ KYO NG ALIKABOK….

  • hevince


  • hevince


  • ABS rocks!!!!!!!!!

    hevince>>> grabe ang cheap mo!! cguro janitor ka sa GMA KANGUSO. Kung #1 tlga kau ngayun, bkt ka mxiado defensive dian???? Pra sbihin ko sau, kht san ka pmunta PBB ang gus2 at pnag-uusapan ng marami lalo na sa school namen, ehem!!! private po school namen at hnd cheap mga tao 2lad mo!! Ang tanga tanga naman ng mga taong naniniwala na scripted ang PBB, tanga ba kau?? 24 hrs tpos scripted, ano kau ngpapatawa?? Tpos nkaka 95 days na cla na mataas ratings, cnicraan nio prin!! kung wala kaung mgawa, wag nlng nio yun pancnin dba?? Kung d kau PBB fan, bkt alam nio bawat detail 2ngkol don?? ibig sbihin nanonood rn kau non dba!!! mg isip isip naman kau dian mga kanguso!! Pra sabhin ko sa inyo, madali lng pong mg-imbento ng ratings, pera lng katapat nian mga DUDE!! isip isp!!!

  • ABS rocks!!!!!!!!!

    anyway ending na nga pala ng pngmamalaki niong ENCANTADOYY!!! san nlng kau pupulutin nyan?? ang kaisa-isang plabas na pnagmamalaki nio,, ay naku wawa naman kaung mga KANGUSO,,, KANGUSO TAU!! mga boloks na losers!!!!!!!!!!!!!mga cheapipay!!!!

  • kacute-an!

    inb:ABuSo CiBakiN? Wahahaha!

  • http://empressmaruja.blogspot.com empress maruja

    dearies, alam niyo bang dinededma ng mga advertisers ang mga ratings sa probinsya?

    Compare niyo ang 10 million viewers ng mega manila sa kakarampot na may TV sa provinces.

    Iba ang 30% ng Mega Manila (3 million) sa 30% ng Dagupan (18,000)

    hay, such logic only a kapalmilya can have…so public ya no? lol joke

  • http://empressmaruja.blogspot.com empress maruja

    hevince, at least sa PBB may regular silang supply ng suka’t toyo lol

  • http://empressmaruja.blogspot.com empress maruja

    buboy, iba ang AGB sa AC Nielsen. Hindi po AGBNielsen. Napaghahalatang nagfa-fabricate. tsk tsk

    such logic only a kapalmilya can possess

    gotta steer away marami kasing ebs


    hay mga kanguso ang lakas pa ninyong makipagsabayan sa sinehan,eh ung huling pelikula nga ng GMA film pwedeng magtennis ng dual court dahil alang tao.nilangaw kung baga.itanong nyo kaya kay lolit to confirm…

    36.1 ang panday! the making pa lang yan,pano na kaya kung ma-air na ung pilot episode nito! sana maka 40+ ito…

    kampanerang kuba- humahataw na ulit! 29.8

    pbb(di ba nomination night yun?) pero nakakatuwa dahil sa nangyari mukhang tsutsugiin na ang subo este sugo!

    amazing twin-napataob na ulit ang frog prince!

    go kapamilya!!!

    if ever and tao nanunuod sa GMA, it is because hindi maganda ang reception ng ABS and ABS must do something about this..the televiewers have no other option but mapilitan manuod sa GMA. naaawa nga sa kanila eh…

    Kaya pansinin n???yo, ang heavy ng ad load ng Mga Anghel, Kampanerang Kuba and Ikaw ang Lahat (before it wound up) despite the supposed 10% or more leads of their counterparts. Especially Kampanera ??? talo pa nito actually ang Darna and Encantadia sa ad load.

    Kaya somebody really has to explain to Annabel Rama kung bakit planong tsutsugihin na ang show ng anak niya. Anlaki supposedly ng lead sa ratings, talo daw ang PBB, but look at where the bulk of the ads are going.

    About the commercial load, Yeah I think I noticed a huge bulk of commercials on MANWL. PBB has strong sponsorhip. No doubt mababawi din ng ABS-CBN ang gastos nito sa franchise ng show.


    I agree that number station in the nation is no other thn ABS CBN Kapamilya, pano magiging no.1 ang GMA wala naman sila TFC subscribers dun pa lang panalo na ABS CBN. Tsaka palagay ko lang mas malaki magbigay ng talent fee ang kapamilya!.

    Kung mlakas ang GMA bakit kuripot sila magbvigay ng talent fee sa mga stars nila? di gaya ng Kapamilya lahat kumikita and company at stars nila…ABS CBN NO. 1

    Ganyan talaga kapag hindi mayabang, hindi pikon at higit sa lahat mga inggit nagiging number one kaya nga iba magmahal ang kapamilya eh tapos ang sa GMA 7 pa nanggaya iba raw ang tibok pag kapuso pano ang tibok yung mamamatay na?!kaya nga laos na kayo dati pa mga GMA 7 at kahit kailan di na kayo magiging number one kaya GMA 7 eh number 7 na lang kayo kahit kailan pero ang ABS-CBN Kapamilya 2 k lang kahit two at least mas una naman yun sa 7 noh!!!ano say nyo mga kapuso cge ano?!kaya para sa buong pilipinas at buong mundo ano ang number one na network?!ABS-CBN Kapamilya no.1forever!!

  • Jay Ricky


    Para malinawan ka, hindi nakikita ang “kalakasan” ng isang network base sa perception mo na mas “heavy (a)ng ad load”. Ito ay nakikita sa kita ng bawat network.

    Suriin lang natin ang dalawang ulat na ito mulas sa INQ7.net:

    GMA Network profit up over 50% in 2nd qtr

    ABS-CBN profit down 9% in Q3

    Oh, sa headline pa lang, kita na kung sino ang lumalamang, di ba?

  • Jay Ricky


    kung hindi pa po kayo nakuntento dyan sa mga news clips, maaari nyo ring masaksihan ang kaganapan sa palitan ng shares ng ABS-CBN (ABS sa Philippine Stock Exchange) dito sa link na ito:


    Masasaksihan mo dito kung gaano pinabagsak ng Darna, Encantadia at Sugo ang ABS Stocks… at kung paano sila sinagip ng Pinoy Big Brother.

    Halata ito dahil tugma sa mga petsa kung kailan nagsimula ang mga programang ito.

  • RYPM

    Hey Buboy, pagmasdan mo nga mabuti ang 2 mo. Parang nakaluhod na nakayuko na. GANYAN ANG MGA Kapamilya na. Suko na sa Kapuso. Humble ba? Oo humble pero ung mismong mga die hard nila mga HAMBOG na. Sa figure pa lang ng 2 halatadong ‘give-up’ na e.
    Heto pa buboy. Ikaw ang sumagot kung bakit mahirap ang GMA7. Dami mo sigurong pera kaya di ka rereklamo sa Meralco bill mo. Dami mo rin pera kaya di ka reklamo sa toll fee sa NLEX. Yan mga yan ang dahilan kung bakit mayaman ang channel 2 mo. Naging mayaman dahil ginipit ang mga mamamayan. Ung mga nakolekta, un ang mga ipambabayad sa talent fee ng mga artista nila. Get mo na? Mahal mo pa sila kesa mga kapwa mo pinoy na naghihirap. O cguro manhid ka. BAKA NAMAN ISA KA RIN SA BAYARAN NG ABS kaya ganyan ka na lang ka ilusyonado. Me time ka pa para mag-isip.


    relax lang mga kapuso7,, yan na nga ba sinasabi ko masyado kayong pikon eh…PEACE TAYO..maging objective lang kayo at mahahalata nyo na kyo ang niluluko ng peste este siete.

    Abs CBn O Gma ?Saan Kayu?



    from the station, to the artista, to the televiewers, talak ng talak ang siete but they cant present facts that they are number one!


    Peace tayo kapuso…



    hay naku pls nman GMA fans obvious nman na insecure lang kayo eh dba lang posa totoo lang alam ko nman na karamihan na comments dito na KANGUSO eh sa staff nila sana aminin nyopo alam ko na kayo po ang nagsulat dito kc may ksamahan kayo dyan na kaibigan ko ganun nga. Sana ipaubaya nman nyo sa mga viewers dito mga comments wag nga kayo mainsecure kng ayaw nyo sa ABS bakit comments kayo dito bakit wala din ba kayo kgaya nito GAYAHIN na naman po ito alam ko yun.

    ano na naman yang Bubblegang Jr. na yan?! ginaya daw ba ang Goin??? Bulilit?? FYI mga Kanguso?? HINDI NAMAN PO MGA BULOL ANG CAST NG GOIN BULILIT COMPARE NYO NAMAN SA CAST NG BUBBLEGANG JR. na KASIMPLE-SIMPLENG WORD AY DI PA MABANGGIT NG TAMA! yuck kayo ah! totoo nga.. gaya-gaya lang talaga ang mga taga-7!!! Walang kabuhay-buhay ang mga bata. Halatang may binabasa??. Mas maganda talaga ang GOIN??? BULILIT!!! Ang tunay na Orig!!!


  • Aurora

    querk, sorry to reply so late, but OMG! Grabe naman yang sinabi mo about your concept. Sad truth yan — it’s a dog-eat-dog world out there. So sorry it happened to you. But I’m glad you’re still producing and pitching shows. Good luck sa bagong mong shows. I hope you get the gigs!

    yes, Dennis was part of the Star Circle (dunno which batch) pero na-neglect siya kaya lipat siya sa 7. Also, Nadine Samonte was launched as part of the Star Circle, alang nangyari kaya nag-try siya sa StarStruck. Doon siya pinalad.

  • GMA toooooooootally sucks!!!

    mga boloks tlaga kaung mga kanguso!! ano ba ang mron sa gma na yan at napapaikot nla ulo nyo at naniniwala nman kaung #1 cla, haha!! tgnan nio nga ang hina hina ng signal nla d2, ano pa kya sa mga probinsya?? mg isip nman kau mga dude!! if ever nman na mei signal yung tv station nla, the televiewers will rather watch ABS kc nman wla clang gnawa kundi mapikon at magtatatalak na #1 daw cla, hahaha!! where’s the proof?? yung mga pnagyayabang niong tv ratings na nkikita nio sa iba-ibang website?!! sus naman, come to think about it, kht cno pde mg post ng ratings na gusto nla, the worst is, malay nating lhat bnabayaran lng ng GMA ung ngllbas ng ratings pra maniwala yung mga tao sa knila duhhh!! mga tanga lng po ang naniniwala sa kanila. Isa pa ano namang mron dian sa QTV na yan at #3 dw yan, haha papatawa ata kau, ang qtv po ay bagsakan ng mga artistang laos na!! isa pa yung style ng mga palabas nla pang early 70’s na parang walang budget at basta nlng gumawa ng tv station to compete with the other network, sus ni wala ka ngang mapanood don sa sobrang labo eh!! eh mas mganda pa po ang studio 23 kesa dian eh, mei class pa mga tao and yung mga palabas, d 2lad ng qtv na prang gma na pnabaduy ng 100 prcent!! Alam ko namang inis na inis na lhat ng kanguso pg nabasa nla 2 kc pkon clang lhat!!! PEACE out!!


    naku napaka over acting ng gma maninira pa magnanakaw pa??wala talaga silang magawa kung di ang manira!!!insecure kasi sila sa abs-cbn kasi kahit nangunguna na sila sa manila mas majority pa rin na pinapanood ng mas maraming pilipino ang kapamilya networkk!!!kaya all i can say..gma is the most insecure network in thew hole world..

    ratings? hindi yun totoo, kung sa pagtulong lang sa ibang tao,,for us no.1 pa din ang abs. unlike gma na pakitang tao lang,wala sa puso. sa inconsistent ratings nila sa mga programs, maybe fault ng abs, kse kapag nag-ra-rate ang isang program nila bigla nalang nila tinatanggal and pinapalitan e.g pera o bayong. and yung problem nila sa province esp. sa south kse most of the people who lives out of manila,,puros gma..hindi sa maganda ang palabas ng kabilang network its because malabo and magulo ang channel 2 sa south kaya kahit maraming may gustong manood ng abs esp.teleseryes,hindi clear yung picture??ayusin nyo kaya abs!sayang naman yung mga viewers nyo.
    but still kahit hndi na sila no.1.. kapamilya pa rin kme!! no.1 pa rin sila samin and yung kabilang network nakatsamba lang sila ngayon. hindi nyo ba napapansin kapag may lumipat na talent sa gma galing abs ang gagaling nila kesa sa mga talents talaga ng gma???kahit na yung talent na lumipat eh hindi namn magaling sa abs..e.g. dennis trillo,cindy kurleto,pia guanio etc..it only means ang pangit ng training ng mga artist ng gma,sa abs cream of the crop!

    Sinubukan kong tignan ang blog ng Kapuso pero nabigla ako kasi ang pangit, paraan ng paglista ng mga ratings halatang pinipirata, hindi gaya ng ABS-CBN, ang ganda, makikita mo pa ang mga sources.Yung mga comments dun ng mga KANGUSO parang mga adik na nakapuga sa bilibid.Sabi nila manggaya raw ang DOS pero halata naman na sila talaga ang manggagaya kahit pa iresearched nila.

    Congrats kapamilya! GMA gumising nga kau sa katotohanan..
    number one kau sa megamanila, nde sa buong pilipinas! nakakahiya kau..

    I think abs-cbn still number network here in the Philippines as well as dominated na rin sila around the world because of TFC. Kaya Kapamilya, Congratulations keep up your good work. Sa GMA kapuso, gudluck na lang, siguro ngayon pa lang kau umaangat sa business na 2. I think darating din ung time na u are the No. 1 network.


  • http://www.freewebs.com/entertainment_visions AU win

    tama ka buboy
    gma is so insecure and kung gusto niyo ng example, ang ibibigay kong example ay si mr………… joey de leon, pana’y ang panira sa kabila lalo na kabag may lumilipat tulad ni toni gonzaga, anne curtis pero sa totoo lang ha, ang paglipat nila sa abs-cbn ay worth it, kasi nakilala sila ng sanlibutan, HINDI ba???? TAMA AKO ????

    si toni gonzaga sumikat at naipakita na ang galing- galing sa hosting tpos itong si anne, ang galing pala sa drama at komedy(medyo lang nmn) despite na hirap siya sa tagalog….. samantalang nung nasa gma siya eh… prang hindi pansin nang lahat ang appearance niya!!!


    – yahoomessenger: gan_goldwin

  • Jay Ricky

    hmmm… may hinala ako na sina BUBOY at AUwin ay iisang tao lamang… halata kasi sa pattern ng pagttype at mga choice of words. lalo na ang paggamit ng maraming ‘?’ at pagCapslock.

    anyway, sana nagkakamali ako… sana lang ay hindi sya nagsosoliloquy o hindi kaya ay nasisiraan na ng bait dahil sa kinakausap nya ang kanyang sarili .

  • RYPM

    I agree with you, Jay. Ganun yata kapag KapamilYUKS, binding nila sobra, kaya hayun ung dalawang tao nag sanib at naging isa. TALAGANG isa. Iisang tao, brain nya; left hemisphere BUBOY, right hemisphere AUwin. Aba kakaiba. Ma i-report nga yan ke Arnold Clavio para makasama sila sa EMERGENCY nya title: “ABNORMAL HUMAN Brain”. Hahahaha.


    well mga kapamilya in the whole world??????????.!
    All i can say is that NO. 1 talaga ang kapamilya sa boung pilipinas! to all region ay NO. 1 ANG KAPAMILYA! Alam nyu kasi mga kapamilya ung GMA NA YAN gumagawa cla ng sarili nilang FALSE RATING EVER! WHAT THE HELL THEY ARE DOIN?! NAIIMBYENA AKO SA TWING NAKIKITA KO SILANG NA KA PIN ANG KANILANG BUDGE NA GMA NO. 1! DUH? eto lang ang masasabi ko mga kapamilya>>


    Sobrang yabang talaga ang gma, hindi katulad ng ABS-CBN down to earth. Yong nag pa-Charo Santos na peke dyan dated July 16, 2005, ang k…. mo. It???s normal na magtanggal ang mga Companya ngayon ng mga employees. How much more the ABS. Hirap na tau sa Pilipinas, we admit that???s the fact, if it is to safeguard company???s interest yong pag retrench ng employees is one of the good alternative. Bat mag merge ang ABS sa gma, eh kahit tutuosin yong pekeng Charo Santos dyan pwedeng bilhin ng ABS at saka ….. O angal ka. sa Gen. Santos halos 99.9 % ABS-CBN kapamilya. Yaks! ang mga suporters ng kanguso, mga bobo di ginagamit ang mga u t a k.


    Dear Tita Charo.

    We are hoping to merge with the Lopez run company the ABS CBN. i hope our station the GMA kapuso Network would soon become a dummy of ABS. We are much eager to be part of your company. Charo my friend, i hope to have a deal with you soon. I believe that if we will merge with ABS CBN, the two station will benifit quantitively. 100 percent to ABS-CBN and 0 percent to us.

    I just want to propose that if our company will merge soon, i want to be your personnal body guard. Mel Tiangco will be the PR of Korina Sanchez, Mike Enriquez will be the dubber of Julius Babao, Joey De leon will be the stuntman of Dolphy and Regine Velasquez will be the ASAP???s back up singer together with the other lad if you wish so.
    Does my proposal sound great and caring to our career. Thats all for now.

  • buboy is boring all of us

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz… BOOOORING!


    I cannnot take it any longer. SORRY SA MGA KAPAMILYA!!!! PERO TOTOO NGANG NO.1 ANG GMA. DI KO MA TAKE KAYA LANG UN ANG TOTOO. NUNG mabasa ko ung mga Kanguso mssg, totoo nga na we are KAPAMILYUKS!!!! Haaahh…konsenysa ako. Hirap magtago, e nitong mga araw, nonood na ako ng GMA programs. Ganda pala. Lalo na ung Encantadia. At si Joey de Leon, naging idol ko. Galing na mag-joke. Bilib ako. Un lang muna. lam ko magagalit mga kapamilya ko. GMA talaga ang No. 1

  • x`d

    oh well..
    another loser!

  • Jay Ricky


    base sa mga palpak mong mga argumento, sangkatutak na mga fallacies sa statements mo, at psychiatric problem dahil sa iyong pagkakaroon ng split personality, masasabi ko lang,

    tignan mo ang ginawa ng ABS-CBN sa u t a k mo!!!

    kaawa-awang nilalang. tsk tsk


    uy mga kanguso este kapuso umandar na naman ang hindi nyo pagtanggap ng pagkatalo pikon at ingetero.,, well that means hindi nyo kaya tanggapin ang totoo oh eto pa….

    galing leyte ako, kahit nagkalabuan na sa signal talagang mga tao todo pa rin ang panonood ng abs-cbn programs. lalo na sa capital ng Leyte which is Tacloban City talagang number 1 ang abs dun, eh ung gma talagang pinagtatawanan ang mga shows. nanggagaya na hindi pa makuha, talaga naman ang kasuso walang magawa sa buhay at naninira pa. mga baliw talaga. hoy magising naman kayo kasuso number 1 lang kau sa manila dahil mga uneducated ang nanunood sa inyo yong mga taong hindi marunong pumili ng mga good quality programs. Good luck Kapamilya!!! wag nyong pansinin ang ratings ng gma,gawa gawa lang nila yan, mga loko loko talaga.

    Isa pa??natutuwa ako nun pumuntsa sa cebu ang ASAP..sumabay ang SOP??mga ugok pinagtatawan kayo??kse yung nanood ng SOP yung di na nakapasok sa ASAP??pati yung WOWOWEE sa davao??kung sinasabi ng mga taga luzon vizayas and mindanao na #1 sa kanila ang ABS??dito rin sa amin sa metro manila #1 din ABS??ewan ko lng bakit kini claim ng GMA na #1 sila??baka kase yung mga sina surb=vey nila e puro GMA??why not try i survey kami??hehehehe

    Do we have to question ABS CBN audience share???NAH!!!Bata pa ako ABS CBN na pinapanood ko??

    To tell you honestly pag alang pasok simula MUB now MUP hanggang pinapakita na ang mga engineers ng ABS napapanood ko.Pati maid namin dati nagagalit at bakit daw nag re rate ang EAT BULAGA samantalang sa neighborhood namin sa Quezon City eh halos lahat ng pinapanood ay MTB (MTB pa noon.heheheh).She also asked sino daw ba at aling mga bahay ang si na survey??I dont know whats with GMA pero hindi talaga ako nasanay na panoorin sila kase hindi naman talaga maganda mga programs nila??1 example and SIS??puro kabaklaan!!!im not againts gays pero masyado sila ginagamit ng SIS para lng mag rate.Ala na atang ibang topics kundi i guest ang mga unknown talents ng GMA, compared to HOMEBOY na kahit common people kayang i guest at nag re rate pa!!!Nakakaaliw din ang MRS pinaka gusto ko yung mga kantahan.Pag RUBI na pahinga na ako??medyo sa hanap na ako ng ibang channel pero hindi local sa cable.Then back with PGKNB and WOWOWEE (pansinin nyo audience ng eat bulaga and WOWOWEE??sa eat bulaga na bo bore yung mga nanonood sa WOWOWEE alive na alive lalo na yung mga TFC??then after WOWOWEE??lipat ako ulit cable channel..then SN1..then nap..

    I have so many things to say lalo na sa mga lumipat from DOS to GMA??kaso tinatamad na ako??medyo mahaba na eh.



    Ahahaaaaaaaaaayyyy….Nu ba yan na sabi ko. Hey all Filipino people, paki alog ng utak ko. I’m really certified KAPUSO. I don’t like ABS. I’m just kidding. I don’t know where I got these message attaking kapuso. YUKS, Wowowee, kadiri yang si Willy. BASTOS.
    Hey fellow bloggers, its me BUBOY. I have two personality. Kapuso and KapamilYUKS! Active ngayon ang Kapuso brain ko. Pagtulog na ako doon lang gumagana ung KAPAMILYUKS brain ko. I’M A WEIRD GAY. Ha ha haaaaaayyyyy.


    hehehe nice try KANGUSOO…you cannot put a good station KAPAMILYA down.. o eto pa message para sa inyo gayagaya…

    its TRUE na number ang Kapuso??..NUMBER 1 SA KULELAT??????.. beh ang LUOD!!!! D BEST TALAGA ANG KAPAMILYA!!!GO ABS-CBN!!!!!!!!!
    Number 1 kayo dito sa CAGAYAN DE ORO City,whole Mindanao, and d WHOLE WORLD??..

    hay naku kawawa talaga ang mga KAPUSOD is???nt it enough na ipangaladakan nla na nuber 1 kuno cla. dadagan pa ng pin no NUMBER 1 tayo kapusod. hehehehe
    Tapos kung totoong nauna cla sa pinas dahil sabi nla 55 years na daw cla bat d ko napansin na nagcelebrate cla ny golden aniversary nla. bat ngaun lang. then most of there young talents was left out of abs my kapamilya. mga trapo. ang babastos pa like richard gomez, joey de leon and joey marquez will in fact those two guys were a former part of palibhasa lalaki. those were INGRATO.

    D2 sa mindanao masyadong malayo ang rating ng abs cbn. lets say if metro manila has 10 million people with minus that to 80million that gives roughly 70M of people. say luzon has 30M population, visayas has 20M, and mindanao has 30M. say gma holds 6 million in Metro manila, that leaves abs 4 M. the question is how about in mindanao and visayas area. did AC NIELSEN take the population destribution where in household with tv units are tunned to abs say 80 percent of 60 million that gaves abs a total viewer of roughly 3/4 of total viewers. so if a family has a tv unit, their kapitbahay also has the tendency to join the household with tv units in watching programs specially in rural areas.

    So the weight gevin by ACNIELSEN MEDIA RESEARCH which is the basis of GMA???s claim is irrational much compared to ABG NIELSEN which i believe is the world leader in media rating survey


    ano ba kayo!!
    Number 1 talaga ang dos.
    Bakit kaya nagagalit ang mga kapuso?
    Dahil sinasabi kasi ng website na ito ang totoo…
    THE TRUTH HURTS… hehehe

    nkatatawa naman itong agb ohh!!!!!! i base nyo na lang po sa mindanao especially d2 sa gensan,koronadal,tacurong, at isulan sultan kudarat!!!!! here are the ratings:
    T.V PATROL WORLD= 34.89% – 24 ORAS= 12.67%
    KAMPANERANG KUBA= 33.45% – DARNA= 18.78%
    PANDAY= 41.57% – ENCANTADIA = 16.12%
    VIETNAM ROSE = 33.89% – JEWEL IN THE PALACE=13.34%

  • ike

    why believe in someone who’s just bluffing? i believe in the figures that are being published in the broadsheets….iyung iba dyaan wala namang basis! kawawa naman! kahit sabihin nyo pang number 1 sa sulu, tawitawi, sarangani o dun sa lugar kung saan nagtatago si garci (by the way, he’s from CDO) di nyo pa rin mababago ang losses ng abs. OK?

  • http://pinoy.rickey.org Rickey

    BUBOY: Sana basahin mo ang article ng Malaya para maintindihan mo na may problema ang ABS-CBN. Sila na mismo ang umamin. At kung #1 ang ABS-CBN sa buong Pilipinas, BAKIT SILA NALUGI NG 300 Million Pesos? At galing na rin sa ABS-CBN, ang kinita nilang 300 Million Pesos ay dahil sa subscription namin dito sa Amerika ng TFC — at hindi kung saan mang lupalop kang nangaling sa Pilipinas na ABS-CBN lang ang pinapanood mo. Mag-iodized salt ka! Please lang.

  • http://jeffer.multiply.com jammer

    which makes the louder noise, anyway?



  • Keen Vaurx


    Hello, Kapuso.
    Yah nalulugi nga ang ABS-CBN dahil sa mga negative ratings na inilalabas ng AC Nielsen at AGB para sa Kapamilya Network…pero I really doubt na mas pinapanood ng mas maraming Pilipino ang GMA…ratings ang dahilan kaya maraming kompanya ang nagaagawan para maipalabas ang mga commercial ng kanilang produkto within the period of a high rating program, thus, mas malaki ang kikitain ng network. Pero kung nandito ka lang sana sa Pilipinas at neutral ka…the huge crowds of kapamilya , the loud screams and shouts will make you realize No.1 ang kapamilya!




    ano ba kayo!!
    Number 1 talaga ang dos.
    Bakit kaya nagagalit ang mga kapuso?
    Dahil sinasabi kasi ng website na ito ang totoo??
    THE TRUTH HURTS?? hehehe




  • haid

    hay naku hindi nmn inaangkin ng GMA na no/1 sila sa buong mundo…ang ABS lang dba? cge na no.1 nmn talga ang ABS in terms of province viwers eh kasi nmn ibang lugar walang GMA lalo na dito sa Mindano kunti lang may GMA dito hindi pa malinaw..so yea…its true they are no/1 in the provinces but GMA is no.1 in the ratings which is more important for any networks..argg bakit sila galit sa GMA kung sinasabi ito..”Kapuso no.1 tayo”, is there anything wrong abt it? wala nmn cgurong mali dun para sa kin its one way of thanking the viewers who make GMA no.1 for them…tho naiintindihan ko minsan ang mga ABS fanatics..naging loyal sila sa network nila yun lang kasi napapanood nila ang GMA cguro dun di malianw at before nmn mas maganda nmn talga ang shows ng ABs compared to GMA..yung mga soap operas nila dahil narin cguro sa mga artista nila…anywayz still its the ratings that count most..so mga fanatics dyan wag kayong malungkot o mamomobrblema basta ang importante nakpapanood parin kayo ng mga shows nila at sa tingin nyo na mas maganda mga shows ng ABS at feeling nyo no.1 parin ang ABS d sa inyo na yan..hehe nasa manonood nmn talga yan eh kung sino ang no.1 sa puso nila dba? :)


    nahahalata ko binubura ni Rickey ung blog ko rito,,cguro hindi na nya matanggap ung power sa pagsagot,,hehehe… talo ka pala sa KAPAMILYA EH,o eto pang blog para sa mga KANGUSO to react…

    Mga friend , nag back out ang GMA sa head on fight nila ng ABS sa USA kasi, coguradong alang manood sa kanila. Or meron naman cguro ung mga d makakapasok sa venue ng ABS CBN.

    Ang yabang pa talaga, cnasabi nla na nagkaroon daw ng problema sa cable carrier nla. Duh their using again dirty tactics.

    Ung iba dyan kinicalim nla na sa kanila nag start ang reality programs like EXTRA CHALLENGE a copycat of AXN???s Fear Factor, Bitoys funnniest Video from Disney???s AFV(American Funniest Home Video). Mulawin and the rest of fantaserye from Marina, counter attack nila na pintados daw ang nauna as fantaserye, will sasabihin ko na mas nauna ang Oka Tokat bago ang pintados. Tapos ngayon may ipapalabas cla na ??? Mga Lihim ng Baul ??? yata ang title which is very similar to Hiraa Manawari, Wansapanatym ng Dos.
    So sa mga KAPUSOD stop claiming na ang Ch2 ang nangagaya.
    And besides their claiming to be 55 years, why is it that the network of ABS-CBN is far interms of Business gain or the enfluence like theitwo anchor Loren legarda and Noli De Castro. Who can tell if those two anchor will win if they do work at GMA, dba ang Kapuso nla na si Jay Sonza nang Mel and Jay didnt won the last senatorial election and also their famous most goodlooking Anchor in 24 oras Mike Enriquez i think did run for senatorial election but backed out.

    Nakakaawa naman na di cla natulungan ng kanilang staition na manalo. Will in fact their claiming to be the most watched tv network. ibig sabihin ba nyan na d credible maging senator ang kanilang mga KAPUSO.

    MABUHAY ANG KAPAMILYA..and peace sa mga kapuso>>

  • ike

    buboy, you are talking about the past…past is past and you should accept the fact that abs 2 WAS the number 1 station 2 years ago… and GMA IS the number station now. at saan mo ba nakuha ang balitang Mike Enriquez ran for senatorial election but backed out…siguro it’s just one of your hallucinations.. malas lang dos at tinigbak nila ang wansapanataym dahil hindi naman nagrerate. and then gma came up with idea of “MAHIWAGANG BAUL” at nagclick ito dahil mas maganda ang pagkagawa…at bobo ka rin pala dahil ang AFV ay franchise ng GMA…hindi po copy yun. ok? Masasabi mo bang copied ang PBB sa ibang bansa? hindi di ba dahil frinanchise yun ng ABS. BOBO ka nga dahil hindi talaga nag-eendorso ang GMA ng anumang kandidato dahil wala nga silang kinikilingan at pinoprotektahan. Unlike ABS who really displayed their support for PGMA last election. remember that part when their “quick counters” stood up and clapped their hands when PGMA was able to take the lead from FPJ. di pa parang nakakainis yun ( im neither pro-fpj nor anti-gloria). siguro nagasisisi na sila ngayon sa pagtulong kay gloria dahil kahit ang broadcaster nilang si babao ay nahanapan ng “MALI” ni PGMA…

  • wella

    Dearest Buboy

    Huwag naman masyadong magpahalata na LOVE na LOVE mo si Rickey.

    Mabuhay ka Buboy. You are one of us.



    GMA would just like to ask an for an apology to the people for our biggest failure in promoting and giving out shows with good quality and sense of everything. We have failed, and we admit it. We losed, and its true. And because of this, the advertisers now are starting to move toward the other network, leaving us empty. Our poposed solution to this is to sell the company to the country???s leading and biggest network ABS CBN KAPAMILYA. This is to save and uplift the falling crisis and shame to the public of GMA KAPUSO and so, avoid further damages to it. In this regard, we thank you all for the support that you have given and we hope that you???ll continually support us, as we peacefully and humbly merge with ABS CBN.

    congarts!!!!!!!!ABS-CBN ang galing galing niyo talaga kapamilya walang tatalo sa inyo, d2 sa Pilipinas at buong mindanao halos 100% ang rating ng abs-cbn kaya mga kapuso good luck! na lang.

  • RYPM

    HAHAHA!!!!.Buboy, sinong gusto mong maniwala dyan sa sulat kuno ng GMA. Gawa-gawa mo lang yan. Galing mo naman mag-compose. At ung mga kapamilya mo, syempre paniwalang-paniwala. Yan na lang ba ang alas mo para mapaniwala mo kaming Kapuso sa ‘composition’ mong yan? Sorry kasi di kami kumagat, hahaha. YOU’RE A LOOOOOOOSER!!!! Di mo ba naiisip, na dami na ng mga mssg mo d2 sa blog. Bakit kaya? Syempre pag marami, me ginigiit. MAKULIT. Means WALANG NANINIWALA sa mga mssg mo. Parang bata na kalabit ng kalabit sa nanay nya at SINGHAL nung nanay, “DAMUHO ka tumigil ka nga”.
    Pasensya ka na kasi naka-ukit na sa puso namin na no.1 ang KAPUSO. Dami-dami mong sinasabi sa mga mssg mo, e para kang sirang plaka. NANGUNGULIT lang parang batang paslit.Kawawa naman. Kaya Buboy, kung makulit ka na parang bata, huwag ka nang mag post ng mssg mo dito, dahil kaming mga KAPUSO e MATURE NA VIEWERS. Isa ka lang paslit na putak ng putak dyan. Gusto mo kendi?

  • Jay Ricky

    Dream on BUBOY…

    pano ba naman magiging kapani-paniwala yang ginawa mong ‘letter’ eh proven na meron kang psychiatric problems such as yung pakikipag-usap mo sa sarili mo. ang galing mo talagang magsoliloquy. bagay kayo ni KRIS.

    and besides, no… i think the staff of GMA network is professional enough to know that there is no such a word as “losed.”


    Mga ABS-CBN KAPAMILYA grateful for continued public support

    ABS-CBN is extremely happy with the warm reception accorded by the public to the network???s well-attended summer caravans in Northern Luzon and Cebu. The station???s advance infrastructure and balanced programming have ensured the TV viewing in public???s continued support outside Metro Manila.

    Take the major urban centers in the Philippines, with 2005 first quarter ratings from Nielsen Media Research (NMR). In Cebu, NMR records ABS-CBN???s commanding 18.1 percent rating over its competitor???s 8.7 percent.

    Davao is even more overwhelmingly ABS-CBN country, with a stunning 21.7 percent over its competitor???s 6.7 percent.

    And it???s the same story nationwide, as well. With ratings from the Philippine Survey Research Group (PSRC), ABS-CBN???s Bacolod shows an incredible 94 percent audience share and 36.8 percent rating as against the competitors???s 5 percent audience share and 1.8 percent rating.

    Ninety percent of General Santos City and Naga City are kapamilya viewers as well. And ratings for Legaspi City (32.1 percent rating, 86 percent audience share versus the competitor???s 4.9 percent rating and 13 percent audience share), Zamboanga City (34.9 percent rating and 72 percent audience share versus competitor???s 12.4 percent rating and 26 percent audience share) and Cagayan de Oro City (17 percent rating and 57 percent audience share against the rival???s 11.3 percent rating and 38 percent audience share) also establish once and for all that ABS-CBN is still the Philippine???s leading network.

    The latest surveys in different key cities show that while ABS-CBN is leading up with its rival in Mega Manila, it continues to lead in audience share and ratings in the rest of the country. On a nationwide level, a significant 73 percent of TV homes are outside Mega Manila.

    at hindi lang yun, ang MOR, 97.1-cebu (lupig sila- in tagalog is ???talo sila???)had been d #1 fm stn for 4 consecutive times. and gma are doing desperate measures like gawing bisaya-dubbed ang mga shows nila like beautiful days, kay susan tayo, lovely day, and even love to love and idol ko si kap w/c makes the shows even more ???yucky??? pakinggan. unlike abs??? visayan shows- maayong buntag kapamilya- or in tagalog magandang umaga kapamilya ( a morning show shown back2back w/ MUP), jud morning( a suday morning talk show) w/c are rating very well..hehe

    sorry d kami ma babankcrupt, marami kaming dollars, pasensya, were bleeding pero mag coclot din yan in time, and mind you were are gaining again in metro manila. hahahaha


  • Jay Ricky


    Malamang sa malamang “grateful” sila sa mga nagogoyo nila. Hindi lang nakakahatak sila ng masa para pagkakitaan sa mga advertisements, ginagamit din ng ABS-CBN ang mga ito para iboto ang kanilang mga talents.

    tsk tsk.

    Nga pala, buboy, ang lakas mo magparatang noon na ang mga kapamilya na nagtatanggol sa GMA dito ay mga staff ng GMA.

    Aba, binabaliktad mo pala ang katotohanan. Obvious kasi na empleyado ka lang ng ABS-CBN.


    GOOD MORNING MGA KAPUSO!!I will make your day happy and light with this..

    Nakakatawa talaga tong gma 7?? nakakatawa kayo! ng mag show ang sop sa cebu meron pa kayong pa libreng lunch and sakay pinagtatawanan kayo tuloy at nagkaalaman na kung sino ang number sa cebu kundi ang KAPAMILYA! Ang masasabi ko lang mas maraming ginayang shows ang GMA SA ABS KESA ANG ABS SA GMA. At most of the time pag ang ABS ang nanggaya bukod sa mas malaking premyo eh usually mas maganda.

    From a die hard KAPUSO>>>

    well honestly speaking maganda talaga ang shows ng abs-cbn. kung sinasabi ng taga gma7 na manggagaya ang abs-cbn hindi po totoo yon . kung titingnan nila sa salamin kung sino ang manggagaya baka makita nila ang sarili nila . alam ko na ang pagka number one ng gma7 ay sa manila lang yan pero sa whole world or whole philippines talo sila ang nakakainis nila parati sinasabi nila na sila ang number one pero ang hindi nila alam sa kanilang imagination lang yan. ek ek ek lang yan. hehe. simula pagkabata ko abs-cbn talaga ako.. good bye and have a nice day.


  • ike

    you what BUBO-Y? we are not stupid like you…im not a graduate of AB ENGLISH but i think may mali dun sa composition mo…it is a poorly written letter. and do you think gma will concede to abs, now that they are number 1? think again. Do better next time.





  • Jay Ricky

    Ano???? AB English yan??? come on!

    saang subject mo ba natutunan ang salitang “losed”?



    wether WE admit it or not…..

    GMA- no 1 sa NCR
    ABS- no 1 sa CAR
    ABS- no 1 sa Reg. 1
    ABS- no 1 sa Reg. 2
    ABS- no 1 sa Reg. 3
    ABS- no 1 sa Reg. 4
    ABS- no 1 sa Reg. 5
    ABS- no 1 sa Reg. 6
    ABS- no 1 sa Reg. 7
    ABS- no 1 sa Reg. 8
    ABS- no 1 sa Reg. 9
    ABS- no 1 sa Reg. 10
    ABS- no 1 sa Reg. 11
    ABS- no 1 sa Reg. 12
    ABS- no 1 sa Reg. 13
    ABS- no 1 sa Reg. ARMM

    ABS- talo man sa ratings sa NCR, pag tinanong mo ang nakakarami, MAS MAHAL PA RIN NILA ANG ABS-CBN…..Why?

    1st, sa abs-cbn una nagkaroon ng variety show, iyan ung student canteen.. ANG EAT BULAGA NG GMA, BASURA YAN NG ABS, PINULOT LANG NG MAPANGARAP NA GMA

    2ND, sa abs-cbn una nagkarron ng soap opera/ dram/fantaserye/ kwelanovela….Mara Clara, ist soap……pangako sa ‘yo, 1st teleserye….labs ko si babe, 1st kwelanovela……marina, 1st fantaserye….basta’t kasama kita, 1st action-drama serye…..




    6th, pinagmamalaking artista ng GMA, trained by ABS….to name a few : J. MAGDANGAL; A. LOCSIN; D. TRILLO; A. VARGAS; R. GOMEZ; L. TORRES; R. QUINTO; m. tiangco…M2M!!!!!!!!

    7th, sa history ng Philippine TV na sinulat ng mga historians nun pa man, IT WAS SAID THAT THE FIRST TELEVISION NETWORK IN THE COUNTRY WAS ABS-CBN!!!!!!!!!

    its true, ABS-CBN is the only leading broadcast network that marks the philippine history in broadcasting. And the only television network that gives and coverage international events in early 50’s and 60’s.

    GMA 7 ang kapal ng mukha nyo palagi nyo sinasabing kayo ang #1 pero ang totoo at hindi nyo matanggap ABS-CBN 2 talaga ang tunay at totoong NUMBER 1TV Network sa Pilipinas…


  • RYPM

    To Buboy,

    Hahaha. Kakaawa ka naman. Di ka ba marunong mag-analyze. Bakit maraming tao d2 sa NCR? Bakit maraming squatter? Saan galing mga squatter? Galing yan sa mga probinsya. Magkapera ng konti, punta sa maynila. Yamot na sila kasi sa mga program ng ABS. Hina nga ng signal ng GMA sa province kaya d2 sila pumunta para manood ng de-kalidad na programa sa GMA. Pumunta ka nga sa North harbor, sa pier d2 sa manila. Daming mga promdi na lumuluwas at d2 na tumitira kasi kakatanggap lang sila ng txt about encantadia, eat bulaga, sugo etc. pero di man lang nila napapanood dun.
    O na-analyze mo na? Bakit dami squatter d2? Mga representative yan ng 12 region ng pilipinas at lahat gustong manood ng GMA. YOU’RE a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSER!!!!

  • Jay Ricky

    kahit ano pa sabihin mo, ang point lang dito, ay significant na ang nagagawa ng GMA para matalo ang ABS-CBN. masdan mo kung paano pinabagsak ng Darna, Encantadia, at Sugo ang stocks ng ABS-CBN at kung paano sila sinagip ng PBB mula sa tuluyang pagkalugmok:

    NOTE: hindi mo mababalewala ang graph na ito dahil alam naman natin kung gaano kastraight forward ang Philippine Stock Exchange.

    Source: http://www.pse.com.ph/html/MarketInformation/stockinfo.jsp?securitySymbol=ABS

  • gma#1

    buboy masyado mong kinakampihan 2 mo palibhasa empleyado ka nila natatakot mawala dos.laos na kasi baka jan lang sya nabubuhay sya ang sugo ng dos para di lalong lumubog ang barko nila.hehehe

  • http://jeffer.multiply.com jammer

    I am from CAR. i didn’t know they have TV stats in CAR.

    for one, CAR really does not give much d@mn about celebrities. Stars could come here, and deadma. artista? fine. Most areas of CAR, the remote ones, do not have electricity, and even if they do, they prefer cable.

    sorry, that’s the truth.

    Back up your stats. The Cordillera Administrative Region, for one.


    Acheheeee…Pasensya na mga kapuso. Umiral na naman itong sakit ko e. HALLUCINATION KO LANG UNG MGA INFO KO. Kasi pag kaharap ko na PC ko, parang me bumubulong sa akin. SI TANING. Ang bulong sa akin e tirahin ko daw GMA. Kaya ayun puro paninira sa GMA ang ginagawa ko. E bobo din ako, bulong pala sa akin e si GMA at di GMA7. Erap die-hard kasi ako e (guapo pa kahit me edad na).
    Ang matinong Buboy e konti lang ang mssg. Kagaya nito. Pag mahaba na…..exactly. I’m Possessed na. DARNA!!!!

  • http://inkerperson.2plans.com Inkerperson

    LOL. Honestly, kawawa c Buboy, he keeps repeating the same flawed arguments over and over. Wala naman sumasagot, pero he keeps arguing, as if meron. Tsk tsk. Pagamot ka na! Malala na yan!


    hello mga kapuso…hope you are all ok…ayaw kc ng iyong pinoy rickey papasukin ang blog ko…alam ko miss nyo ang mga messages ko..





    talking about ORIGINALITY huh… ok,, let’s discuss it…

    1. EXTRA-EXTRA – before GMA came up with this kind of program… ARE YOU WELL INFORMED BY GMA, that they only copied the format of BALITANG K! so now you’re talking about ORIGINALITY!

    2. MAGANDANG TANGHALI BAYAN – well, ABS-CBN has all the right to use this title. They came up with MGB, why not MTB…

    3. ALICIA – after it hits the rating chart, here goes GMA with their BETTY LA FEA…

    5. ALAS 5:30 – then GMA copied the format and they came up with Mornings at GMA and then eventually becomes UNANG HIRIT..

    6. TELENOVELAS – ABS-CBN started it all!

    7. Eat Bulaga – it is never been GMA production! for your Information it is produce by TAPE inc.. so where’s the ORIGINALITY of GMA there?

    8. MAGPAKAILANMAN- come on! Dreaming is free but please be realistic sometimes. You cannot beat MMK! and still where talking about ORIGINALITY here..


    and many more…

    but still. GMA still have the guts to say that ABS-CBN is always trying to copy their programs!




  • pinoy

    just let us watch what we want….please leave us in peace…..and please, please respect other people’s comment or opinion…dont take it personally. pag nasagasaan ka ba ng pison palagay mo ipapalibing ka ba ng ABS-CBN …..siguro ibabalita ka nila kase may commercial value yun sa kanila pero would they take time to know who you are and how much you loved their station?….let the viewers choose what they want to watch and say what they want to say…


    mas ok pag nag PEACE na ang ABS at GMA, mas masaya…hahaha

    Dapat nga mag peace na nga yata sila ayaw ko tayo tawaging ng mga taga forums ng tawagin tayo mukhang pera, at marami pang insulto basta pray for God to make ABS ang GMA Peaceful.

    Di pa dapat ang slogan na kapuso, kapamilya means friendly and peaceful dapat mag make peace na sila.Why not? The Philippines would definitely a better place to live if there’s no network wars.


  • charles

    mabuhay ang mga kapamilya….#@!ck &*u! sa mga kapuso jan……the entire network sucks…….tingnan natin kung tumgal ang kayabangan nyo regarding sa rating…

  • charles

    to RYPM

  • Danny

    Hindi lang naman originality ang dapat pagusapan halimbawa SangLinggoNapoSila at MTB laban sa Eat Bulaga asan na ba ang APO at MTB wala na. Ilang beses na ba silang nagpalit ng noontime show at nagreformat ng noontime show pantapat sa EB. Kung para sa mga fanatics ng ABS ay magaganda ang show ng ABS eh bakit laging pinapalitan ng ABS ang shows nila, mali pala hindi lang pinapalitan sinasara at di na binabalik pa MAGPAKAILANMAN. Yung ExtraChallenge hanggang ngayon anjan pa rin eh yung pinantapat nila lahat wala na.Kung para sa pro-ABS maganda yung show ng ABS magrally sila sa ABS na ibalik yung mga dating shows nila hindi yung tanggap na lang sila ng tanggap ng kung anong ipalabas ng ABS. Isa lang ang ibig sabihin kaya palagi silang nagpapalit ng show, mababa ang rating at kahit taga ABSCBN mismo alam at tanggap nila yon kaya kung anuanong show ang ginagawa nila matapatan lang ang GMA.

  • ike

    bobo pala itong si charles kasi he considers the airing of gma of programs that were already shown in the other networks before as stealing…pag-isipan mo nga yung pinagsasabi mo. the reason why gma aired those shows was the network was able to buy/get the rights of those shows. kung NINAKAW yun e di sany kinasuhan na sila ng mga companies na nagmamay-ari ng copyright ng mga shows na iyun! GETS mo ba? hindi basta-basta nagpapalabas ng foreign shows ang gma without paying for it…do you think yung harry potter, etc. etc. ay basta-basta na lang nila ini-air without permission from warner bros. (or kung anumang company ang dapat nilang bayaran/hingan ng permiso para ipalabas sa tv). and as for eat bulaga, did you not know that it started in RPN 9 before it moved to channel 2? so matatawag mo rin ba na magnanakaw ang abs dahil lumipat ang EB sa kanila?

  • arnealf

    charles… obviously, you don’t know what your talking about…

    an’daming bobong kapamilyaks talaga!

  • RYPM

    Another ABS ‘Cry Baby’. Anong GUTS mo para atakihin ang Kapuso shows ng MAG-ISA? Saan na ang mga KAPAMILYUKS mo? Even your Kapamilyuks could not AGREE with your. San na sila? Are you ALONE?

    Kasi naman, Kapamilya should now recognize GMA as no.1. Para yung iba dyang Kapamilyuks di na mapahiya. YOU’RE A LOOOOOOOSER, CHARLES!

    No need to answer your questions. I have my Kapuso on my side. POOR CHARLES, NAGIISA KA NA!

  • taga-kanto

    O RLY?

  • taga-kanto

    nga pala, dun sa mga nag-sasabi na reformat nang reformat ang ABS-CBN, like kunwari nakakailang noontime show na ang ABS, GMA may eat bulaga pa rin, parang ganito lang yan. makinig nang maigi.

    lunes : fried chicken.
    martes : fried chicken na may breading.
    miyerkules : fried chicken na may ketchup.
    huwebes : fried chicken na babad sa mantika.
    biyernes : piniritong fried chicken.
    sabado : fried chicken na may added na fried chicken.
    linggo : sabaw.

    tapos balik ka ulit sa lunes.

    isipin mo ba naman, nakikipagpatintero pa lang ako noong bata ako, eat bulaga na, tapos ngayon programmer na ako, eat bulaga pa rin!


    at ang hirit? “E di nakakasawa eh?”

    ang sagot: Niloloko mo lang ang sarili mo. Sinasabi mo lang hindi ka pa nananawa, pero aminin mo, nasa isip mo, wala na bang iba?

    at saka, kung mapapansin nyo, tanging ang mga ARTISTA lamang ng ABS-CBN ang nagkakaroon ng TITULO na NAKA-UKIT NA SA PANAHON.

    From Comedy King, Mega Star, Star for all Seasons to Comedy Concert Queen, Soap Opera Princess, etc etc.

    pAtapon->pNext = “GMA”;
    “GMA” = NULL;
    free(GMA); /*turns GMA to a Garbage value*/


  • RYPM

    Hooooray taga kanto!!! Nu yan program ba yan na Titled “ABS SELF-DESTRUCT”. Wow. Good. Execute mo na!

  • haid

    tama na ang away magdiwang nmn tayo…

    gratz to GMA and to all filipno .. GMA Network Channel 7 from the Philippines was the biggest winner of the night, notching up five awards including Best Terrestrial Channel..

  • maria dolores yuck

    wawa naman si buboy…..

    Nasobrahan sa ABSBitter Herbs…

    Magsama Kayo ni Thksin Shinawatra…. :D



    obvious n tlaga cla..biro mo pati ung channel 23 ng ABS ginaya n ng 7…hayyyang layo nila…

    mga sosyal mga tao dun sa STUDIO 23…
    eh yung qtv 11 mga wla namang mga pangalan dun….mga mura lang sila…..


    of course they would copy ABS. i’m not surprised. they try to hide the fact that they copied it by saying the channel is dedicated to the women.

    Here are some of the shows on QTV11 that are copied from ABS-CBN:

    Sanay Muling Makapiling (Jessica Soho) – Lukso ng Dugo (Bernadette Sembrano)

    May Trabaho Ka! – To The Max (Marvin Agustin & Rica Peralejo)

    Popstar Kids (Kyla) – Little Big Star (Sarah Geronimo)

    ill check the other shows…ill keep you posted…

  • ike

    ano ba yan! pati ba naman titulo ng mga artista kinocontest? tapos, sinali mo pa si star for all seasons. di ba vilma was shown in GMA? Tama ba? hehehe

  • trueblue_koer

    to buboy,

    wag ka magmagaling. i’m a kylaonliner. several months ago, we already know that Popstar Kids hosted by kyla will be aired in GMA before it was finally decided to be aired in QTV 11 due to lack of slots in the mother station. the program was already planned months before ABS decided to copy the concept and eventually unahan nga sa airing.


    another case ng madaliang show para lang may maipantapat! parang krystala! hahahaha

  • x`d

    parang di ka programmer sa pag-iisip mo..
    u must be logical to be one..

  • x`d

    oh well..
    abs is still dreaming..


    Little Big Star (Sarah Geronimo)VS.Popstar Kids (Kyla)

    hoy! kung cnumang nagsab na malaki ilong ni Kyla, correct ka jan! pro talented
    nman, seksi pa. … I would suggest medyo iimprove pa nya ang hosting kc medyo malayo pa sya kay Sarah Geronimo.

    Sarah Geronimo about the search it is a wow.Good Move for abs-cbn 2.This is great news talaga! They will probably get some of those talented kids that have appeared on Wowowee before.

    Just curious, alin kaya sa dalawang rival networks ang unang nakaisip na magkaroon ng singing search para sa mga bagets?

    Mas maganda sana kung sina Sarah at Kyla ang magkatapat and for sure na maikukumpara ang kanilang hosting style. BLOGGERS SA TINGIN NYO SINO ANG MAS MAGALING AT MAGANDANG HOST??SARAH OR KYLA??PLEASE VOTE ON YOUR FAV.

    Recently ay nag-show si Kyla sa States kasama sina Heart Evangelista, Geoffery Eigenmann at Luke Mejares. Inamin ni Kyla na hindi siya kilala sa States. Sina Heart at Geoffrey daw ang kilalang-kilala dahil napapanood ang dalawa sa TFC doon. Siguro naman daw, ngayong may GMA Pinoy TV na rin sa States ay makikilala na rin siya.

  • butchbabuska

    Good day mga KAPAMILYA AT KAPUSO calm down…
    pagtapatin nalang natin ang mga artista sa dalawang network..
    DOLPHY – JOSE / enteng kabisote
    Willy – Joey (Mahirap tapatan)
    Bayani – Jimmy
    – Iza Calzado

    Dagdagan nyo nalang

    sundan nyo nalang


    For me, okay na ang format ng studio 23, ibang-iba sa lahat kasi pinapalabas nila yung mga popular series sa States, so it means that may target market din sila which is different from that of ABS-CBN, GMA 7 and Qtv. Qtv kasi is like a second rate GMA 7, ang nangyayari, nahahati ang viewers nila dahil they have same stars, parang recycled na lang lahat kaya malamang, mahati rin ang ratings nila. thats just what i think,

    i traveled along shaw blvd here in mandaluyong yesterday and i noticed the many posters of QTV… err… QTB programs, and i have to agree na talagang mahahati ang audience kasi almost the same ang program lineup ng GMA7 at QTB.

    unlike studio 23 which is very different from abs-cbn 2 dahil aside from airing myx a few times during airing time, it boasts of the different foreign tv series for the Filipinos to watch (lalo na sa mga walang cable gaya ko – nagtitipid kasi).

    GMA is an environment-friendly station kse mahilig sila sa recycled stuff…

    iba parin ang Studio 23! kaya lang naman nagkaroon ng extra challenge eh dahil sa amazing race, divah

  • ike

    why compare kyla with sarah? kyla has her own style. compare sarah to rachel…i’m sure you will agree that rachel is the better singer of the two.

  • vaneza

    bakit nyo ba iaaway ang abs… they r d best.. look naman its very halata na no.1 parin ang abs…

  • Antediluvian

    Uhhmm…ehem…vaneza, please check the news. ABS itself accepts SECOND rating to GMA. So there’s no such thing as “very halata na no.1 pa rin ang ABS.” They have officially conceded, so leave it at that.

    Personally, I’m happy that ABS conceded to defeat. That is sportsmanship.


    SARAH versus KYLA, who do you like more???

    Sarah’s voice is exceptionally great as compared to her rival kyla.

    Si Sarah magaling sa middle register at okay ang high/head reagister at idevelop pa ang low register. Okay din ang falsetto nya.

    Si Kyla, magaling sa head/high register, pero bad sa middle register at worst sa low register. Pero basura ang kanyang falsetto

    Basically, Sarah can sing better than Kyla.

  • ike

    hello buboy? kyla is never sarah’s rival. mas matanda po si kyla kay sarah and kyla is being compared to nina before and not sarah. mas magandang ikumpara si sarah kay rachel dahil sila naman talaga ang pinagtatapat sa ASAP di ba? kyla’s genre is rnb. kay sarah naman ay ballads.


    Hindi lang pala fans nina Nina at Kyla ang nag-iiringan. Join na rin sa patutsadahan ang fans ni Sarah Geronimo na mukhang kampi kay Nina.

    Ang hindi alam ng fans, magkaibigan ang dalawa???t magkasama sila sa ASAP at gusto nga ni Sarah na kuning guest sa kanyang concert si Nina kundi lang magkasunod ang kanilang mga show.

    di maninira ang mga fans ni srah kay nina.dhil idol ni srah si nina.kaya imposibleng siraan ng mga srahnians si nina.meron lang nakikisingit!

    May nagbabasa bang taga-SOP dito? I mean over and over again na lang ang suggestions and reklamo ng viewers, di pa rin nagbabago… haay…

    Remove all the newbies
    Because of the newbies, nababawasan talaga ang exposure ng regulars like Jolina, Kyla, Karylle and even sina Regine…

    and avoid relying too much on the idiot board.

  • Anonymous


    I’ve been observing your posts. Either you’re a hypocrite or you suck at trolling. If you really hate GMA7 that much, quit saying “peace tayo mga kapuso”. And if you’re just here to troll, I’d say you suck at it because you gave yourself away too easily. Trolling is done subtly.

    I can say I like what the other “kapuso” people are posting since a number of them are stooping to your level of posting (or worse). What I find amusing though is that you keep posting as if you are desperate to win an internet argument.

    Instead of stooping low and attacking actively, why not just ignore them. You’re an idiot.


    As to the Anonymous blogger..


    An anonymous bigot is more threatening than
    an identifiable one.Also, hiding behind anonymous quotes is cowardess.

    =”Anonymous”]oh…by the way…learn to sign you name and it is such a cop out to hide behind.if You want to be that bold – register and quit hiding behind the cowardess of an Anonymous.Cowardess can not hide or be suppressed.I don’t care what someone does. You do not mess with someone’s vehicle. That is the most cowardess thing ever.

    CONGRATULATIONS, NENE! The 1st PBB Big Winner! 1st place: NENE with 554,906 votes or 48.9%.2nd place: JASON with 312,258 votes or 27.5%.3rd place: CASS with 214,188 votes or 18.9%.4th place: UMA with 52,833 votes or 4.7%.


  • Anonymous


    Register? You’re an idiot. I named myself “Anonymous”. I didn’t need to register. I only needed to provide a name. Naming myself any other name doesn’t change my anonymity. I could name myself BUBOY, spout idiocy and nobody would know the difference. You posting your name doesn’t make you identify you to me better. Your posting identifies you, though.


    Bantay puso, bantay presyon. Magpa-BP ka ngayon.

    >Cowardess can not hide or be suppressed.

    It’s cowardice.

    >I don???t care what someone does. You do not mess with someone???s vehicle. That is the most cowardess thing ever.

    First, what? Second, it’s cowardly.

    I still don’t get it. Why affiliate yourself with a blood TV network? Does it make you cool? Does it feed your family? Does it engorge your e-pen0r with creds? Seriously, if you really cared for your so-called “kapamilya” affiliation, you should be able to filter out bad criticisms from the good ones and not keep them all out.

    Good luck on your quest for a longer and larger e-pen0r, BUBOY.

  • Atty. Felipe Gozon


    You posted a blog message that said that variety shows such as Student Canteen aired in Channel 2. From what I know, Student Canteen came from channel 7.

    I would also like to thank you for your nice comments regarding GMA channel 7 and your inputs are highly regarded.

    We, in the GMA-7 management, aim to cater flexibly to the Filipino people. Since you said in your former blog messages that GMA channel 7 is weak in certain provinces, we would further strengthen our transmission. We are already in the process of acquiring high – fidelity and high-technology antennas to be installed in the GMA compound middle of next year.

    Moreso, we cannot separate from TFC since we need to establish more audience. As we all know, ABS-CBN has a firm establishment overseas and we cannot exceed expenditures from being an independent cable channel. However, we assure you that we would do everything to enhance our services here and abroad.

    Regarding QTV’s weak transmission, we are still investigating it whether it is an internal or an external problem. Even GMA channel 7 is experiencing weak cable transmission with Sky and Home Cable.We have already notified the proper authorities regarding this issue.

    GMA channel 7 management is not always after the TV ratings. We are more for quality programs and satisfied TV viewers. Every TV station earns from commercials placed in ad spaces of different programs and ratings have an effect on the companies that advertise on us. Therefore, ratings are also important in producing more quality shows.

    I will tell you a fact. Five years ago, GMA channel 7 borrowed an estimated 1.9 billion dollars from the World Bank and we already paid it in full two years ago. Business is really booming since we were able to pay wholly our international debt in almost 4 years.

    GMA channel 7 is trying to expand its horizons and I hope you continue to comment more about GMA channel 7 shows because we get a lot of good and bad feedbacks and we try to analyze it and formulate a plan in further improving them. Thank you.

    Respectfully yours,

    Atty. Felipe Gozon


    When you’re completely ANONYMOUS and your words have no consequences, you are free to turn off the inhibitors and just say whatever the hell you really think. Call me what you want but I will not hid behind the false mask of internet anonymous speaking.

    Try eating an olive oil after meals, it calms your nausea and bad taste”

    This is the scariest thing about the Internet, actually–you’re seeing, if you can read the code, how peoples’ minds really work, without the usual social safeguards that govern everyday interactions at the grocery store.

    The fact that people had the nerve to go to the guild’s message board and voice opinions of such a moronic nature is just ludicrus.

    People that wish to openly bad mouth others for any reason should do it without the abiltity to hide their true identity. Yes, I am bad mouthing these people. Yes, I am using a message board. BUT, I am not going to hid behind the fact that I have the ability to remain anonymous.

    My name is BUBOY. I give you my email to send me your point of view. If you wish to bad mouth my opinion, then you might as well perform the same service I have for you.

    And you know what, for my opinions I might burn in house, but I will at least go knowing that I fought for what I believed to be right.

    What you to much of a coward to put your name, much less your email?

    Your lack of a backbone makes me laugh and makes me realize what kind of person you are.



    To Atty. Felipe Gozon:

    For almost 2 decades, ABS-CBN has held the top spot among TV networks here in Mega Manila.It practically took GMA 7 close to 20 years to catch up with ABS-CBN 2 and eventually make it to No. 1. In fact, as GMA 7 president Felipe Gozon once admitted to a group of columnists that there was a time that when the network???under previous leadership???was satisfied with being a ???far number 2??? from ABS-CBN 2.

    There are those who opine that ABS-CBN 2 should not really be too disturbed by GMA 7???s recent triumph in the ratings game, since ABS-CBN 2???s commercial load doesn???t seem to have been affected by the turn of events.

    GMA may have ruled over Mega Manila but ABS-CBN still holds most of the Philippines. This last weekend for example, one does not need ratings to find out that ABS-CBN???s still No. 1 in Cebu. The video footages of both networks are enough proof.

    The latest surveys in different key cities show that while ABS-CBN is closely catching up with its rival in Mega Manila, it continues to lead in audience share and ratings in the rest of the country. On a nationwide level, a significant 73 percent of TV homes are outside Mega Manila.

    Reprogramming/rescheduling of shows. Clearly, ABS-CBN has been quilty of this. While it???s not so bad to change schedules, doing so in a seemingly constant manner is another thing. I remember ABS advertising a reprogrammed primetime and then just a day after that new primetime schedule, the shows were rearranged again. Talk about constancy. As they say, patience is a virtue. Why not wait a few days to observe the effects before doing an action? I don???t think it???s a good idea just to base on overnight ratings.

    Thank you for your comments.. and more power to your station…

    Yours truly,



  • Anonymous


    >Call me what you want but I will not hid behind the false mask of internet anonymous speaking.

    Are you stupid? Just by seeing that your name is BUBOY, do I automagically know who you are and where you live? You’re posting anonymously the same as me.

    >This is the scariest thing about the Internet, actually???you???re seeing, if you can read the code, how peoples??? minds really work, without the usual social safeguards that govern everyday interactions at the grocery store.

    So you interact at grocery stores, Mr. Psychologist. Yay.

    >The fact that people had the nerve to go to the guild???s message board and voice opinions of such a moronic nature is just ludicrus.


    >People that wish to openly bad mouth others for any reason should do it without the abiltity to hide their true identity. Yes, I am bad mouthing these people. Yes, I am using a message board. BUT, I am not going to hid behind the fact that I have the ability to remain anonymous.

    See my first reply.

    >My name is BUBOY. I give you my email to send me your point of view. If you wish to bad mouth my opinion, then you might as well perform the same service I have for you.

    Yay. Now that you’ve mentioned your name, I know your full name, address, social security number, etc. And what part of “Mail (will not be published)” do you not get, dumbass?

    >And you know what, for my opinions I might burn in house…


    >…but I will at least go knowing that I fought for what I believed to be right.

    Boo-fucking-hoo. You fought for the sake of your “kapamilyas”? I keep wondering what you people get associating yourselves with those tv corporations. Cred points? Food? Money (debatable)?

    >What you to much of a coward to put your name, much less your email?

    And what part of “Mail (will not be published)” do you not get, dumbass?

    >Your lack of a backbone makes me laugh and makes me realize what kind of person you are. Coward.

    Oh noes!! You hurt my itty-bitty feelings. LOL.

    Please state your fullname, home address and email address on your next post if ever your so-called anti-anonymous crusade has anything in it.

  • Anonymous

    BUBOY, famous ka ah.
    Ikaw pa yung na-reply-an ni Atty. Gozon. Provider ka pa ng good input sa kanila.

    I wonder kung totoo ‘tong si attorney.

  • http://empressmaruja.blogspot.com empress maruja


    Haven’t you heard that ABS-CBN suffered a loss of 9% income last September, and for the first 9 months it’s losing 53% income.

    Ano ba ang naitutulong ng “nationwide” ratings (as opposed to MEGA MANILA ratings) kung pabagsak pa rin ang kita ng ABS-CBN? Wala pa rin yata. Boo-hoo.

  • http://www.igma.tv ace

    sana basahin mo ito para tumigil ka na. abs-cbn already concedes its defeat in RATING game to GMA7……ito pa:
    Originally Posted by warfreak85 in PEX

    1. Survey results are the main concern of advertisers. Currently there are only two main sources of TV survey reports: AC Nielsen and Audits of Great Britain (AGB). Overnight ratings are only done in the Manila area where the bulk of consumers are situated. This includes the cities and municipalities of Metro Manila and the 1neighboring provinces of Laguna, Rizal, Cavite and Bulacan.

    2. Of more than 80 million Filipinos, 10.2 million live in Metro Manila alone! Cavite has a population of 1.9 million, Rizal has 1.7 million, Laguna has 1.7 million and Bulacan has 2.2 million. Metro Manila and its neighboring provinces would account for almost 18 million or 22% of the total Philippine population. There are only three considered metropolis in the country. Of the other metropolitan areas, Metro Cebu has a population of 1.4 million and Metro Davao has a population of 1.2 million. Other key cities with population over 250,000 but are not considered metropolis are Iloilo, Bacolod, Cagayan de Oro, General Santos, Zamboanga, San Fernando and Baguio. Dagupan, a relatively small city, only has a population of 150,000. All in all, Luzon would constitute 56% of the total Philippine population. Mindanao would account 24% and Visayas 20%. (Source:Population Census)

    3. There are 13.8 million total households in the Philippines; 3.75 million are in Metro Manila, Rizal, Laguna, Cavite and Bulacan. Metro Cebu has total households of 280,000 and Metro Davao has around 250,000 households. Dagupan only has around 30,000 households. (Source:Population Census)

    4. Of the 13.8 million total Philippine households, 9.8 million have TV sets. 1.83 million TV households are in Metro Manila alone. It would add up to 3.5 million TV households in Metro Manila, Laguna, Rizal, Cavite and Bulacan area or roughly 1/3 of the total TV households in the Philippines. Metro Cebu only has a total of 260,000 TV households. Metro Davao has around 230,000 TV households. Dagupan only has 25,000 TV households. Other key cities have an average TV household of 70,000. (Source:Philippine Media Factbook and AC Nielsen)

    5. Metro Manila has the highest television penetration rate (% of population with TV sets) at 96%. Cavite, Laguna, Rizal and Bulacan have a combined TV penetration rate of 93%. Luzon has an average TV penetration rate of 70%, Mindanao 63% and Visayas 60%. Metro Cebu and Metro Davao has a higher TV penetration rate than the national average of 71%. Metro Cebu and Metro Davao has 90% TV penetration rate. TV penetration rate considerably stands higher in urban areas than in rural areas. (Source:Philippine Media Factbook)

    6. Metro Manila and its neighboring provinces have the highest TV reach than any other region in the country. ABS-CBN has a 99% TV households reached in Metro Manila. GMA has 97%, RPN 95%, NBN 91%, IBC 92%, ABC 92% and Studio 23 74%. Outside Metro Manila, TV reach gradually decreases. (Source:Philippine Media Factbook)

    7. Metro Manila, Cavite, Rizal, Laguna and Bulacan are in the top ten richest provinces of the Philippines with lower poverty incidences. Metro Manila consumers are the most important to advertisers because of its high standard of living. Nearly 100% of the upper class have TV sets, 94% of the middle class have TV sets and 46% of the lower class have TV sets.

    8. Generally, Filipinos watch about 200 minutes of television daily. This high level of viewing is only second to Japanese viewers. Peak viewing times are between noon and 1 pm and in the prime time from 7 to 10 pm. Metro Manila has the highest ratio of TV exposure with 91.3% while other regions are more exposed to the radio. (Source:National Statistics Office and FUNCTIONAL LITERACY, EDUCATION AND MASS MEDIA SURVEY)

    9. There is a ???culture of centralism??? where most of the TV programs are produced in Manila. National headquarters of the TV networks are located in Metro Manila.

    10. Metro Cebu, Metro Davao and Dagupan does not represent the viewing habits of the rest of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Viewing habits vary considerably from city to city. Metro Cebu (where ABS-CBN leads) does not represent the viewing habit of the whole Visayas because it differs with the viewing habit of Iloilo (where GMA-7 leads), another large city in the Visayas. Dagupan does not represent the viewing habit of the rest of Luzon because it has a relatively high cable penetration of 50%; the national average cable penetration rate is only 11%. Metro Davao does not represent the viewing habit of the rest of Mindanao because of its small percentage of the total TV households in Mindanao.

    11. As what history shows, the provinces follow the trend in Metro Manila. ABS-CBN became number 1 in Metro Manila in 1988. It took them quite a while to grab the lead in the provinces. The company became number 1 in the Visayas in the early 1990???s. It only became number 1 in Mindanao in the late 1990???s when they started to put up TV relay stations in the key cities of Mindanao.

    12. Advertising is also centered in Metro Manila. It spends $347 million dollar in advertising spending. That is almost 20 billion pesos. So TV advertising is really important. Company profit and revenues reflect the company performance in the Manila area.

    Population: 84.5 million
    GDP: $71.4 billion ($335 billion PPP)
    GDP per capita (PPP): $4,000
    Households: 13.8 million
    Television Advertising: $347 million
    Percent of total ad spend: 60.9%
    TV households: 71%
    VCR penetration: n/a
    DVD penetration: 3%
    Theatrical Film Admission: 8.2 million
    Multichannel Penetration: 11.3%
    Multichannel Subscription Revenues: $125 million
    CABLE-TV penetration: 10.5%
    SATELLITE penetration: 0.8%
    Internet Users: 2 million
    Piracy Losses: $30 million (80%)
    Major National TV Broadcasters: Public: NBN Private: ABS-CBN, GMA-7, IBC-13, RPN-9
    Major Pay-TV Providers: DTH: Dream CABLE: Beyond Cable, Destiny

    According to infomamedia.com, it is projected that by 2010, total number of Philippine TV households would increase to 10.689 million. Cable penetration would increase to almost 15%.

    1. Assuming the ratings are true:
    If GMA controls 46% of the audience share in Mega Manila and ABS-CBN controls 34% of Mega Manila audience share, it would equate to 1.61 million households for GMA and 1.19 million for ABS-CBN. The difference is a significant 420,000 TV households or 2,100,000 million people. That is a number larger than any of the total TV households of Metro Cebu or Metro Davao. If we are to analyze the other ratings and take those as representative of the national scene, the battle for supremacy would be a close fight between GMA and ABS-CBN. It would be interesting to know who would be the number 1 station. Right now, GMA enjoys the status of being number 1 with all the ratings, revenues, and profits. But one thing is for sure, this has been the most intense and closest competition in the history of Philippine television.

    2. If we are to add the total number of households of Metro Manila, Laguna, Rizal, Bulacan, Cavite, Metro Cebu, Metro Davao and Dagupan. Metro Cebu would only constitute 6.1%, Metro Davao 5.4%, Dagupan 0.7% and Metro Manila and its neighboring provinces would constitute 87.8%. This is quite similar to the weights given by AC Nielsen on its survey in Mega Manila 87%, Metro Cebu 6%, Metro Davao 6% and Dagupan 1%. So the combined ratings released by AC Nielsen are statistically acceptable.

    3. Mega Manila ratings are essential for advertisers and TV stations. GMA significantly lead in the Manila area. Because of this, GMA performs better financially. For the past three years, GMA has been the most profitable broadcast company in the country. It outdone ABS-CBN in 2002 and 2003 when it was just beginning to eat the ratings gap of ABS-CBN. Then in 2004 the big switch happened in the ratings, and GMA inched its way further in the profit game. And for the early part of 2005, ABS-CBN suffered its first financial loss and GMA continued to increase its earnings. That is why ABS-CBN is eager to take back the lead in the Mega Manila area.

  • http://www.igma.tv ace

    kung gusto mo ito pa: GMA7 was named as the terrestial station of the year in the WHOLE ASIA!!!!!!.held few weeks ago in Singapore.

    tinalo nito ang JAPAN, KOREA, SINGAPORE, MALAYSIA, etc..

    dapat mahiya nga kayo eh kasi MAJOR SPONSOR ang abs sa awards na yan kaso ni walang pinanalunan(dahil walang nomination) he he..

    gma rocks!!


    Atty.Felipe Gozon,,

    I would like to thank all of you for taking time to write in.Thank you for reading and supporting Pinoy.Rickey.Org. We hope you find the material here useful. All I can say is wow…I can’t thank you enough for both your prompt response and the wealth of resources that you provided to me.

    I am impressed with the professional and timely manner correspondence was handled.

    This is the best thing I’ve encountered on the internet

    Many thanks.



  • http://www.rubyotero.blogspot.com rotero

    i want to share my piece… i confess that im a Channel 2 fan, as in nakikipag away pa ako during mg college days..

    but it turn sour when some talents from chan 2 shift to 7, like jolina and richard gomez, ariel rivera and the like… npaisip ako bakit yung mga magagaling eh nawawala sa channel 2, then nagkaroon ng issue way back sa forum ng dos na may mga tao sa likod ng production like managers and talent scount na nagbabayad daw para makakuha ng role sa mga TV shows ng dos,
    hayyyy, very disppointed me about that… yeah that time undisputed and dos as in lampaso ang 7 pero that WAS 2-3 years ago….

    and i admit mas quality ang shows sa 7 aminin na natin mga kapamilya, you enjoy watching mulawin, sugo, encatadia and im sure you will in Etheria….

  • http://www.geocities.com/magtibayanime Marlo Magtibay

    So, Mr. Gozon, with due respect… ano po ang gusto ninyong palabasin?

    If you’re not after high ratings but for quality programs and satisfied TV viewers, why not do the same on anime shows?

    If ratings are also important in producing more quality shows, why not do the same on anime shows?

    Sinasadya ninyo bang magalit ang mga anime fans sa mga palabas ninyo tuwing hapon? Why boosting weekend morning programming when you can boost weekday afternoon programming?

    Oo nga’t sikat ang Dragonball Z at Slam Dunk, pero kailangan na nitong magpahinga… natatalo na po ang dalawang anime na ito ng nag-iisang anime ng ABS-CBN sa hapon, ang Naruto… its true, DBZ has reign for years in popularity but years and years of re-airing it will just make the fans sick of it like they’re doing nowadays… hindi po ba’t mas malaking kahihiyan iyon?

    Kundi po ba naman tanga ang pamumuno ninyo, eh. Itinapat ba naman ang DBZ sa Naruto. Luma sa bago, obviously mas lamang po ang Naruto sa plot, design and overall pero may mas maganda pa dyan sa Naruto kundi lamang po kayo TANGA!

    Nasa huli po ang pagsisisi… kaya ayusin po ninyo ang programming ng GMA 7!

  • ann!!!

    i don’t think that message is really from atty. gozon. very improbable and based on what i’ve read, very suspicious.

  • reac

    rickey, congratulations to you!!! :)

  • pinoy

    to ace,

    i enjoy reading your info… very enlightening… i now understand the bottom line of these rating games in television… hope we could more from you… thanks…


    ABS-CBN dominates TV awards..

    AS expected, ABS-CBN 2 won the most number of the trophies in the 18th Star Awards for TV given by the Philippine Movie Press Club (PMPC) on Saturday night.

    ABS-CBN took home 27 trophies from the 48 categories of the 19th Star Awards for Television held Sunday night, TV Patrol reported Monday.

    Kris Aquino got the Best Game Show honors for “Game Ka Na Ba?”

    Willie Revillame was voted the Best Male TV Host for his noontime show “Wowowee.”

    Boy Abunda and Cristy Fermin shared the Best Showbiz-Oriented Hosts for “The Buzz.”

  • pinoy

    Star Awards?!? who cares!!! is it credible? i dont think so… I believe more on CMMA than Star Awards and Golden Screen Awards… hayyy…

  • reac

    nakakahiya kayo.. eh kung sa local na mga awards, ang sasaya ninyo, proud na proud pa. but if gma garnered the international awards, nag sa-sourgraping naman kayo. sabi nyo, binayaran ng GMA.. eh akala ko ba mas malaki ang abs at mas maraming pera? baka binayran din ng abs ang mga local awards na ito? local awards lang ba ang kaya nilang bayaran? tsk tsk luging-lugi na ba talaga?

    tsk tsk …


    Well wala akong magagawa kung ganyan ang iniisip mo basta ako masayang masaya ako?? no need na ipabasa mo sa mga kasuso or kanguso ha! ha! ha! kase matagal na naming alam na pea sized brain kayo.

    ABS-CBN grateful for continued public support.

    ABS-CBN is extremely happy with the warm reception accorded by the public to the network???s well-attended summer caravans in Northern Luzon and Cebu. The station???s advance infrastructure and balanced programming have ensured the TV viewing in public???s continued support outside Metro Manila.

    Take the major urban centers in the Philippines, with 2005 first quarter ratings from Nielsen Media Research (NMR). In Cebu, NMR records ABS-CBN???s commanding 18.1 percent rating over its competitor???s 8.7 percent.

    Davao is even more overwhelmingly ABS-CBN country, with a stunning 21.7 percent over its competitor???s 6.7 percent.

    And it???s the same story nationwide, as well. With ratings from the Philippine Survey Research Group (PSRC), ABS-CBN???s Bacolod shows an incredible 94 percent audience share and 36.8 percent rating as against the competitors???s 5 percent audience share and 1.8 percent rating.

    ABS-CBN Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Eugenio Lopez III, during the corporation???s recent stockholder???s meeting, thanked the station???s supporters all over the country to whom he attributes the network???s continued leadership in nearly all areas outside Metro Manila.

    He assures, ???We will continue to maintain a dynamic program mix that will not only entertain and inform but also serve the Filipino audience.???

    Well honestly speaking maganda talaga ang shows ng abs-cbn. kung sinasabi ng taga gma7 na manggagaya ang abs-cbn hindi po totoo yon . kung titingnan nila sa salamin kung sino ang manggagaya baka makita nila ang sarili nila . alam ko na ang pagka number one ng gma7 ay sa manila lang yan pero sa whole world or whole philippines talo sila ang nakakainis nila parati sinasabi nila na sila ang number one pero ang hindi nila alam sa manila lang yan. ek ek ek lang yan. babo. simula pagkabata ko abs-cbn talaga ako..


  • RYPM

    Yeah, you’re right reac.

    Star Award held here in the Philippines and sana, Buboy, aware ka d2 sa sistema natin. Means normal lang sa iba ang MAGBAYAD para manalo ng award. Maybe ganun ang ginawa ng ABS para ipakita na, humihinga pa sila. Kawawa naman.

    Unlike in other country, di uso ang bayaran. At sa Singapore pa. Ni magkalat ka dun, huli ka. Means me DISIPLINA. Kaya tataka lang ako sa mga KAPAMILYUKS dyan na ginigiit na binayaran ng GMA un. HIBANG NA TALAGA KAYO.

    Yang mga KAPAMILYUKS parang mga alipores ni GARCI e. Ayaw maniwala na galing sya sa SINGAPORE e ung SINGAPORE na mismo nagsabi na galing si GARCI dun e. Kaya ampunin nyo na si GARCI at gawing nyong ehemplo bilang GODFATHER ng mga Kapamilyuks. FAMILY OF LIARS, ABS people.

  • iamatvfan

    any official message from the president and CEO of GMA7 is always posted in the network’s website. thus, i doubt if that really was Atty. Gozon.

  • regine-nation


    Yup ABS-CBN dominated Star Awards with 28 INDIVIDUAL awards but you deliberately avoided the coveted award



    capping GMA’s Bounty of 18 MAJOR AWARDS (including Best Comedy Series, Best Drama Series, Best Variety, Best Musical, Best Reality among others).

    Your post failed to inform. It only succeed in suiting your dumbass purpose!

    By the way, the pseudo-letter from Gozon to start with has one major flaw-“variety shows such as Student Canteen aired in Channel 2. From what I know, Student Canteen came from channel 7. “….gimme a break!

    Gozon is with GMA7 ever since. From what I know???…Tanga, Gozon KNOWS that Student Canteen is GMA! Tanga ka na, misinformed ka pa!

    Huwag mong apakan ang kakarampot na laman ng bungo mo! Maawa ka! Congealed brain???

  • silver-oryh


    yung article ni BUBOY na ipinost alam ko matagal na yon eh. last year nakita ko na yan sa kapuso blog…

    y kaya nagpopost ng mga article na luma na???ba naman…

    uy tapos ala pang source…no ba yan…

    buboy ano ba talaga 18th star awards o 19th? nakakalito ka.

  • http://empressmaruja.blogspot.com empress maruja

    Lagok na ng ABS Bitter Herbs. LAGOK NA!

    Loyal Public Support, etsos! Pinoys nowadays switch in between channels, thanks to cable.

  • eugine

    abs-cbn sucks…
    GMA RULES…!!!


    Star Awards have been the target of some unscrupulous columnists like the one blogger here who claimed that the message i post was an old article…IPAKITA MO KAYA ANG PREBA MO????INGGIT KA LANG CGURO..KAPUSOD KA NGA…

    Maybe all they say and write are hearsay and obvious to be sourgrapes since their attempt on BRIBERY didn???t change the veracity OF the votes nor achieve what they wish to achieve.

    That is part of the effort to discredit KAPAMILYA ABS CBN.

    Yes congtatulation KAPUSOD Gma 7 best TV station trophy but the place was almost empty cause halos antok na lahat..baka tampered uli ung rating nila…hehehe..

    Enpress is pro-GMA 7.at least malaking pagasa makahakot cla ng awards…gud luck…

    Korina???s Rated K on ABS-CBN 2 won Best Magazine Show and Charlene???s At Home Ka Rito (ABS-CBN) was named Best Lifestyle Show.

    Other major category winners were: Judy Ann Santos, Best Drama Actress; John Lloyd Cruz, Best Drama Actor; Willie Revillame, Best Male TV Host; Baron Geisler, Best Actor in a Single Performance (ABS-CBN 2???s Maalaala mo Kaya);



  • Baby

    Star Awards pinagyayabang! Wawa naman… Kahit nga nanalo ang siete dito bilang best station….hindi nila pinangangalandakan.

    Ano ba naman ang Star Awards kumpara mo sa Asian TV Awards?

    Tapos pano nanalo ang Willie Revillame na yan? Kakatawa…

  • kapuso

    2 laos na

  • mR hOLESUM



  • reac

    oo nga! sino ba yan c willie revillame? well..look at abs loyalists – maka-asta kayo parang c willie. ang yayabang nyo..

    but well, what do you expect?



    Ok c willie revillame,Wowowee really beating the ratings from eat bulaga..hehehe yabang kc ni Joey.

    I think Wowowee is a good show, hindi mahilig manira si Willie, he said that he respect Eat Bulaga so much, unlike Joey de Leon. Dito rin sa Wowowee nagsimula na tumulong ang mga audience or TFC subscribers na magbigay ng dollars for a better cause. I like the format, hindi masyado maraming artista, just Willie, the 3 co-hosts.

    Actually, i watch Eat Bulaga when I was little but since they moved to Channel 7, bihira ko na lang panoorin. Minsan kasi nakakasawa na rin yung old format, old formula, maganda naman kung maiba naman ang mapapanood like Pilipinas, Game Ka Na Ba? & Wowowee.

    Since the start of wowowee, the audience, mostly the tfc subscribers, gave money to willie for the less fortunate.

    I like WOWOWEE esp. episode with the kids.suggestion: please allot 1 day each week for Charitable Institutions(home 4 the aged,Boy’s Home,Girl’s Home,Unwed Mother,Tahanang walang Hagdan,Home 4 the Blind,Deaf mute org.,etc)as contestants for willie of fortune & pera o bayong.make it “a show with a heart”.thanks.


  • http://empressmaruja.blogspot.com empress maruja

    Mahirap magsalita if you just say na tinatalo ng wowowee ang eat bulaga sa ratings. Where are your nubmers to prove it? Don’t just fabricate, I have sources to check it out too you know.



    We, kapuso loyalist do understand that it is really frustrating to accept the defeat of a station who ruled our country for almost 10 years.

    Sorry for the terms, but yes “para kayong namatayan”, state of confusion, “hindi matanggap”, “hindi makatulog at makakain” and delusional. Daig pa ang nawalan ng mahal sa buhay.

    I dont see any problem with your blogs same as with the other kapamilya fans, just like us.. its all but the same — trying to be loyal and defend yung fave station natin, but there is “ONE BIG DIFFERENCE” with our blogs, we kapuso fans show “FACTS” and lets admit it, the best thing that you could come up to are mere opinion and fabricated facts.

    ABS CBN itself, when gma overtaken them for year 2004, accept that they have a “rude awakening”. Nag leave of absence panga ang Charo Santos “group” when their President blame them afther “the big switch” happen.

    The best thing about network wars is that they provide us with quality shows like GMA’s Encantadia and Etheria with ABS CBN’s Panday, Darna with Kristala, I-Witness with Correspondence, 24 Oras with TV Patrol World. Originality is good but its not a main factor, entertainment just like “change” is inevitable… what is important is evolution. And we do agree in a basis, that GMA indeed copied some programs with ABS CBN just like ABS CBN copied some programs with GMA as same with both TV stations copied some progrmas with other international stations. The key is how they evolve their progrmas to go at par or even better or how they put a taste of Pinoy culture to it.

    Ratings is very important, it is advertisers ways of knowing where to put their ads thus giving profits to TV stations, and what i dont understand with the Kapamilya fans and even with ABS CBN when it comes to interpreting ratings, is that AGB and Nielsen, organizations responsible for ratings and data gathering..are the “VERY SAME GROUP” that proves ABS CBN is number one for almost 10 years, so why be confused and try to interpret surveys or make up result, when these two organizations shows a different number one station for year 2004 and 2005.

    FACTS ARE FACTS, GMA is the country’s most profitable brodcast organization for four straight years and ABS CBN is losing money for two consecutive years, their only savior is TFC, because of high subscription rate, but lets us all keep to mind that the very factor TFC subscription has a very high subscription rate for 2005 is because one is required to subsribe to TFC to have GMA’s Pinoy TV. So in a way, they need to be thankful to us.

    KAPUSO fans.. panalo tayo.. and yes its like a personal triumph giving the fact that you’ve been very loyal with the station since you were just a kid, and GMA still just a number 2 station.. and remain loyal up to now… that’s why i do understand when it comes to reading blogs how rage, how very emotional and irate ABS CBN fans defending and trying to salvage what the status of ABS CBN now, coz lets admit although this is a corporate battle at walang personalan, but we really become emotional, hindi rin sa nagpapagamit tayo on a corporate strategy, but these two stations give us entertainment and it made us smile. KUDOS mga KAPUSO.. dahil masakit man lunukin ng kabila… NUMBER ONE TAYO.

    I want to extend my felicitations to rickey’s website.. the best so far when it comes to blogs for these two stations.

    and i do accept feedback and constructive criticism. :) bydway plese HELP ME WITH MY THESIS

    im a communication student here in manila and i think i have the best thesis ever… THE BIG SWITCH: Why GMA 7 is Number 1 and What Went Wrong with ABS CBN.



    You’re loosing your point!!!

    How old are you na ba? It seems that you’re just an elementary student, the way you wrote reactions…

    ok… isa lang ang malinaw.. wala sigurong channel 2 sa tv nyo kaya you dont know what’s the difference between KAPUSOD and KAPAMILYA..

    HUuuu.I understand this kind of debate…You guys have the right to choose..We have freedom to debate and share our opinion.Sorry to say sa mga taga GMA avid televiewers ha?I chose ABS-CBN.

    The SECOND largest and SECOND best broadcasting company and most desperate tv station, GMA Channel 7 has really intensified its GRAND DECEPTION on television viewers.

    GMA 7 and its fanatic viewers also claim that their shows are doing well in the ratings which is also UNTRUE. The TRUTH is that ABS-CBN shows has been consistently doing well in the ratings game getting almost all of the top 20 spots.

    Hosts of GMA 7 programs,as well as GMA 7 fans, also claim that ABS-CBN is a copycat because of allegedly “copying their shows.” This claim, however, is also untrue because ABS-CBN has produced programs that has set the trends in Philippine TV. Examples of this would include Alas Singko y Medya, Teysi ng Tahanan, Sineskwela,TV Patrol, Maalaala Mo Kaya, ASAP, GAME KNB, Balitang K, Tabing Ilog, Klasmeyts, Showbiz Lingo, innovative Teleseryes and other shows that has set the trends and fashion in the Philippine TV scene.

    ABS-CBN has been careful and scrupulous in reacting to GMA 7’s press releases probably because of the reason that the network doesn’t want to go down on GMA 7’s LOWER level. ABS-CBN doesn’t want to be labeled as boastful or “mayabang” just like the OTHER network. Though ABS-CBN has achieved a lot of recognitions, it is still showing its humbleness unlike others.

    ABS-CBN has affirmed that it will continue serving Filipinos here in the Philippines and around the world thru its global arm, The Filipino Channel that has allowed Pinoys in other countries to be connected to the Philippines.TFC is seen in North America, Asia, Middle East, and beginning in August, in
    Eastern Europe.

    ABS-CBN brings the best to the Filipinos in the Philippines and around the globe…

    ABS-CBN is really in the service of the Filipino.



    [From Rickey: BUBOY, you are totally out of control. Malala ang brainwash. ABS-CBN and GMA are companies out to make MONEY. Money is the main motivation, NOT SERVICE. Nanonood ka ba ng TFC? Puro ADVERTISEMENTS for PHONE CARDS, The Best of Eddie Peregrina (sino yon?) and other money making ventures of ABS-CBN lang ang pinapalabas. That is not service. In fact, TFC is being beamed to North America by no one else but an American company DirecTV — so sa tingin mo ba in the service of the Filipino din ang DirecTV? Diyos na din ba sa yo ang DirecTV?

    Also, Buboy, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO MAKE A CHOICE! You can watch BOTH ABS-CBN and GMA shows. Bakit mo pinipilit sa sarili mo na isa lang ang channel na puwede mong panoorin? Why are you allowing yourself to be spoonfed by one company? It doesn’t make sense. The whole premise for your outrage is so ridiculous — and monotonous — nag-re-react na ang mga readers, not because of your preference of channels but rather at how narrow-minded your arguments are.

    I may like more GMA shows, but I also watch some ABS-CBN shows. You’ve been visiting this blog for many weeks now, so alam mo na ang timpla ng mga nagbabasa. Apparently, you think we are biased for GMA since all-out attack ang karamihan sa comments mo. Well, I’ll tell you this: kung sa tingin mo na ganoon na nga ang mga tao dito, then bakit ka pa balik ng balik at post ng post? You only come here to PICK A FIGHT. And yes, a fight is what you will surely get with the kind of posts you write, so don’t be surprised.

    Nakakarindi na. Madaming matinong tao ang nagbabasa ng Pinoy Rickey, tapos nandito kayong mga die-hard Kapamilya na nang-bababoy na wala namang katuturan ang pinagsasabi. Mahilig pa kayong mag-cut-and-paste kung saan-saan. Ano yon, press release?]

  • haid

    hay na ko BUBOy lol nakaktwa ako.based on wat ur been saying para kang nagtratrabaho sa ABS..anywayz if u watch GMA shows good if u watch GMA then good…anong pakialam mo kung no.1 ang Gma o kung no.1 ang ABS..nood ka na lang kung ano gusto mong panoorin at nag eendorse ka pa ata ng channel and putting down the other one…anywayz hindi trendsetter ang ABS sa pagkakaalm ko ang mga programang sinasabi mo ay hindi lahat original gawa ng ABS..Maalaala mo Kaya ay gaya ng Lovingly Your’s, game K Na ba ay ginaya ng Who Wants to Be amillioanire ni Christophe de leon..totoong may mga shows din gawa nila but beause they are not innovative but because they ahve aot of money to pirate a lot of star from Gma from Boy Abunda and and the otehrs..anwayz hindi ako Kapuso or kapamilya ..i just know the history of both shows…at yung sinasabi mong ayaw ng ABS na maging mayabang hahaha tawa ako dito noon pa ang hambog nga ABS keso mas magaling sila amg-alaga keso no.1 sila ng 18 yrs keso no.1 sila for the whole world gosh..anywayz i just hope u know wat u were saying dude coz i think i know beter than u do

  • abbey

    asa pa kasi ang ABS…sa eat bulaga pa lang eh…tsk..tsk…and sa extra challenge palang!

  • ike

    wag nyo na pong patulan si buboy…proven na po na bubo-y talaga siya. remember his comments before na para siyang nabubuwang? nakakatawa talaga ang taong ito. panay balik sa nakaraan. PAST is PAST. what matters is the PRESENT and the FUTURE. My christmas wish is that GMA will continue to give us quality shows like Encantadia and Etheria, and that they will still be no.1 in the coming years. I also wish that ABS will try to do better next year by providing us more quality shows and still retain their no.2 position (hehehe). My new year’s resolution? to stop reading and giving my reaction to bubo-y’s ridiculous comments. MERRY XMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!!

  • http://empressmaruja.blogspot.com empress maruja

    kapamilyas tend to have short term memory, they have forgotten that in the 90’s, ABS-CBN had been plugging na 70% ng audience share ay kanila. Well, that was then…

    Pero hanggang ngayon ganoon pa rin ang ugali nila, kesyo “buong mundo nanonood ng ABS” (kasi we got TFC da Buh? as Kris Aquino would say), kesyo “number one sa buong Pilipinas” (hindi naman nagre-reflect sa income ng ABS na number one nga sila, in fact bumababa ang pera nila, kasi eh…TF pa lang ng mga artista nila ubos na. kaya nga pinasisikat nila yung mga housemates, PARA MAKATIPID lol…)


    Hey Rickey:

    Maybe you should read your posts over with that thought in mind before you post them. I’m not asking you change any opinions of course, just asking that you consider if the manner in which you present them will come off as rude or mean.

    So dont be hypocrite. Just let me share my opinions and you can share yours.

    By the way i just like to remind you that in your last letter to me you said that you really dont care what i write about.

    Well thanks for bothering to read my post.



    [Naka-moderate na ang comments mo for some time now because of some rude comments you made in the past — so I do get to read everything you write and I APPROVE them. Everything single comment that you have made that is published on this site, I have read and approved, so you can be heard. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but this is my blog — it has my name in it — I can do anything I want with it and no one can stop me. Everyone is enjoying the fruits of this blog at my discretion. Eh kung ayaw kung bayaran ang hosting fees and di wala na tayong blog — pinag-botohan ba yon? If I want to stop people from ruining it for everybody by posting insults on every single comment thread, then I will stop them. If you are offended by my writing style then stop reading the blog so you won’t get offended. Why will I change just because of one person, or because of network loyalty? Napaka-peaceful nga ng writing style ko compared to the all-out-attacks that the pro-Kapamilya commenters like you, maria dolores, steph, etc. have been writing to me and some of the readers in the blog. As I said, you write as if you are picking a fight. So a fight is what you will get. Don’t be surprised. This is not a democracy — it’s personal blog for goodness sake. And I still don’t care what you write about. What I do care, and should be clear to you already, is that I don’t want to blog to become a free-for-all that’s out of control — which has been a pattern with certain pro-ABS-CBN fans who in the absence of a good argument resort to name-calling and insults to further their cause. You have done this in the past, that’s why you are on my watchlist. But I still appreciate different opinions in my blog, misguided as some of them might be, since it adds color — huwag niyo lang gawing too colorful please.]

  • reac

    ike, more quality shows like..Ang Bobong Panday? este..Ang Bagong Panday pala… sowee..

  • empress maruja

    Oo nga i agree, nanggaya ang GMA kasi…

    Nakipagtulungan si Darna kay MARINA…
    Kamukha ni Susan Enriquez si Doris Bigornia…
    May “Live Eliminations” na rin ang Starstruck (sabi yan ng isang kapamilyang nag-text sa remate)…
    Ginaya ng GMA ang StarStruck from SCQ, na kesyo saka na lang ginawang competition ang Star Circle…

    Naalala mo ba noong…

    Nagkaroon ng Gimik after TGIS?
    Nagkaroon ng Tabing Ilog after Dawson’s Creek?
    Na MAS nauna ang StarStruck?
    Nagkaroon ng SUPER LAFF-IN noong kasikatan ng Tropang Trumpo?
    Nagpalabas ang ABS-CBN ng Part 2 ng Betty La Fea (Ecomoda) habang kalagitnaang pinapalabas ng GMA ang Betty La Fea?
    Ginaya ng ABS-CBN ang Kuwarta O Kahon at gumawa ng Pera O Bayong (na naging hudyat para mamatay ang “longest running game show ng Pilipinas”)?

    As I’ve been saying, kapamilyas are known for their short-term memory. They accuse GMA for being manggagaya when in fact they forgot that ABS-CBN also does the same.

    It just to show how uneducated these kapamilyas are. It’s reflecting effortlessly.

    I’m glad I’m not a kapamilya. Happy Hanukkah!

  • reac

    Buboy, I have a question..

    if abs is consistently garnering higher ratings than gma, then why consistently and constantly change or scrap time slots and programs/shows?



    It???s not so bad to change schedules or programs. Whether a change of artists or structure, this has been a habit of ABS.ABS-CBN is producing fresh quality shows and not just some crap or remake of other shows. And when they started one, they handle it ???til the end.

    ABS-CBN has a rule to terminate new programs if they won???t rate competitively in a given timeframe. GMA, on the other hand, keeps its shows even though they are not rating well.


  • soultaker

    GMA-7 keeps overall ratings lead

    GMA Network leads competition in combined Mega Manila, Metro Cebu, Davao City and Dagupan City total day channel ratings, based on a recent survey from Nielsen Media Philippines.

    Nielsen data for April 2005 show GMA Network posting a total day combined market TV household rating of 14% against ABS-CBN’s 11%. The same data source also shows GMA ahead of its competitor across all dayparts. GMA registered average ratings of 7.8% against ABS-CBN’s 7.1% in the morning, 13.5% versus ABS-CBN’s 12.3% in the afternoon, and 19.9% against ABS-CBN’s 14.6% in the evening. Twelve GMA shows were listed among the top 15 programs in April.

    The combined market channel ratings are based on the weighted averages of Nielsen ratings in Mega Manila, Metro Cebu, Davao City, and Dagupan City.

    Last April 20, GMA’s closest rival, ABS-CBN, released several charts and tables to media containing ratings data based on weighted averages of Nielsen ratings in Mega Manila and key cities. The data presented by ABS-CBN showed they were ahead of GMA. A clos%r examination of the weighted average ratings released by ABS-CBN, however, shows that the set of weights applied in Mega Manila and the key cities approximated the percent share distribution of NSO’s 2000 Urban Philippines Household Population with Metro Cebu, Davao City and Dagupan City getting much bigger weights than their actual share based on TV household populations across the combined survey areas of Nielsen.

    According to GMA Network vice president for Research, Sheila Tan, a basic flaw identified in the weights applied by ABS-CBN is the fact that Dagupan City, Metro Cebu, and Davao City, on their own, can not be considered good representations of Urban Balance Luzon, Urban Visayas, and Urban Mindanao. “Previous rating surveys have shown that viewership preferences in cities even within the same region can vary to a large degree, thus, it is not safe to assume that viewership of a sample within a single city can accurately reflect the viewership of the entire Balance Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao,” Tan said.

    Tan also noted that another problem with applying weights based on NSO’s Population Distribution on TV ratings is the fact that NSO’s household population figures include both TV-owning and non-TV owning households. “Due to the nature of the (TV viewership) data being generated, TV ratings surveys do not include non-TV owning households as part of their sample, coverage, or projections. Since TV ownership levels across cities or regions vary significantly, this introduces more bias to such weighting system,” Tan said. GMA Network asked Nielsen Media Philippines to use their global standard procedure or formula when combining ratings from several areas or markets to generate the weighted ratings across the same areas presented by ABS-CBN. Nielsen generated the data via a built-in feature on weighted ratings in their multi-market TV Dynamix and the standard weighing system applied by their software was anchored on TV household populations among the markets covered. According to Nielsen, Mega Manila accounted for 87% of the total TV household population in areas covered by their surveys, while Metro Cebu, Davao City, and Dagupan City accounted for 6%, 6%, and 1%, respectively. GMA Network countered ABS-CBN’s claim that it has maintained its significant advantage over GMA across News and Public Affairs programs citing an SWS survey done March 21-29, 2004. The survey, according to GMA, is over a year old and as shown by the more recent Nielsen combined market ratings and AGB Phils. Mega Manila survey, GMA’s News and Public Affairs programs have long taken the lead.

  • http://empressmaruja.blogspot.com empress maruja

    Hay naku, kahit ano pang “averaging” ang gawin ng ABS-CBN, hindi pa rin maikakaila na papalugi na ang istasyon. yan palang ay isang patunay na hindi na number 1 ang ABS…

    ngayon ang bagong hirit ay “number 1 worldwide”. shees! I cannot blame kapamilyas if they believe that crappy tagline. they’re just as s2pid as their s2pid manipulators.

  • lumen

    Every which way you view it, whatever perspective, viewpoint and scenario, GMA can never ever beat ABS-CBN. GMA must realize they???re colliding with a superpower owned by no less than the Lopez clan. The Lopez family is one of the wealthiest and most politically influential families in the country. Eugenio Lopez succeeded in creating the first airline in Asia, acquired and ran the country’s largest power utility at a time when the biggest companies in the Philippines were foreign owned and directed. He touches on virtually every aspect of the Filipino’s daily life. His all-pervasive big-brother presence can be felt in everyday Philippine life. Indeed, for Filipinos there is no escaping the Lopez name when they take that drink of water or take a bath (you use water from Maynilad), use the phone (Bayantel), switch on the lights (Meralco), surf the internet (Skynet), watch TV (channel 2, studio 23, Myx Channel, Cinema One, ANC, and Lifestyle Network) or take the expressway from Manila to the North (North Luzon Tollway). Hence, ???bawat pinoy kapamilya??? is an apt slogan because everyone of us one way or the other uses their products or services in our daily lives. GMA owners don???t have Meralco, all they have is Meralco bills. They don???t have a mall while the Lopezes owns the Rockwell. The Lopez Company owns the electric utility, the water utility, a phone company, a cable company, an Internet service provider, a publishing company, a power generating company, an infrastructure company, and lots more. It owns Star Cinema Productions, Inc., Star Records, Bayantel, Sky Works (which holds Sky cable and home cable), Medical City, Rockwell Mall, some shares of PCI Bank, etc. Who are the Gozons and the Duavits compared to the Lopoezes? They???re nobody ???a non-entity in business circles. Ever wondered why many people don???t know that the Lopezes owns all the abovementioned? Simply because they???re not arrogant compared to its rival network. Relatively speaking, GMA is a small-time station that is still paying its debts from its unprofitable operational years in the past.
    ABS-CBN owns and operates 26 television-broadcasting stations and nine affiliated stations and 19 radio stations and 10 affiliated radio stations. Its news bureau boasts of several broadcast icons. Some personalities iclude Maria Ressa (former CNN Jakarta News bureau chief) who graduated cum laude at the Princeton University with a degree in English Literature;. Charie Villa graduated communication degree at UP Diliman and worked with Reuters TV Asia Broadcast; Luchi Cruz-Valdes who also graduated from a Broadcast Communication course in UP. When the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) News set up a Manila bureau for the then-upcoming 1986 Snap Presidential Elections, Luchi became the network???s channel to news leads for the coverage.
    ABS-CBN is the only Philippine station bestowed by San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom a special day called ABS-CBN International’s TFC Day(July 22 ).

  • http://empressmaruja.blogspot.com empress maruja

    lumen, is losing income and downward rating trends a sign of a superpower network? i don’t think so.

    and now meralco owes the government billions. the lopezes are in hot water as far as I can see it.

    sa hinaba-haban ng sinabi mo, yan lang ang argument ko sa ‘yo.

  • rogie


    grabe profile talaga ng abs at ng mga Lopez… di nman question who’s the bigger network obvious nman abs yan. pero GMA7 has taken over the no.1 slot from abs, that’s the whole truth. ratings and revenues speaks for itself.

  • ABS-CBN Electric Company.

    Kapamilya,Ano,Masaya Na Kayo?

    Kuntento Na Kayo sa Panloloko Niyo?

    O,Isubo Niyo sa Mga Ngala Ngala Niyo.

    Palace: Arroyo is not afraid of Lopezes
    Gov’t bent on collecting P42B from Meralco

    First posted 00:42am (Mla time) Dec 22, 2005
    By Gil C. Cabacungan Jr.

    Editor’s Note: Published on page A1 of the Dec. 22, 2005 issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer

    MALACA??ANG yesterday confirmed that it was considering a government takeover of Manila Electric Co. by converting into equity the P42 billion that Meralco allegedly owes the state-owned National Power Corp. (Napocor).

    Even so, Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita said President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo was unfazed by retribution from the Lopez family which controls not only Meralco but also the influential ABS-CBN media empire.

    In another interview, Napocor president Cyril del Callar also confirmed that Meralco owed the state-owned power generation firm P42 billion from their 10-year power supply agreement signed in 1994 based on Napocor’s filings with the Commission on Audit.

    Until a final settlement of the dispute has been approved by the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC), Del Callar said the government could still press its collection of the P42 billion owed by Meralco.

    option being considered by the government is the liquidation of the P42 billion in collectibles through annual payments of P14 billion by Meralco for three years.

    But the private distribution firm, which supplies electricity to 4 million homes and businesses in Metro Manila and surrounding areas, has said it only owes P15 billion to Napocor.

    “Firstly, let me state for the record that there is no such thing as a P42-billion debt of Meralco to Napocor,” Meralco chair Manuel Lopez yesterday told a news conference.

    “Secondly, there is no such thing as a longstanding dispute between Meralco and Napocor because the dispute was laid to rest by a settlement agreement signed in July 2003.”

    In his press briefing, however, Ermita said the government was bent on collecting the P42 billion from Meralco.

    “They (Meralco) should pay up. The only thing under review is what is the best modality to offset the payment that would make it easier for the general public to benefit from this,” he said.

    In realm of possibilities

    Ermita said a government takeover of Meralco through a debt-for-equity deal was “in the realm of possibilities being considered in settling the issue.”

    “But it has to be reasonable, it has to be legal. It should be figures that are validated by previous studies and assessments by appropriate agencies,” he said.

    Ermita said the government had been moving to validate the exact amount of Meralco’s obligations with Napocor and the ERC for some time now. “Our strategy is to first determine the correct figure and the rationale behind that figure,” he said.

    The executive secretary also doused speculation that politics had motivated the President in pressing Meralco to pay its obligations.

    “They will always put that motive (in whatever we do). But you know the President, she always rises above these problems. Like Hacienda Luisita, people think that just because former President Aquino (is against the President) that this is all part of a payback,” Ermita said in reference to an agrarian reform body’s decision to parcel out Hacienda Luisita to the farmers.

    He said the President was not afraid of retribution from the Lopez family, which also controls the ABS-CBN media empire. “I don’t know why we should be afraid of a backlash. The important thing is to do what is right.”

    Ermita said that even billionaires should be made to pay their obligations. “No one is above the law, that is the most important thing.”

    Asked if Ms Arroyo had weighed the implications of a government takeover of a private company, Ermita said: “I’m sure she took into account all political considerations in her move to press the takeover. But we should not put malice into that. If that (Meralco owed Napocor P42 billion) is the truth, we cannot hide it from the people especially if they know that there is something we can do to lower prices.”

    Ermita said there had been no personal discussions between Ms Arroyo and the Lopez family on the matter. “They are the interested party, they should make the arrangement. The President is open to talks with anybody,” he said.

    Scaring away investors

    Two business leaders — Guillermo Luz, executive director of the Makati Business Club, and Donald Dee, president of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry — yesterday warned that a government takeover of Meralco was unnecessary. They said this would adversely affect the local business climate and drive away investors.

    In his news conference, Lopez also said the Spanish-based utility Union Fenosa, which has significant stake in Meralco, was getting a “little restless” about its investment in the Philippines.

    Lopez said officials at Union Fenosa told him during his visit to Spain in October that they were considering selling the stake in Meralco.

    “I was able to convince them that it was not the right time and that we expect things to get better,” Lopez said. “Right now, they are holding on, but I can tell you that there’s a lot of disappointment on their part in making that $200 million investment six years ago.”

    The Lopez family and its companies account for 35.77 percent of Meralco’s total common shares. About 22.84 percent is owned by First Philippine Union Fenosa Inc., a joint venture between Union Fenosa and First Philippine Holdings (FPHC), a subsidiary of the Lopez-owned Benpres Holdings Corp. The rest is owned by the Meralco Pension Fund, FPHC and various Lopez family members.

    The government already controls 15.23 percent of Meralco, through shares listed under the Republic of the Philippines, the Social Security System, the Land Bank of the Philippines, the Home Development Mutual Fund and the Philippine Health Insurance Corp.

    As of September 2005, 39.55 percent of Meralco’s common shares were held by PCD Nominee Corp., broken down into 25.93 percent in Filipino shares and 13.62 in non-Filipino shares.

    Napocor sale

    Meralco also warned that the controversy over unpaid power bills, sparked by Inquirer reports the government was studying the conversion of Meralco’s debt into equity to take over the firm, might affect investor interest in the sale of Napocor.

    Debt-laden and money-losing Napocor, the single biggest strain on the government’s finances, hopes to raise $4 billion to $5 billion by selling dozens of its generating plants and leasing its nationwide electricity grid.

    Despite Ermita’s pronouncements, Trade Secretary Peter Favila denied that the government was planning to take over Meralco.

    “Somebody just leaked this … which is not good,” Favila told ANC, a television station controlled by the Lopez family.

    “I don’t think even the President herself would tolerate this kind of development,” he said.

    Meralco said that in July 2003, it entered into a settlement agreement with Napocor for P20 billion. Early this year, it filed a petition with the ERC to bring down the amount of its unpaid power bills to Napocor to P14.3 billion.

    Napocor’s claim stemmed from a supply contract with Meralco from 1994 to 2004. The deal required Meralco to buy a minimum volume of electricity from Napocor whether it used it or not.

    Meralco president Jesus Francisco said his firm used less electricity from 2001 to 2004 due to slower-than-forecast growth in the economy and supplies from independent power producers.

    Meralco expects electricity sales to grow 2.5 percent in volume in 2006 from flat sales this year. Its sales grew 3.5 percent in 2004 to 24,660 gigawatt hours.

    “There is no provision in the agreement for conversion to equity of Meralco of any amount to be paid to Napocor,” the Meralco board said in a separate statement

    Laughtrip to!

  • Pitchan

    Studio 23!!! Wow!!! ABS-CBN should be proud of it!!! Eh Ano Ngayon??? Purket nag-launch ang QTV 11, sasabihin ng ABS na nanggaya ang GMA!!! bakit ba??? sino ba nangunang mag launch ng UHF station???

    Watabout… CITYNET27 >>> EMC27 >>> [V] 27??
    1995 pa lang… may Channel 27 na ‘no!!! Kailan lang nag-air ang23? 1996!! So, sino nanguna??? I rather to watch Channel 27 before than to watch 23!!!! Yak!! “KABARKADA MO!!” Wow “KWENTO MO TO”!!!

  • Pitchan

    ehem…. lumen!!!

    ang dami mong satsat!!!! eh ano kung maraming companies ang mga Lopezes!!!?? what’s the point kung nalulugi naman!?!? what’s the point kung maraming Manilenyo ang nagpapakahirap na magbayad ng BILLS sa kuryente!!!! ABS-CBN deserves it by the way!!! haha!!! nagmamalaki ka pa!!! Luchi Cruz Valdes??? saan sya nanggaling!!! di ba GMA!!??? doon sya narecognized before na naglipat sya sa DOS!!! anong nangyari!!! unrecognizable!!! haha!!! Studio 23??? ginaya lang ang Citynet27 if u remember!!!! Skynet??? marami bang subscriber??? i don’t think so… pang-mayaman lang yan!!! nga cable channels nila like Myx, ANC and so ever…. may nanonood ba??? meron!!! pero ano… dapat ka pang magsubscribe!!!! KINUKUHA LANG ANG PERA NG PUBLIKO!!! kitang naghihirap ang Pinas!!! TFC??? yan ang focus ng ABS… bakit??? mayayaman ang mga Filipino!!! the more the costumers they can get…. the more they can get an income… doon lang sila makakabawi sa utang nila!!! lol!!! anong nangyari… nawala ang focus nila sa PHILIPPINES… GMA made the best effort that they can do to become the most success TV network in the Philippines!!! Manggaya sila… di naman sila nakakakuha ng maraming criticition!!! Unlike DOS!!!! UNG LANG PO!!! Basta AKO??? sa English Primetime… RPN-9 is the best than 23… even na sabihin nilang bigatin ang foreign shows nila!!! nagnanakaw lang ang DOS ng exena.. tuloy.. Channels 4,5,9 and 13 didn’t made their ratings to the top!!! HAPPY NA BA KAYO Channel 2!!! DATZ IT!!!

  • Pitchan

    At… ito pa ang ginaya nila from other channels (di sa Channel 7 ha!)

    ABC 5
    Tropang Trumpo > Super Laugh’in
    Easy Dancing (with G Toengi) > Keep On Dancing
    Fiveman > Power Ranger

    RPN 9
    Marimar > Maria Mercedes
    Kwarta O Kahon > Pera O Bayong (MTB / Wowowee)
    Iron Chef > Makuha Ka Sa Tikim (lol) (every channel has a cooking show!!! only the ideas that ABS copied from that show!!! dapat pala sa 23 na yan eh!!!)

    IBC 13
    Who Wants To Be A Millionaire > GKNB?
    PBA (noon nasa 13 pa) > MBA
    Dulce > Chabelita
    Maskman > Power Ranger


    Di mabilang!!! pati foreign shows na inadopt ng ABS sinasabi na inoriginate daw NILA!!! GOSH!!! mahiya nga kayo sa lelong nyo!!! you’re accusing that GMA is a big copy cat… sino kaya ang malala!!!!???

    HOY GISING!!! lol!!!

  • ABS-CBN Electric Company

    Hehehe…Nakuryente Ang Mga Kapal sa Satsat……

    Mabuha MERALCO…..Magnakaw Pa Kayo….We Love You All! :lol:

    Nga Pala,Akala Ko Ba si maria dolores Lang ang Kabit ni Gabby Lopez,May Isa Pa Pala? :D


    But what’s the fuss and fury for?

    Some wags suggest that government take over Meralco. Looks like a good idea but considering the way government runs business the idea will be heading Meralco for the worst.

    What innovative things did Meralco do during this ten-year period? Since Meralco was heavily dependent on Napocor for 35% of its power requirements and given the perennial delays in Napocor’s hydroelectric power plants coming on line, the new Meralco management decided to put up one oil-fired power plant every 18 months in order to keep up with the tremendous demand for power in the Meralco franchise area during the 1960’s. Thus, the company expanded its power generation capacity five times over a 10-year period from 300,000 KV to 1,500,000 KW.

  • jewel in the palace

    nakakaloka ka buboy… baklang-bakla ka na, bakyang-bakya ka pa… mabuti pa maghawak-kamay na lang kayo ng mga Lopez at sabay-sabay kayong tumalon sa ilog pasig… ‘kakasuka ka!



    Better concentrate our time and energies on making a decent living so we can pay our Meralco bills.

    But we cannot blame Meralco and other power distributors for charging high rates because they have to buy power at a high rate as well. Therefore, better to recommend another win-win situation. Allow entrepreneurs to build power plants to supply their own power needs and then to sell excess power to each other within a certain boundary. This way Meralco need not lower their rates and business can bring down their costs.

    Gabby Lopez is a good man with a simple dream: To see meaningful changes in the government that would improve the quality of life of us helpless citizens.


  • RYPM

    Is Meralco is the topic of this Blog?

    And what the hrck acknowledging Mr. Gabby Lopez?

    Buboy, is your last name is Lopez? Are you a Lopez clan and it seems you know the man well?

    Or maybe you’re excepted of Meralco bill for being a Lopezes. Parang you don’t feel any grudges anytime they raised their bill. Are you true Pinoy?

  • http://deleted ABS-CBN Electric Company

    naku….pati pala si buboy,kabit pala ni gabby lopez…. :lol:

  • http://deleted ABS-CBN Electric Company

    Buboy,wag mong ipalandakan na kabit ka rin ni gabby lopez! :lol:


    UNA.. palugi na kayo at hindi na kayo number 1
    PANGALAWA.. matapos nyo kaming pahirapan sa mga overcharged electric bills nyo (the fact that electricity is a natural resources and it should be free) EH HINDI PALA KAYO NAGBABAYAD SA GOBYERNO

    ayaw nyong gayahing and GMA 7

    una.. the country??s new number 1 station, Far Easter??s Magazine Most Profitable Brodcast Organization in the Philippines, And ASIA??s Best TV STATION for 2005

    pangalawa.. ginawaran ng QC GOVERNMENT bilang Most Responsible Tax Payer Organization in QC FOR 2004


    Kung ABS CBN at Lopezes ay kurakot?? ang GMA ang laki ng binibigay sa PONDO NG BAYAN. Mahiya kayo



    Few families in the Philippines have had a history as colorful and as successful as the Lopezes.May the readers of this young generation know who the Lopezes are, are they the modern heros?

    The Martial Law regime shut down ABS-CBN and Chronicle. To force Don Eugenio to hand over Meralco and MSC to Marcos, the regime arrested Geny on trumped-up charges of conspiring to assassinate the President.

    In 1977, after five years in prison, Geny and his cellmate, Sergio “Serge” Osme?a, made a dramatic escape from their prison in Fort Bonifacio.

    But the Lopez family believes that it is in business for more than just profit. Geny Lopez said: “I have always believed that public service is the only reason for our existence. Profit alone is not enough of a reason to exist. But if we can serve people, then I think our growth and our success will follow. If we take care of our customers, then they will take care of us. That is the kind of culture a company should have.”

    The Lopez family pursues its dedication to service in many ways. Younger Lopezes are also doing their part. Geny’s daughter Gina Lopez heads ABS-CBN Foundation, which espouses many causes, including the fight against child abuse through Bantay Bata 163.

    Geny’s son Eugenio III or Gabby is chairman of ABS-CBN, and over the past few years, he has transformed the network into a vertically integrated entertainment and information company.

    The values of business excellence, nationalism, and social responsibility – values that the Lopez family has upheld for nearly 200 years.


  • shim

    err guys..m new here..

    m both kapuso and kapamilya..
    way back, we can only view GMA 7 so we are solid kapuso but with the upgrading of ABS, it was a stir and a total make-over…

    To be fair, GMA has been aggressive and consistently improving this days…they are number one in Metro Manila…However, reality also states that the Philippine is made up of 3 islands…

    The Nielsien Mediaa Research reflected the April Over-all rating but the succeeding months shows that ABS stand still amidst the rating war…

    Im watching both programs..GMA made its biggest improvement last year…and till now they are still into fantaseryes…and newly conceptualized TV shows like Pinoy Abroad.

    ABS has been consistent eversince in producing highly conceptualized and qualitative programs…I really commend their flexibility and being risk-takers by introducing newly concepts to the Filipino.

    As to the issue on whos a copy-cat..I think both network copied each other..Howbeit, I just observed the difference on the degree of copying..It was ABS who started setting newly trends like the mexican Novelas..then the Chinovelas (Meteor Garden) which GMA saw a good moved and there putting up several Chinovelas..then here comes the first Fantaserye (Marina) which was then followed by Mulawin..Goin Bulilit then by Bubble Gang Jr.,..Rated K by Jessica Soho..Nginig then Wag kukurap..Maalaala then Magpakailanman…Alas singko y medya then Unang Hirit…and so on and so forth… ABS also did copying like SCQ after Star Struck but the total package is quite different as that of the latter…What ssems to bve obvious is that ABS somehow are being influenced by International hit shows while GMA looks ABS as a comparison and a standard…

    But we have to face the fact thet this war on rating goin on for the two network also benefited the viewers as the two giant companies are consistently improvising and upgrading to suit the taste of the Filipino..

    Lastly, needless to say, we need not to fight which network is the best…but instead we have to be thankful enough that they are providing us qualitative shows that the filipinos deserves to watch… as an example…watch Homeboy…the show reflects real-life stories..Sure its a copy-cat to Ophra’s show but the trend has been deifferentiated and modified..

    magaling talaga mga pinoy!!!


    Where did ABS-CBN go wrong?


    We?ve had a rude awakening,” said Gabby Lopez, ABS-CBN Chairman and CEO.

    After several months in what a therapist might call the denial stage, ABS-CBN now admits openly that it is no longer No. 1 in the ratings in Mega Manila. Of course, the Lopez network still claims to be ahead nationwide or more accurately in Cebu, Dagupan and Davao; but everyone knows that it?s the Manila numbers that really count. And the Manila numbers leave no room for doubt. For the first quarter of 2005, ABS-CBN had an audience share of only 34%, while GMA-7 had 46%.

    Since as far back as August 1987, ABS-CBN had lorded it over the competition with programs such as “TV Patrol” “Home Along Da Riles” and “Maalaala Mo Kaya.” Cracks began to show up on the ABS walls of fortress in the late 1990?s, but until recently the network continued to dominate the television landscape with hits like “Meteor Garden” and “Marina.”

    Late last year, the Kapamilya station could still say that it controlled the all-important primetime TV viewing block. Then, in what seemed like a matter of weeks, ABS-CBN?s ratings collapsed. GMA-7 literally swept the field, took over the top position in every time slot throughout the day and night, and became the first new overall ratings champ in a generation.


    Retiring Freddie Garcia was one big mistake. But that?s the easy answer. It?s true that the decline in ABS-CBN?s viewership that followed closely after his retirement couldn?t be purely coincidence. The idea, however, that the loss of Garcia alone caused the fall of ABS-CBN is as ridiculous as the notion that Felipe Gozon single-handedly drove GMA-7 to the top. The “Great Man” approach to management is facile at best and flies in the face of well-documented studies of many great companies.

    That ABS-CBN was brought down by an unfortunate confluence of personalities, policies and events is probably closest to the truth. For the full story, wait for the book. For our purposes here, however, if we can encapsulate what went right for 17 years, we may see what ultimately went wrong.

    In broadcast and advertising circles, there is a general agreement that ABS-CBN did three things extremely well over the years: First, they copied other people?s ideas, but made them better. Second, they pirated the best shows and the best people. Third, they crushed everybody else.

    Let?s say, for example, that a competitor had produced a variety show that was beginning to attract viewers. ABS-CBN would immediately launch a bigger variety show with glitzier sets, grander production numbers and more hosts. If the competition had a singer who was getting praise, ABS-CBN would offer to triple her talent fee. Finally, it would never be enough to just edge out the competing show in the ratings.

    ABS-CBN made sure that its lead was overwhelming. Never give an inch! Take no prisoners! Total victory! These were the battlecries that you imagined ABS-CBN employees heard from their leaders every day. It didn?t matter what types of shows were involved?dramas, sitcoms, children?s shows, news and public affairs. The same three ploys worked over and over again. What could be copied was improved upon. What couldn?t be copied was pirated. Whatever was left of the enemy was destroyed by any and all means.

    The tactics of ABS-CBN employed one basic weapon: Money. More money than other networks were able or willing to spend. Money for production, money for programming, money for equipment and facilities, money for executive salaries, money for talent fees, even money for game show prizes. If Christopher de Leon gave away a million on his show, Kris Aquino gave two million on hers.

    The deep pockets and Ilonggo generosity of the Lopezes were legendary. The dream of young talents and industry executives alike was to be noticed and hired by ABS-CBN so that they too could enjoy the fantastic salaries and benefits that only the Lopezes were paying.


    About five years ago, everything changed. The listing of ABS-CBN shares on the stock exchange had been brilliant in that it gave the network access to a huge hoard of other people?s money, but it also seemed to have a more profound and insidious effect on the mind-set of the network?s policy makers.

    Like many other companies ruled by fluctuating share prices, ABS-CBN become more conscious of short-term financial results and embarked on cost-cutting campaigns. At first, the cuts were facetious?sorry no more fresh flowers in the executive offices and reuse your plastic cups please?but later, they began to cut, not just fat, but meat and bone.

    The older, more established and more expensive artistas were let go or alienated. Those who were retained had package deals that ensured that viewers would see them over and over again to the point of satiety. The number of shooting days per episode was reduced. Promo spots that would have looked great on film were done on video.

    At the same time, Channel 2 strayed from its traditional three-part formula. Take the case of “Extra Challenge” which GMA-7 used to establish a beachhead in primetime. ABS-CBN never deigned to produce a clone of the show even when it had become clear that the celebrity Fear Factor format was going to be a monster hit. Nor did ABS pursue Paolo Bediones or Miriam Quiambao or Ethel Booba in the way that it went after, say, Kris Aquino and Boy Abunda a decade earlier.

    Finally, ABS-CBN hesitated to pit its strongest programs against the upstart reality show. Instead, “Extra Challenge” became the programming tentpole that pulled up the ratings of “24 Oras” and “Mulawin.”

    Speaking of “24 Oras,” the continued success of Mike Enriquez represents another example of the failure to properly implement the standard ABS-CBN strategy. The Lopez network successfully enticed Karen Davila to move over; but she was never the top anchor of GMA-7. That honor belonged to Mike Enriquez, whose unique appearance and style is not clone-able.

    ABS-CBN?s next option was to pirate him; but although meetings reportedly took place, ABS-CBN apparently balked at offering him an amount of money that would make him jump ship. The last recourse is to attack Enriquez; thus far, however, complaints filed against him have not prospered.

    Yet another example involves Michael V. and “Bitoy?s Funniest Videos.” ABS-CBN?s “Vid-Joking” was a copy but not an improvement. Mark Logan is no Michael V. And though the latter was available, ABS-CBN did not get him. The list goes on.

    Certainly, a host of other problems contributed to pulling ABS-CBN down to number 2, among them, the internal politics, favoritism and intrigues; the loss of credibility in news and current affairs; the drain on resources represented by Studio 23 and other ventures; and the lack of broadcast experience of its president.

    Nevertheless, one factor stands out as the proximate cause of ABS-CBN?s collapse in primetime: The failure to aggressively protect its market share using the methods that had succeeded so spectacularly in the past.

    Gabby Lopez says ABS-CBN is awake now. The question is: Will we see a ponderous giant roused from slumber but weakened by cost-cutting OR will we be treated to the adventures of a lean, mean, show-no-mercy pirate? As every other TV reporter says when he doesn?t know the answer, “Only time will tell.”

  • haid

    [then the Chinovelas (Meteor Garden) which GMA saw a good moved and there putting up several Chinovelas..then here comes the first Fantaserye (Marina) which was then followed by Mulawin..Goin Bulilit then by Bubble Gang Jr.,..Rated K by Jessica Soho..Nginig then Wag kukurap..Maalaala then Magpakailanman?Alas singko y medya then Unang Hirit?and so on and so forth?] by shim


  • Pitchan

    To Freakin Bubo-y:

    Malaki ba ang naitulong sayo ng mga Lopezes kaya kapit tuko ka dyan sa DOS???

    Well Boy from ABS….

    I admit may mga ginaya din and GMA from the other networks like your freakin ABS…
    But seriously… GMA has a lot of great entertainments than ABS… ano ang mas pumatok? That’s Entertainment or Eat Bulaga? Marami ang nadiscover na stars sa That’s kaysa sa Eat Bulaga before… Bad luck to ABS… And I Admit number one ang ABS sa NAGA CITY… pero mga tao doon ay nasasawa na esp. sa Wowowee ni Ka Willy de Bastos… Kaya itinataas pa namin ang antena namin para masagap ang GMA!!!! Meteor Garden… Yak!!! Pumatok pa ang loko!!! Mga singers ba may boses??? Sasabog ang tenga ko no!!! At saka isa pa… sayang ang mga newscasters from Ch.7 na naglipat sa 2!!! OMG di na sikat!!! Even in Australia via TFC!!! Namimiss nila si Mike Enriquez coz he’s a truly respected newscaster!!! Pero may hinala ako kung bakit nanalo sa elexion sina Noli at Loren!!! BALATO lolz!!! e ano!! PAKI KO!!! teka nasaan si Loren… ahhh NASA Ch.5!!! Bawas na naman yan sa 2!!! Just imagine ang mga shows sa Dos!!! OMG ang BORING!!! Lalo na ang GKNB? Pinapakita ang kalandian ni Kristetay!!! Educational turns to Sexual lolz!!! Makuha ka sa Tikim??? HOY ITZ NOT AN ORIGINAL FORMAT FROM 2!!! Watch Iron Chef sa 9!!! Kitang-kita ang similarities!!! Pinoy Big Brother? Diba originated yan from Netherlands… Hoy for your info… Australian Big Brother is da most disgusting show ever!!! Nagsayang lang kayo ng milyones!!! Sabihin na nating its different kasi nagmula sila from a different country… Pero un na rin un!! SAME SHIT PARIN!!! At sinong nagsabi ginaya ng QTV ang Studio23??? I was always watching Citynet27 before nun wala pa ang Studio23!!! Tangengot!!! Kasi naman iniiral ang kayabangan ng ABS!!! Grabe magmayabang!!! siguro ayaw na ng mga Manilenyong manood ng Dos kasi they think that Lopezes owned Ch.2 and Meralco ey ang Meralco ay nagbibigay ng sangkatutak ng SAKIT NG ULO SA MAHIHIRAP!!!! grabe!!! Pa Sky-sky Cable Pa Kayo!!! pinapalabo pa ninyo ang reception GMA!!! That is not f***ng FAIR!!!!

    Eto Lang Ang Masasabi ko sa AVID WATCHERS ng ABS!!!

    Sige, say watever u like to GMA

    One Day… Ubos na ang kayamanan nyo thanx 2 ABS!!! lolz


    I hope mag number one ang RPN9 at GMA7


    I pity those sa mga maraming naninira sa AbsCbn and the Lopezes. Maybe they are so jealous with the network and the family of Lopez.Dont you think guy that it is better for you to concentrate and earn a decent living instead of putting your misfortune in life to the Lopezes.Kaya tayo hindi umaasenso because of all these sour-graping.We just accept the results and our misfortune.

    Actually, ABS-CBN got a good results in 2005 with double digit revenue, earnings and cash flow growth and the Company would like to share its exceptional performance with its stockholders.


    Always think POSITIVE.

  • ann

    nakakalungkot isipin na ang daming nanonood ng fantasy teleserye na nakakabobo kaya hindi umaasenso ang most pinoys. inuubos ang oras sa kanonood ng walang kakuwenta-kuwentang palabas at walang kabu-buhay na arte ng mga artista. mas nakakalungkot isipin na pati sa u.s., knowing busy ang mga pinoys to earn dollars, eh, naka-hook sa mga nakakabobong palabas (i’m saying this kasi literature teachers/ professors are discouraging their students from watching these fantasy teleseryes. ano nga naman ang matutunan ng mga tao rito, especially the children?).

  • Pitchan


    Kasalanan din yan ng ABS kung bakit bumabagsak ang income nila!!! Ang focus kasi nila nasa TFC at ABS-CBN RNG!!! Wala sa Maynila kung saan mas strong ang viewership kaysa sa ibang lugar sa Pinas!!! Ang programmings nila is very poor na nawawala ang interest ng mga tao paunti-unti!!! Ang mga investors ay nag-sisipag lipat na ng company to invest their profits!!! At isa pa… in your game shows, the more na nagbigay kayo ng MALAKING PREMYO, the more na talagang malulugi ang inyong NETWORK!!! Oo nga, malaki ang maitutulong nyo sa mahihirap… ni hindi kayo marunong magtipid!!! Kitang bumabagsak na nga ang ekonomiya ng ating bansa!!!! Anyways, good job 4 last years of ur success ABS but i think this time maiba naman ang taste ng mga audience…. At pagbutihin nyo ang pagcreate ng inyong mga programa dahil inaangkin nyo na kesyo original made ninya yan eh….. PURO COPY naman…. di lang local pati na overseas… AND DONT EVER SAY THAT ‘PBB’ is one of your “ORIGINAL SHOWS” sus…. NAGKALAT NA PO YAN ALL OVER THE WORLD at mataas nga ang rating…. wala namang MORAL LESSONS ang maibibigay naman nito…. Hay naku ABS kaya kung ako sa inyo… TANGGAPIN NYO NALANG na No.2 nalang kayo sa Manila… At atleast makontento nalang kayo na naging No.1 kayo in the past decades!!!! Im here in Australia and u know wat? Tatlong TV network ang nagkokompetensyahan pero NAGTUTULUNGAN!!!! Wala silang pakialam sa ratings or soever!!! Kaya ang payo ko rin sa GMA…. TIGILAN nyo ang strong competition!!!! MAGTULUNGAN KAYO!!!! Understand? KAPUSO ROX PARIN AKO since 1990!!!

  • RYPM

    Fight Buboy, fight. Your HEROIC act for ABS will definitely recognize by the Lopezes. Keep it up, dudz.

    Those people aiming higher position in ABS organization will do anything to fulfill their selfish ambition. Pretending to be a die-hard ABS, though from their own analysis, GMA show prove to be far good than the ABS. They have no choice but to stick and defend thier show for the sake of their hidden motives.

    Such people is BUBOY. The ambitious man, so loyal to ABS and manage to dragged the Lopezes to this blog. Not contented in defending ABS, even his BIG BOSS (Lopezes) he tried to include in this issue.

    BUBOY, the next ABS’s EVP. Blowout naman dyan…..

  • Pitchan


    I agree with yah mate!!! Those people like Buboy should receive an award from ABS and the Lopezes as the MOST LOYAL AWARDEE!!! He deserves it by the way!!! :-b I wish i’m kapamilyukz so i can receive that award!!! Wala kasing ganyan sa GMA!!!


    Every now and then, it is good to look back and give thanks to those that warmed our hearts and kept us going.Like ABSCBN under their leader Gabby Lopez have stayed in the Philippines for many years,they have long wished to make significant contribution to the society for the service of the Filipinos that has grown to love them.

    I believe that their main goal is to look and support Filipinos who can contribute to the welfare of the Philippine society.

    I am not a sipsip to Lopezes and even dont know them from, but I just maintain my open-minded and open-hearted attitude.


  • http://pinoy.rickey.org Rickey

    Buboy, ang wish ko lang sa yo para sa New Year ay matauhan ka na.

    What is happening here is your failure to realize that ABS-CBN is only but a corporation, whose purpose and primary existence is to make money. Kahit na nagbibigay pa sila ng pera sa mga mahihirap, these are all merely propaganda to enhance their image in the public eye. I’m not saying they are bad, I’m just saying they are a corporate entity and this is part of what they do.

    Some basics you fail to see that’s why maraming naiinis sa yo and your line of thinking. All these corporations who start “foundations” do so to enhance their public image and nothing else. If these corporations really existed to help people, and is what you are suggesting with ABS-CBN and Gabby Lopez’s intentions about the Filipino people, then ABS-CBN should be a non-profit organization. Give everything they earn back to the Filipinos. Of course we know this is not the case because, ABS-CBN’s main goal is to make money FROM the Filipino people. What is a 1 million peso donation to them if it will facilitate millions in return via ratings and advertising revenue. And the fact that the Lopezes have stayed on to do business in the Philippines is not because they are helping Filipinos, it’s because they’ve been very profitable.

    Kaya naka-rindi yung promo sa TFC regarding Wowowee “helping” Filipinos with their game show. It’s freaking game show! That’s not help. It’s teaching people to rely on luck (and begging) and not hard work. It’s all propaganda. Since when was a game prize “help”.

    Also, you fail to realize that when I respond, I give intelligent and coherent answers, which most of the readers here will agree. Tapos, you come back with these totally inane responses with lapses in logic, I am not surpised people are reacting they way they do to your comments.

    Kaya Buboy, tama na. Stop imposing your value-system here because it is not working. I can only do so much, but you really have to take a step back and help yourself, and recover from these severe brain-washing. Kahit yung “in the service of the Filipino” — tagline naka-ukit na sa isipan mo sa kakapanuod mo ng ABS-CBN.

    May I suggest: i-promote mo na lang ang blog ko: Pinoy Rickey. Tell all your friends about this site — I even give you permission to use our tagline: Avisala, mga kaisip! Haha. We are now averaging 1500/day on the strength of StarStruck, Encantadia and Pinoy Big Brother pictures.

  • haid

    haha nakabobo daw ang fantaserye . kung nakabobo bakit binabasahan tayo ng mga fantasy stories ng mga annay narin nung mga bata oa tayo? wala masama sa fantasy dahil likas na talga sa tao ang malikot na imahinasyon, bakit ano gusto nyong panoorin yung puro drama at iyakan na kuno based sa real life. come on. mga soap opera nating sobra pa sa reality, mga sabugan na hindi nmn nangyyari sa totoong buhay, mga terorista lang gumagawa nun. hay naku if i know yung nagsabi nun ay aliw ring nanoond ng LOTR at Cinderella , etc.

  • inkerperson

    I agree with haid. Watching fantaseryes doesn’t dull the mind, it enhances the imagination. Agreed that the effect is not the same as that of books wherein you visualize what’s happening in your own head, but still it broadens the horizon.

    ann, don’t be so close-minded and say things like “anong matututunan ng mga tao dito especially the children” That just goes to show na hindi ka nag-iisip. Children’s imaginations need to be enhanced and these shows are actually good for that. it encourages them to think, play-act, and be creative. As for the other people, it relieves the stress and gives them a breather from their real world problems. Basta you always keep in mind that it’s fantasy and not reality, what’s the harm?

    “nakakalungkot isipin na ang daming nanonood ng fantasy teleserye na nakakabobo kaya hindi umaasenso ang most pinoys. inuubos ang oras sa kanonood ng walang kakuwenta-kuwentang palabas”

    Etheria airs at roughly 9 pm, Monday-Friday. I am just wondering what you’d rather the pinoys do at 9 pm instead of relaxing after a long day’s work? Compute their taxes, read the encyclopedia, work their butts off? if that’s what you do, well then good for you. Malungkot ka na lang while the other “bobo” fantaserye watchers relax and enjoy. Pag billionaire ka na, that’s the time you can start acting so high and mighty and post such high-brow comments.

  • Yo

    Disagree. ABS-CBN is the largest NETWORK OVERALL IN THE PHILIPPINES. GMA is only number one at Manila, but in other provinces, when gma signals can’t be reached [i use to live in a province where i can’t watch gma AT ALL], you have NOTHING. so ABS CBn is bigger. But not rating wise. And it took GMA 55 YEARS TO HAVE GMA PINOY TV! WHATS UP WITH THAT? and does GMA have those satelite subscribing no! its only an add on direct tv. GMA IS CHEAP. you know the players on eat bulaga, they are already medium size rich. What about ABS on wowowee, they help POOR People, Wowowee is better than Eat Bulaga, I dont know about TV Patrol and 24 Oras, they both suck with their Taglish speaches.

  • Yo

    ILOILO: ABS-CBN – 47%; GMA – 44%
    CEBU: ABS-CBN – 54%; GMA – 26%
    DAVAO: ABS-CBN – 58%; GMA – 21%
    DAGUPAN: ABS-CBN – 42%; GMA – 24%
    BAGUIO: ABS-CBN – 54%; GMA – 20%
    PALAWAN: ABS-CBN – 61%; GMA – 25%
    LEGASPI: ABS-CBN – 86%; GMA – 11%
    NAGA: ABS-CBN – 89%; GMA – 8%
    CAGAYAN DE ORO: ABS-CBN – 57%; GMA – 38%
    GENERAL SANTOS: ABS-CBN – 87%; GMA – 11%
    ZAMBOANGA: ABS-CBN – 73%; GMA – 22%
    BACOLOD: ABS-CBN – 95% ; GMA – 3% as in tres 1,2,3

  • http://pinoy.rickey.org Rickey

    You don’t know what you are talking about, Yo.

  • http://starstruckwave3.blogspot.com/ lander



    kaya pala kami dito sa cebu ay loyal kapuso!?!?

  • inkerperson

    what are medium size rich people? baka middle class… Another GMA is only number one in Mega Manila argument. When will this stop? Ang tatanga ba talaga ng fans ng ABS-CBN? Hindi marunong magbasa at hindi makaintindi???

    Yo, take the time, scroll up and read some comments written above. If you can get these provincial figures, then you can as well retrieve the explanation as to why Mega Manila ratings is the most important. Read it and understand. Please… You’re making such a fool of yourself it’s pitiful.

  • pru

    I’m from Cebu too but I’m a kapuso.

  • RYPM

    Yo, sana pina NOTARY mo yan para maniwala kami. Gawa-gawa mo lang yan e.



    It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.

    It is inaccurate to say I give insane responses. I am strongly in favor of common sense, common honesty, and common decency.Human beings are perhaps never more frightening than when they are convinced beyond doubt that they are right.

    The Lopez Group possesses a powerful and profitable diversified media empire and the vision to harness it to promote PHILANTHROPIC aims.

    The younger generation of Lopezes have tried to make sure that they are able to identify causes they believe in fully, and they have, from the beginning, used the benefits of their media empire to be able to develop a constituency among the public for their causes

    To date, AbsCbn has introduced the Knowledge Channel to 1,220 public schools serving 2.2 million students around the country. Programming and instructional materials are coordinated with the Department of Education’s prescribed curriculum. The Department has declared the Knowledge Channel mandatory viewing for elementary and secondary students in the public schools.

    The Lopez Group has invested about PhP 200 million (about $3.6 million) in this project, mainly for capital expenditure and production of programs, and continues to provide support through ABS-CBN. “In the Service of the Filipinos”.

    I like to point out that we can tolerate opinions we do not share, but we should accept people but there are limits to the right to criticize opinions or persons. It should not be exercised to wantonly hurt or humiliate others.


  • Dags

    Hey… rickey, bat ang tagal nung episode ng starstruck with streetboys… abng saya pa naman nun..

  • Dags

    ay sori out of place pala ..

  • Pitchan


    Hey YO!!!
    For Your Info:
    I Use To Live In The Province….
    Mmmm… it’s true that ABS-CBN is No.1
    but… u know wat?
    LAHAT NG RESIDENTE sa NAYON namin na may TV SET… MATATAAS ang mga ANTENA nila para makanood ng PBA sa SINGKO at especially GMA… Suggestion nila…. OA ang mga palabas ng kapamilyax!!!! So make sure that GMA is not no.1 but still EVERYBODY WANTZ!!!! ABS-CBN no.1 lang kasi MALAKAS ANG SIGNAL!!! Kasi papayaman palang ang GMA buti napapaupgrade pa ang facilities nila!!! Unlike ABS ung radio stations nila KOKONTI!!!! THINK ABOUT IT!!! hindi lang yan nakukuha sa RATING MO ang EVERYTHING!!!

  • Pitchan

    And Yo…

    Did you mentioned that ABS-CBN games shows are helping POOR contestant while GMA has a middle class contestant…. EXCUSE ME TAO DIN YAN NA NANGANGAILANGAN ng PERA!!!! Kaya nga sila sumasali dyan!!! LOKOLOKO!!!! And best of all those games shows bring knowledge and entertainment to the viewers!!! The good thing about GMA is kahit kokonti o kakaramput lang ang pera ibinibigay sa nga contestant… ATLEAST MAY NABIBIGAY SILA at NAKAKATIPID PA!!! Di tulad ng ABS na todo bigay… Di lang nila namamalayan na ubos na ang pera nila!!! lol!!! Anywaiz If you said GMA is cheap… That’s fine… NAKAKATULONG NAMAN SA EKONOMIYA NG PILIPINAS!!! Di tulad ng ABS na puro singil sa kuryente through MERALCO ang inaatupag kaya marami pera nila!!! That’s why I DONT WATCH TFC here in AUSTRALIA!!! im just waiting to PINOYTV to launch para makasubscribe ako!!! If somebody said that “TFC may SATELLITE CARRIER at GMA ay nasa DIRECT TV lamang” HOY ATLEAST INTERNATIONAL NA SILA ANO!!!! Guess what hinahanap hanap ang GMA dito sa Australia!!! So don’t judge GMA sa keyso CHEAP sila or everything… THINK ABOUT THE VIEWERS and THE ECONOMY!!! Getsmo!!!

  • http://empressmaruja.blogspot.com empress maruja

    inkperson, i doubt the credibility of yo’s so-called ratings. kasi sa ratings, lahat ng channels are into consideration, pati na rin ang mga nanonood ng cable. hence, the so-called 90% ratings are absolutely false. Hindi lang dalawa ang channels sa Pilipinas, Yo, no?

  • http://taeyahoo.com helrato

    lolz… 95% hehehhe wtf… Yo, Asan ang source mo? At least give a link to prove your point.


    Please stop defending these Lopezes, Philantrophic my arse… ANd please stop copy-and-pasting, considering your grammatical and spelling blunders, I thought these can’t be from the same person.., lolz I’ve read the entirety of this thread and in some of your post you’ve posted the same thing twice, or it’s the same “pro-Lopez” mambo-jambo that I’m not really compelled to read.

    Hah, lugi na ang ABS, and yeah PBB drama special is the worst thing I’ve seen on TV..

  • derick coching

    Mga Anghel na Walang Langit umaariba .Xtra chalenj naCHALENJ na sa Game

    AGB Overnight TV Ratings

    THURSDAY (December 29, 2005)

    EXTRA CHALLENGE 28.1% vs. PGKNB 26.2%
    SUGO 27.8% vs. Mga Anghel 28.4%
    ETHERIA 31.0% vs. OnlyYou 26.3% (pababa na ng pababa ang dating # 1 na

    MONDAY (January 2, 2006)

    EXTRA CHALLENGE 29.7% vs Pasko, GKNB? 27.8%
    SUGO 27.2% vs Mga Anghel 30.1% (ay ang saya-saya!!!)
    ETHERIA 27.9% vs Only You 25.9% ((pababa na ng pababa ang dating # 1 na

    dati cguro mataas pa ang rating ng gma noong 2005. pero ngayong 2006 unti-unti na silang bumababa. namamayagpag na nga ang mga anghel na walang langit. e low-budget lang un ha. di tulad ng katapat na SUGO. at ung part 2 ng encantadia na tinatawag na ETHERIA ay patuloy na bumabagsak ang rating.dati sumasagad un hanggang 39% pero nagun nabawasan na sila ng 10%. ang galing kc ng kapamilya. ang ganda ng MY ONLY YOU, number1 koreanovela. nakakakilig. patunay na nagsasawa na ang mga manilaneo sa mga telefantasya nang gma7. e sa lunes january 9 my bago pang koreanovela, ung forbidden love, highest rating un at breakthrough (instant hit) kaagad sa korea. at saka ung GULONG NG PALAD. pano na yan? ito na ba ang cmula ng pagbagsak ng gma.

  • Yo

    I am talking about between the CHANNELS, not all of the networks. and yeah, it took “gma pinoy tv” to have 55 YEARS TO REACH PINOYS AROUND THE WORLD. and most of GMA’s shows are sponsors.

  • haid

    wag kang masyadaong confident direck haha. Korean nilalaban sa Etheria. unti-unti ng nakakbawi ang Etheria pero tignan mo sinasabi mong no. 1 ang ONLY YOU wat abt Jewel in the PAlce di mo ba ilagay ang ratings nya. kung tutuusin gabi na amsyado ang JITP pero d parin pahuhuli s ratings. gosh this kapamilya are really duno how to say it. nvm

  • haid

    pero pathetic ano kasi nag rely na ata ang ABS sa Korenanoblea para makaangat sa ratings. hmm too bad

  • Pitchan

    Wat da…


    Aber… WER IS UR FUCKIN SOURCES ABOUT DAT RATING??? Ipakita mo nga ang links para maniwala ako sa mga pinagsasabi mo!!! MGA ANGHEL? OMG!!! Eh dito nga sa Aussieland ayaw nila panoorin yan eh!! (Well, most of them do!) Ang pangit ng story!!! Kaya lipat na kami sa local TV dito during that show!!! Anyways, basta NAMAMAYAGPAG ANG GMA!!! No matter na bumaba man ang ratings!!! Thatz It!!! LOSAH!!!

  • http://empressmaruja.blogspot.com empress maruja

    takot ilagay ni derick ang ratings between Jewel In The Palace at PBB Drama Series kasi NAKAKAHIYA sa baba ng PBB ratings.

    Pati na rin ang ratings between StarStruck at Vietnam Rose. Bakit kaya? Mapapahiya rin siguro…Never kasing bumaba sa 30% ang StarStruck (according sa Hi!).

    According to Hi! Magazine’s Editorial (o ayan, may source) the day after PBB Finals, biglang balik sa dating talunan ang ABS-CBN on primetime (the figures are in the magazine, BASAHIN NIYO). Nawala bigla ang init ng PBB.

    Super gloomy nga ng Christmas Party ng ABS-CBN. Lahat ng speech, malulungkot. At paano ba naman sila hindi malulungkot? Eh talunan na nga ang ABS-CBN.

  • Danny

    Try nyo http://www.abante-tonite.com para sa ratings everyday ng shows

  • RYPM

    Umariba na naman ang mgs SALAMANGKERO ng Kapamilyuks. Rating ni Derick, e gawa-gawa nya lang.

    Maraming kababalaghan talaga ang mga Kapamilyuks. Kung ano-anong rating ang nilalagay d2 e wala naman silang source o link.

    E tapos ung pinagmamalaki nilang PBB part 2, e mga celebrity ang mga ilalagay nila. NAKUPO!!!! BINABOY NILA ANG REALITY SHOW (daw). Mapapanood mo mga taong magaling UMARTE, REALITY ba yun?

    Ubos na talaga ang ideas ng mga ABS ano po. SIGURADONG LALANGAWIN YANG PBB 2.

    GMA pa rin ang no.1

  • Yo

    And Abante hasn’t been really nice to ABS-CBN in the past. So screw that. I don’t trust them :P

  • Pitchan


    You don’t trust Abante because you can’t accept the truth!!!! How can Abante didn’t trust ABS or soever? Eh, they just doing their job to see who no.1 and who not!!! Kaya Tanggapin mo na ang buong KATOTOHANAN!!!! U just don’t f-u-*-*-i-n-g accept the truth kaya masyado kang affected LOZAH!!!.

    PEACE TAYO MGA (KAPAMILYAX) according to Buboy (I WISH) lol!!!

  • http://empressmaruja.blogspot.com empress maruja

    Dapat ngang magpasalamat ang mga Kapamilya stars dahil sa Abante nila nababasa ang latest ratings, dahil hindi na sila ini-inform ng ABS-CBN mismo kung ano’ng mga shows nila ang mainit. Unlike sa GMA na kinabukasan naka-post sa bulletin board nila ang overnight ratings na ikinatutuwa ng kanilang mga tao.

    I’m sure kapag favorable ang ratings sa mga Kapalmiya ang i-publish ng Abante, sasabihin nilang totoo ito. Na kesyo hindi siya bias (very Jobert Sucaldito…) ek-ek.






  • holy biatch

    masaya yang away away nila..tayong mga viewers ang magbebenefit…trust me… =)

  • http://www.yahoo.com pol

    oh my gosh pipol, ABS-CBN ang 2nay na no.1, Don’t give up on us kumita ng 18milion sa 1st day plang, matas pa sa MMFF movies(13million lng sa 1st day ang pnakamatas-Enteng Kabisote) gosh, kung naging singer sna cna mike enriquez at mel tyangco bka idol q pa cla! c wency cornejo nga nanud sa wowowee as audience n 2 think that he is an adpted son of mel tyangco, now, what d hek r u saying na n0. ang GMA? mg icp nga kau mga kanguso, no.1 lng kau sa pgdok2r ng ratings, isnt it?

  • Danny

    Hindi dahil no.1 sa takilya no.1 sa tv shows
    Walang kinalaman ang pelikula sa tv.

    Kung maglabas sila ng tv show nila Juday at Piolo at mag no.1 OK di ba!!!

    Try nyo http://www.abante-tonite.com para sa ratings everyday ng shows

    At kung wala kayong tiwala sa abante , maglabas kayo ng rating na legal hindi yung hakahaka nyo na mga pro-ABS lang.

    Tanggapin nyo na talo kayo sa ngayon. At bakit ba hindi nagsasalita si Kris na no.1 ang ABS. Kasi kahit show nya walang binatbat sa EAT BULAGA


    Sabi sa atin ng mga kapuso tayo manggagaya eh bakit meron silang pop star kids sa qtv kapareho ng little big star? Ano sige cno manggagaya? Maninira ksi kayo eh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! noh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    [Hahaha. Bumalik na sila! — R.]

  • Yo

    Hmm. Yeah. and yet GMA owes Meralco money. which infact is an ABS CBN affiliate. Well GMA show’s aren’t THAT GOOD. Eat Bulaga is total crap. Wowoweee is better. :P The Best! and GMA’shows are sooo TAGLISH. ang pangit!

  • Yo

    Kahit eat bulaga ang number one. Hindi Masaya yang Eat bulaga. Ginaya ang pera o bayong concept ng eat bulaga sa abs. What’s next Kokokeee?

  • jhon

    I went through almost all the posts in this thread. One thing i’m certain of is that Kapamilyucks are not reading what has been posted prior that could make or break their stupid assumptions. It would take forever to enumerate them so… let that be your homework cluelesslivinginthepastdufusignoramusyuckityyuckpseudokapamilyas… just my 2 cents! peace! hehe!

  • jhon

    And another thing. Is ABS’ first film of the year some sort of a plead for all kapamilyucks to stick with them? “DON’T GIVE UP ON US!” Hmmmmm….



    Congrats to ABSCbn Star Cinema’s “Dont give up on us” for breaking all box office records.. Iba talaga magpasaya ang KAPAMILYA and doing all these IN THE SERVICE OF THE FILIPINOS WORLDWIDE…Thanks to AbsCbn and may you produce more quality shows.. By the way, dont forget all KAPAMILYAS AND KAPUSOS tO see the match awaited rematch of Pacquiao and Morales exclusively of course at ABSCBN channel 2. Hope you enjoy the match. Thanks to Lopezes and Solar Sports…

  • maria dolores heinette rivera-rodriguez

    kapanipaniwala ba ang abante?some kind of a tabloid na puro PR ng GMA7..walang binalita papuri sa talent ng GMA7 at paninira sa ABS2..

    ano pa aasahan nyo ..mga bading din ng GMA7 mga reporter din dun..
    mga believer ng GMA7

    M-my god ng mga

  • cute kapuso

    i really love kapuso shows! sobrang creative sila sa pag gawa ng shows, para skind boring, lalo na yung jewel in the palace, sobrang may sense panoorin, and also may kinalaman dn s world history natin, dahil true story.. i hate kapamilya shows talga! sobrang OA at corny! :p

    sorry for my opinion! talagang im a loyal kapuso lang! sorry mga COPYMILYA!!

  • cute kapuso

    s mga taga abs-cbn na makakabasa nito.. maawa nmn kayo s mga teen stars nyo.. lalo na s mga batches ng star circle.. bigyan nyo naman sila ng chance! hidi puro sila heart lang…bea lang.. claudine. juday.. etc! gud thing talaga na lumipat c pauleen! dahil s gma lang umarangkada career nya! chaka i really pitty those childstars dati.. na ngaun mejo patapon.. like camille prats..(mejo nakakaahon n din cya becoz she decides 2 go s syete) bakit dn nila ginanun c carlo aquino! i level ba daw s mga baguhang teens?! LOL childstar yan! kagalang galang tapos ganun?! its so unfair..and sayang,. tinatapon nila mga artista/talents na magpapa angat s kanila.

  • cute kapuso

    chaka pwede ba?! wag nyong pakealaman eat bulaga! tanggapin nyo na kasi na wala talgang makatalo talo s longest running show on tv ngaun?! nak ng! itapat nyo wowowee?! anung laban nun.. puros kamanyakan lang alam ni willy r. tska.. ilang shows na ba ng dos ang nagpapalit palit para lng tapatan ang eat bulaga?! wag kasi kayo masyado mag panic! mejo tumaas lang rating ng EB bglang magbabago n ng show para ipangtapat.. anu kaya un.. patawa..

  • http://www.abs-cbn.com Denmark Sevilla

    Napakadami naman ng comments & reactions nio! Okay, let me introduce to you myself, ako po ay isa ring star ng kapamilya network, naiintindihan ko po ang feelings ng iba about abs-cbn, ang sa amin lang po ay…

    hindi basehan ang ratings sa pagiging number one, besides, ratings lang yan, maswerte pa nga tayo kasi andyan ang ABS-CBN & GMA and other networks, sana naman ay huwag lamang tayong dumipende sa TV RATINGS ang mahalaga ay kung paano ka nakapag-service sa public.

    Next, tama nga, ang buhay ay parang gulong, minsan nsa ibabaw minsan nasa ilalim. Mga Kapamilyas, and Kapusos, huwag sana tayong magkasiraan, kung mas magaling yung isa, okay fine, and when the time comes, okay that’s good for the network. Hindi nga naman lahat ng oras andun sa taas.

    Lastly, nagpapasalamt ako sa mga milyon-milyong pilipinong tumatangkilik sa GMA at ABS-CBN, at para naman dun sa na-argabyado ng dos, hindi nila kasalanan kc, company nila yun, they owned it, ika nga, nagtrabaho kau para maglingkod, hindi para magreklamo, at pag time nio na para umalis, time nio na, lets just accept it.

  • http://empressmaruja.blogspot.com empress maruja

    ^ it would have been nice if you didn’t act as a poseur.

    I mean, who is Denmark? Sumikat ba ‘yan?


    buboy, Narnia beat “don’t give up on us”. It got P68M on its first day, while DGUOU claimed that it got P60M on first day (you know naman ang hilig ng mga local producers when it comes to “padding”)

    They also claimed that Volta broke box-office records, but it only got a total earnings of P500,000+ during the Manila Filmfest (you know, the time when people were so anxious to watch Spiderman 2).

    If DGUOU really broke box-office records, does it mean na tinalo nito ang Enteng Kabisote 2? Just a thought.


    Abante isn’t a GMA propaganda. Alfie writes for Abante, but his talents are in ABS.

    If it published some favorable rating for ABS, would that mean they are telling the truth? Or is it our turn to accuse the tabloid as an ABS propaganda? Just a thought.


    ABSCbn, I would like to congratulate your station for getting the super high rating of 82% in the megamanila alone last Sunday.. Thank you again for giving us the PACQUIOA AND MORALES telecast fight. I appreciated it very much although it is slightly delayed the commercials are few.


    Hope to see you all again at magsamasama tayo at the next MANNY’S FIGHT and i hope ABS will cover this again..

    [You are making it sound like ABS-CBN is responsible for people wanting to watch Manny Pacquiao. How about those Pinoys in Las Vegas? Ano naman ang kinalaman ng ABS-CBN doon? Manny is a top ticket because of his own merit and not because ABS-CBN is promoting him. Ang tanga mo. At bakit hindi nila pinalabas sa TFC? Kung in the service of the Filipino worldwide, dapat pinalabas nila sa TFC dito sa Amerika. And better yet, it should have been aired LIVE and not delayed in the Philippines. Pati ba ito, i-pre-press release mo Buboy? This is getting too pathetic. If I only knew that ABS-CBN wasn’t airing the fight live (which any normal human being would assume), then ni-record ko na sana at naunahan ko pa ang beloved ABS-CBN mo. Pathetic. Pati pa ba items of national interest gagawing propaganda ng ABS-CBN? Nauna pa ang reputasyon ng ABS-CBN sa repustasyon ng Pilipinas. Kahit pa ba ito sasalihan ng network war? It’s so pathetic, my god. — R.]

  • Pitchan

    wawa naman si BUBOY(OG)!!!! lucky lang talaga and DOS kasi jan na telecast ang laban ni Pacquiao… Well, BOBO ka talaga!!!!! Eh kung nasa RPN yan? di sana number one ang RPN!!!! or so aling man channel!!! Kasi naman chansa ng DOS ang mag NUBER ONE bcoz of dat stupid fight!!! Well,,, BUBOY-OG is da best Kapamilyax Luvah!!!! Keep on touch wid the LOPEZES bro!!! Tutal jan ka naman nabubuhay eh!!! hahahaha!!! FOOL!!!

  • Pitchan

    At isa pa… SOLAR SPORTS ang talagang nagcocover ng laban ni Pacquiao at Morales!!! Ginamit lang ang DOS kasi SOLAR is not a free TV!!!! So…. Buboyog!!!! SOLAR ANG MAY KARAPATANG MAGING NUMBER ONE!!! NOT U!!!! ABS-CBN lang ang tulay para mapanood ang laban!!!! Sus ABS get a freaking life!!! Luzah!!! Talagang nangaangkin kayo ng meron!!!!

  • blissfuljerks

    hahaha… an eye-opener… sorry kapamilyas but ur reign is over because gma is no.1… they conceded…. I give credit to abs-cbn for accepting and not living in denial… but the LOPEZES ARE EVIL

  • blissfuljerks

    maria dolores heinette rivera-rodriguez — please… just accpet it like ur fellow kapamilyas… ur losin!!! umalma ba sina lopez sa article na ito??? HINDI!!!! That means it’s true!!! Please dont question it’s credibiltiy because it’s proven… Just accept it gma is no.1!

  • http://empressmaruja.blogspot.com empress maruja

    Buboy, Solar Sports paid ABS P20M para mapalabas on free TV ang Pacquiao match. You should thank that cable channel instead.

    Do you really think that people would start watching ABS shows more often after the Pacquiao match? I doubt it, considering the trend that happened after the PBB Finals.

    ABS-CBN really needed a ratings boost, you know. After numerous flops and downgrading of talent fees, ABS people are on a brink of nervous breakdown.

    BTW, congratulations to GMA for having 19 out of top 20 primetime shows for 2005 (according to AGB). Two GMA shows were tied for 6 and 7, tanging Lovers In Paris at Kampanerang Kuba lang ang maipagmamalaki ng ABS.

  • cute kapuso

    congrats pacquiao!! boo!! abs cbn!

  • cute kapuso

    mga COPYMILYAs pls accept na kasi that ur losin na.. sa totoo lang ang cocorny ng palabas nyo.. sobra.. sarap nga batuhin ng tv eh lalo n s mga artista nyong OA umarte! duhh.. pwede ba? pinagmamalaki nyo na s inyo pinalabas un laban ni pacquiao!lol! solar kaya un.. nang agaw lng kau.. nangopya lang! kaya nga COPYMILYA EH!

    abs cbn is d great imitator..

  • RYPM

    Buboy, do you think lahat ng pinoy d2 sa pinas naka-tutok lang sa ABS nung linggo sa laban ni Pacquiao-Morales?

    I don’t think so. Ung may mga cable, mas nakatutok sila sa SolarSport at di dyan sa ABS mo. Funny parang claim mo na na lahat e sa ABS na nanonood.

    Hahanga ako sa ABS kung sa kanila mismo coverage ung laban nung linggo. E naki-hook lang sila sa SolarSport e.

    Nakakadiri pa dahil ung kanta ng PBB e inilapat sa pagkapanalo ni Pacquiao. KAKAINIS!!! Me kanta na nga si Pacquiao para sa kanyang pagkapanalo. Ilapat ba naman ung theme song ng PBB. KAKADIRI!!!!!!!!



  • reac

    Buboy, are you working at ABS-CBN? Abnormal ka ba? (prang gusto ko ng gawing expressiong to from douglas ah).

    i repeat, abnormal ka ba?

  • http://www.friendster.com/profiles/babykimoi ~mOi~

    sa tingin ko nga abnormal tlaga c buboy-og!! heheeh!

  • cute kapuso

    buboy.. wag na kasi pagpilitan eh! napapahiya ka lng eh.. wawa k nmn..

  • http://taeyahoo.com helrato

    lolz.. ABS nakikisakay lang sa kasikatan ni Pacman.. Nag cover sila ng motorcade ni Pacquiao, but well that was forgivable, people wanted to see that, but I was watching TV Patrol just this evening, and there I saw a report called.. “Pacquiao, Malayo na ang narating ng boxing career”, or something like that, I watched it, and I was like WTF was that?? Eh ala ka namang matutunang bago doon e, the whole **** was not about something that most people don’t already know lolz.. para lang makareport tungkol kay Pacman.. My victory party pa.. gi-nest pa nila sa isang korning sitcom starring the ever-irritating Bayani.. Dati PBB ngayon c Pacquiao naman..

    And about “Don’t Give Up On US”… F*** kaya alang kwenta ang industriya ng pelikula dito kasi, patuloy pa ring tinatangkilik ang mga ganitong klase ng pelikula (GMA is also guilty of this).. Sucky puddle-deep overused gasgas formulaic plot, with nothing but big stars doing kilig-moments that makes turns fangirls into screaming wenches, and then it ends with a wedding ala fairy tale with lots of people clapping in the background (I’m exagerrating here.. ^__^)… Breaking box-office my kayumangging arse.. Jose Javier Reyes once said, “It doesn’t mean na pag ang pelikula ay pinilahan, ito ay makabuluhan..” Nang ipalabas ba “ANg Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros” may nanood ba? I think it’s one of the best Pinoy films I’ve seen (I think it made it to the SUNDANCE festival, and won Best Picture in a Toronto Film Fest).. Wala.. kasi walang Juday, Piolo, Richard, Mark, Jennelyn..

    And this upcoming Sam Milby movie, from what I expect, it looks like this.. Guy falls in love with his best friend, but his BF falls in love with another guy (SAm).. and then a love triangle ensues.. OMG!! What a wonderful plot, I bet this one will break BO again, especially it’s the especially popular Sam in it (whose rendition of ONly You was awful btw, {I’d rather listen to The Platters original thank You} stick to modeling dumbass!! But of course fanatics won’t mind since Sam has great smile and so wafuuuu ^__^).. Star Cinema should stop feeding this crap to Pinoy masa.. “Who cares about plot, character development etc.. when there’s an ample airtime of my favorite stars mooching each other, that sends electric jolt through my body and makes me feel so good to be in-love?” Well then wallow at your stupidity and let it consume those macapuno tidbits in that big skull of yours where you brain used to be.. To STAR CINEMA Innovate mga bobo, but then again knowing ABSCBN, why the f*** should we stop when it sells, so ang talo talaga dito is the pinoy masa who keeps eating these sugar-coated tae films.. Hurray for Fil Indie films… ^__^

    Ok.. that was a rather useless OT rant.. lolz..

  • haid

    haha nice post helrato :)

  • Keen_vaurx

    lol…AC Nilesen reported ABS-CBN’s coverage of the battle as the most watched in tv history, drawing more than 5 million audiences in the metropolis, and ripping off Rosalinda’s record of it’s July 13 episode from the top spot.

  • cute kapuso

    masaya na kau non? pinagbigyan lang kau in one day.. sobra na kau magmalaki.. (hehe..dun lng dn naman kasi kau nakabawi eh..) as if araw araw laban ni pacquiao lol.. ok lang un.. enjoy nyo lang

  • http://none nhald

    ABS-CBN is now fast becoming “Nations most STUPID Network”

    :-) PEACE on EARTH!

  • http://none nhald

    Sana lang mas maraming kapuso at kaisip dahil kawawa naman ang bansa kung puro STUPID nalang ang mga tao…


  • http://none nhald

    Next to ABS is….?

    Hmmmnnn…. Let me see….


  • http://none nhald

    Basta GMA ang da BEST so far… :-)

    Kaya nga nandun ang mga inaabangang mga shows…

  • Required Name


    Wowowee Anniversary stampede kills 66.

  • Jaja

    Oh no.. =(

  • jazz

    y? jaja

  • pru

    what happened RN?

  • Pitchan

    OMG!!! is dat serz?

  • cute kapuso

    nakikiramay ako s lahat ng stampede victims ng wowowee sa ultra. c GOD lang ang nakakaalam why nangyari ang ganitong klaseng sakuna. masyado na kasi nabubulag ang tao s pera at material na bagay..sana matahimik un mga souls nila.

  • vincent

    Wow, tol! Cnu ba ung war freak pagdating sa alaskahan? Yeah! You know it right! Kayo un mga Ch.2 Fanz! Pero d na me magsasalita muna maxado! Obviously kc ipit na cla! Wag ganun! Umiikot pa ung wheel! May pagkakataon pa cla! Pero sana pag nasa taas na cla, dont forget na nagrorotate pa 2!

  • Pitchan

    Ay… nakarma na naman si Willie? kawawa naman!!!!

  • http://yahoo.com loyal kapamilya

    you know this message is for everybody.why kailangan pang magaway ang mga tao dahil sa ABS and GMA?
    pwede ba tigilan na natin ang mga paninira.tayo ang nakakaawa because we are waisting our time sa ganitong bagay na hindi naman tayo nakikinabang.
    sa mga wizard or nakakaintindi man lamang,i hope magising na kayo dahil lahat ng masasamang pinagsasabi ninyo kung hindi ninyo nakikita,kayo yun.god bless

  • ney

    o anong nangyari? wer is everybody?
    asan na ang mga kapamilyuks? hay, shocked pa rin sila sa nangyari…
    ay nananalangin pa rin pala sila para dun sa mga NAMATAYAN hanggang ngaun…
    ang masasabi ko lang…


  • vincent

    Guys, enough for the incident! Balik tayo sa ibang pambato!

  • bond

    pre where do you get the ratings of the stations?

  • Boggax

    Ang tanga mo ney kapuso ka pala ur so cheap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Boggax

    Pitchan alam mo ikaw ang kawawa pitcho as in sa chicken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tiyan chan nga eh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Boggax

    Mas ipit ka vincent as in vincerado vinceipit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://na stingray kapamilya

    i definitely agree with mr. BUBOY! he is a 100% pure kapamilya! well hes just like me! ayoko kasi sa mg taong mayayabang! naiinis ako kapag nakikita ang mga kapuso stars and gayundin ang kanilang mga fans.speaking FRANKLY gma has few viewers especially dito sa mindanao. only cheap and barangay people watch that kapusyaw-pusyaw na kapuso! it suckksss! duh!
    speaking of stampede, siguro it was GOD’S SAKE para hindi na maghirap yung mga nahihirapan sa buhay!! and sa ratings, for me mga kapuso rin yung nag rerate ng kanilang shows kaya mataas. well sa kanila lang yun.

    k a p a m i l y a r o c k s d w o r l d

    inis ako sa mga ka pu so-suso ang kapuso!!! duh

  • http://na stingray kapamilya

    boggax may tama ka!
    ney-neYUCKS ka rin!
    pitchan-pangit naman ng pangalan mo parang PITCHO

  • cute kapuso

    mas tanga ka boggax! corny nyo mga kapamilyucks!

  • http://empressmaruja.blogspot.com empress maruja

    Pinatotohanan lang ng mga ‘yan ang obserbasyon ni Rickey noon pa man…

    Kapamilyas are a bunch of rabid fanatics. Masyadong mahilig sa mga salitang pang-kanto. Napaghahalataan ang pinanggalingan.

    It’s just to show how ill-mannered and mal-educated kapamilyas are. It’s reflecting effortlessly.

    I’m glad I’m not a kapamilya.

  • cute kapuso

    napakaplastik ng willie revillame na yan!karma lang ng abs cbn yan! umpisa pa lang ng taon minamalas na kau! well u deserve it nmn!..haha!

  • http://na stingray kapamilya



  • cute kapuso

    ows.. galing mo naman! nacompute mo yun lahat! shala!!! ABS CBN ANG CHEAP!!! ginagamit pa ang mga mahihirap for the sake of their ratings! LOL! d na kailangn ng gma un!! hahaha!

  • cute kapuso

    abs cbn tanggapin nyo na kasi na in downtimes kau ngaun! masyado pa rn kau kasi nagmamalaki eh! tignan nyo mga negative stuffs na nangyayari! PRA LANG YANG GULONG NA UMIIKOT! minsan s taas minsan s baba.. accept nyo muna kasi na nasa baba kau ngaun! masyado kasi kau bilib s mga ginagawa nyo eh!!!!

  • http://na cutie kanguso! not me

    hi cute kanguso!sa internet pa lamang e alam ko na ugali mo noh! let us all admit na mahirap talaga tanggapin ang katotohanan na ang ABS-CBN ang may pinakamaraming viewers! sumikat ba sina camille? jolina? pauleen? nasan na ba sila? well ako nang sasagot! NASA KANGUSO SILA!!!!

  • http://na toure kanguso

    hi cute kanguso!
    empress maruja ang pangit ng website mo! you are so bading! bakla si empress maruja! mabulok kayo mga kanguso!!!

  • blissful_sadness

    stingray kapamilya— ur ridiculous.. pity, what an annoying and vexing needling loser kapamilyuck!!!! kawawa ka naman!!! accpet it abs-cbn is going down the drain especially now they have the ultra-incident.. HEARTLESS FOOLS!!! cheap ang abs puro lang imported shows yung nag-eexcel!!! mga magnanakaw pa yung mga executives nyo!!! BUTI NGA SA INYO!!!! BAGSAK NA BAGSAK NA KAYO!!! hintayin nyo lang pagkatapos ng etheria at sugo babalik na ang encantadia!!! your worst nightmare and along with that is the new NO.1 korean soap!!! let’s see kung makahataw pa yung mga cheap nyong shows

  • cute kapuso

    TOURE,, kakalabas mo lang ba s mental?! tsk tsk.. naku..delikado yan..

  • Pitchan

    Pitchan…. as in Pitcho… Thatz yummy to here!!! THANX GUYZ!!! hehe!!! Ay mga kapamilyux!!! Mamulat na nga kayo sa katotohanan!!! ABS-CBN is getting their ratings desperately now against GMA!!! Look what happen in Wowowee…. Pinapalaki nila ang premyo nila para paasahin ang mga tao na makamit yun… Eh.. sa nabulag na sila sa salaping ino-offer ng Dos… Marami ang nagsipagdagsahan!!! The more na maraming tao… the more na mas malaki ang risk na makukuha ng mga taong sumasali…. KASI DI SILA MARUNONG MAG-MANAGE KUNG PAANO IAYOS ANG CROWD CONTROL!!!! bobo talaga ang DOS!!!! Anong nagyari… sila ang nadisgrasiya!!!! LOLZ


    Malapit nang magkaroon ng GMA sa Australia!!! I CANT F*CKING WAIT!!!!

  • Pitchan

    ooopppsss… ang bobo ko talaga!!! i mean… Thatz yummy to hear!!!!

  • Pitchan

    Stingray de la PAGI y kapamilyux!!! LOLZ!!! Wooowww!!! Really… ABSCBN fans ang mga kaeskuela mo sa skul mo? NO wonder why maraming nagkakagusto sa CHEAP na daHUNKZ n AnneCurtis de la ARTE!!!! Woooowww keep on touch with ABS!!!!

  • http://deleted dags

    tO bUBOY:

    T.V PATROL WORLD= 34.89% – 24 ORAS= 12.67%
    KAMPANERANG KUBA= 33.45% – DARNA= 18.78%
    PANDAY= 41.57% – ENCANTADIA = 16.12%
    VIETNAM ROSE = 33.89% – JEWEL IN THE PALACE=13.34%

    Teka, kelan pa nagkasabay ang jewel in the palace at sassy girl..


  • http://empressmaruja.blogspot.com empress maruja

    oh my god! gagawa rin lang ng fabricated na ratings, halata pa… hihihi

  • cute kapuso

    wow! sosyal! sobrang fake naman listing ng ratings na yan! JITP may tatapat pa ba dun?! LOL! magising nga kau mga kapamilyaks!

  • einjelbone

    kuya rickey!! watch startalk ha..watch mo ung interview kay Tito Joey..

  • einjelbone

    excuse me..wla na ata tatalo sa jewel noh..gagawa ka nlng ng ratings MO..eh mali pa..nangunguna nga ang GMA sa MEGA MANILA tpos tambak ang gma sa ratings? hahaha!!! dont make me laugh!!

  • RYPM

    “….gusto lang namin makatulong. Mapaligaya kayong lahat…” -Willie R.

    Ang definition ba ng tulong ng ABS e PERA? Kung talagang nagmamahal sila sa mga pinoy, bakit di sila gumawa ng programa na TURUAN mag-trabaho ang mga ito at nang hindi iasa sa SWERTE ang buhay. Tulong ba ang ibig sabihin nun na turuan mag-sugal (iasa sa swerte) ang kapalaran nila.

    Kaligayahan ba sa ABS na makita ang mga mabababang taong ito na GAWIN ang lahat ng ipagawa para lang makatanggap mula sa kanila kapalit ng kababaang moral nila?

    Makatulong at Mapaligaya. Dalawang salita na BINALUKTOT ang kahulugan ng ABS

  • chuvanels

    korek ka jan, RYPM. as in! sana ka ba naman nakakita na ang mga contestants sa bawat game e kelangan pagtripan muna para matuwa ang host na ibigay sa kanya ang prize? at the expense of their contestants’ humiliation, yun ang nagiging source ng enjoyment ng crowd, hindi yung own effort mo as a tv host. oo, gagamitin mo yung iba, sa pamamagitan ng pang-aasar, pangungutya, sa pagpuna sa mga kapansanan ng iba, para makapagpatawa. Grabe!alam na kasi nga marami na di na effective na komedyante si willie. bastos pa sa mga babaeng contestants, lalo na pag magaganda. (who can forget the defunct Calender girls contest ng mga naunang noontime show ng abs?)

  • cute kapuso

    kaya nga.. they are using the less fortunate for the sake of their show, coz they cant still accept the fact that they can’t beat eat bulaga’s ratings at all! kaya un! ginagamit nila ang kanilang yaman, pera para makahakot ng kawawang mahihirap na naghahanap ng instant fortune.. sobra pang platik ng w. revillame na yan! oo nga manyakis cya!. hehe

  • Lakes

    Don’t take it against Willie….In fairness to him or ABS I think the show was able to reach out and help our less fortunates brothers and sisters in a way….

  • RYPM

    “reach out and help our less fortunates brothers and sisters in a way?.”

    Money??? Wala na bang term ng tulong kundi PERA?

    Hanggang kailan? For life?

    At kailan naging PENSION PLAN ang ABS?

    You mean, they will give money and after months, they will comeback again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again….even to death?

    What a long term program? Saan kukuha ng pondo? Syempre sa MERALCO, NLEX, SKY CABLE, MAYNILAD. Haaaaah!!!!!

    Sinong magdurusa? Tayong mga middle class.


  • Keen Vaurx

    SINUNGALING Ang GMA-7!sinungaling talaga! Ayon sa Box Office report 8.5 million lang ang kinita ang I Will Always Love You sa opening day nito at malayong malayo sa Don’t Give Up On Us, so ano ang sinasabi nilang “Valentine Movie of The Year” at “No.1 Box Office Love Team” daw? Magbasa kayo nga kayo dyaryo!

  • Keen Vaurx

    SINUNGALING Ang GMA-7!sinungaling talaga! Ayon sa Box Office report 8.5 million lang ang kinita ang I Will Always Love You sa opening day nito at malayong malayo sa Don?t Give Up On Us,ibig sabihin flop ‘yun! so ano ang sinasabi nilang ?Valentine Movie of The Year? at ?No.1 Box Office Love Team? daw? Magbasa nga kayo ng dyaryo!


    Hello bloggers,

    RE: AbsCbn 2 vs. Gma 7

    Which do you think is a better channel? The war of the giants. I would like to know your views…But if you ask me AbsCbn has a lot more better shows. ABS-CBN is definitely the best television network in the Philippines.

    It is a battle that is being waged with the same intensity as the cola wars (Coke vs. Pepsi) and the fight for supremacy between the leading cellphone companies (Smart vs Globe).

    So who is winning? ABS-CBN continues to be the market leader even as it acknowledges that GMA has improved a lot since the days when it was content to be No. 2.

  • http://empressmaruja.blogspot.com maruja

    ^we’re NOT bloggers, we’re just commenters.

    if ABS-CBN’s shows are better, why aren’t they rate well?

    Check out these latest overnight ratings:

    AGBNMR Ratings, 23 February 2006, Thursday


    ATTIC CAT 11 (10.7%)
    Dos Amores 5 (4.9%)

    SIS 10 (10.4%)
    Homeboy 10 (9.6%)

    SAD LOVE SONG 18 (18.0%)
    Spring Day 11 (10.8%)

    EAT BULAGA 27 (27.3%)
    Game KNB? 13 (13.1%)
    PBB Celebrity Challenge 14 (13.6%)

    DAISY SIETE 22 (22.1%)
    AGAWIN MO MAN ANG LAHAT 19 (19.0%)
    Kapamilya Cinema 14 (14.1%)

    NOW AND FOREVER 19 (18.7%)
    LE ROBE 16 (15.5%)
    Outstanding Twins 12 (12.0%)

    24 ORAS 30 (30.0%)
    TV Patrol World 26 (25.7%)

    EXTRA CHALLENGE 31 (31.3%)
    Gulong Ng Palad 30 (29.5%)

    ENCANTADIA 33 (32.9%)
    Mga Anghel Na Walang Langit 30 (30.0%)

    KIM SAM SOON 35 (35.0%)
    Princess Lulu 28 (28.0%)

    STARSTRUCK 33 (32.7%)
    JEWEL IN THE PALACE 36 (35.5%)
    PBB Celebrity Edition 26 (26.3%)

    MAGPAKAILANMAN (Maui Taylor) 20 (20.0%)
    Maalaala Mo Kaya (Nene) 19 (18.5%)

    SOURCE: ABANTE TONITE VOL. XVIII BLG. 24/ 25 February 2006/ PAGE 7

  • ara

    OMG!!!! ako rin ay naiinis sa abs-cbn!!!! i had an argument wid my dad about both networks since he favors channel 2!!! But its really unreasonable that they say gma is “gaya-gaya” THAT’S Not TRUE!!! Maybe there are certain programs that they aired similar to abs-cbn’s. Pero mas madami namn ang ginaya ng abs ha!!! People have no right to say! Kahit ilista pa nila kung ano ang ginaya ng gma, mananalo parin ang ch 7!!! Kung hindi kaya ng abs-cbn matangap na natatalo na cla… tangalin na lng nila ung network nila!!!

  • cute kapuso

    yes.. korek ka jan! mas madaming magagandang shows sa GMA! favorite ko na nga un kimsam soon. la lang! ang cute ng story.. para dn cyang full house pero may kakaibang twist!. cute din ni kim sam soon kahit tabachingching! =)

  • Kawit

    Ay ako!!

    Uber din ang inis sa ABS…

    basta.. ayokong isa isahin…

    madami ma a apektuhan…

  • Michael

    Rivalry between ABSCBN & GMA is good for our television viewers. Its their choice to which of the two competing networks is good to watch. Many of our fellow pilipinos are fond of Kapamilya or kapuso loyalists.
    The most inmportant is we have a good, educational shows to see in our house in whom our children is allowed to watch.Among these are Game KNB? Goin Bulilit & Art Jam.

  • Michael

    Everybody has space in this world. ABSCBN & GMA have there own spaces to live in. Why we let them do what is best for our tv industry.

    To PGMA please,,, if you really love this country don’t block the freedom of the press… i hate to hear that you condem ABSCBN for what happened to the ULTRA tragedy. You have seen the effort that had done by the netwoek in dealing with their responsibilities. don pre-empt the result of the imvestigation. you might influence the result. to all kapamilya loyalists, continuesly pray to your loved tv network that this 2006 & to more years that they will be able to be on top again from GMA by another 40% gap in ratings & audience share. God bless ABSCBN BROADCASTING CORPORATION. More shows, more talented, famous & skilled talents, more talented staffs, trainors, engineers, production staffs, writers, executives, more talented news anchors. More power DZMM, WRR, STUDIO 23, CINEMAONE. To all men & women CONGRATULATIONS….

  • http://www.pps2.co.nr gan_goldwin

    that is so so fake
    yan mga ratings na yan
    and hindi kami iisang tao ni buboy
    ang layo
    we dont even know each other
    1 thing na parehas lang sa amin is that:
    parehas kaming matalino

    kayo, mga bobo

    tpos baka magreply kayo na walang taong bobo
    diyos ko – makalumang panahon na yan

    stick to the new world

    kung wala mang bobo sa mundo
    bat nandirito kayo?????

    i need an answer now!!!!


  • cute_kapuso

    e ikaw?! gan_goldwin?! bakit ka din nandito? parang cnabi mo na din na isa ka s mga BOBO?!! lol?!!.. haha..


  • imbestigador

    Hello Po…Totoo Po Yang ratings Na Yan…

    Hayaan Niyo Sila…Pasayahin Natin Sila… :lol:

    Hi Buboy,Eto Pa Oh….

    TV Patrol Intergalactica-32.1
    Gulong ng PAL-33.4
    Extra Challenge-18.5
    Sa Pwet Mo-38.4
    My Name Is Kim Sam Soon-19.7
    Princess Lolo-99.9
    Jewel In The Palace-.1

    Pasayahin Po Natin ang Mga Nauuhaw sa Ratings…. :lol:

    Buboy,Pakipost sa Ebaks Tyaen Forums…… :lol:

  • cute_kapuso

    haha! c00L!

  • imbestigador

    Magpasaya Ng Kapamilya,Isa Pa!!!!!

    TV Patrol Intergalactica-45.1
    Gulong ng PAL-54.4
    Extra Challenge-18.5
    Sa Pwet Mo-55.4
    My Name Is Kim Sam Soon-14
    Princess Lolo-99.9
    Jewel In The Palace-.1

    :lol: :lol:

    Sino Magpopost sa Ebaks Tyaen Forums…..?

  • SDB

    idagdag mo pa ang outstanding tweezers!!!

  • imbestigador

    Nakakatuwa to O!


    APRIL 10, 2006 MONDAY
    30.8 EAT BULAGA
    24.0 pandie

  • ganda_kapamilya

    Manahimik Kayo Mga Kanguso!!!!!

    No.1 ang ABS Nationwide!!!!

    Mas Famous Pa ito sa GMA!!!!


    Thats The Truth Mga Kanguso,NO.1 ang ABS!

  • SDB

    o sige, if ABSCBN is better than GOD, GMA is lower than ABSCBN na. happy now?

  • RYPM




  • imbestigador

    Bobo Talaga Yang pangit_kapamilyucks…..:lol:

  • imbestigador

    ganda_kapamilya,Go To hell!!!!! :lol:

  • imbestigador

    Thou art warned.. Thou shalt not mock God

    It is written in the Bible (Galatians 6:7):
    ” Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever
    a man soweth, that shall he also reap


    Sana Naman Matakot Yang ganda_kapamilya Na Yan… :roll:

  • vinhotmale

    buboy bata ka pa nga u dont even know the story line between TV shows alam mo buboy ang GMA 7 At RPN 9 Ang nag sasabong sa ratings noon lam mo ba bumalik lng ang ch2 1986 after ng edsa revolt. lam mo ba ang mga talent ng 7 nun at shows nila nariyan ang VILMA, THATS entertainment the original artist center dyan nagsimula si Lea salonga, billy Crawford,Donita rose, ruffa gutierrez and more nandyan ang GMA supershow ni german moreno co host nya nun si sharon cuneta, princess punsalan, lani mercado, jean garcia, gretchen barreto, PENTHOUSE LIVE ni pops fernandez at martin nievera, EYE To EYE ni Ate luds, LOVINGLY YOURS HELEN ni helen vela the original true to life story drama anthology At ang RPN 9 noon sa news umarangkada napapansin mo lahat ng sikat na artista at bigatin sa 2 galing ng GMA yun pinirate nila sa 7 kaya kawawa ang GMA nun nawalan bigla ng talent at talagang nagng number 1 ang ch2 for a decade ngayon kinukuha lng ng GMA ang para sa kanya ang right nyang maging number 1 ulit lam mo buboy i also watch channel 2 shows like the buzz and other news programm ang ayoko ko lng sa 2 yung mismanagement at trato nila sa mga talent nila ang GMA hindi nag papirate ng talent lumilipat lng ang mga talent ng 2 sa 7 kasi dahil sa mga irregularities sa 2 diba c jolina , mel tiangco and others tlagang umalis sa dos dahil di na nila kaya mga irrgularities sa management pero ang 2 tlgang magbibigay nang malaking pera makauha lng c toni gonzaga, karen davila, bernadette sembrano,ann curtis and more pero ang talent ng dos lumilipat lng sa 7 kasi wala na sila show sa kabila pero yung pagkakaiba buboy hindi nag papirate ang 7 ng talent like sa dos kaya nandun talent ng 7 kasi they offer a double pay diba kawawa naman sariling talent nila kaya magulo dyan sa 2 like sa 7 pantay lahat talent and they have a good invironment

  • Andrew

    grbe andaming nabubulag sa numbers
    akala mo mamamatay na kapag mas nakalamang ung isa
    maliit na bagay pinapalaki
    hindi nalang basta manood at magenjoy
    kayo gumagawa ng problem niyo eh

  • foxy_roxy


    One of the things I’ve always disliked about ABS-CBN is the sensationalist gay-bashing, not just because it’s wrong but also because it’s incredibly hypocritical?hello, let’s be honest here, if the gays and lesbians involved in every aspect of production at the network and the various ad agencies that place commercials with it went on strike things would very quickly grind to a halt over there and the family would not make money.

    Well, Danton Remoto’s fed up and he’s boycotting them: “I am coming home in time for the Pride March in June. I will not talk to Channel 2, I will not appear anymore in any of their shows, and I will just stop watching any of their shows. By doing that, I am sure I will feel a miraculous rise in the number of my brain cells. I hope you do, too.”

    source: http://cheesedip.com/2003/04/06/danton_boycotts_abscbn_and_so_should_you.php

  • foxy_roxy

    rickey eto pa…may isang u.s. based fil-am who wrote this letter of disgustment sa abs-cbn

    Letter sent to ABS-CBN on racial discrimination and hate…
    Dear ABS-CBN management and shareholders:
    I am writing this letter to express my extreme disappointment and utter disbelief in ABS-CBN for perpetuating racial discrimination and ignorance. On October 18, 2005, I saw a scene from the Yes Yes Show in which a character played by Aiko Melendez said Nigger, Nigger, Nigger at least three times consecutively to a seemingly black individual as a comedic punch line which meant to designate the said individual as an inferior and disgusting human being. It is demeaning, degrading, belittling, and mean-spirited, and it shows the ignorance of Filipino people.
    As a minority of Filipino decent, born in the Philippines but raised in the United States, I have studied, and to some extent experienced, the struggles of African Americans or blacks, Chinese, Latinos, Filipinos, and other minorities who suffered, and still continue to, face racial discrimination. How many people have died fighting racial discrimination, and how many people today continue to be oppressed because of it? In 1999, I was chosen by my University as the student delegate on The Advancement of Minority Groups held in Washington, DC, and we discussed ways to promote our Filipino culture and fight prejudice, racial discrimination, and hatred. Thereafter, I conducted forums and seminars to advance the lot of the Filipinos and other minorities.
    Since I have been raised in the US, I came back to the Philippines to rediscover my roots, to learn about my culture, to find what it is like to be a Filipino, a Pinoy, to contribute to my society by teaching what I know, and instead, I found something quite appalling and disgusting: my very own Filipino, my own kababayan, the ones I have been fighting for in the US, the ones I have been trying to represent and be proud of, who are advancing racial discrimination, prejudice, and hate. I am completely discombobulated and disturbed by this phenomenon.
    Nigger, nigger, nigger. Those words reverberate in my head, as they slowly turn into monkey, monkey, monkey. Am I a brown monkey, chink, or yellow because I am Filipino, and I look Asian? Am I a dog killer? Am I dog eater? Do I eat cats? Am I a spic, a beaner, or a wetback because I also look Mexican? These are hurtful words that have been used by racist Americans to degenerate, degrade, belittle, and demean the human spirit. As a student activist in the US, I have tried my very best to educate those few hateful and ignorant people. And as a visitor here in this country, a balikbayan, and seeing this horrid scene on national television, I feel compelled to speak out; to simply let is pass would make me an irresponsible human being.
    This is the 21st century and one would expect that people are a little more sensitive to racial issues through the advancement of technology, globalization, modernization, education, forums, and debate among many other factors. I believe the native Filipinos were once called Indios, a derogatory term bestowed upon them by their Spanish masters. So why should ABS-CBN and its management allow Nigger, a derogatory term bestowed upon the black African Americans who were captured and enslaved by their white, Anglo or Caucasian masters? Why would a political leader elected into office such as Aiko Melendez even agree to play such a character?
    Do the people that subscribe to The Filipino Channel worldwide know that ABS-CBN is promoting hatred and racial discrimination? Do the shareholders know that they are supporting a station that is insensitive, careless, and irresponsible in regards to race issues? Growing up in the US, I have always thought that the Filipinos are respectful, responsible, and disciplined. I am totally dismayed by ABS-CBN s actions as they have portrayed the Filipino people otherwise.
    When I go back home to the US next month, I can only be truthful to those who will ask me how my trip was. I have seen so many beautiful things. And I have also seen so many ugly and disgusting things. I have seen the resiliency of the people, and at the same time, I have seen their widespread ignorance. Perhaps this ignorance is what makes the people resilient, for one must fall in order to display an act of resiliency. Perhaps this is a never-ending vicious cycle. I will let them know about this incident.
    Monkey, monkey, monkey! I can only hope that when I get home, I will not get this reception as I step out of my plane, and live once again with my fellow Americans.

    Posted by: Chris | October 22, 2005 6:10 AM

    source: http://cheesedip.com/2003/04/06/danton_boycotts_abscbn_and_so_should_you.php

    hehehehe…as usual, hihirit si abs_cbn for death na kasiraan ko ito sa chanel 2.

  • sarah_kapuso

    ako tnay na KAPUSO kasi mas maganda ang mga plabs don eh s kbla pro drama na ala nman kbuluhan tpos oa p ung mga tittle sa pling mo ano kya un epal ang abs cbn gaya gaya cla 4 ex. starstruck-starcirclequest/love to love-lovespell hndi lng yan mrmi png iba kng isu2xlat ko eh d mhaba bsta kapuso rocks ,abs cbn sucks at sapa gma no.1 abs cbn no.um da lst no. in da wole universe

  • ipur1

    ako ayoko maging kapuso dahil sobrang mapanloko, mapagmataas at sinungaling. isipin n’yo na lang, gumamit ng Kapuso No. 1 tayo, kahit di pa anman number 1. kaya sa dami ng naloko, sumunod na buwan nag number 1 nga sa Manila lang. Ewan ko lang kung strategy ‘yon o manloloko tagala. pero d lang ‘yon, ‘yong coverage sa pagdating ni angelo dela cruz, mantakin mo ba naman na pinalabas din nila ang live footage ng abs-cbn.sa tingin n’yo ba magandang halimbawa ‘yon para sa mga tao kagaya ‘nyong mga supporters ng GMA? kung sa tingin n’yo okay lang ‘yon, parang sinabi n’yo na rin na pwedeng kong pasukin at gamitin kung anuman meron kayo sa bahay. okay lang ba ‘yon?. pero ang pinakamasama sa lahat, kung sino pa ang nakasaga ng ibang istasyon, instead na mag sorry, s’ya pang unang nagfile ng kaso laban sa istasyon na nasagasaan n’ya. Yan ba nag pinagmamalaki n’yo corporate ethics. No wonder, ganyan nga kayo, paninira lang sa kapwa n’yo ang pinaggagawa n’yo. mi pinagmanahan naman eh. sabi nga sa nakita kung plug dati sa gma, pati dahon ginaya (referring to a new show na pinalabas sa abs-cbn). pero nakarinig ba ang gma sa abs-cbn ‘nong halos title na dinugtungan lang para maiba. pero ‘yong concept, mermaid pa rin. mi narinig ba kayo ‘don??? di nga nakapagtataka na ganyan kayo umasta dahil sa ang pinapanood at inaidolize n’yo na station ay ganyan ang iniimpart na napaguugali.

    kung si mel tiangco umalis sa abs-cbn, ito’y dahil siguro sa di n’ya nakayanan na nasuspende s’ya dahil sa hindi n’ya pagsunod sa batas ng current affairs ng abs-cbn. well kung ganyan naman, nakakahiya s’ya. inaidolize ko pa naman s’ya dati pero dahil sa nangyari na simpleng patakaran lang di n’ya masunod, anong klaseng ugali ang maimpart n’ya sa akin. pagkamatigasin ang ulo??? well, mag isip naman kayo. pero kung gusto n’yong mapunta sa hell….GO ON……….

  • foxy_roxy

    August 8th, 2006 07:13
    ako ayoko maging kapuso dahil sobrang mapanloko, mapagmataas at sinungaling. isipin n?yo na lang, gumamit ng Kapuso No. 1 tayo, kahit di pa anman number 1. kaya sa dami ng naloko, sumunod na buwan nag number 1 nga sa Manila lang. Ewan ko lang kung strategy ?yon o manloloko tagala. pero d lang ?yon, ?yong coverage sa pagdating ni angelo dela cruz, mantakin mo ba naman na pinalabas din nila ang live footage ng abs-cbn.sa tingin n?yo ba magandang halimbawa ?yon para sa mga tao kagaya ?nyong mga supporters ng GMA? kung sa tingin n?yo okay lang ?yon, parang sinabi n?yo na rin na pwedeng kong pasukin at gamitin kung anuman meron kayo sa bahay. okay lang ba ?yon?. pero ang pinakamasama sa lahat, kung sino pa ang nakasaga ng ibang istasyon, instead na mag sorry, s?ya pang unang nagfile ng kaso laban sa istasyon na nasagasaan n?ya. Yan ba nag pinagmamalaki n?yo corporate ethics. No wonder, ganyan nga kayo, paninira lang sa kapwa n?yo ang pinaggagawa n?yo. mi pinagmanahan naman eh. sabi nga sa nakita kung plug dati sa gma, pati dahon ginaya (referring to a new show na pinalabas sa abs-cbn). pero nakarinig ba ang gma sa abs-cbn ?nong halos title na dinugtungan lang para maiba. pero ?yong concept, mermaid pa rin. mi narinig ba kayo ?don??? di nga nakapagtataka na ganyan kayo umasta dahil sa ang pinapanood at inaidolize n?yo na station ay ganyan ang iniimpart na napaguugali.
    kung si mel tiangco umalis sa abs-cbn, ito?y dahil siguro sa di n?ya nakayanan na nasuspende s?ya dahil sa hindi n?ya pagsunod sa batas ng current affairs ng abs-cbn. well kung ganyan naman, nakakahiya s?ya. inaidolize ko pa naman s?ya dati pero dahil sa nangyari na simpleng patakaran lang di n?ya masunod, anong klaseng ugali ang maimpart n?ya sa akin. pagkamatigasin ang ulo??? well, mag isip naman kayo. pero kung gusto n?yong mapunta sa hell?.GO ON???.

    Ipur, you better stop your self-righteousness as you write your lambastments against GMA and their supporters.

    Haller! Is your beloved network (ABS-CBN) scrupulous enough? Okay, GMA became once unscrupulous in as far as Publicity and News and Public Affairs before, just like they have featured the ABS’ coverage on Angelo de la Cruz and foul attacks against Kris Aquino. Aminado kami roon, and minsan na-turn off ako sa way of reporting nila. If you forgot, it was ABS-CBN who filed the case against GMA for illegal airing of Angelo dela Cruz’ coverage 2 years ago. ABS-CBN won the case.

    Speaking of airing, as if hindi ginawa ng The Buzz ‘yun. Siguro hindi mo alam na ilang scenes sa Daisy Siete ang na-air illegally ng video editor ng ABS-CBN. According to him, nakatulog daw siya kaya nakalimutan niyang i-edit. Hahahaha! It’s still irresponsibility regardless of forgetting to edit whatsoever.

    In Mel Tiangco’s case, sino ba naman ang hindi aalis doon after you were being suspended? Lately, ginawa na iyan ni Jolina (sa Entertainment) at Doris Bigornia (who shifted to RPN-9). Kelan mo pa nalaman ang tungkol kay Mel Tiangco? Ako? Hindi ko man masyadong ma-recall ang cause ng suspension and voluntary exit but I can still recall that mom and dad was pissed-off with ABS-CBN regarding issues about Mel Tiangco and Jay Sonza (though my Mom is currently Kapamilya and my dad is Neutral). Ang pag-alis niya sa ABS-CBN doesn’t necessarily imply na nakakahiya at nagmamalaki. Siyempre paano mong makakayanan ang record ng suspension? Hwag ka rin basta magko-conclude na pinaiiral niya ang pagkamatigas na ulo.

    ‘Yung ni-re-report mo dito sa Pinoy Rickey Blog ay base na iyan sa past facts. Past is past honey.
    Years later, aren’t you aware na minsang nagalit si Susan Roces sa TV Patrol sa reporting ni Karen Davila?
    Haven’t you heard during the 2004 elections kinuwestion ang credibility ng ABS-CBN News and Public Affairs? Don’t get us wrong, maski si Dindo Balares minarkahan niyang “snakepit” ang ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs, at mga speculations na sa halip maging neutral ang ABS-CBN sa election 2004, nag-all-out pa sila kina Noli de Castro at Pres. Arroyo. Don’t you know that a lot of intellectuals were pissed off with the reporting of Abner Mercado on Everest Expedition (Read: “ANGAT tayo ng 3 araw sa kanya” Mercado said in reference to Romi Garduce). Maaaring “pampered” ng GMA si Garduce (bet kasi ng GMA si Garduce eh) at least GMA congratulates Leo Oracion and Pastour Emata for their achievements. In fact, 24 Oras covered the celebration held on Oracion (or Emata?)’s house…I watched it and saw it how balanced they reported.
    Siguro naman hindi lingid sa kaalaman mo ang Proclamation 1017. Despite being Kapamilya, my mom was pissed off with TV Patrol’s coverage. Geeeezzz!!!! Mantakin mong puro oposisyon ang fini-feature, kaya nga nag-lipat ang mom ko temporarily sa GMA-7. Galit kasi si Pres. Arroyo sa mga Lopezes dahit sa hindi pagbabayad ng utang sa NAPOCOR I haven’t heard from my mom her complaints regarding GMA-7’s reporting when she switched temporarily. GMA-7 was not lambasted when they covered the Wowowee Incident. Maria Ressa even recognized GMA-7 for its balanced news, bineri gud pa nga ni Arroyo si Mike Enriquez at buong GMA-7. Kasi kung may pangit sa reporting nila matagal na rin silang tinalakan ng ABS-CBN top execs gaya ng ginawa nila kay Usec. Corpuz.

    Mayabang? Manloloko? Sinungaling? You better think twice (In fact, I used to think that against GMA too. I was freshman in High School then). Regarding Kapuso No. 1 tayo, it is not bragging per se. It is a statement of optimism to be No. 1. To you Kapamilyas what GMA did is misleading, but for neutralists and Kapusos it is optimism and not bragging, just like what your network did 2 decades ago (The Star Network—whereas hindi naman ganun ka-click ang TV shows nila datin mula 1986 until early 1990s).
    Kung mayabang sila sana nung nag-aadertise ang GMA sa kanilang News and Public Affairs hindi nila inedit ang statement ni Arroyo kina Mike Enriquez at buong GMA. (Read: “….no.1 kayo, malayo sa #2
    [in reference to Ch.2]). Edited ang “…malayo sa #2″. See?

    Don’t tell me na hindi nagyayabang ang ABS-CBN pati ang ibang artista nito. Nakalimutan mo na bang inaadvertise nila hindi lang sa TV maging sa Diyaryo ang kanilang Over-all ratings? Since 1991 pa iyan, pati publicity nila regarding sa comments ng mga manonood regarding sa pumatok sa shows ng ABS-CBN.
    Pati sa Koreanovelas, publicity “pinagkaguluhan…o…pinag-usapan sa buong Asya” like What Happened in Bali at Princess Lulu when in reality hindi naman #1 ang What Happened in Bali sa Korea at flop naman ang Princess Lulu. Kung sa sarili nilang bansa hindi sila ganun ka-talk of the town what more pa kaya sa ibang bansa pa. See? Nakalimutan mo rin ba na noong Star Awards for Movies 2005 nung nanalo si Dennis Trillo as Best Actor? Walang ginagawang milagro si Dennis Trillo & Co. pero si Cristy Fermin panay ang ngalngal niya sa column niya sa Bulgar na as if kukuwestyunin ang kredibilidad ng PMPC or even Dennis Trillo.
    Nanalo si Dennis Trillo, pero ayon sa speculation sino ang kasabwat sa suhulan manalo lang si Piolo Pascual? Ang dalawang personnel ng Star Magic: Eric John Salut at Rikka Dylim. Magkano daw binayad?
    Pagka-cheap-cheap na P5,000….hahahahha…at may nakakita pa sa kanila. Ke totoo man iyon ke hindi, hindi ba na-realize na pwedeng masabit si Cristy Fermin sa ‘suhulan’ issue? Sabagay, as the old saying goes:
    Hindi ka mag-nga-ngalngal ng pagka-over-over kung wala kang ginawang bagay na mapupunta rin lang sa wala in the end.

    Don’t also tell us na ABS-CBN has been fair and scrupulous in treating their subordinates and even artists.
    Bakit maraming mga taga-Star Magic ang naghahanap ng project sa Channel 7 kesa mga taga-GMA Artist Center sa Channel 2 nitong mga nagdaang taon? Lumipat na nga roon sina Luchi Cruz-Valdez ,Karen Davila at Bernadette Sembrano pero lagi silang binubuntal ng intriga mismong mga staff at kapwa reporters.
    Lalo sa kaso ng first 2 reporters, di ba gusto silang paalisin doon dahil kesyo OA daw sila o nagmamaganda? Arnell Ignacio? Don’t tell us na nagmaganda si Arnell Ignacio at pangit siya mag-host kaya siya binangko ng ABS-CBN. Kung wittiness at pagkamakamasa ang pag-uusapan, da best ang kay Arnell Ignacio, natural ang pagkakabato ng punchlines.

    Is Marinara you are referring to sa mermaid concept. For you info, it is just a spoof of Marina and not a mere panggagaya.

    For ‘gayahan’ issues…please lang! Hindi sa lahat ng oras laging ORIGINAL ang ABS-CBN simula nung bumalik sya sa ere mula nang ma-kumpiska ni Marcos et.al. Aminado kami na nanggaya ang GMA pero wala nang mas nakakahiya pa sa ginagawang ‘panggagaya’ ng malaking network sa ‘maliliit na network’.

    Naalala mo na may…

    ?Maalala mo kaya after Lovingly Yours Helen? (pinagkaiba, magkaiba ng setting sina Charo Santos at Helen Vela)
    ?Myx after EMC / Channel V (formerly owned by GMA and Pangilinan) at MTV?
    ?G-Mik after TGIS?
    ?Ang TV/ABS-CBN Talent Center after THAT’s Entertainment (the original Artist Center)
    ?Victim after Ooopps and Wow Mali?
    ?Keep On Dancing after Eezy Dancing?
    ?Maria Mercedes and the rest of Mexicanovelas after Marimar and La Traidora (on RPN 9)?
    ?Super Laff-In after Tropang Trumpo and Bubble Gang?
    ?GKNB after Who Wants to be a Millionaire?
    ?MBA (defunct na siya since 2000 or 2001) after PBA?
    ?Ecomoda after Betty La Fea?
    ?Victim:Undercover after Extra Challenge
    ?Star Circle Quest after StarStruck
    ?Kampanerang Kuba and the rest of Movie Classics turned to boobtube after Darna?
    (at least GMA doesn’t air Movie Classics too much)
    ?Pera O Bayong ng ABS-CBN after Kuwarta O Kahon
    ?Gee Girls after Sex Bomb Dancers? (lately pinantapat ang Viva Hot Babes pero wa epek ang karisma ng VHB)
    ?Studio 23 after RJTV 29, SBN 21 at CityNet 27 (na nagging EMC 3-4 years later and Channel V months later?)
    ?U Can Dance after Shall We Dance?
    ?Love Spell at Your Song after Love-2-Love?
    ?ATBP after Batibot at Sesame Street?

    See? Anyway, gaya ng nasabi ko na may ginaya din ang GMA sa ibang shows ng ABS-CBN, pero sana naisip mo na nanggaya ang ABS-CBN hindi lang sa GMA-7 maging sa mga ibang channels:
    IBC-13, RPN 9, ABC 5. Wait a minute! Di ba naggagayahan lang sa isa?t isa ang ABS at GMA?
    Therefore, you and your fellow kapamilyas? accusation to GMA as magnanakaw and manggagaya is utterly irrational.

    Well, naisip mo rin sana na sinulat ko rin to hindi para siraan ang Kapamilya kundi ipamulat sa inyo na may mali rin sa inyo pati na rin sa kapwa mo kapamilya, noh? Don’t even use God and stuff for vainful defense of ABS-CBN
    (at least GMA does not use religion for commercial purposes).

  • foxy_roxy

    don’t tell me na PINOY BIG BROTHER ay dapat ipagmalaki!

    Kahit pa kasi latayan ng so-called Filipino Values, nangingibabaw at nangingibabaw pa rin ang kahalayan on TV. Nakalimutan mo na ba na naglaplapan sina Chx at Cass? Natatandaan mo pa ba ang extramarital affair nina JAson at JEnny? Siguro naman hindi lingid sa iyo ang raunchy dancing.Isama mo rin ang pag-mamasturbate ni Gerald Anderson sa CR.

    Yan! Yan ba ang matatawag mong moral at righteous? Righteous na ba diyan ang ABS-CBN?

    Mapunta kami ng HELL? We don’t want to brag here pero para mo na ring sinabi na masunog sana kaluluwa namin sa impierno for writing lambastments against ABS-CBN. Hindi naman kasi maglalambast si Rickey at kami sa mga shows ng ABS-CBN or even sa managerial system ng ABS kung wala namang “crappy” doon eh.

    Naisip mo rin ba na nakikinig ang ABS? Siguro maaari, eh ang mga fans nila?

  • 40

    ipur, susme napakalamya pala ng reaction ko sa isang topic. if foxyroxy is not enough for you, i feel bad that you feel really bad with mel tiangco. sorry but she won the case. too bad that you have come to believe what your station has injected to your non-analytical mind. masyado kang nagmamalinis sa estasyon mo samantalang that is the very reason why i made the big switch to gma7. the owners of your beloved has the tendency to monopolize all businesses in our country, utilities (water, telecommunication, electricity), media (print, radio, tv). i believe that is one reason why the marcoses closed and sequestered all lopez properties during martial law. it is good now that there are more business players in the country who are even more successful than the lopezes like the ayalas in real estate, gokongweis, sys, yunchengcos. you should have studied what are the ill-effects of monopoly in society. one example of an ill-effect is to produce a person like you – one who does not open his mind to other things, very closeted and narrow-minded, self-righteous, and above all, bitter.

  • foxy_roxy

    hi 40! foxyroxy here! thank you very much for the message.kung hindi dahil sa message mo hindi ako mae-enlighten and at the same time hindi matatahimik si ipur…heheheh…echos!

    may i ask saan case nanalo si mel tiangco?
    ano ba talaga ang root ng pag-alis ng mel tiangco sa abs-cbn? first year high school lang kasi ako noon and hindi ko masyadong napakinggan yung issue regarding mel & jay vs. abs-cbn. so please, tell me….:)

    for your subsequent messages…i agree with you? para naman kasi scrupulous ang abs-cbn as if “in the service of the filipino worldwide…just like buboy….echos”.
    well, service my arse? kanina lang nasambit ni jarius bondoc sa column niya kanina sa pilipino star ngayon :”…mas paniniwalaan ko si John Gokongwei na lumaking negosyanet mula sa wala, kaysa kay Monsod na tirador lang ng LOPEZES NA NAGPAPAMAHAL SA KURYENTENT MERALCO KAYA LUMPO ANG MARALITA…”.Sa water bill (Maynilad Water), I have heard from aktibistas of PUP 5 years ago na abuso sila sa singil. I have no idea sa Bayantel.

    Sa other services naman…well…hindi pang-masa. Think? Kung IN THE SERVICE OF THE FILIPINO WORLDWIDE, bakit ang mahal ng subscription ng TFC tapos paulit-ulit lang ang palabas? bakit ang mahal ng subscription sa SKY CABLE (Good thing DESTINY na kami)?
    How about SKY INTERNET? MAHAL BA? And kung magtatayo lang sila ng Mall (Rockwell, right?), isolated na pangmayaman pa. ‘Yan ba ang IN THE SERVICE OF THE FILIPINO WORLDWIDE?

    Tama ka rin 40 na mas successful pa sa kanila sina Ayala, Sy, Gokongwei & Yuchengco. At least, business-minded man sila and acquiring some properties formerly owned by other companies they don’t even think on manipulating water/electricity/
    telecomunication services.
    Products and Services are REASONABLE and Smooth CUSTOMER SERVICE…lalo na kina Sy at Gokongwei…the malls they build are all pang-masa, mabilis pa ang banking service (Banco de Oro and Robinsons Savings Bank)…si yuchengco, kung meron siyang ‘ailing business’, at least he and his people will think of solutions (like what they did to pacific plans) bago tuluyang malugi. Eh ang mga lopezes…oo nga pala may call center sila dati…anong nangyari sa C-Cubed? Di ba nasa mga bumbay na ngayon at tinatawag nang HTML?
    So anong klaseng strategy meron ang mga Lopezes diba? Harvard Grad pa naman si Gabby pero what went wrong with his darn business?
    Philantrophic nga di nag-iisip ng mas makakabuti pa sa mamamayan….tsktsktsk….

  • foxy_roxy

    Yung makatarungang singil sa kuryente, tubig at toll fee…nakakatulong na rin yun…mas makakagaan pa sa mamamayan kesa magpopromote sila ng tulad ng Wowowee chuvanels…kaya naman ang daming namatay noong Feb.4 makatikim lang ng sarap ng swerte. davah naman….

  • foxy_roxy

    pahabol nga pala…di ba, pagmamay-ari ng mga Lopez ang Equitable PCI Bank? Well, ang bagal ng serbisyo nila, lalo na sa branch nila sa Robinsons Dasmari?as Branch. Esep-esep naman ng paraan na mapabilis ang pagdedeposito ng mga account holders please naman! Sa mga mag-la-line-up huwag ninyo papilahin ang mga nagdedeliver ng bank notes at coins…paano na lang ang mga tenants na may cut-off sa pagdedeposit ng sales? Eh di disciplinary action ang aabutin nila sa amo nila? At paki-agahan ang pagbukas ng bangko hindi yung 10am ang open ng mall tapos mag-oopen kayo ng 11am.
    Buti pa sa ChinaBank, Banco de Oro, at Robinsons Savings Bank mabilis…menos init ng ulo.

  • emas

    as i have been reading all these comments i am surprised how filipinos would take sides and protect their (mis)beliefs. nakakaloka isipin. i feel bad for the lopezes kase karma really happens and it will get u good. my family were once good friends with the family – in fact we are from the same city. most of them really have been unjust and decieving when it comes to business. thats why all of these families that were once considered “kapamilya” are giving them a taste of their own medicine. hopefully not intended the way the lopezes have concepted it but for a good beneficial (tricky) strategy. as i have seen in the news they now how to refund millions for the outrageuos elctric bills im sure they dont have the money because they did not even profit from it. then i would say its true that karma really gets you good. and as far as gma network is there i will be watching the news which is delivered responsibly and fair. for the shows – yes side trip, kilitv, and yes captain barbel, majika, weekend shows. good luck to all — remember karma will get you back, so be good.

  • http://free-blog-site.com/dominion_of_roxy_bathory/default.aspx foxy_roxy

    thank you very much emas for your sensible and informative comment. with you, the more we are enlightened. more power!

  • 40

    hi foxy-roxy, ngayon ko lang nabasa yung post mo. re mel’s case, that was about her accepting a product (tide) endorsement job. she got the ire of dong puno, the head of the news dept, on the ground that news personalities of their station should refrain from endorsing products on tri-media. i believe that there was no such clear clause in their policy for news people. and if there was to that effect, it wasn’t absolute. he suspended mel and jay without the benefit of knowing their side. jobless, they sought other pastures somewhere and sought redress in court. when they got the job at gma courtesy of mike enriques who was an old friend from radio, they won the case. honestly, mel was really a loss on their part because she is and still is the most reliable among women news anchors and her integrity is unquestionable.

    re the lopezes, they are from iloilo where i take my roots from. i still visit the place from time to time. their family in iloilo is not regarded highly in the place. in fact, they have become a laughing stock. they have a family member who is gay, who painted his house all pink, who gambled alot (cockfighting mostly), and who traveled anywhere in panay island for cock derbies and others (you know what i mean) in his limousine (which is touted to be the longest in the country).

    the lopezes and marcoses were former friends. marcos’ vice president was a lopez. that time, utilities were provided by the lopezes. it must have been surmised that they got into politics for business purposes. but marcos was quicker to know the real motive behind, so he sequestered all their properties after martial law was enacted, to distribute ownership to other business players in the country. we should know how really bad if monopoly happens and persists.

    yan lang muna. marami pa actually, pag maalala ko na lang. my family and friends do not believe and patronize their products except if you have just no choice like meralco and maynilad. we just hate to be an accomplice to a latent monopolizer.

  • http://free-blog-site.com/dominion_of_roxy_bathory/default.aspx foxy_roxy

    thank you very much 40 for the commentaries you gave me today. i am enlightened even more…gosh! by the way, wala namang batas sa pilipinas na nagbabawal sa mga broadcaster na mag-endorse ng product or service. as for abs-cbn’s side, they are unfair in putting up their so-called policies. kung bawal mag-endorse, bakit pinayagan si Ces Drilon na maging model ng Black Shop and Avon Double Impact Lipcolor (sa broadsheet,actually), although lately si Karen Davila suspended for endorsing a lipcolor in Magazine…oh well, kung bawal bakit hindi na-suspend si Karen for endorsing a kid’s school for IQ acceleration?
    Marami pang anchors ng dos ang nag-eendorse pero bakit si Mel at Karen ang nasuspend?
    Basehan ba ang pag-eendorse para masira ang credibility mo sa pag-rereport?

    Anyway, meralco talaga ang electricity whereas Manila Water ang nag-ser-service sa amin (good thing we are not into Maynilad…hehehehhe! so as with sky cable).

    Regarding Lopezes and Marcos, there was this rumor na kaya na-sequester ang properties ng mga Lopezes ay dahil tinaray-tarayan ng asawa ni Geny Lopez si Imelda Marcos. You know Imelda Marcos, playing cool, then confiscating your thingies without your knowing…heheheh.

    again, thanks for infos and i look forward for your future revelations.

  • Fullmetal Alchemist

    kapamilya ako whatever happens. i don’t care what other people say. bsta, for me, ABS-CBN Channel 2 or 8(sa skycable) is the no. 1!

    truly, ABS-CBn is in the service of the Filipino people worldwide.

    as for mr. rickey, i hope you are not being bias.

    PEACE to all.

  • http://condessaroxy.multiply.com foxy_roxy

    @Fullmetal Alchemist,

    siguro naman nabasa mo yung excerpts sa messages ni rickey right? Both ABS and GMA exists only but a corporation. Sabihin mang may charitable institution sila or nagbibigay ng pera sa mga mahihirap, it’s just a mere propaganda to enhance their image in public eye. Kung mag-e-exist sila to empower and help people eh di sana naging non-profit organization sila. Unfortunately, they have been always profitable—-especially ABS-CBN.

    Kung in the service of the filipino worldwide sila, bakit ang singil nila sa mga subscriber nila sa kahit anong serbisyo nila ay hindi makamasa? In the service pa bang matatawag yung skyrocketing ang singil sa Meralco at Maynilad (take note: nung pagkatapos ng bagyo, ang shugal-shugal mag-konek ng meralco ng kuryente, tapos sa maynilad, nakakapag-invest ba sila ng waterpipes gaya ng ginagawa ng manila water?). Sky Cable, mahal ang singil tapos nababalitang nananabotahe ng signal ng GMA at ABC. At ang laging ikinapagngingitngit ni Rickey ay ang kawindang-windang na singil ng TFC samantalang ang pangit ng video streaming—-at hindi accurate magbigay ng info ang mga CSRs nila ha regarding sa sked ng shows. At ang Equitable PCI bank….por dios por santo…. pwede ka nang magwala sa bagal.
    North Luzon Expressway….nakakahika ang singil sa toll.

    Sabihing huwag i-konek ang ABS sa ibang kumpanya ng mga Lopezes, pero ang bottom line nilang lahat ay Lopez-owned sila, kaya if there is any anomaly or discrepancy perpetrated by one of its companies damay lahat ang companies ni Lopez.

    Ang “service” kasi ay hindi puro selling lang or pag-pa-plugging lang sa TV ng kanilang shows. Iniisip din kung ang mga serbisyo nila ay makakagaan sa mamamayan.

  • RON


    hey… contradicting ang statement mo… check it…

    “Ang ?service? kasi ay hindi puro selling lang or pag-pa-plugging lang sa TV ng kanilang shows. Iniisip din kung ang mga serbisyo nila ay makakagaan sa mamamayan.”

    ummm… kya cguro may bantay bata, bantay kalikasan, bayan microfinance, etc…

    “Both ABS and GMA exists only but a corporation. Sabihin mang may charitable institution sila or nagbibigay ng pera sa mga mahihirap, it?s just a mere propaganda to enhance their image in public eye. Kung mag-e-exist sila to empower and help people eh di sana naging non-profit organization sila. Unfortunately, they have been always profitable?-especially ABS-CBN.”

    coz evry corporation needs to profit… period. negosyo yun e.

    its up to them if they want to have or support any charitable institutions…

    ganito lang yan… kapag di trip nang ibang tao ang abs… no matter ano man ang gawin nila… ka-plastikan lang yun pra sa knila… promise! its looking with eyes clouded by hate… kahit may maganda man… pangit pa rin… promise!

  • http://pinoy.rickey.org Rickey

    Mahusay ang debate strategy and tactics mo Ron, you’ve almost perfected it. Pero there’s some inherent flaws in your thinking — such as saying one thing not related to the subject in order to counter an argument — which bothers me. In other words, it’s about time somebody pointed out the logical fallacies that you like to use to torment foxy.

    First of all, accusing foxy of anti-ABS bias does not in any way refute the points which were mentioned. Just because foxy (who may or may not be anti-ABS) said ABS was engaging in goodwill-propaganda does not mean that ABS is not engaging in goodwill-propaganda. Attacking foxy’s motivation instead of what has been said is why these discussions quickly degenerate into personal flameouts. (And I’ve noticed you’ve found another open thread… sigh).

    Valid naman ang point mo na there are anti-ABS-CBN people who are already blinded — but that is not the issue. Basically, all you really said was: “Galit ka lang sa ABS, kaya ganoon.” Which contributes nothing really. And if you want to go there, you should also consider the flip side: the pro-ABS-CBN who think ABS can do no wrong. But again, that is not what we are talking about here.

    My argument still stands: Bantay-Bata, etc. from ABS-CBN, GMA, San Miguel, Ayala, etc. are just PR to help with a company’s image. In the heart of it, it is not helping, because if the organization existed to help people (“In the Service of the Filipino”), they would be a non-profit corporation, which ABS-CBN, GMA, SnaMig, etc. are not. It is not help.

    Does any logical person really think that Wowowee exists to help the poor? If they are, it’s a very round about way to do it, since it is all based on… LUCK! If you are helping a malnurished child, you don’t let them spin a wheel to determine if you will give them food or not. You just give. Why some people fail to see that and just take whatever slogan companies such as ABS-CBN gives them is what makes me so angry.

  • http://condessaroxy.multiply.com foxy_roxy

    @Rickey, thanks for making things clear for Ron. Hope you don’t get me wrong with this.

    @Ron, thank you kung pino-point out mo yung something na magulo sa statement ko. Regarding sa statement sa: “Ang ?service? kasi ay hindi puro selling lang or pag-pa-plugging lang sa TV ng kanilang shows. Iniisip din kung ang mga serbisyo nila ay makakagaan sa mamamayan.”…. I am pointing out sa sincerity na maglingkod hindi lang ng ABS pati mga Lopezes. Oo nga may bantay bata, bantay kalikasan bayan microfinance….but these are not enough to prove na “naglilingkod ka talaga sa bayan”.
    Naglilingkod ka nga thru these institutions/ foundations, pero hindi dapat magtapos diyan.
    Ang point ko regarding sa “…makakagaan sa mamamayan…” is yung maging makatarungan lang sila sa singil nila sa other services (I am referring to the Lopezes; since ABS is another Lopez company, just like Meralco, Maynilad, Rockwell etc..etc..) like sa TFC, Meralco, Maynilad, SkyCable, North Luzon expressway…etc..etc… (note: nakakapraning na ang singil ng Meralco sa amin for some reasons…its to personal to tell you so. Regarding Maynilad, yan ang laging nginangalngalan ng mga progressive groups dahil sa nakakalulang singil nila, samantalang wala pa akong nakikitang nag-i-invest sila ng water pipes magkatubig man lang ang ibang lugar sa Metro Manila. SkyCable…. kung tututuusin mas mura sa Destiny, malinaw pa). Tapos, pabilisin nila ang flow ng pagdedeposit at pagdedeliver ng coins and banknotes sa Equitable PCI bank (i observed their branch at Robinson’s Dasmari?as…come to think of it, kelangan pa bang pumila at may number pa ang magdedeliver ng coins and banknotes [at kapag turn nila, bibilangin pa ng teller ang mga iyon….so mas nakakatagal]? Eh paano yung mga tenant depositors na may cut-off time sa kanilang respective companies in depositing sales? Kapag na-late ng deposit, eh di memo ang aabutin nila sa mga bisor nila. Buti pa nga ang ChinaBank, Banco De Oro, RCBC at Robinson’s savings bank:papapasukin lang nila ang mga nagdedeliver ng coins at banknotes sa counter nila [saka na lang nila bibilangin pag-humupa ang depositors] maasikaso lang nila ang mga depositors.). Finally, pabilisin nila ang flow ng service ng iba nilang kompanya. Laking tulong na iyon sa mamamayang Pilipino.

    ?Both ABS and GMA exists only but a corporation. Sabihin mang may charitable institution sila or nagbibigay ng pera sa mga mahihirap, it?s just a mere propaganda to enhance their image in public eye. Kung mag-e-exist sila to empower and help people eh di sana naging non-profit organization sila. Unfortunately, they have been always profitable?-especially ABS-CBN.?

    —-magulo ba? sorry ha….pero ang point ko rito is Profit Organization sila, lalo na ang ABS-CBN at GMA-7. Bantay Bata, Bantay Kalikasan, ABS-CBN Foundation, Meralco Foundation, GMA Kapuso Foundation, pati na rin ang mga institutions chuva ng ibang companies like SM, JG Summit, Yuchengco, San Miguel, etc….etc….image-enhancers lang iyan….and PR, just like Rickey said. Alam ko rin na every corporation needs to profit, and negosyo, right? Alam ko yun, nagtayo ka pa ng korporasyon kung hindi naman pala money ang motivation mo.

    Regarding sa pagkakaroon or pagsupporta sa charitable institutions….depende sa company kung susuporta sila; however, siyempre, if you are a company owner meron ka din dapat na sinusupportahan na charitable institution or magkaroon man lang ng sarili. Mahirap i-explain pero kung nananatili kang close-handed mahihirapang pumasok ang swerte sa iyo. Pero if you maintain an “open-hand”, magiging continuous ang cycle ng swerte….parang ganun.
    I am hoping you won’t get me wrong with it; likewise, won’t get misinterpreted with this.

    Aware din ako na: “kapag di trip nang ibang tao ang abs? no matter ano man ang gawin nila? ka-plastikan lang yun pra sa knila? promise! its looking with eyes clouded by hate? kahit may maganda man? pangit pa rin? promise!” ….
    unfortunately, hindi ko rin tinitingnan na kapag GMA naman ang naging “charitable”, sincere ang ginagawa nilang pagtulong(eventhough maka-GMA ako….). At sa anti-GMA naman, like nung nagtayo ng GMA Kapuso Foundation…. ayan ang mga anti-GMA…. kaliwa’t kanan ang lambastments na binibigay.
    Kesehodang Plastik, Gaya-gaya (kasi may ABS-CBN Foundation ang ABS….to think na parehong tinatag iyun pareho ni Mel Tiangco….hehehhe ;)), Cheap..etc…etc…. Sorry Ron, pare-pareho lang ang anti-GMA at anti-ABS. Pero frankly speaking na mas nakakaloka ang logic ng pro-ABS sa ibinabato nila sa GMA. Nasabi ko na!

    Ang nakakainis sa ABS at Lopezes, hindi lang nakakaloka ang singil nila sa mga services nila, they tend to monopolize almost all businesses here in the Philippines (duh! daigin ba ang JG Summit, Ayala, Yuchengo?), kakaloka rin “plugging” nila sa mga shows nila sa ABS at TFC at kasama na rin ang mga “hard-selling” ng mga achuchuchung products, at yung pag-venture nila sa politics for business purpose…gaya nang nabanggit ni 40 sa itaas sa akin.

    Magulo? Contradicting? Sorry ha… pero wala akong intention to offend you. Sinasabi ko nag ang point ko. Again, hope you won’t get me wrong with it.

    @Rickey, thanks. By the way, regarding Wowowee, kung ang intention nila ay tumulong, bakit may ginagawa silang katawa-tawa na audience? Para tuluyang makapaglaro or what, pasasayawin, gagaguhin ni Willie, gagawing pathetic lalo ang buhay ng tao thru making them state their sob stories. Kaya nga naiinis ang sister ko kapag nakikita ang Wowowee na iyan, eh (at the same time enjoy naman ang mom ko. arrgghhh!!!!). And according to her, feeling mabait si Willie….stuffing himself like a savior to the poor people….waddacrap!

  • http://www.mbacarra.trap17.com/weblog mbacarra

    i don’t think saying your life story on air makes you more pathetic, or should i say less of a person. it makes other people aware of the situation that these people encounter in their life. some, out of good will, will lend out a helping hand, which is good. but in a sense, it brings laziness among people to just become spoonfeeders. on the context of gameshows such as wowowee, it brings up more reason for people to just rely on luck so they could be financially stable.

  • http://www.mbacarra.trap17.com/weblog mbacarra

    i personally don’t like the concept of “fun” and “entertainment” that these shows use. it makes helping the less fortunate ones look more like “will do anything for money”. look on the bright side, it gives them hope to keep on going. on the other hand, as i’ve mentioned above, if they become too dependent, they just end up relying on others for survival.

    at a certain level, it’s okay for those people to do those things on national television. these people are the ones who have given up every single pride in their body, that’s why they are willing to do that.

  • http://condessaroxy.multiply.com foxy_roxy

    thank you for the logic you’ve shared to us, mbacarra. ang sa side ko lang, mas naaawa lang ako sa mga less fortunate being made to do some lousy stuff or something. what just irks me and my sister is the show itself. i guess it’s not their fault why they are doing such things like that. huwag lang nanggagago sina willie.

  • RON

    hay… tagal kong nawala. ahahaha… i agree bout wowowee(sensya di ako masyadong nanonood nito kya konti lng alam ko… anime kc pinanood ko… haha)…pero… at least inayos na nila papremyo nila… cab, van na pang negosyo, franchised stalls, jeepneys, etc… wc is makakatulong na pang-negosyo (syempre di mwwla ung cash and house and lot… na napakalayo).. which is good… giving dem a way to fish on their own

    ang prob n lng jan is… umaasa n lng ang maraming nangangailangan sa shows na ganito… in dat case…. wla ng kasalan ang shows don (although syempre… cla ang nagbigay ng idea…)

    di nmn natin masisisi ang mga tao sa PINAS… kasi wla naman masyadong … or super konti naman… ng opportunity sa paligid nila bukod sa mga gnitong shows…

    maraming work…kc puno nmn lagi ang classified adds… pro hindi cla qualified s mga nakalagay don(and minsan… madalas pla… nage-enarte p cla)…

    and bout sa fanaticism between 2 channels…. weird… ahahaha…

    pero dahil don… umaayos na ang programming ng dalawang station…. at inaayos na rin ng ibang channels ang shows nila… which is positve…

    ang pangit lang… exaggerated ang mga fanatic ng bwat isa….

    pero masaya!

    cno kya unang makakabili ng license ng honey an clover bet. gma and abs??? wahehehe

  • RON

    bout having foundations… charitable institution nang mga malaking corporations…. okay lang un kahit part ng PR nila…

    the prob is… ung mga tao… ang gusto talaga… all out na ang gawing suporta ng mga companies na ‘to….which is contradicting naman sa sinasabi na tinuturuan naman nito ang mga tao na umasa na lang…(ano ba talga kuya?)

    pinakain mo na nga sa palad mo… gusto pang kagatin pati ang braso mo… tsk tsk tsk…

    walang nakokontento……

  • http://condessaroxy.multiply.com foxy_roxy

    Oo nga naman Ron, hindi talaga maiiwasan ang mga taong umaasa sa mga shows gaya ng wowowee, game knb, deal or no deal etc..etc…. Economic/Social Situation natin kasi eh….

    Regarding Classified Ads, mas marami niyan sa Manila Bulletin….pero mas marami sa kanila ang misleading. For instance, naghahanap sila ng Office Staff at malaki raw ang kita, may bayad pag training pero….magbebenta ka rin pala. Positions? Management Trainees, Account Executives, Office Personnel, Customer Service….kuno….ang bottom line? Selling Compact Water Purifier daw, Insurance, Credit Cards etc..etc…Commision based pa. So, kapag wala kang nabenta itlog ka… kahit nag-take part ka pa sa office activities….kasi naranasan rin iyan ng dati kong katrabaho.
    Minsan nga, like in this company (kilala sa compact water purifier kuno….), darating ka pa nga sa puntong ikaw na ang bibili ng ibebenta mong purifier ma-promote ka lang. Sordid isn’t it? Tapos anjan pa ang mga naglalakihang ads pa ng mga Call Centers…. ang daming nag-aaply pero iilan ang nakakapasok. Yung iba sa statement ng ads nila, 200-1000+ seats available….kasi ang daming nag-resign, maraming tinanggal, hindi lang talaga ma-keri ang pressure…haaaay….oblivious….

  • http://pinoy.rickey.org Rickey

    I personally hate call centers with a passion. Don’t get me started… but that’s a good factoid to know about the high turnover. Hindi ko maintindihan minsan kung bakit gusto ng Pinoy magtrabaho sa call center. It’s one of the worst jobs in the world — every single call you get is an angry phone call! Anong klaseng buhay naman ‘yon? Sabi na don’t get me started… tingan mo nagagalit na ako just writing about it.

  • http://www.mbacarra.trap17.com/weblog mbacarra

    i’ve been to game k n b. contestant na sana ako dun until… pero anyway, money isn’t always the issue. i just joined because i really want to play in game k n b. iba yung feeling.

  • http://condessaroxy.multiply.com foxy_roxy

    sorry Rickey, I know what you feel. I have been there….though not successful…and applied several of them here. Compensation is the main motivation….that is why a lot wants to be hired by it. end results usually trauma—-especially if you are assigned in outbound calls. and you have to do telemarketing—-the main scope of outbound. You are being paid to be a “masochist” to some “sadistic” average americans….after realizing it.

  • http://condessaroxy.multiply.com foxy_roxy

    anyway, para mawala ang galit mo…abangan mo na lang si Rainier sa upcoming episodes ng Bakekang….and ang role niya is aalaskahin niya si Charming

  • jessicaann

    this is jessica..

    it has been a long time since my family became an avid fan of GMA 7? because we find GMA shows more enjoyable and interesting to watch? also, we find it conducive for learning.. especially their documentaries?they were really well-made and convincing?another is the news team.. as we have observed, they are more credible because they are less bias?

    GMA shows are also more appealing to the masses. .. maybe because the network was able to capture the masses? taste..

  • themanwashere

    pkey kaya talo abs kasi gma pangmasa abs pang mayaman e hello ilan ba mayamn sa pilipinas. saka importante ang ratings sa Mega Manila.. like duh, 12% of the nations population nakareside sa Manila. basta ako, cnn pa rin.. haha.. nakakasaw na kasi sa local tv’s eh, kundi artista search, heavy drama, kungdi heavy drama, fantaserye

  • haid

    i dont think ang mga shows ng GMA ay solely pang masa/ nakikita ko na they try to upgrade the quality level lalo na sa fantasy , nagkataon lang nagustuhan ng mga amsa din.

    compare sa mga shows ng ABS , SI na pangmasa talga at mga drama nila na noon gusto gusto ng mga tao. ngayon dahil sa magagagandang shows sa iba’t ibang bansa dapat taasan at baguhin ang kalidad ng mga shows natin. patok din ang korean nobela sa mga tao at di ako naniniwala na pangmahirap lang ang gma palabas na ito.

    in the end ang tinignan ng mga tao ay yung maeentertain talga sila at bago sa paningin nila. mahirap man o mayaman.

  • http://condessaroxy.multiply.com foxy_roxy

    actually, hindi rin pangmayaman ang abs-cbn….at kung pangmayaman ang abs-cbn, bakit ang daming nagpapakarabid over this damn station? Ugaling mayaman ba ang pagpapakarabid? So meaning to say na mas may breeding pa ang masa….hahahahhah! lol! kasi since GMA pang-masa tapos behave naman ang kapuso fans so….what do you expect? watjathink?

    anyway, themanwashere, in my case…Arirang, KBSWorld, Living Asia Channel, etc, AXN…the best ones for me. I have nothing against talent searches or even fantaseryes. What I hate is the network’s substituting of personalities for substance para lang mapagtakpan ang “c-r-a-p-p-y” creativity nila (and I’d be blunt that ABS-CBN has the weakness of that). I also have nothing against Korean Dramas or even soap operas….huwag lang pare-pareho ang formula: puro love-team chuvanel ek-ek, pakilig-kilig moments….wala man lang twist of realistic chorva…as if making you live in a dream of love without recognizing its pitfalls in reality.

  • mr uk man

    maka GMA-7 na ako since bata pa. until now na me son n ako kapuso pa rin. tagal na nun. what i like on gma is dat they know the taste of every people regarding on what shows people needs. tama nga na makamasa sila. i dont care kung no.2 lang sila nun. pero ngaun no.1 na sila for almost 3 2 4 yrs e masyadong galit na galit ang KAPALMILYUCKS. as of now they are trying to put any kind of shows i.e, including franchising shows abroad but the people are make “SAWA” na of them.kasi kung titingnan mo e paulit-ulit na ang mga show nila puro drama. e yung concept naman ay iisa. in terms of originality mas angat ang gma. mas magaling ang mga headwriters nila at creative departments kasi nakakapagproduce sila ng mga no.1 shows. tapos in just a spam of weeks eto na ang KAPALMILYUCKS. ginagawa na nila. hayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

  • dhilak

    kapamilya at mga kapuso, dapat masaya tau kc pareho clang pinapanood, pasalamat din tau na my mga station na tulad nila,di ba

  • al

    boaring ang kapalmukz!!!!! kahit isa wala akong pinapanood!!!!! trying hard ang mga palabas nila!!!!! haaaayYYY!!!!
    number 1 ang KApUsO sa Pampanga at Bulacan!!!!

  • http://condessaroxy.multiply.com foxy_roxy

    @al, really???? anyway, I know na #1 ang Kapuso sa Bulacan, mejo duda ako sa Pampanga. Niwei, mukha nga kasi nung makapasok si Aljur Abrenica ng Pampanga all out ang suporta ng Pampanga kay Aljur eh.

  • kraftiez

    matagal na ako nanonood sa iba’t ibang stations.pero ang dalawang ito ang nagbabanatan, kapamilya at ka puso.sino nga ba talaga ang tunay na no.?bawat isa sa kanila ay nagtatanggap na no.1, ano nga ba talaga ang meron sa no.1?pareho lang naman sila nagkakaroon ng commercials.pero sa akin lang ano, kung iisipin natin mas malakas talaga ang kapamilya lalo na sa signal nila..kung ang survey ay kukunin sa buong bansa matatalo ang kapuso dahil mahina ang signal nila…may reason din ang kapamilya kung bakit mahal ang rates nila pagdating sa commercial kasi nga alam nila na maihatid nila ang commercial through out the country at pati na rin sa labas ng bansa..kung ikumpara naman natin ang mga artista ng kapuso sa kapamilya makikita natin na ang mga personalities sa kapamilya ay yung mga mamahalin at tsaka mostly yung mga veterano na.kung may bagohan man binibigyan lang ng konting break..pagdating naman sa news personel ok din naman ang kapamilya pero bakit nakukuha ng kapamilya ang mga nescaster ng kapuso?siguro mas mataas ang binabayad ng kapamilya sa kapuso..so kung pinag aawayan nyo ang kapuso at ang kapamilya i think mas maganda siguro pag usapan na lang kung ano ang magandang palabas at sa kapuso at kapamilya..actually mag aaway man tayo dito wala tayong makukuha kasi talo tayo habang sila nagpaparami ng pera.umaasa naman sila sa atin kasi tayo ang viewers kaya instead na tayo ang mag aaway bakit hindi na lang natin gawin na magbigay ng mga comments sa pinabalabas nila.mas maganda kasi paglagi maganda ang palabas kasi magdamagan ang panonood.hehehehe

  • karen

    I totally agree with you..

  • karen

    I totally agree with you..

  • 123den

    plz post the ama college university is nakakahiye ang haba haba ng vacant ng mga student kaya tinatamad ng pumasok ang mga student ,naturingan pa man ding university 4 hour ang vacant at dapat ang mga student ang namimili ng sched di ang prof at isa pa nakakahiya may prof sa hum na bastos bakla ata nang hahawak ng puwet ng mgfa poging student.

  • 123den

    plz post the ama college university is nakakahiye ang haba haba ng vacant ng mga student kaya tinatamad ng pumasok ang mga student ,naturingan pa man ding university 4 hour ang vacant at dapat ang mga student ang namimili ng sched di ang prof at isa pa nakakahiya may prof sa hum na bastos bakla ata nang hahawak ng puwet ng mgfa poging student.

  • 123den

    plz post the ama college university is nakakahiye ang haba haba ng vacant ng mga student kaya tinatamad ng pumasok ang mga student ,naturingan pa man ding university 4 hour ang vacant at dapat ang mga student ang namimili ng sched di ang prof at isa pa nakakahiya may prof sa hum na bastos bakla ata nang hahawak ng puwet ng mgfa poging student.

  • anthony

    nasa gma na kasi si manny kaya laong lumakas.

  • Nelchua

    basta sa gma kami may quality at may standard ang mga show nila. Kaya lang bakit nawala ang orbit dito sa London I really miss the GMa here hope this coming year makabalik ang GMA para pakapang subscribe ulit ang  daddy ko.



  • Neda

    Grabe kahit anong mangyari panalo parin ang gma???~!!!

  • Grace

    kasi ang ABS puru Kopya nalang sa GMA wala personality?