Angel Locsin and ABS-CBN — Winner: ABS-CBN, Loser: Angel Locsin and Becky

Jared wrote me:

“…They need her more than Angel…”

Di ko na-gets? Sinong they????? And sinong her???

Here’s my response:

ABS-CBN needs Angel Locsin more than Angel Locsin needs ABS-CBN.

Does ABS-CBN really need Angel? Not really. But by taking away Angel from GMA, they remove one of the thorns in their ratings war against GMA. So it really helps ABS-CBN a lot. That’s all they really need to do. They don’t really need to put Angel in any ABS-CBN show, they just needed Angel not to be in GMA anymore. This is the reason why I think it is not a good move for Angel career wise since GMA is already giving her projects and I don’t know if ABS-CBN will give her any “better” projects unless they are paying her more which I think is not the case. Does Angel desperately need to work with Christopher de Leon that’s why she left GMA? I doubt it. Angel is already getting the top-rated shows in Mega Manila being on GMA so what is ABS-CBN going to give her career-wise? Definitely not more viewers (she already did that on her own) and she’s already the highest paid artist in all of GMA.

So it looks like it was either money, or the bad blood between Angel Locsin and GMA reached a boiling point.

I don’t think this will affect GMA much, since I think they’ve been focusing on story-telling rather than personalities in some of their shows anyway for some time now. ABS-CBN is clearly the winner in this deal since all they need to do is give Angel a movie — for as long as she is not in the other network, they’ve already scored a couple points in the ratings game. Angel Locsin for me is the clear loser. ABS-CBN is already crowded with female stars and then she comes in expecting to be the queen? And what if the TV-series she stars in for ABS-CBN loses in the ratings? She is now throwing herself at the mercy of the ABS-CBN production team which she has never worked with in her life — a production team she has repeatedly beaten in the ratings with her years in GMA. That’s a career move? Boggles the mind. And Angel’s fans are GMA fans — and then she expects them to switch because of her? I think Angel and her manager are over-estimating their influence in Philippine showbiz.

Again, a lot of money and/or communication breakdown with GMA. ABS-CBN should pair Angel Locsin with Sam Milby for immediate impact. It could be the ratings winner they have been waiting for all these years.

  • shay

    same ol’ story.

  • jhaiboipinoi

    Tama ka dyan Rickey…

    What a career move, goodluck na lang to u Angel and goodluck to GMA-7, more power! More power in the ratings game worldwide!

    What do they see in Oyo, jeez, hinahabol parin grabe?!

  • gma_addict

    Great analysis Rickey! I totally agree with you. By the way, I just saw marian rivera (the pinay marimar) on tv. She’s gorgeous. I think it’s great that angel didn’t take the role. Marian is a better fit for the role. Sa totoo lang, sawa na ako kay angel. Overexposed. Move over angel! Malalaos ka na sa ABS. Sa totoo lang, I prefer wendy valdez over you.

  • gma_addict

    Angel gave up her crown at GMA to become a second class citizen of the second class channel ABS. I can’t help but compare her to angelika dela cruz ang angelu de leon. Nalaos sila pareho nung lumipat sa ABS. Nakakatawa pa kasi all their names start with ANGEL! What a coincidence!

  • jhaiboipinoi

    Tama ka diyan gma_addict, but i guess they all started on ABS and starred in youth-oriented type show sa GMA, Click or TGIS, and all have dstarts wth an “A” ang name nila….

  • sub

    Becky’s spin on it is that Angel’s burned out, and she wants more time with her ailing dad, and ABS will allow her that (relatively) leisurely schedule. Considering Becky and Angel cramped “Angels” with Asian Treasures, I’m not surprised. I guess producing, and school, and the new clothing line are breaks from the fantaserye grind, though not necessarily from keeping busy. I really think Angel wants more variety and control, which i don’t begrudge her, she deserves it. In turn I’m getting variety in my pinoytv viewing, and it’s about time!

  • jhaiboipinoi

    I meant… All their names stars with an “A” or even like you said… and all are “Angels”…

    Angelu De Leon
    – Ang TV and GMA’s TGIS
    Angelika Dela Cruz
    – Ezperanza (Star Magic Batch?) and GMA’s Click

    and now Angel Locsin
    – Star Magic Batch 9 daw and GMA’s Click

    I was hoping she’ll just be a Freelancer… So she can appear on both channels… What can we do, swapang ang dos, grabe pati si Angel pinirate…. Her career move was just too drastic… I’m gonna miss the Richard-Angel loveteam though… Sana mag-aral na lang sya abroad for good…

    Oh well, more opportunities for GMA’s Artist Center actresses who have so much more potential than her! Goodluck to all of them!

  • paolo_pascual_13

    Wow, sikat na sikat ngayon si cristy permin ooops si becky pala (kamukha kasi) dahil sa issue about Angel. Mas sikat pa nga siya ngayon kesa sa mga alaga nya. Magaling magdeny ang bru. Maraming kaeklatan at magaling magpaikot ng tao. GMA nga napaikot nya.

  • paolo_pascual_13

    Simula malink si Angel kay Marvin the G.., nabawasan ang like ko kay Angel. Ngayon lilipat sya sa ABS naubos na ang paghanga ko sa kanya. Siguro maaawa na lang ako sa kanya kung ano man ang mangyari. Sana it was her own decision para kung anoman ang mangyari sa career nya ay wala syang masisisi.

  • paolo_pascual_13

    I am sure maglalabasan na naman ang mga kapmilya plastics dyan. Of course they will be asked for their reaction about this issue. What else will you hear from them, syempre kaplastikan. “She is very much welcome here” “I am very happy for her” “I am looking forward to work with her” and other kaplastikan. Lalo na iyong mga pasweet dyan, wanna bet?

  • melanie marquez

    angel locsin and piolo pascual will be the team up. mgnda kc ang chemistry nila sa mga commercials nla like san mig coffee and timex.

  • melanie marquez

    pti centrum cla dn mgksama

  • mitchheart

    angel moving to abs is not the loose of gma rather it opens opportunities among the talents of gma who are waiting and deserving to have a break. Dati hindi sila mabibigyan ng break dahil kailangan eh priorities si angel siya ang una laga, at siya lang ang dapat. For example hindi nangyari ang lahat ng ito mapupunta kaya kay marian ang role as marimar? I don’t think so dahil alam ko para kay angel yon and now nakita naman kahit hindi pa pinalabas na malaki ang potential at bagay na bagay kay marian ang role.

    tama ka kuya rickey ang lugi sa game na ito ay si angel. kay good luck nalang sa kanya
    isa ako sa mga avid fan nya since click pero never ko sundan ang career nya sa kabil at i know hindi lang ako tingnan nalang nila ang thread sa igma forum

  • mitchheart

    nag fiesta ang mga kapamilya yay plastic talaga dati nilalait lait nila si angel ngayon welcome angel sa kapamily hahaha galing nyong makipagplastican, in d end si angel pa rin talaga ang looser promise

  • Baybeeboo916

    Shes stupid. I was sooo sad earlier.. but its whatever to me now.


    for me the loser is becky aguila.
    mukhang pera talaga.
    sabi ni christy fermin sa the buzz,
    ginawa nyang example ung paglipat ni patrick garcia sa 7.
    but thats not the case.
    patrick is not even the most popular guy sa channel 2 eh.

    it doesnt make sense.
    dont compare patrick to angel.

    napakawalang hiya nyang becky na yan.
    after all,
    angels been treated the nicest way gma could.
    kng d xa bnbayaran ng maayos,
    mkkabili ba xa ng hummer??
    stupid xit,,,

  • jhaiboipinoi

    Tama kayo riyan… Plastic mga kapamilya… What a bunch of HYPOCRITES… After criticizing her, ngayon welcome na welcome… Please, bayad syempre ang pagpuri nila… maka-Starstruck tama ka dyan…. cristy fermin is so stupid to even compare Patrick Garcia to Angel Locsin… Patrick transferred to GMA because hindi sya binibigyan ng project sa dos… Kahit naman sino eh, sina Camille Pratts, Cindy Kurleto, Marvin Agustin, etc… Lumipat dahil walang project…

    Si Angel puro project, tapos hello! Sikat na sikat sa GMA! Hay naku, baliwala na kasi ang utang na loob… Pera na lang habol nila aguila dyan! Bahala sila….

    GMA should have never given her a chance to shine, dahil babaliktarin rin pala ni Angel ang GMA… Sana nuon palang di na sya binigyan ng mga projects… There are so much better talents sa GMA! Ngayon, it’s time for them to shine!

  • jhaiboipinoi

    TABLOID: Sino ka yan yung dalawang English speaking Kapamilya na natatakot sa paglipat ni Angel?

    And sino naman yung mestizang nagsimula sa GMA and lumipat sa dos and ngayon gustong bumalik when Angel crosses over??? Guess kayo?

  • EiC21

    Yes Kuya Rickey, GMA will survive even without Angel, proof of which are 90% of their shows are top-rated in comparison to ABS’ shows, kaya wag malumbay mga Kapuso, tayo pa rin ang wagi.

    To Angel, goodluck sana lang tama ang desisyon mo at sana lang talagang for your good ang desisyon ng manager mo at hindi pansarili lang nya because she will definitely earn a lot with your transfer.

    I hope you will see who has good intentions for you.





    sana GMA ung mga starstruck graduates bigyan nyo ng chances.

    i think


    are only some of the girls who deserves the title “TELEBABAD PRINCESS”.


    masyado ng naglalaway ang mga taga-EBS kay angel locsin.

  • jakile

    I’m glad the speculations are over and the real truth that came out is no longer a surprise.

    I,as a tv viewer, am glad that Angel broke this endless cycle. I was expecting the next 3-4 years of angel &richard soap on GMA’s telebabad.

    This is not the first time that GMA lost a valuable talent, sa palagay ko ,its a wake up call for them. Masyado silang umaasa kay Angel & Richad sa primetime. Now its time to invest on other potential stars.

    Angel is a great artist, and I’m sure she’ll continue to be popular, regardless on what network she’s in. Kung wala siyang projects, may endorsements pa rin siya. So she’s confident that its a win-win situation for her and I agree.

  • paolo_pascual_13

    Anne going back to GMA? That’s great. She will be the new superstar there I bet. Balik ang tambalan nila ni Richard mapamovie at mapaTV siguradong patok. Si Angel naman with Sam and Oyo, ganda ng regudon nila. Once Angel teamed up with Sam then Anne and Angel have a lot of something in common. Richard, Oyo and Sam. Sana lumipat na uli si Anne sa GMA. Bagay din sya kay Deniis Trillo.

  • paolo_pascual_13

    Angel and Becky’s pictures in PEP are interesting. They look like twin devils. Angel has wings and Aguila (Becky’s last name) has wings too.

  • Ginto

    “She is now throwing herself at the mercy of the ABS-CBN production team which she has never worked with in her life”

    kuya rickey…. star circle batch 9 po si angel locsin… galing siya sa abs-cbn… as what the buzz said.

  • Ginto

    gaya rin nila ethel booba, dennis trillo, alfred vargas, tanya garcia, pia guanio, mo twister, pauleen luna and many more…

    comment ko lang… bakit pag ang gma nawawalan ng talent at napupunta sa kabila… panay ang react ng gma…

    pero pag ang abs-cbn nawalan ngtalent at napunta sa kabila… tahimik lang sila…

    sana ganun din ang gma…


  • Rickey

    Ginto: So she is returning to ABS-CBN because of her “awesome experience” with Star Circle 9? That was the point of my statement. GMA made her a star — if she truly started with ABS-CBN, they couldn’t do anything with her — and she’s coming back to that? As I said, she has beaten the ABS-CBN production team every single time that she is in GMA so why all of a sudden she thinks that ABS-CBN will be good for her?

    Napaka straight-forward nga ng analysis ko. We’re just analyzing the situation. Huwag na bahiran pa kesyo gma or abs-cbn fans ganito o ganyan.

    Patrick, Camille, Marvin, etc. went to GMA because ABS-CBN stopped giving them projects and they needed to work. Kahit si John Lapuz lumipat sa GMA because wala na siyang project sa ABS-CBN — he’s actually still managed by ABS-CBN and yet he is working in GMA. And Ethel Booba became such a controvertial figure GMA did not want anything to do with her. Pumunta na lang siya sa ABS-CBN dahil kailangan niya ng trabaho — nabigyan ba siya ng top-billing sa mga shows ng ABS-CBN tulad nila Patrick, Marvin, etc. na lumipat sa GMA? No.

    Big deal ‘to no since Angel is the big star of GMA.

  • IronLady

    Kuya Rickey, your analysis is right. Bahala si Locsin,let her experience cruelty..

  • jhaiboipinoi

    So what, Ginto… She almost became a part of Star Magic Circle 9, but never signed a contract… Besides sila ba ang nag-pasikat sa kanya? No, GMA-7 did and the ones that gave aher a chance! That’s what they did to Sarah Geronimo when she first transferred because she did started sa Sarah: Ang Munting Prinsesa… But Sarah as Viva Talent started on IBC-13 and GMA-7 with Regine and then later claimed na sila ang nag-pasikat sa kanya…

    Kay Angel iba, we ALL know that she started with GMA-7…

    If you look at her profile in Wikipedia or IMBD, being part of Star Magic was never mention until now…

    And besides, nowhere in her resume or acting career na lumabas si Angel in any ABS show… Except for news/showbiz footages…

    Syempre may karapatan ang GMA magingay, kasi naman parating pina-pirate ng ABS yung mga sikat na sa GMA, nasisilaw sa pera… Tapos they’re gonna claim na sila ang nagpasikat!….

    Pero, ngayon everyone should know that GMA-7 MADE ANGEL LOCSIN A STAR! And that’s what makes her so controversial…

    Yung mga lumilipat sa GMA, yung mga second chance career at mga naakakalimutan ng ABS bigyan ng shows… Kaya tahimik ang paglipat… At least sa GMA, yung mga walang projects, nabibigyan ng trabaho…

    Desperates moves, desperate measures kasi… If ABS-CBN is “number 1″ worldwide? Why would they need an Angel Locsin, top caliber at GMA-7? For Desperate for higher ratings?

    Enough about Angel, she should just stay sa London for good!

  • RoxyBathoryBiatchee

    gma_addict, July 22, 2007 at 6:11 am:

    Great analysis Rickey! I totally agree with you. By the way, I just saw marian rivera (the pinay marimar) on tv. She?s gorgeous. I think it?s great that angel didn?t take the role. Marian is a better fit for the role. Sa totoo lang, sawa na ako kay angel. Overexposed. Move over angel! Malalaos ka na sa ABS. Sa totoo lang, I prefer wendy valdez over you.

    @gma_addict, it is way ILLOGICAL to compare Wendy “Wencheapangga” Valdez over Angel. Papasikat pa lang si Wendy, sikat na si Angel.

    Sabihing hindi kasing well-bred ni Georgina Wilson or ni Anne Curtis si Angel Locsin, at least she is not as deplorably cheap and uncouth like the said wench

  • gma_addict

    All I said is that I like wendy more than angel. It’s just my personal opinion. For me, Wendy is prettier than angel and she has talent. ABS seems to be building her up, like it or not. Since Angel will be joining ABS, Wendy MIGHT be one of the actresses she’ll be competing with for roles. Before you guys howl and complain, i said MIGHT. Malay nyo. And by the way, malay ba natin kung mabait talaga si Angel in real life. Are you sure she’s as good as you think? What if she’s bitchy in real life. Dapat lumabas din sya sa tv 24/7 for us to really know.

  • teklaBoo

    yehey…….buti angel move out na gma na ksi it seems na cya n lng lagi……. so kakasawa na kya 4 other gma stars gud luck sana yun mging nxt angel locsin ay yun tapat sa station……. cguro angel wants 2 work w/ others……..:>

    gug luck…………….
    -marian rivera
    -jewel mische
    -kris bernal
    -glaiza de castro
    -rich asuncion
    -iwa moto
    -ehra madrigal
    -jackie rice
    -katrina halili

    ……………sna one of them ang mging nxt superstar ng gma…………………………


    great analysis you guys.

    ang paglipat ni angel sa ebs parang “kunwari” paglipat ni bea alonzo sa 7.

    ganyan yan.
    hindi angel-patrick or whatsoever.

  • athame

    Di na nadala… What happened to Angelica again? Magkatunog pa sila ng pangalan… Lolz… Same fate im sure… In short, di na si Angel makakaexperience ng high-rating show… You see, admit it or not, the high ratings that GMA is receiving is not because of their talents but because of the station itself. Ilang beses na bang naglipatan ang mga talents of both networks, umiba ba rating? Gahaman lang si Angel talaga sa pera, unlike Regine, Michael V., and Vic who were offered 5 times more of what they are currently earning, and still dismissed the idea of transferring… But of course, it’s unfair to say na wala siyang utang na loob, coz in the first place, though GMA was the one who made her the superstar she is now, nag benefit din naman ang GMA sa kanya… Buti na lang talaga mas gusto ko si Katrina… Hehehe

    Good luck na lang…

    Fate Prediction for Angel:

    1. Prime Time Shows -maybe a couple for the first few years…
    2. Movies under Star Cinema…
    3. No more prime time…
    4. TV show in the afternoon…
    5. No more shows for a few months…
    6. Then, poof…. Gone…

    By the way, Angel can’t do drama… Not even sex scenes… I remember watching The PRomise… I was laughing the entire sex scenes because it was obviously unrealistic… Not even the kiss…

    Also, she doesn’t dance anymore… I remember an episode of Extra Challenge where she was supposed to dance for the audience, but in the middle of the practice, she refuses for the reason that she won’t dance anymore… Argued by Paolo Bediones saying that she was dancing when she was still in Click, her answer was, “Kuya naman… Click pa yun… Dati pa yun… Ayoko na sumayaw ngayon…” Translation? “Ayoko na sumayaw dahil sikat na ako… And you can’t force me…” (By the way, that was the last time I watched her shows in GMA…)

    Also, damn! she’s like Judy Ann when singing… Explanation not needed…

    But of course, ABS can just flash her face for the entire 1 hour show… Without moving… hehehe

    Gusto ko lang ay lumipat na siya at mabigyan na siya ng primetime… Para malaman niya na she was just a mere puppet in GMA…

    And regarding the issue na dahil gusto niya maging serious actress, wag niya isisi ito sa GMA… Remember, yung sariling partner niya(DENNIS TRILLO) won many Best Actor Awards… Meaning, if her manager was really doing her job, and she really has potential, na notice siya… I’m pretty sure she wanted to be like Judy Ann… For the record, Judy Ann can really act way back when she was doing Mara Clara…

  • mrseattle

    kakabasa ko lang may BIG STAR din daw galing sa DOS na lilipat sa SIYETE…clue na binigay…yung original daw sana na gaganap na DARNA!!!!!sino po kaya yun?

    about sa issue na gusto nyang maging serious actress…wala naman yan kung sino ang gusto mong katrabaho e…naidirek na sya ni JOEL LAMANGAN pero di pa rin napansin…kahit na sabihing di masyadong kagandahan yung materyal…

    ANGEL sana naging ROLE MODEL MO SINA BITOY…BOSSING VIC at REGINE…pero sa tingin ko naging sunud-sunuran ka na lang sa MANAGER mo e!!!

  • EiC21

    Tama si Ms. Wilma, Angel should have made a graceful exit by telling the truth rather than betraying the trust and confidence of the network who made her what she is right now.

    Mahirap bang magpaalam ng maayos? I thought Angel has manners and is a good girl? Bakit ka nagkaganyan? SAYANG!

    Sana lang wag kang maging sunod-sunuran kay Becky kasi mukhang mali na ang itinuturo nya sa iyo.

    Don’t burn bridges, the fire might caught you at the end. Ikaw rin, baka magsisi ka!




  • bloumer23

    i love her but i won’t support her…i dont think she will make it…to the top…maybe the 1st few months yrs.. but
    after that…what will happen to her??? there are big stars whom was offerd million by another compny..but never left…because of loyalty & we know how filipino mentality are…we are more on loyatly…
    in her case gma made her a star..give her the biggest break ..she need…while abs never give her even just a single look..when she was nobody..(i heard that she was once a abs star)…but look @ her now she has a name..& all of a sudden abs look @ her million times…what will happen to other reyna of abs..will they approve ??
    she was gma’s reyna..but she left …& accepted a 3times the amount she was given by gma..i wont say its the money..but what will people think…
    & do you think the fans of abs talent will accept her w/ open arms..they will think she’s a treat to their idols…
    look @ what people talk about her when he & oyo broke up…& just 2-3 months she was linked w/ different lessen her nice girl image even if its not true…it affected her career.. her last movie didn’t make it to the top…now this is a bigger news…a very negative publicity…that will truly hurt her popularity.. (we all know how filipino way of thinking…its always trust & respect)
    okk..i’m posting a very long comment..i just want to voice out my opinion…& lastly..i dont think gma didnt give her all the support she need…because as we all can see..gma always interview her..& talk about how proud they are that angel is now a producer..& we can always watch them promoting it in all gma’s show…is’t that a proof that gma really took good care of her.. & they never allow any bad publicity about her..(lets face it no one is perfect in this they say..” kung walang apoy walang usok” ). but gma cover all the negative news abt her thy shield her ..& protected her image as if she is the most nice person in the industry… so it means na khit papano some of the news now that are coming out is somehow true..& gma is not there anymore to shield her.
    but w/ all my honesty i somehow like her ..but i wont watch her na…

  • onin

    Lilipat si Angel para makilala naman siya sa buong Pilipinas. Kasi sabi niyo nakakapagbigay sya nang mataas na rating which is sa MEGA MANILA lang yun di ba. Saka advantage sa kanya yun, Im sure mahahasa ang acting niya sa ABS-CBN.

  • jhaiboipinoi

    Onin… Hahaha… How dumb, oh please… Ganun ba… Sa MEGA MANILA lang ba sya kilala?… Then how come ebs desperately want her… Why would they need Angel Locsin if they are NUMBER ONE everywere else….

    Hahahahaha… Mga kapamilya talaga ang kikitid ng mga utak… Parang TFC lang meron… Hello, meron GMA Pinoy TV abroad! We just have to get TFC kasi package sila together with GMA Pinoy TV! Madugas kasi mga kapamilyuck!

    Kung hindi sya kilala sa buong Pilipinas, then what so special about her na gusto syang ipirate ng dos… Contradicting ang mga comments ninyo! Mga hipocrites!

    Angel – Ingrata, traydor, etc… Pinatunayan lang nya ang mga bintang sa kanya! Ebs – **** you suck even more!

  • jhaiboipinoi

    Angel, what comes around comes back around.. Goodluck with your acting workshops sa star magic… Cuz… You desperately need it!

  • jhaiboipinoi

    More power to GMA Network…. Goodluck with your new shows… Showcase your real talents… And take good care of them… Don’t just focus on one talent… Give all of them a chance to shine… And provide them with you better acting workshops and training…

    Make sure you keep them satisfy and create a better talent management… But most of all… Watch out for ABS-CBN trying to pirate your talents again…

  • paolo_pascual_13

    Onin, I pity you. Minsan ka lang magcomment palpak pa. Tsugi ka tuloy kay Jhaiboi. He he he! Use your brain kasi (if you have one) para hindi ka napapahiya. Kung wala ka naman brain ay accept mo na lang fate mo. Peace!

  • paolo_pascual_13

    Anne, sana bumalik ka na sa GMA and kabugin mo ang medyo mayabang na may relative sa GMA na si Rhian. You are very much better than her.

  • paolo_pascual_13

    Question, nakapagpromote ba sina Judy Ann ng movie nila sa ABS? I heard kinausap ni Judy Ann ang ABS, pumayag ba? Wala kasi kong news.

  • ja1207

    paolo_pascual_13, July 24, 2007 at 8:41 am:
    Question, nakapagpromote ba sina Judy Ann ng movie nila sa ABS? I heard kinausap ni Judy Ann ang ABS, pumayag ba? Wala kasi kong news.

    the answer will make you hate abs more…un na…how cruel abs is not to promote one of their leading star’s movie with the rival station, kahit na ung kanilang movie eh todo promote sa gma shows…pwe…pero, hayaan na, napakaganda naman tlga ng ouija at khit pagsamasamahin pa ang abs stations na ndi magpromote sa ouija eh papatok tlga i2, with juday, jolens, rhian and iza on the cast…hahaha, taob ang pano kita iibigin, at sa rating palang, rated A na…ano pa kaya kapag napanood mo na…

    as for kapamilyacks naman…kapag nagtatrabaho na si angel sa station nyo…cguro, todo cheer kau na nasa station nyo na si angel….at sasabihin nyo na tlgang fan nya kayo, samantalang kelanan lang eh inaasar nyo sya dhil ndi pumatok ang movie nya, etc….ampaplastik tlga ninyo…pwe kau…and pwe din kay becky aguila, i feel na naging sunud-sunuran mo lang si angel para maging mayaman ka…dati ka ng nagkamali, ha, magsama kau ni cristy at jobert, kau ung tatlong unggoy na tinatakpan ung eyes, ears at mouth, 3 stooges (dhil nakakatawa ang mga pagmumukha nyo)…at tatlong ulo ng cerebrus; nakakatakot kc ung mga dog-lookalike na mga pagmumukha nyo, tapos, tahol ng tahol pa ng mga kasinungalingan at kabahuan na ndi naman totoo, sabihin nyo yan sa sarili nyo, mga p*ta kayo…i feel that angel is innocent in this…

    at, sa mga pwedeng maging leading man ni angel sa teleserye…eh wala man lang magandang pwedeng, ang mga big stars nila dun na coped naman (piolo at sam), mga bading na ayaw umamin, pwe…ilabas nyo nga ang baho nyo ebs, palibasa, ung pangalan palang ng station nyo, angkop na…amoy na amoy na ung baho, halatang-halata na, pero ayaw pa ring ilabas sa publiko, pwe kau abs…wag kaung maging consumers ng talents, hypocrites, pirates…

  • mikeal

    i got this from pinoy exchange….

    Originally Posted by yellowsuzi
    Nagtampo si angel. Nalaman niya kasi na mas mataas ang talent fee ni ______ sa asian treasure kesa sa kanya. Nung malaman niya ito, nag-iiyak siya kay _____ (isang gma actor) at sinabi niya ang sama ng loob niya.

    Kaya lang, si _____ ay mas nauna naman sa kanyang mag-artista sa industriya. At superstar kaya si ______.

    May isa pa siyang natuklasan, mas mataas din ang tf ni _____ kesa sa kanya. Si ______ ay nakasama niya sa darna. No, hindi nagsisimula sa letter K ang name ni ____.

    Pero hindi kasi kasalanan ng GMA iyon. Kasalanan iyon ng manager niya. Manager kasi ang nakikipag-haggle ng presyo. At hindi marunong si Becky Aguila (remember, nag-away sila dati dahil natuklasan ni Angel na ninanakaw ni Becky Aguila ang mga pera niya then nagkabati sila). So it’s Becky’s fault pero GMA ang kinasamaan niya ng loob.

    Syempre, nagulat ang buong GMA sa desisyun niya. Mula sa isang talent lang, ginawa kasi siyang star. Binihisan, pinag-workshop, at siya rin ang unang ikinoconsider sa lahat ng lead roles. Plus, yung pelikula ni Angel na Angels— yung pluggings nun sa GMA, walang bayad. Hindi siya siningil ng Gma bilang suporta sa kanya (to think na it’s worth millions. per spot kasi ng commercxial at pluggings nasa 200k+ na i think). Inoferran din siya ng malaking tf sa new contract sana para pantapat sa offer ng dos. Pero di kinagat ni angel. Masama nga kasi ang loob niya. Pero mali ang pinagbubuntunan niya. Hindi ba dapat mas kay Becky siya magalit?

    Ano ba ang tawag sa isang tulad niya?

    Kahapon, sinabi ni Cristy Fermin, na hindi raw nagalit ang dos nang lumipat si Patrick Garcia sa GMA. Pero magkaiba si Angel at Patrick. Kaya lumipat si Patrick sa GMa kasi di siya binibigyan ng dos ng project. As in walang project si Patrick sa dos. Pero si Angel….
    Maski kaming mga writers dati, nauuta na, kasi puro si angel ang iniisipan namin ng kwento. Ganun siya kamahal ng GMA management. Pero Angel betrayed them.

    So sana nga palarin siya sa dos. pero di ko ipagdadasal iyon. Alam ko na kung anong mangyayari sa kanya doon. Kawawa lang siya.
    Nasa kama na siya, lumipat pa siya sa banig. Syonga.

  • dc222

    If Angel decided to stay with GMA, the network would have taken this all against her and she’d definitely lose in the situation.

    So Angel might as well move to ABS where she will no doubt be treated like a queen. Look at all the other people who moved over: Jake, Oyo, Megan Young… and Toni! All varying degrees of talent, but ABS is treating them like royalty in the process throwing their loyal and more talented homegrown talents to the side, now jobless.

    So ABS and Angel will both win, and if the reports about GMA undercompensating Angel are true, then good for Angel. I’d think GMA would anything in their power to hold on to her, but they didn’t and now they’re trying to blacken her name in the press.

    Oh well… that’s what happens with the stupid network wars.

  • mrseattle

    mikeal, July 24, 2007 at 12:50 pm:
    i got this from pinoy exchange?.

    Originally Posted by yellowsuzi
    Nagtampo si angel. Nalaman niya kasi na mas mataas ang talent fee ni __ROBIN PADILLA____ sa asian treasure kesa sa kanya. Nung malaman niya ito, nag-iiyak siya kay __RICHARD GUTIERREZ___ (isang gma actor) at sinabi niya ang sama ng loob niya.

    Kaya lang, si __ROBIN___ ay mas nauna naman sa kanyang mag-artista sa industriya. At superstar kaya si __ROBIN____.

    May isa pa siyang natuklasan, mas mataas din ang tf ni ____ALLESSANDARA de ROSSI_ kesa sa kanya. Si ___ALESSANDRA___ ay nakasama niya sa darna. No, hindi nagsisimula sa letter K ang name ni ___ALESSANDARA_.

    tama ba ko MIKAEL?may nalaman din ako na P200-250 thousand per taping day ni _________________ compare to ANGEL’s P100-150 thousand

  • mikeal


    parang tama ka, pero meron din akong nabasa na kay marvin agustin sya nagsumbong :)

  • myeprecious

    Gumuho ang tingin at paghanga ko kay Angel.
    She made things difficult for her now. Pinaliit niya ang mundo niya. Ang ikinatampo lang naman ng GMA Execs ay ang hindi pagpapaalam ng maayos. Mag-aaral daw kuno sa London, pero gusto lang pala lumipat.

    This is one of the most stupid career move I’ve ever seen. Another Angelika dela Cruz in the making.

  • jhaiboipinoi

    Kung ganun that means Angel was not the highest paid actress on GMA…

    She should have just negotiated with GMA for a raise… Hmm, guess ko rin si Marvin yung actor na nilapitan nya…

    But jealous of Alessandra De Rossi’s TF? Buti pa nga si Alex, inoffer ng show, di lumipat… Si Angel puro shows pa ang lumipat… GMA sana ayusin nyo yung talent management nyo… At maging fair to your other talents…

    GMA-7 Executive Regdie Magno blames Becky for Angel’s Lack of rest… I couldn’t agree with her more!

  • IronLady

    Locsin may not be the highest paid because of HER Manager. Besides, di naman sya kagalingang umarte, hndi pa kagandahan. Buti nga binigyan sya ng break ng GMA 7 eh. Tuluy-tuloy pa ang projects nya. Andaming artista sa GMA na naghihintay, si Locsin,parang isinusubo na lang sa kanya.

    Ms. Redgie is right, kung hindi iniraraket ni Aguila ang alaga nya kahit free time na nito, di sya magrereklamo na over-worked daw ”Kuno”.. Hahahahaa…Lahat e lame excuses!!

  • rocotwinsfanatic

    Hmmm.. very interesting to read.

  • onin

    ABS-CBN desperately want her? Sino ba ang nagpadala ng “feeler” si Becky di ba?
    Hindi pirate yun kasi sila Angel ang lumapit.
    Sino ngayon ang contradicting?

    Kung kayo sa ABS,lumapit ang isang Angel Locsin.. aayawan niyo?

    You Never Saw This Coming! kahit sa panaginip..
    Apektado lang kayo kasi ultimong “alas” ng GMA lumipat sa hindi malinaw ang dahilan.

    “I offered, I wanna clear that, I offered,”
    –Becky Aguila

  • jhaiboipinoi

    Kaw na rin nag-emphasize saying she wanted to get more popular outside of MEGA MANILA.. When in fact, she’s known all over the world… Cuz of GMA…

    Contradicting: I’m talking about the Kapamilya including Cristy Fermin and Kapamilya fans who suddenly welcomes her after criticizing her before… You might not be one of them…

    Of course, who wouldn’t get upset… Becky might have said she offered, but you know ABS-CBN’s manipulating ways… So don’t be fooled… They’ve done this to other Kapuso artist during the height of their career… So you can’t blame us for using the term “pirating”… I’m sure it was a mutual process between her and ebs that very deceiving towards GMA… As a former fan, who wouldn’t get offended…

  • jhaiboipinoi

    Alas? Angel Locsin? Please… She’s not the only big star on GMA that ABS is trying to get in touch with ever since GMA claimed themselves the #1 Network in the Philippines… Or you guys say “Mega Manila”…

    Ano kaya pinakain nila kay Angel para kumagat sa offer? Becky is taking the blame for everything… I’m sure malaki ang commission ni Aguila sa move na toh…

  • imbestigador

    Nabasa ko sa post ni happyjam sa

    from pinoy exchange?.

    Originally Posted by yellowsuzi

    Nagtampo si angel. Nalaman niya kasi na mas mataas ang talent fee ni ______ sa asian treasure kesa sa kanya. Nung malaman niya ito, nag-iiyak siya kay _____ (isang gma actor) at sinabi niya ang sama ng loob niya.

    Kaya lang, si _____ ay mas nauna naman sa kanyang mag-artista sa industriya. At superstar kaya si ______.

    May isa pa siyang natuklasan, mas mataas din ang tf ni _____ kesa sa kanya. Si ______ ay nakasama niya sa darna. No, hindi nagsisimula sa letter K ang name ni ____.

    Pero hindi kasi kasalanan ng GMA iyon. Kasalanan iyon ng manager niya. Manager kasi ang nakikipag-haggle ng presyo. At hindi marunong si Becky Aguila (remember, nag-away sila dati dahil natuklasan ni Angel na ninanakaw ni Becky Aguila ang mga pera niya then nagkabati sila). So it?s Becky?s fault pero GMA ang kinasamaan niya ng loob.

    Syempre, nagulat ang buong GMA sa desisyun niya. Mula sa isang talent lang, ginawa kasi siyang star. Binihisan, pinag-workshop, at siya rin ang unang ikinoconsider sa lahat ng lead roles. Plus, yung pelikula ni Angel na Angels? yung pluggings nun sa GMA, walang bayad. Hindi siya siningil ng Gma bilang suporta sa kanya (to think na it?s worth millions. per spot kasi ng commercxial at pluggings nasa 200k+ na i think). Inoferran din siya ng malaking tf sa new contract sana para pantapat sa offer ng dos. Pero di kinagat ni angel. Masama nga kasi ang loob niya. Pero mali ang pinagbubuntunan niya. Hindi ba dapat mas kay Becky siya magalit?

    Ano ba ang tawag sa isang tulad niya?

    Kahapon, sinabi ni Cristy Fermin, na hindi raw nagalit ang dos nang lumipat si Patrick Garcia sa GMA. Pero magkaiba si Angel at Patrick. Kaya lumipat si Patrick sa GMa kasi di siya binibigyan ng dos ng project. As in walang project si Patrick sa dos. Pero si Angel?.
    Maski kaming mga writers dati, nauuta na, kasi puro si angel ang iniisipan namin ng kwento. Ganun siya kamahal ng GMA management. Pero Angel betrayed them.

    So sana nga palarin siya sa dos. pero di ko ipagdadasal iyon. Alam ko na kung anong mangyayari sa kanya doon. Kawawa lang siya.
    Nasa kama na siya, lumipat pa siya sa banig. Syonga.

  • imbestigador

    Eto lang naman pumasok sa Isipan ko eh….

    Kung si Angel Locsin ay “Reyna” ng GMA Telebabad,Bakit pa siya Pinalipat sa Dos?

    It’s clearly beacuse of Money…No questions Ask.

  • ja1207

    i think, “f*ck you” becky aguila, you’re the cause of all this intrigues, angel should’ve never came back to you in the first place, gahaman ka sa pera…offering 3times the talent fee, kakagat ka na, ambabaw mo…just for the sake of money, pwe…

    and, jake, megan, etc.. are treated like royalties in abs??? hahaha, i doubt it, royalty ng mga daga, pwede pa…di magtatagal, mawawala rin yan sa tv…soon enough…tapos todo lipat ulit sa gma…naku, si jake, wag na, pacute lang naman yan, pero sa 22o, pa-cute yan…pero si megan, hmmm…ewan ko lang

  • paolo_pascual_13

    People, sana enough of this issue na. Pero wala nga palang ibang issue ngayon kaya pagtyagaan na lang natin itong issue ni Angelgrata Locsin at ng kanyang manager (I don?t want to say her name anymore). Sana nga bumalik na lang si Anne sa GMA. Of all GMA talents na nag jump over the bakod, si Anne lang ang until now ay inadmire ko. The likes of Lani Misalucha, Toni Gonz, Rica Pera and specially Vina M(Macho) should be forgotten. To think na doon pa sila nagpunta sa katapat na show ng kanilang dating show. Which is malaking tulong naman sa GMA dahil ang mga shows nila ay talo sa ratings ng sa GMA. SOP vs ASAP, Eat Bulaga vs wala na ang show ni Toni. So to end this, let us wait kung ano ang mangyayari sa career ng bida sa isyung ito. Abangan ang susunod na kabanata??

  • paolo_pascual_13


  • paolo_pascual_13


  • siennagold

    See, talagang pinaikot-ikot lang ni Madam Becky ang mga utak ng mga tao at GMA thinking na ongoing at meron pang chance ang negotiations with GMA…yun pala naka-sign na sa ABS. The point is, sana naman, Becky told the real score and came straight to the point na talagang lumipat na sila sa ABS. Pero hindi, she kept the “will angel transfer or not?” issue hanging…up in the air…siyempre para mapagusapan ang alaga niya while Angel is abroad. And it worked. Hay naku…all I can say to Becky is…karma is a b*tch.


    Ruel Mendoza

    MULA sa aming reliable source, nakapirma na pala si Angel Locsin ng kontrata sa ABS-CBN 2 bago pa man ito lumipad patungong Amerika.

    Kaya naman hindi mapigilan ng mga taga-GMA7, lalo na ?yung mga nagtulung-tulong para maging isang big star si Angel, na magsalita ng hindi magaganda laban kay Angel at sa manager nitong si Becky Aguila.

    Obviously ay nililigaw lang daw ni Becky ang GMA7 na aayusin pa lang daw lahat sa pag-uwi ni Angel mula sa London kunsaan nag-aral ito ng two weeks course sa fashion designing. ?Yun pala ay nakipag-negotiate na raw siya with ABS-CBN 2 na hindi man lang nagpaalam ito sa mga top executives ng GMA7.

    Maging ang ABS-CBN 2 ay inilihim ang pagpirma sa kanila ni Angel Locsin. Panay pa ang deny nila regarding sa paglipat ni Angel sa kanila ?yun pala ay sure nang nasa kanila si Angel bago ito umalis patungong US.

    Pero totoo rin kaya ang balitang nakarating sa amin na napilitan lang daw si Angel na pumirma sa naturang kontrata sa Dos? Na ayaw daw talaga ni Angel iwan ang GMA7 pero dahil sa laki ng takot nito sa kanyang manager ay napapirma siya against her will?

    True kaya na umiiyak daw si Angel habang pinipirmahan nito ang naturang kontrata sa Dos?

    Kung anuman ang katotohanan, tanging si Angel Locsin lang ang makakasagot. Hintayin natin ang kanyang pagbabalik para mabigyang linaw na ang sari-saring kuwento tungkol sa kanyang pag-iwan sa GMA7, ang istasyon na nagpasikat at nagpayaman sa kanya. At sana lang, sabihin niya kung ano ang totoo.

  • GusPike

    Post ko lang yung ginawa ko sa though wala itong direct link sa post above.

    Alam nyo, If Angel is in her right mind, she will understand why some of her fans reacted this way. And I’m sure when she (or they, her manager and her dad) made the decision to leave GMA, naisip na nila na a lot of people would really be disappointed and heartbroken especially her mostly kapuso fans. Therefore di niya pwede sabihin na lilipat na talaga siya kasi ayaw na siya ng kapuso fans. Kun baga nagtampo lang ang maga ito dahil sa plans niyang pag-alis. It’s not the other way around.

    Of course, foul na rin yung name calling at paninira sa kanya even if it seems that talagang binale wala lang nila ang GMA by very the manner in which she left or is leaving pa the network (they could have made their intentions known to GMA Management all along without necessarily going public pa para mabigyan din yung network na nagnurture sa kanya like a loving mother a fair chance to fight for her and win her back. Hindi yung letter lang sabay announce na they’re negotiating with ABS na kasi di na namn iba yung taga GMA sa kanya, di ba?). If we are truly her fans and we’re so against her going over to to other side, the most we can do lang sana is to let her know how sad and devastated we are. Bahala na siya if kaya niya tayong intindihin because kasi if she can’t understand us, maybe she doesn’t deserve our immense adulation.

    And Angel is very much welcome to come back naman although at this point, all hopes of her staying a kapuso seems lost now. Me, I wanna see her suddenly come out and say that actually she’s not leaving GMA pero I know that is only wishful thinking considering nagsalita na manager at dad niya. Anyway, the point is that GMA fans would welcome her back with open arms if ever lang nga… Sincere fans would not hesitate to sorry to her so di nya dapat ma-feel unwelcomed especially if inisip nila muna magiging reaction ng mga taong sumuporta sa kanya bago sila nagpasya na mag-over da bakod.If we express our sentiments lang, our sheer panghihinayang at sukdulang sadness sa pag-alis niya (kunting patawa lang para makahinga namn tayo …hehehe) sa network na mahal natin, without going overboard, then nobody can accuse us of doing a very good job in helping drive her out na talaga.

    Basta, goodluck na lang kay Angel ano man decision nya…I’ll still love her naman though I will never follow her there in the other side. Who knows, her career might even blossom even further there pero sana maisip nya na kun mangyari man yun, sayang din coz di na niya masha-share yung tagumpay niya with us. Yes, she’ll gain new fans over there but she should realize that along the way, she will also be breaking the hearts of so many kapuso who actually made her the Angel Locsin we know now.

    Life must go on but we will surely miss Angel here…

    BTW, about that pirating thing, I don’t believe Si Becky Aguila lang nagbigay ng “feelers”sa ABS. Baka part lang yun ng agreement nila na sabihin niya sila yung lumapit at di ang kabilang network. I’m sure all this time atat na atat na ang dos na makuha si Angel. Sila kasi big winner sa issue nato like Rickey said.They take away GMA’s hottest star and bring over her undeniable public draw. Impossible naman ata di magka-interest ang dos sa kanya considering her stature.

    About Cristy “Pangit inside out” Fermin, plastic namn talaga ang taong yan eh. Siyempre now that Angel is with them na, kunwari defend nya siya bigla. At di big beal paglipat ni Patrick coz his career was in limbo already sa kabila kasi napapabayaan na siya dun. Si Angel sobrang mahal ng GMA at inaalagaan ng husto kaya ganun ang reaction ng mga tao. Besides,like I mentioned, Angel and her manager could have said goodbye properly even if expired na contract niya. Kala ko ba mahal nila ang GMA at painful decision daw ginawa nila eh bakit parang ang dali lang? Ginulat lang nila ang lahat by handing only a farewell letter and then going public sa kabila na almost in the bag na paglipat niya. This, after all her great years in GMA. Sana nga kay becky ang decision na ito at walang kinalaman si Angel kasi it doesn’t speak of her well if ever the contrary is true. Tapos what’s this thing I read na isa daw sa hina-ing ni Angel ay wala siya pahinga.Pwede namn siya mag-ask ng break ah at di kailangan lumipat. I’m sure pagbibigyan siya ng GMA kasi nga very special siya para sa kanila at di namn ganun kasama management ng GMA to deny her her request. Tsaka why complain kung dami mo trabaho, dami mo projects? Eh ang ibang artista nga naghahanap ng work, ng break, ng chance…

    Hope when she comes out, she can answer all these things para namn ma-clear niya name niya at para maka-move on na rin yung fans niya na maiiwan sa GMA kasi loyal kapuso pa rin ang mga ito.

  • jhaiboipinoi

    GusPike, you said it, Amen to that! :)

  • paolo_pascual_13

    Judy Ann, this is the best time for u to do soap opera in GMA and siguradong mas mataas ang rating nito. I am sure you will be a superstar not only in ABS but also in GMA. Give Ebs a lesson for not supporting the career of their own home grown talent.

  • paolo_pascual_13

    Andaming ek ek nitong manager na ito eh palpak naman ang mga binibigay na reason. Pati iyong bulag na ama ni Angel ay ginagamit para maawa at mawala ang galit sa knila ng mga fans. Hay, what money can do talaga. It really makes the world go round.

  • ja1207

    gaya nga ng sinasabi ko…it’s the devil becky aguila’s fault to all of this nonsense…para nyang ginawang alipin si angel para lang makuha nya ang gus2 nyang pera…makikikonchaba pa sa abs na itago i2…mga walanghiya tlga sila…ang suggestion ko lang…mag-iba na ng manager sina jennylyn at valerie bago pa mahuli ang lahat…at, kung pepwede, si angel din, sabi ko na nga ba na i feel that angel is innocent in all of these…

    at, kung wala syang pahinga sa gma, cgurado, kapag nagpatuloy sya sa abs, she will have more rest than the lifespan of her life,…

  • ja1207

    oo nga, kaawa din ung ama ni angel…may bali-balita nga na ndi na tlga makakakita sya…tapos may kaguluhan pang gani2, tsk tsk tsk, screw you beckyky

  • paolo_pascual_13

    Sana gumawa ng eksena si Jennlyn Mercado. “Aalis sya sa poder ng MONEYger nya”. SIguradong pag-uusapan sya at syempre sikat sya. Maraming fans ni Angel ang matutuwa sa kanya and buibilib sa kanya. I am sure biglang taas uli ang popularity niya.

  • ja1207

    i would go for valerie concepcion…

  • paolo_pascual_13

    Plastican tuloy tuloy na:
    Male stars ng EBS excited na makatambal ang exreyna ng GMA (future dama ng Ebs).

    Di ba Ebs is short for ebak na ibig sabihin U-U ng tao? Correct me if I am wrong.

  • imbestigador

    P 65 Million ang TF ni Angel sa 5 Years na Pagtatrabaho niya sa GMA

  • paolo_pascual_13

    Where have you been? Angel answered “I’ve been to London to visit the queen”

    Ano nga ba ginawa nya sa London? Nagsusulat at nagiisip ng mga irereason nya pagbalik sa Pinas.

    Well, Ex-queen, sana maging justifiable and lahat ng iyong sasabihin.

  • EiC21

    wow, is it true? 65M! Pero mukhang mas malaki talaga ang kinita nung Becky kasi di ba napabalita na ang mga anak nya sa US nag-aaral, e si Angel may kapatid na nakapag-aral sa US? Hindi ba’t ngayon nga lang sya nakabili ng dream house nya worth 16M lang, for sure in comparison sa house ni Becky, mansion ang sa manager nya, pustahan pa tayo!

  • jessie_han

    am not really an Angel fan, but I do like her and watch her shows sa GMA because I am a kapuso. but now that she has left GMA, it’s sad that i won’t be able to watch her na. just like her kapuso fans, di ko sya susundan sa kabila. pero i thank her na rin coz sa pagiging kamukha nya nagsimula ang pagiging curious ko kay Glaiza de Castro. but eventually i became Glaiza’s fan more than an Angel fan. i do hope Glaiza will be one of those na ibibuild-up at ipapalit ng GMA kay Angel.

    am really sad sa nangyari… sana nga di si Angel ang nagdesisyon at napilitan lang sya coz talagang masakit ang ginawa nyang ito sa GMA at mga Kapuso fans.

    di ko maimagine kung ano talaga ang mangyayari sa kanya sa kabila. i won’t say good luck… bahala na lang sya kung anong mangyari sa kanya dun.

    basta for me, GMA should build up more deserving stars… and hope Glaiza de Castro will be one of them. :)

  • ja1207

    glaiza tlga…gogogo glaiza…

  • siennagold

    Ang offer pala ng ABS ay P150,000 per taping MAS MATAAS PA KAY CLAUDINE BARRETTO.

    Angel, naka-P62M daw sa GMA 7

    Hindi pa rin mamatay ang isyu sa paglisan ni Angel Locsin sa Siyete. Iba?t ibang opinyon ang naririnig namin sa labas at sa loob ng showbiz.

    Sa usapang iyon ay mas malakas ang hagupit na natatanggap ni Becky Aguila bilang manager ni Angel. Halos lahat ng komento sa internet ay si Becky ang sinisisi. Sa tingin nila ay siya ang nagmaniobra ng lahat.

    Nagagalit pa ang iba na pati ang ama ni Angel Locsin na may kapansanan ay ginagamit para makakuha ng simpatiya sa mga tao.

    Noon daw ay never sumasawsaw o nagpapa-interview ang amang may karamdaman, bakit daw ngayon ay parang siya ang ginagamit?

    Kung noon, ang pag-aaway nina Angel at Becky ay PERA ang isyu, nauulit daw muli ngayon na PERA rin pala ang dahilan ng pag-alis ni Angel sa GMA 7.

    Habang ginagawa raw ni Angel ang Asian Treasures, ang talent fee nito per taping day na P40,000 ay naging P60,000, naging P80,000 hanggang naging P120,000. Kaso, ang offer daw ng ABS-CBN para kay Angel ay P150,000 per taping ? mas mataas pa raw sa talent fee ni Claudine Barretto!

    May nagkuwento pa sa amin na lagi raw humihingi ng appointment o meeting ang partido ni Angel kay Ms. Wilma Galvante (GMA 7?s senior VP for entertainment) pero lagi raw itong busy at parang ayaw silang kausapin.

    Nang makausap naman namin si Ms. Redgie Magno ay kabaligtaran pala ang situwasyon.

    Sila ang laging humihingi ng meeting kina Becky pero lagi raw itong busy.

    Nang si Annette Gozon (anak ni Atty. Felipe Gozon, chairman and CEO ng GMA Network) na raw ang humingi ng meeting ay agad daw nag-confirm si Becky.

    Nagulat na lang daw sina Becky at Angel pagka?t nandun din sina Wilma Galvante sa meeting sa isang private room sa business center ng EDSA Plaza Hotel.

    Gumastos nang malaki ang GMA 7 para sa meeting na iyon.

    Malaki raw ang kinita ni Angel sa GMA 7 — P62M kundi kami nagkakamali.

    Ang talent fee na ki-nita ni Angel sa mga programa ng GMA ay P22M.

    Sa endorsements at commercials — na trinabaho rin ng GMA 7 — ay P40M ang kinita ng young actress.

    Ang laki ng komisyon ni Becky, huh?!

    Bukod sa bahay (P15M) ay nakabili si Angel ng Hummer (binayaran ng P5M cash).

    Sabi naman ng isang mahaderang fan na si Maniacquita Rivera, sana ay inuna ni Angel ang pagpapagamot sa ama kesa ang Hummer na hindi raw bagay sa kanya.


    Hayaan ninyo si Angel at pera naman niya ang ginagastos niya. Karapatan niyang gastusin ?yan sa kung anong gusto niya.

    Kawawa naman si Angel at siya ang nabubugbog sa mga negatibong write-up dahil sa isyung ito.

    Matagal na naming kilala si Angel at wala kaming nakitang kamalditahan sa young actress.

    Lagi siyang nakangiti at warm na makipag-usap. Kaya nagugulat kami sa mga pangyayaring ito.

    Hindi kaya madamay ang iba pang alaga ni Becky dahil sa gulong ito?

    Balita namin ay tinanggal na si Jennylyn Mercado sa Pasan Ko Ang Daigdig at ang ipinalit ay si Yasmien Kurdi.

    Si Valerie Concepcion ay wala nang kontrata sa GMA 7. Paano na sina Charming (aka Eunice Lagusad), Nash Aguas at iba pang talents ni Becky?

    Dadalhin lahat niya ang mga ito sa ABS-CBN?

    Hindi kaya maging refugee camp ang ABS-CBN sa dami ng mga alaga ni Becky?


    Nagbigay pala ng abiso si Mother Lily Monteverde sa Star Cinema na huwag nilang pakialaman muna si Angel Locsin dahil may kontrata pa ito sa kanya.

    Nag-react si Mother Lily dahil sa lumalabas na tsika na pumirma na raw ang kampo ni Angel sa Star Cinema. Handa raw idemanda ni Mother ang kampo ni Angel kapag napatunayan niya na may pirmahang naganap.

    Ipaglalaban lang daw niya ang kanyang karapatan.


  • ja1207

    jennylyn, valerie, charming, magiging miserable lang ang buhay nyo kay becky aguila, sayang lang ang mga talents nyo kung mapupunta kau sa kabilang station, kakainis tlga i2ng becking i2…si nash aguas naman eh sa abs na un….

    at, dun naman sa tatay ni angel…db dati pinag-usapan na yan, na pinagagamot na nga nya…pero, may bali-balitang ndi na daw makakakita…pero ang alam ko…may mga sessions yan kaya paunti-unti ang paggamot…

  • jhaiboipinoi

    Tama, laging PERA ang ang nagpapainit sa issue…

    Mga bida parati sa siyete ang mga talent ni Becky… Tapos yun ang gagawin nila… Ang kapal rin talaga noh, yung talagang pinasikat ang nilipat… Di na sya nahiya sa GMA management…

    Through all this drama, meron pa ring mabubuti at totoong tao sa showbiz…


    Tulad ni Angel Locsin, galing din si Dennis Trillo sa ABS-CBN, pero pareho rin silang hindi nagtagal doon at lumipat sa GMA-7.

    Kuwento ni Dennis sa presscon ng Kung Mahawi Man ang Ulap, bagong sinenovela ng Siyete, kung siya ang nasa katayuan ni Angel, na nabigyan ng big break ng Siyete, hindi niya gagawing lisanin ang Kapuso Network.

    ?Actually, nauna lang ako ng isa o dalawang buwan kay Angel sa Dos. Tapos, nabalitaan kong lumipat siya ng Siyete,? bungad ni Dennis.

    ?Anim na buwan ang kontrata ko sa ABS-CBN Talent Center. Nu?ng matapos ang kontrata ko, naghintay pa ako ng anim na buwan. Pero, wala pa ring nangyari, kaya nagpahanap na ako ng manager. Si Popoy (Caritativo) nga ang naging manager ko at isinama niya ako sa GMA-7.

    ?Ang unang project na ibinigay sa akin ng Siyete ay ang Kahit Kailan with Sunshine Dizon. Tapos, nagkasunud-sunod na, hanggang sa dumating ang Mulawin, Super Twins at ito ngang latest, Kung Mahawi Man ang Ulap.

    ?Sa Siyete ko lang naramdaman ang tunay na pagmamahal. Sila ang nagbigay sa akin ng big break para marating ang kinatatayuan ko ngayon. Hindi ko magagawang iwan ang GMA. Respeto na lang,? mahabang pahayag ni Dennis.

    Sa Kung Mahawi Man ang Ulap, naikuwento ng actor na sangkatutak ang kissing at love scenes nila ng partner na si Nadine Samonte.

    Inamin ni Dennis na masarap at malambot ng lips ng leading lady. Pero, nagpauna ito na trabaho lang ang ginawa nila?t sinunod ang hinihingi ng script.

    Bukod kay Nadine, may love scenes din si Dennis kay Iwa Moto, na for the first time ay walang takot na nagpakita ng balat.

    Ani Iwa, gagawin niya ang lahat sa KMMAU, kahit mag-tumbling pa siya sa kama.

  • jhaiboipinoi

    PEP Article from June 25, 2006

    “Angel’s father, Angel Colmenares, also spoke with Galvante and explained that it wouldn’t be FAIR for both parties if Angel signed a contract right away even though his daughter is well aware that she couldn’t work for at least TWO months because of her studies.

    – Philippine Entertainment Portal”

  • imbestigador

    EiC21….May nagsabi sa isang showbiz writer na Yan daw ang Kita ni Angel Matapos pakialam ni Becky ang Tunay na Kinikita niya mula sa GMA…Kung wala siyang Manager,Hindi lang P 65 Million ang Kita niya ;)

  • ja1207

    Kung wala siyang Manager,Hindi lang P 65 Million ang Kita niya
    oo nga…at the state that she is now (kung ndi nangyari ang controversy)…she no longer needs a manager, offers, guestings, etc will come to her like ofw remittances…she just have to pick those she like and the TF…2ngkol sa TF, dapat may financial adviser sya, ndi si becky dhil lugi na agad sya sa sweldo ni2…

  • mykhel


  • ja1207

    mykhel, nice theory…napanood nyo ba ang startalk…db, usap-usapan na dati ang pag-iwas ni angel sa startalk camera…ngaung confirmed na i2…pano kaya ang gagawin ni angel…screw you becky…mamatay kana…

    gus2 kitang isulat sa death note…since magkamukha naman kau ni cristy fermin…iisipin ko lang mukha nya, at pangalan nyong dalawa…double dead na agad, pwe…

    ang loyalty ndi nasusulat sa contract…nasa puso yan…gud job ms. wilma…tandaan mo yan angel/…

  • outbreak101

    i know i’m not in the position to react on this topic..
    i’m not an angel fan..
    but i’m saddened with the negative issues being thrown to her..
    i think she doesn’t deserve this kind of negative write ups..
    first of all she’s not here to defend herself..
    let’s just wait for whatever she has to say first..
    i know GMA will do this..(ruin whatever angel have right now).. they say..they made angel a star..
    there’s no question about it..
    and i can understand if they were hurt (or still hurting)..
    but what i can’t understand is that why do they have to open up this kind of issues just to let/see angel fall..
    if they really considered angel as their “daughter”..then why do they have to do this?
    it won’t make any mom happy seeing their daughters fall..
    but instead mom should lift her up and let her spread her wings to learn new things which mom can’t provide her..
    but as what i can see..GMA is not the kind of mom most of us have..
    yes..daughters do commit mistakes at times..maybe they’re not as mature as their moms yet..
    and i know..partly..angel is feeling or experiencing the same..
    yes..she do commit a mistake by not asking for her mom’s (GMA) permission regarding her transfer to ABS..
    just like any teenager whose afraid of what their mom has to say,right?
    i can feel that she is afraid..
    afraid that GMA won’t let her go..
    and so this happens..
    no one’s to blame,right?
    we can’t blame angel for doing this..
    she just wants to explore and try new things..
    yes..GMA gave her a break..
    and i know she is very much thankful for this kind of trust that they have given her..
    that’s why she did everything just to return the favor..
    she worked day and night..just to give GMA high ratings..
    GMA helped her the same way that she helped GMA..
    fair enough,right?
    and now she’s established as one of the country’s star..
    but being the “queen” in GMA doesn’t give her what she really wants..
    i think she’s searching for some challenge..
    challenging herself to be paired with the country’s most prominent actors and actresses..
    not just the pa-cute girl image at GMA..
    or the fantaserye girl..
    and she can find what she really wants at ABS..
    and so she transferred..
    i can’t see anything wrong with that..
    her contract expires and by the law she is free..
    the good thing is..
    she’s not afraid to take the risk from being a queen back to being a princess again..
    just like a small girl..trying to reach the goal she has set for herself..
    angel moved out to reach her dreams..her goals..
    transferring to ABS is a great move..i suppose..
    she can be given more mature roles..the “heavy drama” kind of roles..
    one which anne curtis..bea alonzo, angelica panganiban and now roxanne guinoo is currently up to..
    look how they mature from being the pa-cute girls during their teens from being the credible actresses nowadays..
    maybe that’s what angel is longing for..
    a break that could make her known aside from being the pa-cute fantaserye star that she is at GMA..
    but being the credible and prominent star that she will be in ABS..
    GMA made her a star..and now they are the ones who’s destroying the star that they have made..
    sad but true..
    but ABS won’t let this happen..
    just believe..
    ABS have many projects in store for angel..
    with ABS she can be the star that she wanted to be..
    let’s give her the chance to prove her worth as an actress..i mean “the real actress” and not just the pa-cute one..

  • RoxyBathoryBiatchee

    mykhel… alam mo ba? parang may na-i-kwento nga ang isang kapwa ko employee dati na may “madilim na nakaraan” si Angel eh. Hindi nga ako makapaniwala. With her looks hindi mo talagang maiisip na ganun ang ginawa niya. It has something to do with prostitution thingamajig before she achieved her stardom. So, with your revelation, it seems na totoo ang naikwento sa akin ng dating co-employee ko.

    becky aguila…. aaarrggghhh!!!! evil na evil nga siya! she should go to hell!

  • imbestigador

    oo nga?at the state that she is now (kung ndi nangyari ang controversy)?she no longer needs a manager, offers, guestings, etc will come to her like ofw remittances?she just have to pick those she like and the TF?2ngkol sa TF, dapat may financial adviser sya, ndi si becky dhil lugi na agad sya sa sweldo ni2?

    She can manage her ownself,Malaki na yun ;)

  • siennagold

    Grabe ang ginawa ni Becky sa GMA. Before Angel even left, GMA already offered them a contract to sign. Ang sabi ni Becky sa GMA, there is no need to immediately sign the contract. It’s best to let Angel take her studies first then wait for her return before Angel signs the contract. According to Becky, Angel is loyal to GMA so no need to be concerned Yun pala Becky and Angel already signed the contract…even before Angel left! My golly!
    Pinaikot-ikot lang pala ni Becky ang GMA at mga tao. Tama ang word ni Lolit, TRAYDOR ang dapat itawag kina Becky/Angel NOT ingrata. I find this whole thing planned By Becky…with Angel sent abroad so as not to be interviewed and followed by reporters – ika nga, wait for the whole thing to die down before you come home. Tapos si Becky naman is “taking care of business – with ABS.”
    I wonder why Becky/Angel had to do it this way. They could just easily informed GMA about their real plans of transferring to ABS. They CHOSE TO BURN BRIDGES with GMA.

  • perwisyonglangaw

    got some equations for you guys:

    ingarata + traydor = becky + angel

    angel – 7 = angel + 2 + 150,000 pesos per shooting day

    becky + angel = go + to + hell (hehehe, or nandyan na nga cla ngayon?)

    7 – angel = peace + of + mind

    2 + angel = future + ingratahan + trayduran )wanna bet?)

    angel + piolo = save + the + 2 + queens

  • nicepeople

    Sad talaga kc lilipat cya sa ABS-CBN. Curious lang, did we hear anything from Richard Gutierez about this. Ano kaya masasabi niya. Sana nga Angel should have told GMA of her plans of moving sa ABS out of courtesy man lang. Cguro naman, GMA will let her go basta naadvise lang cla nang maayos. Sana maayos pa ni Angel ang relationship niya with GMA kahit nasa ABS na cya. Do not burn bridges sabi nga ni Ruffa – you might need these people someday. Sa pagtaas at pagbaba – you will meet the same people.

  • imbestigador

    May Bagong drama si Angel sa Dos at Leading man niya sa piolo Pascual…

    Ang title ay Darna at BAding…

  • paolo_pascual_13

    I was able to watch the Buzz at Showbiz Central today. The buzz trailer shows Angel and sabi nila ay sasagutin nya ang lahat ng mga intriga tunkol sa kanya. They even mentioned all the intrigues that was roming around. Hinintay ko ang portion na ito hanggang matapos ang show but sad to say talagang hindi mapapagkatiwalaan ang show na ito. They only proved that Angel was in London, hindi naman nya sinagot ang ibang issue tungkol sa kanya. False advertisement ang kanilang ginawa, niloloko nila ang mga manonood. Wala silang credibility talaga. On the other hand, Showbiz Central did a good job on bringing out the sides of GMA at talagang hinimay nila and very confident ang GMA management sa pagtalakay sa isyung ito. Marami silang inilabas about the ex-queen and her MONEYger. ABS-CBN ay serbisyong pang issue. GMA ay serbisyong totoo.

  • paolo_pascual_13

    Come to think of this: ANGEL LOCSIN
    Angel sa tagalog ay anghel, paghiwalayin mo, ano ang sagot. Ang-hel (ang HELL).
    Locsin: Sin sa tagalog kasalanan.

  • siennagold

    I agree with Joffrey of Pep

    He wrote:

    [b]I have to say that I just happen to work in corporate america where people eating ?worms for their breakfast? is a normal thing. I have seen the politics, back-biting, cursing each other. But at the end of the day, they will shake hands and have small talk and wish each other well. Is that professional? You betcha! But that also means, ?You screwed me up and you messed with me, then you are so going down!?. It?s totally a silent war, but you will hear it and you will feel it inside the whole building!

    The Philippine setting is not much different. Why should it be? It?s business after all! The dynamic duo (Becky and Angel) move was so ?amateurish?. They miscalculated everything. They messed up and don?t know how to the play the game and now they are reaping the consequences. Becky?move was the classic example of the pinoy kasabihan ?langaw na nakatuntong sa kalabaw?. She tought that she could do whatever she wants because she knows the ?ins and outs? of the game. Too bad that wasn?t the case! Alin kung dito nya nagawa yan. Lalamunin siya ng buong-buo! She should know that when it comes to business, that she is like playing the game of the chess. You think ahead of your opponent?s strategy. At least 5 moves ahead. Trinaydor nya ang GMA dapat naiisip niya na pwede ding gawin sa kanya ng GMA yun. Ganun din yung balak nya sa Regal. But knowing Mother Lily, who knows the business pretty well, she can eat Becky alive! They disrespected GMA and now Regal and that?s a ?no-no? in the corporate environment.[/b]

    As competitiors, GMA and ABS respect each other, but that does not mean that they will stop competing with each other. But that does not mean that they will not backdoor each other. Pero hindi sila gagawa ng ikaka-disrespect ng bawat isa. Kung sa ABS ginawa ni Becky at Angel yung ginawa nila sa GMA. I will totally understand ABS if they will choose to take some action. Hindi ako magpapa-hipokrito tulad ng iba dito. It?s the nature of the business whether you like it or not. Di pa tayo sinisilang eh ganito eh na itong mundong ginagalawan natin.

    [b]Becky and Angel should only blame themselves for their actions and reaping the consequences for breaking the rules. May casualties na hindi naman dapat. Pero tulad ng giyera may mga ?collateral damage?. It?s not pretty but that?s REALITY! They should look at their cards first before they play the game??

    All I can say is I wish them well??.wink?wink!!!!

  • bloumer23

    im reading so many article/rumors abt angel … & so many people say na its from gma..kc now lng xa lumabas ng lilipat si angel….

    i have to disagree to that….
    fact is…before wen angel is still is really gma’s job & obligation to protect their talent… in this case they not only protected her but they shield her…kasi nga she’s the reyna ng gma..the favorite..sabi nga pride & joy ng gma…

    and co’z she’s the favorite syempre if im the writer/columnist & my news me about her..i would think hundred times if ilalabas ko un..kc alm ko na malaking company ung ngaalaga sa kanya..kc lets face it..bawat publication sinasabihan yan ng gma/abs management na kung maaari e ung simpleng rumors na lng ung ilabas about a certain star..

    and besides all the rumors about her is not all new lumabas na lahat yan be4..di nga lng pinag usapan ng husto..kasi pinatay agad ung news…kc nga ang lakas ng kapit nya sa gma…so xempre gagawa ng way ang gma to kill the rumors…

    & if i remember corectly most of that rumors is from the other side..diba blind item panga xa b4 ni cristy fermin…& i read b4 about an young actress lumalaki ung ulo kc sikat na…& di daw bagay ung name sa ugali…i cant remember wer i read it..

    now my point is…be4 it’s gma’s responsibility to protect her co’z she’s kapuso..right now what’s the used of doing it…e ayaw na nga ni angel sa kanila…its not their responsibility now to freeze all the news about her weather it’s old or not…

    syempre if i’m the writer & matagal na ko my hawak na article abt angel..di ko lng malabas b4 kc nga she’s protected by a big people…e it’s my time na para ilabas lahat diba ..kc hot item xa now… as they say “PAGKAKATAON NA”..

  • Joey_2007

    Tama lang ang ginawa ni Angel Locsin kasi ganyan syempre kapag isa kang Social Climber, dapat pera ang unahin at hindi ang utang na loob. Hindi pa ba obvious sa inyo na talagang nag-uumpisa pa lang si Angel Locsin ay ganid na yan sa FAME and GLORY. Halos magpakamatay ng mawala ang syota nyang angkan ng mga SOTTO kasi ano ka mo ang dahilan? eh di wala na syang gagamitin para makilala ng tao–ibang klase kung manggamit ng tao sagad hanggang buto! Kaya ayun hanap uli ng isa pang angkan ng mga SOTTO para may gamitin uli para sa showbiz at para mapag-usapan. Pareho lang sila ng manager nyang suwapang sa kuwarta! Pero ngayon…hahaha!!! umpisa na ng katapusan mo ng career dahil ang ABS-CBN ay isa pang dupang sa pera dahil kapag humina lang ng konti ang rating ng programa…SIBAK ka na!!!hahahaha!!!matitikman kung pano ka sibakin sa mukha ng ABS-CBN…walang utang na loob!!!Social Climber!!!!

  • Joey_2007


  • kuya_Sam

    Angel is surely going to loose! korek si rickey!

    bebenta sila for some time with Angel, ano banama iyong pagsama samahin nila sa isang soap si Angel, Ann Curtis, at Oyo Boy di ba!!!

    ex girlfriends, bebenta iyong idea, at magandang mangyari ito dahil makikita kung gano kalaman sa acting si Ann Curtis compared kay Angel…

    at dito natin malalaman na Angel is not for ABS.

    ABS’ prime time shows are good dramas,

    GMA’s prime time shows are good fantaserye…

    san ba sumikat si angel?



    sisikat ka for some time…

    pero baka maging SANDARA ka rin lang….

  • RoxyBathoryBiatchee

    @kuya_Sam, at least si Sandara may babalikan pa. You know….KOREA! And nung bumalik nga si Sandara, may isang company doon na nagmagandang-loob na bigyan silang ng matutuluyan nilang mag-iina. Another thing, di ba may background si Sandara sa YG Entertainment? Kung lumagpak man si Sandara sa Pinas at least may bansang aahunan niya at babangunan niya. Hindi lang Korea, kundi buong Asya (since buhay pa rin naman ang KoreanWave, devah).

    As for Angel Locsin… ewan ko! I don’t wanna burst some blah-blah on her na except na she let these shitty things happen. I don’t know kung magiging warm ang reception sa kanya ng mga Kapamilya fans here and abroad. Hindi naman siya ganun ka-talented, average lang naman ang acting skills niya (Marian Rivera is way competent than her). Kahit hindi magiging makatarungan itong salitang ito, she has gone ingrateful. Consenting her babuytang manager is one manifestation of ingratitude. Second, thru Joey_2007’s revelation. Third, kung totoo na “crayola-galore” siya kay Becky nang natatambakan na ng husto si Angel sa GMA-7…eh di ano’ng labas nun? Hindi siya willing sa challenges? Ang dami pa ngang mas overworked kesa sa kanya pero hindi sila crayola-galore gaya niya, noh!

  • RoxyBathoryBiatchee

    BTW… I have something to share. An article written by no other than ever-feisty ALFIE LORENZO in his column in Abante Tonite yesterday:


    Angel, ka-level lang ni Wendy

    Hindi lang iilan sa mga kasamahan naming manunulat na nakakaalam ng tunay na kahulugan ng ?utang na loob? ang medyo ilang sa presscon ni Becky Aguila.

    Sabi ng ibang reporters, alam ng manager ni Angel Locsin ang utang na loob but she doesn?t practice it, or if she does, maling implementation daw?

    Marami sa mga dumalo sa presscon na ?yun ay hindi interesado. Ilan lang ang nagtanong. Most of them, comment lang nang comment sa upuan nila.
    Para saan daw ba ?yung presscon na ?yun?

    Eh ano raw ba kung saanman lumipat si Angel Locsin, what?s the big fuss? Siya raw ba ang pinakamalaking star this side of heaven?
    Maging sa Hollywood daw, hindi naman pinapa-presscon pa kung saan mang movie outfit gagawa ng pelikula si Madonna, Sharon Stone, Angelina, Beyonce or whoever.

    First time in local history na may pinapreskon pang ganito to explain what should not be explained anymore dahil alam na naman ng lahat ?yun — kaya naging boring ?yung preskon, ?noh?! Kaya isa-isang nagsitakas ang mga baklita!

    Nu?ng may magtanong sa akin kung anong palagay ko sa paglipat ni Angel Locsin sa ABS-CBN, klaro at maliwanag ang sagot ko: “The end of her career!”

    Why? “What has she to offer?”

    Marunong bang sumayaw si Angel Locsin? Mas gagaling pa ba siyang sumayaw kesa kina Milagring at Mariposa?

    Marunong ba siyang kumanta like Wendy-wendang ng PBB? Oo nga at pareho lang silang matigas ang katawan, itong sina Wendy at Angel, kaya hindi maaasahan sa pagsayaw, pero kumakanta si Wendy at si Angel ay hinde, ?noh!

    So, what has she to offer? Drama? Mas gagaling pa ba siya kesa kina Kristine Hermosa at Bea Alonzo?
    Sa kagandahan naman, mas may igaganda pa ba si Angel kesa kina Kristine at Bea? Kay Kim Chiu lang, taob na ang ganda ni Angel Locsin!

    Sa pagiging all-around naman, kanta, sayaw at drama, madadaig kaya ni Angel ang galing nina Maja Salvador at Shaina Magdayao sa pagkembut-kembot ng dalawa? Let?s ask Manay Chit Ramos about this.

    So what?s in store for fly-over Angel Locsin sa bakuran ng ABS-CBN?

    First, she?s got to top over the three anghelitas ng dos –Angelica Panganiban, Angelika de la Cruz and….dyan-dyaran!!!!

    Angelica Jones!

    Sa kaseksihan at palakihan lang ng boobs, taob na si Angel Locsin kay Angelica Panganiban, ?noh!

    Buti pa nga si Wendy ni Ambus Nabet may sarili nang teleserye, ?noh! Nakauna na si Wendy.

    Magiging poor second na lang kaya si Angel Locsin?

    Unless gigimikan na naman ng ABS-CBN na pagtambalin sila at magkabalikan ni Oyo Sotto na nauna nang lumipat sa ABS-CBN in case you didn?t know ? kasi, hindi pina-presscon ang paglipat niya, ?noh!

    Tomorrow, meron pa? kaya abangan… exclusivo!!!

  • RoxyBathoryBiatchee

    mga kaisip… heto pa… ang rumaratsadang articulo ni Lolo Alfie!


    Kung LOYAL si Angel… SANTA si Juday?!


    Heto na ang continuation ng sinulat namin kahapon. Eksclosibo! Para lang kay

    Francisco Magsino. Sino? Magsino? Sinong Francisco?

    Kay-aga niyang nag-email sa amin, hindi ko pa nga

    nahahawakan ang kopya namin ng Abante TONITE kahapon.

    Nilait daw namin si Angel Locsin? Why would I? Eh ano kaya

    ang matatawag ng baklang Francisco rito sa mababasa niya ngayong madaling-araw?

    Go, girl, go! Go! Go!


    Nabago yata ang meaning ng word na LOYAL or LOYALTY.

    Loyal ka pero mang-iiwan ka? Then what would we call Judy Ann Santos who?s been with ABS-CBN for the past 20 years? A saint?
    Kung ngarag sa trabaho si Angel Locsin, aba?y ako man ay nangangarag pa rin thinking kung para saan ang ipinatawag na presscon for Angel Locsin?s manager.

    Dahil lang sa lilipat na si Angel sa ABS-CBN kaya

    pina-preskon? Aba, then I deserve a presscon, too, ten times ten! Kelangan bang lumipat si Juday sa GMA-7 para kami bigyan ng sariling presscon?

    Alin ba talaga ang pinararangalan, ?yung disloyal o loyal?

    Naguguluhan ako, ah, Francisco Magsinokaman!


    Ngarag daw si Angel sa trabaho sa GMA-7 kaya siya lumayas sa GMA-7.

    Ano? Ilan ba ang ginagawang teleserye ni angel sa GMA-7? Ngarag sa trabaho? Eh di ba, ?yun talaga naman ang hanap ng bawa?t isang gustong sumikat at magkapera? Hindi raw dahil sa pera — eh kaplastikan naman yata ?yung sabihing hindi dahil sa pera.

    Bakit ka nagpapakapagod kundi dahil sa pera? Just for the love of it? Kahangalan!

    Bago ka maging loyal, you have to be honest to yourself — alam kaya ?yan ng ibang tao?
    Kayraming kinalyo na nga ang mga tuhod sa pagdarasal na mabigyan ng trabaho, and yet itong nabigyan ay reklamo naman na sobra na ang ibinigay sa kanya?

    Alalahanin sana ni Angel Locsin na kaya siya nakilala eh dahil sa syota niyang namatay na si Miko Sotto.

    Minus Miko?s death, sa palagay kaya ninyo eh sisikat si Angel Locsin? Hindi, hoy!

    Tinulungan lang siya ng kaluluwa ni Miko. She was guided from the grave.

    Hindi ba sinalo nga ni Oyo Sotto ang naiwan ng pinsan to keep her sanity? At ano ang ginawa niya nu?ng magkapangalan na siya? Iniwan din si Sotto, debah?

    Strike two na siya! Talk about loyalty then!


    Kunsabagay, ?yan namang mga iba riyang nakapaligid sa Papa Gabby ko (na magdiriwang ng kaarawan sa Lunes pero sad siya, bakit kaya?), ang hanap eh ?yung mga mahadera at nag-iinarte kesa tulad ni Juday na parang may ?katulong? attitude na todo-pasa lang kung anuman ang ibigay na trabaho, walang angal, sunod lang na nakayuko ang ulo.

    Walang nakatrabaho si Juday sa loob ng 20 years sa ABS-CBN at Star Cinema na isa man ay nagreklamo about Juday?s attitude regarding her work.

    Walang daing, walang reklamo ang Juday. Pero ang mas ?love? ng mga pasikat na mga EP ng Papa Gabby ko eh ?yung mga maldita at walkout girls, complainants and et cetera, ah basta maldita!

    Si Juday ba ay napremyuhan ng ABS-CBN for being on time lagi sa schedules niya? Hindi po, api-apihan pa rin sa kabila ng 20 taon nagdaan. Kaya naman inaabuso siya sa trabaho.

    Wala siyang cut-off time, inaabot pa ng umaga sa taping at walk into the set of another commitment nang wala lang, okay lang.

    So, hayun, kaya naaabuso. “Okay lang, wala namang reklamo si Juday eh, abusuhin natin,” madalas sigurong ma-self balloon ng mga EP at PM, debah?


    Angel Locsin daw wants a break from her punishing schedules to enjoy more free time with her family.

    Meron bang ganyan sa showbiz, stardom on a silver platter?

    Ganoon pala at gusto ni Angel na makasama nang mas matagal ang pamilya niya eh mag-quit na lang siya sa acting at mag-iba ng business.

    Tingnan ko lang kung ang kikitain niya ng isang taping day ay kikitain niya sa loob ng isang buwan kung may private business siya.

    Aber nga, pagtagumpayan nga niya ang hindi napagtagumpayan ni Sharon Cuneta na clothing business, ni Eric Quizon ng kung anu-anong imported items, ni Ara Mina na restaurant business at kung sinu-sino pang mga artista na nag-iba ng sidelines.

    Bantayan na lang kaya niya ang ama niya para lumigaya siya nang husto.

    Bakit noon, hindi niya naisip na alagaan na lang ang ama niya?


    What can be more punishing than Juday?s schedules na Monday to Sunday?

    Madalas ay hindi lang isa kundi dalawa at nagtatatlo pa ang gagawin niya sa isang araw –nagkakapatung-patong ?yung pictorial, recording, shooting and TV guestings.

    Bukod-tanging ang regular taping days ni Juday na M-W-F ang hindi nagagalaw o napapatungan ng ibang appointments.

    Gusto man ni Juday na maging day-off ang Sundays niya, nanghihinayang pa rin siya sa kikitain sa araw na ?yun kung gugugulin lang niya sa malling, sine o gimikan.

    Mas type ni Juday na magtrabaho at parusahan ang sarili.

    Tinuruan kasi namin siya never to complain kapag inuulan siya ng trabaho, bagkus ay magpasalamat sa Diyos for all the graces na ibinubuhos sa kanya.

    Alam ni Juday na “baka magalit sa akin ang Diyos, di na ako bigyan ng trabaho at mapunta sa iba.”

    Kaya niyayakap ni Juday ang alinmang trabaho na dumarating sa kanya, maliit o malaki man ang bayad.

    Basta trabaho, pare-pareho ang level ng energy na ibinubuhos niya.
    Kaya ako, ako …ang palaging nagrereklamo na give her time to breathe man lang — hindi si juday.

    But she embraces everything. Nanghihinayang siya sa mawawala sa kanya.

    Time with her family? May proper time naman for that for bonding. Nandiyan ang Holy Week na suspended ang mga trabaho, Christmas at birthdays niya.

    Sa halip na magpagod for a party, hide away na lang siya sa probinsya to be with her family.

    Hindi siya nang-iistorbo ng regular schedules just so ?makapiling? kuno ang pamilya.

    Kaplastikan na ?yun ?pag family ang gagawing dahilan para makapaglakwatsa!


    Nakikiramay kami sa pamilya ni Boots Anson-roa dahil sa pagpanaw ng mister niyang si Pete Roa kahapon nang hapon.

    Nakaburol sa Arlington Funeral Homes, Araneta Av., QC ang labi ni Pete na later on ay iki-cremate.
    Maayos na kausap si Boots kahapon sa ospital habang on air pa sina Anthony Taberna at Jerry Baja.

    Maayos na tinanggap ni Boots ang pagyao ni Pete sa edad na 67.

    Let?s say a little prayer for the repose of Pete Roa?s soul. May he now rest in peace.

  • RoxyBathoryBiatchee

    hetooo paaaaa!!! ang kumukulong articulo ni Se?or Petrang Ampalayok (read: Pete Ampoloquio)…
    [though I don’t find him credible most of the time, but this time, this will be damn biting]

    June 27, 2007 04:50 PM Wednesday

    Marian nilait-lait ng kampo nina Angel, Jennylyn Mercado
    Pete Ampoloquio, Jr.

    NILALAIT ng kampo nina Angel Locsin at Jennelyn Mercado si Marian Rivera dahil matanda na raw ito at K-less na gumanap bilang Marimar, ang latest project ngayon ng GMA-7.

    Ha! Ha! Ha!

    Look who?s talking. Simply because Marian was actress enough to accept mother roles at so young an age, that does not make her old, dolts.

    Ha! Ha! Ha!

    Ilang taon na ba kasi si Jennylyn Mercado? Kamustahin mo naman si Angel Locsina, da girl with the ube-colored kili-kili and flop movie to boot. Ha! Ha! Ha!

    Is she younger than Marian when you speak of their biological age? For all you know, mas gurang pa si Locsin kay Marian.

    Her only great fortune is that she?s lucky enough to have achieved stardom in spite of her plain looks and meager talent.

    Anyway, ginagapang daw sana ng kampo ni Mercado ang Marimar role na napunta na kay Marian dahil nag-audition nga ang anorexic-looking actress (na knowsline naman na-ting malakas ang kapit sa management. Di ba, Madam Wilma? Ha! Ha! Ha!) but they did not succeed.

    Saan ka nga naman nakakita ng Marimar na asthmatic at may dark circles sa mga mata when not properly foundationed (when not properly foundationed daw, o! Ha! Ha! Ha!)?

    Si Marian, on the other hand, ay flawless all-over.

    Pinatunayan niya ito nang mag-audition siyang naka-two-piece at nag-sing and dance in full regalia much to the satisfaction of the audition masters who were naturally impressed with her curvaceous body (hindi laki-puson tulad ni Locsin, huh? Ha! Ha! Ha), alabaster skin tone that?s very Thalia, and unblemished underarms.

    Di tulad ng iba riyan na plinantsa na?t lahat ni Calayan pero slightly discolored pa rin.

    Slightly discolored daw, o! Ha! Ha! Ha!

    Mamatay kayo sa inggit.

    Papano naman kasi magiging effective na Marimar if ever si Locsina when she?s hopelessly knock-kneed? Ha! Ha! Ha!

    Anyway, kahit na ano pang pang-ookray ang gawin nila kay Marian, it?s a fact that she has the body, the satiny complexion that the role requires, and the acting talent in addition.

    Kaya tumigil na ang mga pralaling ng consumptive-looking na si Jennylyn Mercado na kulang sa iron ang itzu kung walang tariktik-inspired lipstick at mokap.

    Ha! Ha! Ha!

    At lalong mas fresh at lovely si Marian compared kay Locsina na kung di nauso ang glutathione ay baluga ever at kung di naretoke ang dibdib at ilong ay mukhang vakla.

    Ha! Ha! Ha!

    Magtigilled! Inggit lang kayo sa flawless at innately beautiful na si Marian Ri-vera.

    Definitely, the looming star at GMA-7.

    Ha! Ha! Ha!

    Anyway, kung family background naman ang pag-uusapan, kailanman ay di naranasan ni Marian ang mag-CR sa isang food chain at maghilamos roon. Di rin siya tsipanggang tulad ng isang feeling ricang artista riyan na bali-baliko ang ?dela?, kailangang ipa-dub ang English dialogs sa isang movie sa isang professional dubber.

    Devah, Se?ora Becky Aguila? Ha! Ha! Ha!

    Galing siya sa isang magandang pamilya, likas na maganda ang breeding, hindi pokpok mentality at hindi hangap sa mga nota at lalake tulad ng iba riyan na tinuhog ang magpinsan.

    Na ang siyete, buhay pa ?yung isa, nagbu-beautiful eyes na roon sa isa.

    Untakably cheap!

    Kaya puede ba, put a stop to your prejudiced opinion about Marian for she?s the perfect Marimar. Espanyola lang naman ang madir niya kaya Thaliang-Thalia ang arrive.

    Ole! Ha! Ha! Ha!

    * * *

    Sa true, iharap mo sina Mercado at Locsina kay Marissa del mar at magmumukhang taga-talipapa ang dalawang ito sa galing magdala ng damit ng host ng Up Close & Personal sa IBC 13.

    Ha! Ha! Ha!

    In terms of sophistication and the ability to communicate, tigok ever rin ang dalawa. Ha! Ha! Ha!

    Try to listen to these young women talk and you?ll be dismayed with their horrible syntax and grammar. Ha! Ha! Ha!

    Anyway, even when it comes to the kind of jewelry that they get to wear, parang galing sa subasta ang mga alahas nila.

    Ha! Ha! Ha!

    Honey, try to visit Ms. del Mar on the set of her Wednesday eve talk show at IBC 13 (ten to ten-thirty) and take a lingering look at her jewelry collection and try to emulate her taste that?s been seasoned through the years with her association with Manila?s top businessmen and glamorous socialites.

  • ja1207

    Alam ni Juday na ?baka magalit sa akin ang Diyos, di na ako bigyan ng trabaho at mapunta sa iba.?
    ayan dapat ang marinig ni angel…kung wala ngang pahinga ang reason nya kaya nagbreak sya…aba…feeling megastar, superstar, diamond star at star for all seasons na sya/…eh, sa 22o lang…negastar naman ang tawag sa kanya no… as her status now…isang maling galaw lang, pwede nang mawala sa limelight (na ginawa na nya with her manager)

    at kay miko at oyo naman…igalang naman natin ang patay at ang patay ang career…hahaha

  • burp

    hay naku… you know what i think?
    everything happens for a reason guys,
    but it was all well planned. hahaha
    nagulat lang talaga ako sa mga pangyayari recently..
    but ey, it’s the monkey business…
    so why not deal with it,
    and before we all know it, baka magkasabwat lang ang “dalawa” and their just making more money for theirselves….
    how pathetic…

    PS: just an opinion

  • Nocioni

    Pinoy Rickey akala ko winner ang abs-cbn sa pagkuha kay angel? ehh lalo nga silang natalo


  • angelforeve69

    anong natalo ang abs .? sorry nlng kayo,, nkakuha sila ng mgaling at napakgandang actress…
    wala aman kay angel ang ratings gusto nya maging mgaling lalo sa craft nya ..
    taga-7 ako date at loyal n ,loyal kso ng lumipat c angel,,, lumipat din ako,, at dun ko nakita ang laki ng pagkakaiba ng 2 at 7,, ang galing ng drama ng 2.. ang galing nlang magbuild up ng artista..
    ngumpisa c angel sa starmagic ata,, im not sure kng batch 16 sya,, kya swerte sng 7 dhl dun sya pumirma ng contract.. its pay backs time,, sa 2 aman kng san sya ngumpisa..kya walang loser o winner.. for us angel is just fair.and thats why shes olweiz on top.

  • angelforeve69

    last yr cguro hnd pa visible ang swerte ng ch.2 now well,, laging ngrerate ang show ni angel,, at in just 2 yrs. minahal na kagad sya ng mga tga ch.2.. k2lad kong taga 7 date madami na ang lumilipat sa 2 dhl kay angel.. ang lakas kc ng chaisma nya..we love her lipat n din kayo.. haha
    welll shes an angel in disguise .. ika nga .. buti nlng at lumipat sya,, nkita tuloy namin ang laki ng pagkkaiba ng 2 at 7..

  • Khorianne5

    It’s “what goes around, comes around”.
    It’s 2011 and Angel has tons of fans/supporters…people love her.
    All you haters were wrong.
    ??? to Angel Locsin

  • anon

    after four years,angel locsin is still angel locsin … well – loved by the masses! she has gained the respect of everyone for her advocacy, the handling of her finances and most of all her talent.
    while at gma, there is an exodus of talents to abc 5.

     (^^)// to Angel Locsin ???