Bugz Daigo – Bizdak – T-shirt Contest Rules


This game will be played in the comment section of this post.

Simple Complicated Rules:

1. In your comment, you must use in 2 sentences (or more) the following terms:

Bugz, Bizdak, Jolina, hostage, Churky, sapatos, kabilan, Jackie, talent, dream, believe, survive, igorot

2. You are limited to 2 comments per e-mail address (honesty system please) with no repeats of your use in the sentence entry (so max of 2 different entries per e-mail).

3. Comment #69 wins, if it is a valid comment, if not, the next comment # will win, etc.

4. Kung hindi umabot ng 69 comments, when I wake up in the morning (7 AM?), the most recent comment I see, will win.

5. Or, if I get confused with the rules, I will just choose the best comment that used the terms in 2 sentences (so sana umabot ng 69 para madali para sa akin).

O ayan, ang daming incentive to comment. Kahit konti lang ang comments, may mananalo pa rin, although the easiest is to be #69. Somebody will win for sure.

Remember, use a valid e-mail address, and 2 comments per e-mail limit (this does not include comments before this post – the rules – was posted). Good luck!

Avisala, mga Kaisip!

Comments Closed