Jessica Sanchez – I’ll Be There – American Idol 11 Top 3 Video MP3

Jessica Sanchez sang “I’ll Be There” on the American Idol 11 Top 3

She’s the winner!

You can vote for Jessica Sanchez by calling 1-866-IDOLS-02 (1-866-436-5702) or Text “VOTE” to 5702

Watch the video and listen to the MP3 here:


Randy Jackson: I didn’t love it.

Jennifer Lopez: That was a good choice from Jimmy. You sounded like Michael when you came out.

Steven Tyler: Gorgeous, wonderful.

Watch the video here:

American Idol on YouTube

Listen to the MP3:

Download MP3 here (Right-Click Save Target As…)

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  • Joseph P

    Jimmy, you suck! This is the “Happy Feet” song for her. Boo you whore!

  • calivianya

    What is up with Jessica’s boring covers tonight? She’s singing like she wants to be voted off. 

  • Moja_kalabaw99

    how on earth she ended up with this song????  well imo, she’s out of the game, sorry to her fans.

  • Yokinz_taz7

    she has a sore throat guys. she’s not in her best tonight.

  • Ellensue Stein

    3  poor performances tonight from Jessica, Sorry she’s going home


    Go Jessica! never mind the haters. The world does not love them.

  • TheGreatXL

    She was so set up. :'(

  • saidnasaidna

    Don’t worry, she saved

  • Chrisseugenio

    its an outstanding performance for her. . great rendition!!!! :)