Jessica Sanchez – The Prayer – American Idol 11 Top 2 – Video MP3

Jessica Sanchez sang on the American Idol 11 Top 2

Panalo na! Idol!

You can vote for Jessica Sanchez by calling 1-866-IDOLS-01 (1-866-436-5701) or Text “VOTE” to 5701

Watch the video and listen to the MP3 here:


No judging after the song.

Watch the video here:

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Listen to the MP3:

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  • tere

    Jessica’s #s are:  1-866-436-5701  1-866-436-5703   1-866-436-5705   1-866-436-5707

  • John

    My God!  Just beautiful….

  • Liz

    awww goosies! hands down jessica for the win!