Malacanang wants to know: Panatag, Scarborough or Bajo de Masinloc?

Malacanang wants the Philippine media to refer to the Scarborough Shoal via one name to avoid confusion.

You can choose from: Panatag Islands, Scarborough Shoal or Bajo de Masinloc. What do you vote for? Mine goes to Panatag!

From GMA News:

Panatag, Scarborough, or Bajo de Masinloc?

While all these names refer to just one area that is now the subject of a territorial dispute between the Philippines and China, Malacañang wants Philippine media to use just one name to avoid confusion on the matter.

Deputy presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte said that while the government has not drawn up a hard rule on which name to use, she suggested media outfits can agree among themselves on which name to use.

“That can be an agreement among our friends in media about what to call it, that is something our friends in media can help,” she said on government-run dzRB radio.

In contrast, China has only one name for the area – Huangyan Island.