StarStruck V – Final 10 Elimination Night – Double Elimination

StarStruck V Final 10 01-2010-01-11

It’s the Final 10 Elimination Night on StarStruck V – Double Elimination.

Whatev. Boycott. Why do all these girls hate Princess? As if Princess could have voted 4 times for each of them when she only has one vote.



StarStruck V – To Make You Feel My Love – Music Video

Star Struck V To Make You Feel My Love 01-2010-01-04

There is no elimination this week! But Factor 3 will come into play next week: Viewers will vote for the survivor they want OUT of the competition.

60% viewers vote
20% vote from the council
20% vote from the survivors themselves (like Survivor)

Plus, it will be a double elimination: one boy and one girl. Ian and Princess are still in danger of getting eliminated if they end up in the Bottom 3 next week. So potentially, we can have a quadruple elimination!

Go Princess! I believe!

Still rooting for Sarah, Nina .. and now Rocco and Ian.

Watch the video here:


StarStruck V – Final 11 Elimination Night – Christmas Kiss Flicks

Rocco Princess Best Kiss 01-2009-12-28

Kris Bernal Eye Surgery 01-2009-12-28

It’s the Final 11 Elimination Night on StarStruck V – Christmas Kiss Flicks!

Aljur Abrenica and Kris Bernal were guests. What’s wrong with Kris’ face??? Did she have surgery or is it just bad makeup?

Best Kiss: Princess Snell and Rocco Nacino — OMG bagay sila!

Actually, Aljur Abrenica can be teamed up with Princess Snell, and Kris Bernal can be teamed up with Rocco Nacino — they’re interchangeable!

Best Actress: Diva Montelaba
Best Actor: Rocco Nacino

Bottom 3:

Princes Snell – Noooo!
Sef Cadayona
Rox Montealegre



StarStruck V – Final 12 Elimination Night

StarStruck V Final 12 Elimination Night 01-2009-12-21

It’s the Final 12 Elimination Night on StarStruck V – Dance Week!

Dance Week winners:
Best Performer Male: Rocco Nacino
Best Performer Female: Diva Montalaba

Demerits: Sarah (No!), Princess (No!), Zyril