Sandara Park Quits

Sandara Park quits showbiz, goes back to Korea (PEP)

“Akala ko marami ang nagmamahal sa akin, mga kaibigan ko, pero hindi pala. Nawala rin sila nung kailangan ko sila,” malungkot na pahayag ni Sandara.

Ayon pa sa Korean young actress, tapos na ang kontrata niya sa Star Magic, ang talent arm ng ABS-CBN, at wala naman daw siyang natanggap na offer to renew her contract. Babalik na lang daw siya sa Korea at doon magtatrabaho. Kung mabibigyan pa raw siya ng chance ay baka ipagpatuloy niya ang kanyang pag-aaral.

Am I in or out?


Jennylyn Mercado should look for a new manager

Becky Aguila’s handling of Angel Locsin’s transfer from GMA to ABS-CBN was such a colossal blunder, it may just destroy Angel Locsin’s career. What Becky failed to calculate was that an obvious majority of Angel Locsin’s fans are GMA fans. And now a week into the fiasco it is quite clear that GMA fans will not follow Angel to ABS-CBN. Does she also expect the ABS-CBN fans who used to put down Angel to now support her? Only time will tell. I don’t think they will warm up that easily. In fact, it may just be perfect revenge that one of the thorns on ABS-CBN’s side will now be put away on the side “just like that”. As I said, ABS-CBN already won by removing Angel, they don’t need to put her in any of their primetime shows.

Aside from the fact that it really is a bad idea, I don’t think there is really a problem with Angel going to ABS-CBN per se — but because it was done with lies and deceit, we are now witnessing an unprecedented backlash among Becky’s talents still in GMA.

I hope that Jennylyn Mercado realizes that she has a bad manager so that she can save her career. I wouldn’t want to deal with Becky as well if I was GMA, so Jennylyn is in trouble at least temporarily. If Becky convinces Jennylyn to move to ABS-CBN, then that will be the end of her career as well. What GMA will most likely do is convince Jennylyn to fire Becky for incompetence. By handling Angel’s transfer the way that she did, Becky damaged her relationship with GMA and compromised all her talents who are ironically mostly in GMA — that is not a smart manager.

Up to a few days ago, Becky was winning the media war by painting GMA as a bad employee. But after the dust has settled, Becky Aguila and Angel Locsin are the clear losers as they chose money as the sole basis for their decision making.

Go Jennylyn, fire Becky. You cannot continue to be loyal to a person who is obviously not loyal.