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For some reason I recorded the latest episode without sound. I will need to fix this when I get back to New York next week. Thanks for your patience. Ang dami pa namang airtime ni Aljur. I hope OK ang backup copy ko!

Angel Locsin and ABS-CBN — Winner: ABS-CBN, Loser: Angel Locsin and Becky

Jared wrote me:

“…They need her more than Angel…”

Di ko na-gets? Sinong they????? And sinong her???

Here’s my response:

ABS-CBN needs Angel Locsin more than Angel Locsin needs ABS-CBN.

Does ABS-CBN really need Angel? Not really. But by taking away Angel from GMA, they remove one of the thorns in their ratings war against GMA. So it really helps ABS-CBN a lot. That’s all they really need to do. They don’t really need to put Angel in any ABS-CBN show, they just needed Angel not to be in GMA anymore. This is the reason why I think it is not a good move for Angel career wise since GMA is already giving her projects and I don’t know if ABS-CBN will give her any “better” projects unless they are paying her more which I think is not the case. Does Angel desperately need to work with Christopher de Leon that’s why she left GMA? I doubt it. Angel is already getting the top-rated shows in Mega Manila being on GMA so what is ABS-CBN going to give her career-wise? Definitely not more viewers (she already did that on her own) and she’s already the highest paid artist in all of GMA.

So it looks like it was either money, or the bad blood between Angel Locsin and GMA reached a boiling point.

I don’t think this will affect GMA much, since I think they’ve been focusing on story-telling rather than personalities in some of their shows anyway for some time now. ABS-CBN is clearly the winner in this deal since all they need to do is give Angel a movie — for as long as she is not in the other network, they’ve already scored a couple points in the ratings game. Angel Locsin for me is the clear loser. ABS-CBN is already crowded with female stars and then she comes in expecting to be the queen? And what if the TV-series she stars in for ABS-CBN loses in the ratings? She is now throwing herself at the mercy of the ABS-CBN production team which she has never worked with in her life — a production team she has repeatedly beaten in the ratings with her years in GMA. That’s a career move? Boggles the mind. And Angel’s fans are GMA fans — and then she expects them to switch because of her? I think Angel and her manager are over-estimating their influence in Philippine showbiz.

Again, a lot of money and/or communication breakdown with GMA. ABS-CBN should pair Angel Locsin with Sam Milby for immediate impact. It could be the ratings winner they have been waiting for all these years.

Angel Locsin Moving to ABS-CBN

Manager confirms Angel Locsin’s transfer to ABS (GMANews)

Kahapon, July 20, nasa press launch ng Cinemalaya sa Gateway Cinema lobby ang PEP nang may nagkuwento over lunch na isa raw malaking balita ang sasabog dahil right at that moment (past 12 noon), pumipirma na raw ng kontrata si Becky at ang ama ni Angel na si Mr. Angel Colmenares sa ABS-CBN. Sigurado na raw na isa nang Kapamilya si Angel pagbalik nito from London.

Pero sa TV Patrol World last Friday evening, July 20, nag-appear nga ang interview kina Becky at kay Mr. Colmenares. According to the source of PEP, five p.m. that day daw ginawa ang interview ni Boy Abunda na doon na siniguro ni Becky na tuloy na ang paglipat ni Angel sa ABS-CBN.

Ayon kay Becky, in-offer niya raw ang services ng talent niya. Trabaho raw talaga ng manager na tulad niya na ihanap kung saan sa palagay niya ay may mas magandang chances ang kanyang talent.

Oh well. This sounds like a bad idea. We will have to wait for the official anouncement. Her manager wants Angel to be one of many stars than to be THE BIG star of the network? Boggles the mind. Either they were offered a lot of money or they truly hate their experience with GMA. Do they honestly think that Angel Locsin’s career will bloom in ABS-CBN? They need her more than Angel. First and foremost, it takes away a big draw in the competition and secondly of course it brings Angel’s audience to ABS. My feeling is that Angels’ relationship really deteriorated to a point that she’ll just move for any reason.

Impostora — Mart Escudero

Mart Escudero

Again I am confused, and will be confused for one more week. Upload na lang ng upload ng kahit ano. Haha.

Sunshine Dizon, Iza Calzado and Mart Escudero in Impostora.

Go Mart! Ang daming exposure ha.