StarStruck V – Final 13 Elimination Night

StarStruck V Final 13 Elimination 01-2009-12-14

It’s the Final 13 Elimination Night on StarStruck V.

The winners of the music video awards are automatically safe from elimination:
Rocco Nacino wins best male music video.
Sarah Labhati win best female music video. Sarah is so tall!

Bottom 3:
Rye Burgos
Nina Kodaka – NOOOOO!
Ian Batherson – NOOOOO!



StarStuck V – Final 14 Elimination

StarStruck V Top 13 01-2009-12-07

It’s the Final 14 Elimination Night on StarStruck V. Who’s the first to go home?

The Final 14 also had their makeovers. Again — I think these hairstylists are making some of these kids look worse. Hahaha. That blonde chicken hair. It took Kris Bernal and Aljur Abrenica MONTHS to recover from their bad hair makeover — it will happen to some of these guys as well.

My favorites:
Nina Kodaka: She really didn’t have a makeover – she has the same hairstyle.
Princess Snell: So pretty!
Sarah Lahbati: Yay! (Are they trying to make her look like a sexy contra-bida?)

Watch the video here:


President Gloria Arroyo Declares Martial Law in Maguindanao

President Gloria Arroyo has imposed martial law in the Philippines province of Maguindanao after the election-related massacre of 57 people.

Authorities also took the head of a powerful clan and several other members of the family into custody for questioning over the killings.

Troops raided the family’s compounds on Friday, finding a buried arsenal.


StarStruck V – Final 14 Revealed

StarStruck V Final 14

StarStruck V – the Final 14 was revealed! I love this show. I’m so excited.

I like Dennis Trillo, so even if he made mistakes in hosting, I don’t care. But really Dennis — awareness, please. Maybe you were nervous, I don’t know, but it seemed you had difficulty hosting this show. Also, what was wrong with Carla Abellana’s hair? Ano ba? How can you teach these kids about style if you have no style yourself?

Carla Abellana Bad Hair 01-2009-11-30

The Final 14 Video: