Bruce Quebral and Wendy Valdez on ASAP 07/01/07

Bruce Quebral

Bruce Quebral and Wendy Valdez on ASAP

Bakit galit ang mga tao kay Wendy Valdez? Evil ba talaga siya? The audience booed her. Did she have sex with Bruce Quebral in the house?

Video clip:


Jay Aquitania — RoXXXanne

Jay Aquitania

Jay Aquitania in the indie film RoXXXanne by Jun Lana (creator of Boys Nxt Door).

I guess he plays some sort of gay role here. How ideal. LOL

Jay Aquitania was last seen in Captain Barbell.

(from Manila Gay Guy)


Bring Back Gerald Santos!

Dear GMA:

I am extremely disappointed that you have fired Gerald Santos, your Pinoy Pop Superstar winner for Season 2, from SOP. How could you?

He has been out of the SOP lineup for three weeks, and since there has been no announcement that he is sick, I am assuming that you have fired him.

Or did SOP suspend him? But what’s the reason? Hindi naman pasaway si Gerald. What is so wrong with Gerald that SOP doesn’t want him anymore?

To the staff of SOP: bakit ninyo kinakawawa si Gerald ng ganito? He won Pinoy Pop Superstar which means he had the most fans that year. You are doing a disservice not only to Gerald Santos but also to his fans.

Geralddicts nasaan na kayo? Kailangan nating mag-rally sa GMA compound.