Aljur Abrenica — Father’s Day on SOP 06/18/07

Aljur Abrenica

Aljur Abrenica on SOP

Ay naku, another poor concept. I don’t know, is it just me? Do we really want to get entertained by the “fathers”?

That’s the problem with following all these calendar days to conceptualize your programming. I don’t know how many of us take Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Secretaries Day, Postal Workers Day, etc. seriously in our daily lives. Just because some organization is telling us that we should be nice to a certain group of people on a certain day, we should follow. This is just commercialism blurred into our culture — Father’s day was established so we have a reason to buy gifts — a lot of us fail to realize why we are celebrating these “days” in the first place. Just like Christmas — I am nice to people around me every single day of the year (naks) not just in December. At any rate, because SOP is forcing themselves to celebrate Father’s Day artificially, we now have a production number with middle-aged men who are living their showbiz fantasies via their sons. That’s well and good — but is it entertainment???

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Danny Laureano — I’m Your Friend

Danny Laureano

Thanks Ginto for pointing me to this song by Danny Laureano.

Ay naku, hindi talaga deserving yung Majela na ‘yun. Hahaha. Almost two years na, bitter pa rin! Hindi talaga — may mga fans pa rin si Danny hanggang ngayon. He needs to get back to showbiz and quit that stupid desk job he’s doing right now.

Napaka-legendary talaga ni Danny Laureano sa Pinoy Rickey. If it wasn’t for him performing “Change the World” on Pinoy Pop Superstar, malamang walang Pinoy Rickey. And then I wouldn’t have met all of you.

Siga na Danny, audition ka uli — kahit saan. May fanclub ka na, ang tagal na.

Yilmaz Bektas vs. Ruffa Gutierrez — Quote of the Day #3

… How funny! If I tortured her 15 hours and electrocuted her in bathtub, why she still alive? Is she Superman or Spiderman? Yes, she is talking about cabinet. Mostly she staying cabinet because she love to look her dress and bags…

Yilmaz Bektas on Ruffa Gutierrez’s claims of torture