Rainier Castillo and Aljur Abrenica on SOP 05/27/07

Rainier Castillo

Aljur Abrenica

Sigh. Rainier Castillo, Aljur Abrenica, Marky Cielo and a whole barangay of StarStruck alums have been relegated to a single opening number on SOP. But at least Dex Quindoza was there. Also, if Paulo Avelino is going to do this sexy route (notice they stopped showcasing Mike Tan — Paulo is the new Mike Tan), he reallly needs to work out and do something. His fans demand abs.


Gian Magdangal on SOP — 05/27/07

Gian Magdangal

Really, my posting of Gian Magdangal is force of habit. I’m not even sure if there are fans who look forward to this.

But let’s face it: He’s the only one among the 3 finalists of the first season of Philippine Idol that is on the TV almost every week. Even if SOP is beginning to look crowded like ASAP, they are able to give Gian some numbers weekly.