Pinoy Pop Superstar on SOP — 05/27/07

Miguel and John Louie

Yay, my favorites Miguel and John Louie together. Unfortunately, mukha talagang na-ta-tae si John Louie pag-kumanta. I hope he doesn’t read this or his confidence might get shattered.

Grand Showdown na ba?


Magic Kamison — Jewel Mische and Paulo Avelino

Paulo Avelino

Magic Kamison starring Jewel Mische and Paulo Avelino

Okay, I have huge issues with this negro thing. The idea that Jewel’s character needs the kamison to “get her out of her being black” shows just how racially insensitive Filipinos are (at least the writers of this series). There is nothing wrong with being black and having kinky hair, and here, it is being portrayed as something awful. To top it off, Jewel has to wear this “black face” makeup to show it. Did you know that it is a huge insult here in the U.S. to the African American community for someone to wear black “makeup” to show that he or she is supposed to be a black person? It is like a white-person wearing a bahag in a show to demonstrate that he is a “Filipino” because that is how “Filipinos are supposed to look like.” Very disappointed. The idea is “pinapanget” si Jewel by making her look like a black person which is very insulting.

Video clips:


Super Twins — Episode 55 & 60 — Dennis Trillo — Jennylyn Mercado

Dennis Trillo

Super Twins starring Dennis Trillo, Jennylyn Mercado and Nadine Samonte

Sorry, I skipped some stuff, dahil hindi ko na kaya. Hopefully next week, regular na.

Avisala, mga Kaisip!