Erik Matti’s Rounin — Episode 8

Jhong Hilario

Erik Matti’s Rounin

You know what was funny? The ceiling fans at the party. I don’t know why the production designer found it necessary to put those. It’s supposed to be cold right? Cold enough so that everybody’s justified in wearing some sort of trenchcoat. So why make it even colder with fans? Oh I forget, those guys probably didn’t know that. (Just like Janno in Lupin with his ridiculous trenchcoat.)

Clearly, Rounin is catered to a male audience which is unfortunate. An all-male cast could have worked if these guys had an iota of appeal to the opposite sex, which they don’t.

Further evidence is that the vocal fans of Rounin are males. We’re not going to get maria dolores back unfortunately, which is so disappointing.

Rounin is for Filipino males with no girlfriends.

I have 2 more episodes recorded. Thanks for your continued patience.

Avisala, mga Kaisip!


Maging Sino Ka Man — Episode 139 & 140 — Sam Milby — Video Clip

Maging Sino Ka Man

Maging Sino Ka Man starring Sam Milby

No Sam in these epiosodes. Also Ep. 140 is incomplete because my recorder acted up. Thanks for your continued patience.

Avisala, mga Kaisip!


Bruce Quebral Leaves Big Brother Slovenia

Bruce Quebral

Bruce Quebral has left the Big Brother house in Slovenia

Alas, no sex or nudity.