Bruce Quebral — Body Painting and Dancing — Big Brother Slovenia

Bruce Quebral

Bruce Quebral showing his Pinoy conservatism by wearing boring shorts instead of tight-fitting bakat briefs during the body painting task. He then leads a dance number which is just hilarious.

Avisala, mga Kaisip! Hello Slovenians!


Erik Matti’s Rounin — Episode 6 & 7


Erik Matti’s Rounin

I’m now having a difficult time watching this since I’ve realized that I really do hate Rayver, as well as Gay Manzano. Given that editing and uploading these things suck up at least 5 hours of my life everyday, I don’t think it is good for my well-being to continue. Probably until the end of the week na lang since we already started it. Sorry, excited pa naman ako to see where this thing will lead. However, Rayver is truly not worth the investment. I would rather spend my time on personalities I enjoy watching than to spend it on this nobody. (Yup, it’s harsh. I really hate him. And it really takes a long time to upload these things.)

This has nothing to do with Rounin by the way, baka isipin niyo na naman biased ako. I thought I might be able to handle watching Rayver and Gay Manzano (for the sake of Panday-like fun), pero apparently, I can’t. We’ll see how I feel next week.

Verdict: No more fight scenes and special effects. Oh look, another training montage.

Avisala, mga Kaisip!


Maging Sino Ka Man — Episode 136 & 137 — Sam Milby — Video Clip

Marky Cielo

Angelica Panganiban

Maging Sino Ka Man starring Sam Milby

Seriously, naiyak ako sa drama ng nanay ni Eli sa huli. Give that woman an award.

Avisala, mga Kaisip!