Erik Matti’s Rounin — Episode 3

Aubrey Miles

As promised, nag-recycle na ng footage ang Rounin — and it’s only Episode 3! The first few minutes of this episode was the last minutes of last episode — it wasn’t even included as an “abangan” portion. Ay naku.

Also — bakit hindi na bulag si Agot??? Hahaha. My god. That’s how stupid they think their viewers are! Did I miss something? How was she miraculously healed??? Or if she wasn’t blind, why was she acting blind in the beginning of Episode 2?

Also — bakit naging green bigla ang hair ni Gay Dee? Hahaha. Shades of Panday talaga. I’m sure green ‘yun originally, but since it was too hard to execute day in day out tinanggal ito. But unfortunately, since may footage na sila with green hair pinabayaan na lang.

Verdict: Yawn


Sana Maulit Muli — Double Dead!

Gerald Anderson

Gerald Anderson

Hahaha! BOKNAT!!!

Actually, they both survived, but Travis is in a coma.

Grabe ang theme pala nito: Sino ang masasagasaan? Funny siya ha. Last week na ba ‘to?

Video clip:


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I’ll try to catch up tomorrow. Just been busy and tired. Thanks for your patience.