Erik Matti’s Rounin — Episode 1




OK. Rounin turned out to be exactly what I thought it would be. They used up most of the scenes in the trailers in this first episode! Hahaha. Nice.

Whoever greenlighted this series is very misinformed. I didn’t know that the Filipino masses are the type to clamor for science fiction — specially science fiction with a thin and incoherent story line. Maybe the younger generation will appreciate this, but clearly the target market for Rounin is an 11-15 year-old MALE who gets turned on by people fighting with swords. Hardly the demographic that will beat GMA in the ratings, and a demographic that I doubt even watches any TV.

Plot: After 40 minutes, unbelievably, I still had no idea what the Rounin are about. They are the protectors of a character-less city in the middle of nowhere called Lumeria and their sworn enemy is Heliz. They have good fighting skills — they’re able to spin in the air and all that — and are able to use special powers just when they are about to die. I was thinking: Kaya pala nila gawin yun — disintegrate enemies with electricity, etc. — bakit hindi nila ginawa bago sila matuhog? It’s no wonder they died — they don’t know when to use their special powers! Anyway, the old Rounin get conveniently wiped out in a series of gratuitus fight scenes, so Diether with his ridiculous hair extensions, can form a new group of Rounin to fight the Heliz. This in essence is the plot. Ha? Ganoon? Akala ko ba epic? Where’s the over-reaching story arc of good vs. evil and love conquers all of Encantadia? Also, the Luke-Skywalker-figure is played by Rayver which just sucks. Pagnagsama na silang tatlo: Rayver, Diether and Gay Manzano, I will probably throw up in front of the TV. Unfortunately, after all that happened, I found myself not caring what happens to any of the characters since they’re so one dimensional (or dead).


Bruce Quebral to go to Big Brother Slovenia

Bruce to Slovenia for ‘Big Brother Swap’

“Pinoy Big Brother” (PBB) Season 2 housemate Bruce Quebral was chosen Monday night to join the “Slovenian Big Brother” house in the great “Big Brother Swap.”

The 25-year-old basketball hunk from Cainta, Rizal was selected among the remaining male housemates for his character and dynamics, according to Igor Bratoz, creative producer of Slovenian Big Brother.

Darn. I wanted Nel. I would have subscribed to the Slovenian live feed for that.