Rudy Fernandez given six months to live by doctors

Rudy Fernandez given six months to live by doctors (GMA News)

Nagpamalas ng suporta ang matatalik na kaibigan ni Rudy Fernandez sa showbiz kaugnay sa pakikipaglaban ng aktor sa sakit na cancer. Hindi nga biro ang uri ng cancer na dumapo kay Daboy. Ito ‘yung periampullary cancer, isang agresibong uri ng cancer na mabilis kumakalat sa iba’t ibang bahagi ng katawan.

“Yung kay Rudy unfortunately, sa liver niya kumalat,” malungkot na sabi ni Senator Jinggoy Estrada sa panayam ng The Buzz noong April 1.

Sad news. Rudy Fernandez, one of the most prominent Filipino action stars ever, in the fight of his life. Our thoughts are with him, LT and his family.

Jay-R Siaboc — Tatsulok

Jay-R Siaboc

Jay-R Siaboc on ASAP

How can I get his CD here in the U.S.?


Rainier Castillo and Stef Prescott

Stef Prescott

As I said earlier, I feel bad over what happened to Stef Prescott and this blog, since it turns out that there is in fact something going on between Rainier Castillo and Stef Prescott even before the start of StarStruck: The Next Level, and until now. Lesson learned if you are blogging about Philippine showbiz while in New York City: you have no idea what is really going on behind the scenes. So the anti-Stef people won, fine — pero hindi na ako magpapagamit sa kanila. Meron kasing mga fans na may fantasya sa mga idol nila — kesyo mas bagay si ganito o ayaw nila si ganito. In this case, some rabid fans of Rainier knew about Stef and Rainier early on and saw the SIS episode as a chance to finally put Stef into the gutter because they don’t like her for Rainier. I think they thought that if Stef was universally maligned, Rainier would think bad about her too. Typical. Personally, Rainier can love anyone he wants and I will accept it. It is not our role to meddle in the personal affairs of these people. They don’t choose people to love for our pleasure, they do it for themselves.

So the facts on the SIS show are: Though Stef did appear to reject Rainier on the air, this in fact was a lie, since Stef and Rainier already had a special friendship that continues to this day. It was a colossal PR blunder, but it’s a learning experience. Rainier was ever the good soldier and wanted to protect the Rainier-Yas loveteam, and Stef wanted to make it in StarStruck on her own merit. I think na-sobrahan lang ang acting ni Stef — praktisado masyado yung denial niya. At ako naman, ever the hysterical fan, couldn’t forgive her (even if there was nothing to forgive dahil sila na pala). If only they were willing to inform me about the truth about their relationship so I could assess what was really happening.

At least I know now, and I can rectify whatever damage has been done. Sorry that it took me this long to piece everything together.

I’ve apologized to Stef and her mother personally, and I can only wish her well in her career and lovelife. I’m optimistic that we can still repair the damage.

Go Rainier! Go Aljur! Go Stef! (Nakasali pa rin si Aljur! Hahaha.)

Sobrang OJ Pare — StarStruck Survivor 6




Aljur Jewel

Welcome to showbiz! Greatest hits talaga yung ahas na ‘yan at ang walang kamatayang love triangle. Hahaha.

I love you all!