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Todo-deny si Stef Prescott about her relationship with Rainier Castillo.

Renee Lascuña becomes the consumate bitch.

Paulo Avelino open to an Aljur-Jewel loveteam.

Dex Quindoza the ladies’ man.

Unlikely love-triangle between Jan Manual, Jesi Corcuera and Kiko Junio.

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Rainier Castillo and Stef Prescott

Stef Prescott

OMG — it’s chrew!

Nag-mukha akong tanga. Honestly, I feel so betrayed.

It’s not that I don’t like Stef Prescott for Rainier. Obviously kung ito ang kaliligaya ni Rainier, I support it 101%. I just feel used by those people who don’t like Stef for Rainier. It turns out that there are some people who wanted the character-assassination of Stef to happen because they don’t want Rainier to pursue Stef. Nakakaloka diba? Unfortunately, no-one explicitly told me that there was really something going between Stef and Rainier before-during-and-after the StarStruck: The Next Level (kahit si Rainier), so I was not doing the all-out damage control I should have been doing. In fact, I became the unwitting pawn in Stef’s destruction. Argh. I feel so bad. And I thought I was defending Rainier, it turned out I was bringing down his girlfriend.

Anyway, medyo ok na ako. We will just support the Stef Prescott and Rainier Castillo romance from now on.

Congratulations Retzwerx

Retzwerx won Best Entertainment Blog at the 2007 Philippine Blog Awards.

Of course I’m bitter! Hahaha.

Congratulations to all the winners!