Reydan Buenagua — Pinoy Pop Superstar

Reydan Buenagua

Reydan Buenagua did not win. I was hoping that finally, after almost a year, somebody with star-power — he looks like the younger brother of Alfred Vargas! Instead they gave it to April, out of pity I’m sure. She will just be mercilessly eliminated and forgotten like some of the current 7 finalists.

Ay naku judges — Jaya, Floy — I’m talking to you — couldn’t you see na mahal siya ng camera? You’re judging a singing competition on TV, looks do matter. Regalo na si Reydan sa inyo hindi niyo pa tinanggap.

Regine Velasquez

Kailangan talaga ni Regine Velasquez ng breast-implants if she insists on wearing things like this. Her dress opens up to… nothing. We want to see cleavage dammit.


Maging Sino Ka Man — Episode 121 — Sam Milby — Video Clip

Sam Milby

Maging Sino Ka Man starring Sam Milby

It’s all “fluff” now. When will this end, anyone know? Will this be replaced by Rounin?