Raps vs Petron, tanker owner in Guimaras spill junked

Raps vs Petron, tanker owner in Guimaras spill junked (Inquirer)

The Guimaras Provincial Prosecutor’s Office has thrown out a criminal complaint by the mayor of Guimaras province?s Nueva Valencia town against Petron Corp. and the owner of the tanker Solar I, whose sinking caused the worst oil spill in the country’s history.

In a 17-page resolution dated March 2, Provincial Prosecutor Luzermindo Calmorin dismissed the complaint “for lack of probable cause.”

This is very disappointing. We should be up in arms over this. Guimaras island is the #1 producer/exporter of mangoes in the Philippines and more should be done to protect its citizens and environment.

Philippines is E-mail Spam Capital of Asia

RP is e-mail spam capital of Asia (ABS-CBN)

According to the report, 88 percent of e-mails coming from the Philippines are spam.

Asia’s cybercrime hits home (ZDNet Asia)

C’mon Pinoys, let’s shape up. The few who have questionable morals are ruining it for everybody. 88%???

It is still less in volume compared to other countries like China, but still. Only 12% of e-mails from the Philippines are used for legitimate purposes? How shameful.

StarStruck: The Next Level — Mart Escudero CR Scandal

Mart Escudero

Mart Escudero

Mart Escudero — kamontik nang ma-disqualify at nabigyan ng demerits for taking a video with his cameraphone of a StarStruck staff urinating in the bathroom last March 18, 2007. At first he denied it, then was forced to admit it after the staff complained/wrote a letter to GMA management:

Mart Escudero

Ang masasabi ko lang first of all, to Aljurians, please do not retaliate. Magandang ipakita natin sa ibang fans na we will not resort to character assassination of other survivors just to bolster our own bet — which as we all know is what a lot of fans did and continue to do to Aljur Abrenica (and what the Jewel and Kris, Rich and Prince fans are doing to each other). Secondly, I am extremely sad that this is happening to Mart! Nasobrahan ng konti ang playtime niya, and since everything is a test on this show, hindi nila pinalampas ito. Sayang. I am worried na baka hindi na siya mananalo because malaking bagay yung demerits. At last Sunday lang nangyari, nakakahinayang. Martians, don’t lose hope at boto lang ng boto (puwede pa ba?) at galingan mo na lang Mart! Just give us a great show this Sunday.

To Mart: Tell me it’s not chrew! Hahaha.

In other notes:

Oh no! Fashion-challenged Edwin Tan is designing some of the boys’ outfits. And Toni & Guy is doing the boys’ hair and makeup. Nooooooo!

Good luck sa Final 6 this Sunday. Go Mart! Go Jewel! Go Kris! Go Prince! Go Rich!