Chinese Hackers Attack Philippine Websites

West Philippine Sea

The impasse at the Scarborough Shoal between the Philippines and China have now reached the Internet. The Philippine government has said in a statement that three of it’s Web sites have been attacked by alleged Chinese hackers.

Omigosh, world peace!


1 Philippine Boat vs 4 Chinese Boats face off at Scarborough Shoal

BRP Pampanga

The BRP Pampanga faced off with four Chinese vessels at the Scarborough Shoal on Monday.

The territorial impasse has reached it’s 13th day and the Philippines plans to bring up the dispute to the International Tribunal on the Law of the Sea (Itlos) in Hamburg, Germany.


Purple Crab Discovered in Palawan

Four new species of purple crab have been discovered in Palawan.

The scientific names are: Insulamon magnum, Insulamon porculum, Insulamon palawense and Insulamon johannchristiani.


Rainier Castillo and JC de Vera – Boracay

Here’s a picture of Rainier Castillo and JC de Vera in Boracay. I love this!

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