Desperate Housewives, Cory Aquino and Pacquiao

Sorry, been dealing with some personal issues. Pero what do I think?

Desperate Housewives. I think this has been blown out of proportion. It’s a TV show for crying out loud. Fictional characters on TV, books and in the movies say “racial slurs” all the time. These are not real people. An apology might make some feel better, but it doesn’t change the fact that there is discrimination in the medical profession in the U.S. For example, non-U.S. educated doctors, such as those from the Philippines, have a zero chance of getting into the specialized programs (such as heart surgery) of the top hospitals in New York City. Why won’t these Filipino medical practitioners (who are upset at Teri Hatcher, who was acting) make an issue over this? Certainly, “Filipino” education is “world-class” so why isn’t the head of heart surgery in New York Presbyterian hospital educated from the U.P. College of Medicine? These people are barking up the wrong tree for the wrong reasons. If they want to make a difference, write the hospitals.

Cory Aquino. OMG, don’t you people read Apparently not — since those pictures shown in that clip were clearly a parody of what Perez does on his blog. Suddenly Cory Aquino is sacred. Filipinos slander Cory all the time — and FOR YEARS. And now she and other people are hurt because of a gag piece on the Daily Show? Gimme a break. It was a funny piece. Cory and Margaret Thatcher, unlikely people to be given the PerezHilton Linsday Lohan/Britney Spears treatment is funny.

Manny Pacquiao. Sorry I missed this. I’m sure it was exciting. Glad to know Pac-Man is boxing again and not making political speeches. He is a great boxer and continues to inspire Filipinos. To do what, I don’t know, but he makes Filipinos feel better about themselves. I’ve been put off a little bit that Pac-Man was convinced to run in the recent election — it shows that he does not fully understand how he can help his countrymen, and how corrupt the Filipino political system is. But making 80 million Filipinos happy for a day is always a good thing. Hopefully, one of these days 80 millions Filipinos won’t need Manny Pacquiao winning to make them happy.

I’ve just been going through some stuff right now. Hopefully I can get things together when Zaido starts airing on GMA Pinoy TV this week. Thanks for thinking of me.


Chuck Allie quits showbiz

StarStruck Avenger 3 Chuck Allie quits showbiz (GMA News)

Pansamantalang iiwan ng StarStruck 3 Avenger na si Chuck Allie ang showbiz.

Tinawagan ng PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) si Chuck kaninang umaga, October 7, sa telepono at napag-alaman naming nasa Davao na siya habang kausap namin. Ayon kay Chuck, last Monday ay umuwi na siya sa Davao para ipagpatuloy ang kanyang pag-aaral.

Churky no more!

Dennis Trillo Baby Scandal: Yes, I am the Father.

Dennis Trillo: ‘Yes, I?m the father of Carlene?s baby’ (GMA News)

Actor Dennis Trillo finally admitted fathering a child with 2005 Bb. Pilipinas-World Carlene Aguilar.

In an exclusive interview with Showbiz Central Sunday, Dennis confirmed that his surname was given to a baby boy who was born last September 22 in Los Angeles, California.

?Tingin ko nararapat lang din naman na gamitin yung apelyido ko kasi baby ko naman yun e,” he said.

He said he fully accepts the responsibility as the father of the boy adding:

?Sa akin naman wala namang problema iyon e kasi tatanggapin ko naman yun ng buong-buo and responsibility ko yun bilang ama. Kung anumang suporta yung kailangan niya andito naman ako.”

Yay! Congratulations Dennis and Carlene!

Boys Nxt Door

Aljur Abrenica

I have three episodes recorded but I’ve just been so busy. One of these days. Thanks.

Avisala, mga Kaisip!