Gerald Santos on SOP — 08/26/07

Gerald Santos

Gerald Santos on SOP

Galing ni Gerald Santos talaga pag Tagalog ang kanta.

Go Geralddicts!


Ruffa Gutierrez: ?Talagang kami na ulit ni Yilmaz?

Ruffa Gutierrez: ?Talagang kami na ulit ni Yilmaz? (GMA News)

“Alam mo nagkabalikan na kami, for the meantime, here in Manila. Nagkabalikan na, in the sense na talagang kami na ulit,” confirmed Ruffa Gutierrez when asked if she and husband Yilmaz Bektas had gotten back together.

I have two words for you Ruffa: F you.

Kung bugbugin ka uli ni Yilmaz like you claimed he did, don’t go running back to the movie press and cry as if you are a victim. What a b*tch.

Regine Velasquez, Ogie Alcasid and Michelle Van Eimeren — Love Triangle

Regine Velasquez

Love triangle pala ititch.

Go Michelle Van Eimeren! Inagaw na ang lahat sa iyo gracious ka pa rin.

Video clip: