Ruffa to Yilmaz: I love you

Ruffa Gutierrez to Yilmaz Bektas: “I love you and you have to change.” (PEP)

“I love her,” said Yilmaz Bektas about his estranged wife Ruffa Gutierrez in his interview with The Buzz.

Ruffa replied, “I love you and you have to change. Be sweet and be kind.”

Ay naku, whatever Ruffa. Buwiset. Dragging all of us into the gutter with you.

What makes me sick about Ruffa is she tried to portray herself as a battered wife. If she was really battered she will not accept this guy at all. It is an insult to battered wives everywhere what she said to the media a few weeks ago when she was having this public feud with Yilmaz. Sickening.

Becky Aguila Scandal: Angel Locsin on The Buzz

Angel Locsin

Poor Angel Locsin. I don’t know if she realizes it but she is truly the loser in this whole transaction. Look at the type of exploitation ABS-CBN just did with her in the name of getting “the truth.” They didn’t even edit the portions when Angel cried and gave her some respect. Matinik na tanong. (Kabog sound effect). Iyak. Next question. Matindi. Boy Abunda didn’t even give her time to recover. Hahaha. They just laid everything out on the table and waited for the raw reaction that they will get — Angel couldn’t even demand Boy Abunda to stop can she?

This is pretty much the blueprint of how to burn bridges — and why you shouldn’t burn certain bridges in business.

Some tidbits:

(On why she left GMA) Hinda po ako masaya. Iportante ang tiwala. Nawala yun. Bago ako umalis, habang wala ako.

Akala ko ba burn-out?

(On her decision to leave) Sumusagal ako. Nagsisimula ako sa wala.

Correct! And why you would do that if you are business-minded is beyond anyone!

Well it’s quite obvious: It’s so not worth it. Poor Angel Locsin. What kind of idiot puts herself in a corner like this?

Watching the interview, it is clear that Angel Locsin will not be the big star she was in GMA while she is in ABS-CBN. However, you’ll never know.

One of the reasons why you hire a manager is so that you NEVER end up in a position like this. Becky Aguila just let Angel Locsin hang out to dry. I doubt that GMA fans will flock to ABS-CBN just to watch Angel, so I just hope that the ABS-CBN fans will embrace Angel — after they have lambasted her for the past 5 years! Comedy talaga. The irony is, this is the type of suffering some ABS-CBN fans wanted for Angel, and yet she is now under ABS-CBN. Ay naku.

I think that she originally wanted to freelance, but neither GMA nor ABS-CBN were willing to do that and wanted an exclusive contract — which unfortunately shows that she has a poor manager and/or her star is not as bright as she thinks it is.

Good luck Angel.

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Becky Aguila Scandal: Jennylyn Mercado Breaks Down

Jennylyn Mercado

I can sense that Jennylyn Mercado will make that fateful decision to fire Becky Aguila when she comes back from Hawaii.

Do it Jennylyn. We have your back.

Masakit pero it happens. Ganyan talaga ang buhay. Some of the closest people to us are idiots. Career decision lang, nothing personal.

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