Panday – Jericho Rosales

Jericho Rosales - Panday
I guess the majority of Pinoy Rickey readers and I are in agreement that Panday… sucks. I mean I don’t even want to give them a wait and see attitude because, c’mon, ABS-CBN is supposedly composed of professionals. There’s no trial and error. It’s either you get it or you don’t.

In this episode, Jericho finally gets the sword from the bell, but again, it was all utter nonsense. The show gives us no reason why Jericho is able to grab the sword. Kung may balat siya sa puwet tatanggapin ko pa. But they way it transpired, nothing. What was it? Impending danger? Dahil guwapo siya? Dahil hinugot niya in a certain angle? There are so many possibilities that would tingle the viewers’ imagination! These stupid lapses in storytelling, again from paid professionals, is the reason why ABS-CBN is enjoying their meteoric fall of grace in the ratings. I guess I’m still a sucker for cute, since I have not seen Pinoy TV in quite a while and I’m still enjoying my Jericho Rosales fix. But the Filipino viewers know better. Quality in this case is trumping any form of brand loyalty. The ratings of Panday are not better than Encantadia or Sugo or Jewel in the Palace.

I guess I’m lucky that Panday is not competing with the time slots of Encantadia and Sugo here in the U.S. East Coast so I get to watch everything. If you’re in the Philippines and have chosen to not watch Panday, you’re not missing anything. If you are watching: magpakalas kayo. We need strong super powers to weather this disaster. Right now, I’m dreading the return of Philip Salvador to the screen. I’m actually praying na hindi siya magpapakita kay Jericho to “train”. But it looks like that might happen. Omigad.

  • Aurora

    What???? Tell me that’s not true.

    Pwedeng bang ibaon na lang sa limot yung has-been Panday ni Philip.

    Good God, FPJ must be turning in his grave. The old man died of a broken heart partly because of ABS-CBN, pero ayaw pa rin siyang tigilan :D.

  • Rickey

    It’s just a guess… I think I saw a glimpse of it in the making of episode. I hope it doesn’t happen. But then again we have low expectations… so it will happen. Hahaha.

  • jammer

    i would not call that a guess, though, sir rickey. considering the way the story is running, it goes the PREDICTABILITY route. the odds that Philip will come back as mentor is so high, so so high. another proof of one of ABS’s flaws: casting. they ought to understand that Star Power ain’t everything.

    thank goodness for commercial breaks i take a peek now and then. altho i am an Encantadik and a KaSugo (and a Jeweler, not in any way related to the Lhuilliers, *grinz*) i admit to surfing a bit, keep my options open.

    i think they were trying to pull off an Excalibur scene with the sword. But….the scene was too long without showing much, it became dragging, did not work much in the suspense department. they could’ve done it better.

    but i am giving them the benefit of the doubt. perhaps they can work it out. the thing is, the beginning really…uhm….fell short. way way short.

    i hope the makers do not mistake the viewers for idiots.

  • anne

    heart’s acting is uhmm Margaret? Hay. Ganun na niya siguro forever ipoportray si Eden. Hindi siya Prolific. Patented acting. Hehe. Sorry Heart. I guess im prettier than you na hahahahahahha XD

  • pinoy

    jammer… will take some time to turn things around in the panday production because its been going around that the episodes have long been taped and shelved and they’re showing it just now because they were hoping for a better timing. unfortunately walang break sila na makita so they had no choice but to show it na. so kung may gagawin silang adjustments, sa future, future epsiodes pa yun……

  • gIBRAN

    Pinagmalaki noon ng GMA ang teleserye nilang Hanggang Kailan bilang”sukatan ng lahat ng teledrama sa kasaysaya ng telebisyong Pilipino” Syempre nga naman , dalawang Reyes ang Direktor,kasama pa sa Cast si Lorna Tolentino.Inakala ko noon, iaangat na nito ang GMA.Pero hindi pala,worst,It didn’t made a viewership higher than 20%
    Hanggang ngayon binabandera pa rin ng GMA :Kapuso 55 na tayo!.Hindi ba sila marunong magbilang? The oldest tv station in the Philippines aired in 1953, which means 52 years 0ld pa lang ang pinakamatandang TV StatiON sa Pilipinas.

  • empress maruja

    simula pa lang ng kuwento, panday was so desperate to look like sugo: calling panday “sugo ng Diyos”, the need for “a virgin pure of heart” to awaken an evil villain…hay….the only good thing about panday is that it has a catchy theme song…anything else…pfft.

  • koolitz

    nakuha nya ang sword kasi may dala syang martilyo at paet bago nya na nahugot…baka nakatulong un hahaha…

  • Vincent

    Panday sucks in every aspects!

    The special effects (ohmigod! It shouldn’t be called special, coz there’s nothing special sa effects nila!) are too Mortal Kombat, too dull, too early 90’s, so contrary to their claim na they used “state-of-the-art graphics software (“daw”). It lacks in sharpness of the graphics, and vibrant colors. (I’ve just noticed, ever since Marina, napakaplain lng ng special effects ng ABSCBN, really.., the colors are always, grey, brown, black, unlike Encantadia, colorful, thanks to louie ignacio – is he part of encantadia prod? and kahit sa mga music videos n ginagawa ng Star records, they’re all so boring,..)

    I never thought Shrek would make a special appearance sa Panday! LOL

    The prod design, the overall prod. It does not take one to be an expert ondesign/or a graduate of design para lang mapansin na Panday’s prod design SUCKS!! The costumes, the villages, everything! It’s just so plain stupid na they shot most scenes in the desert and they won’t even make an effort to make it appear appealing sa audience – they should have put extra efforts and time sa paggawang costume and prod design ng Panday.

    I don’t care if Panday is topbilled by Jericho Rosales, I mean who cares? Who want to watch the Jericho Rosales in a poorly-made tv show? Huh? Sayang lang ang time ni Jericho, maganda sana ang Panday, but, I think, ABSCBN,got too much carried away sa idea of making Panday that they forgot to focus sa other apsects of the show (like prod design, and SP)..

    I like the theme song though. Very catchy…

  • jammer

    sir/ma’am giBRAN,

    somewhere in the discussion, i fail to see where the KAPUSO-KAPAMILYA theme came up. we are talking PANDAY here, if i remember correctly. :) why won’t people admit the shortcomings, anyway? acceptance is the first step to improvement, or something to that vein. :)


  • haid

    ok i watched panday again and its too short not because of commercials break..kasi dapat Sugo eh nag e-air pa sya pero natapos na eh wen i switched channel..anwayz natawa n nmn ako sa mga babaeng bumihag kang HEart..y r they dancing? entertainer ba sila? gosh

  • angel

    so gusto nyong maging matatakutin ang character ni eden? magmakaawa? di kaya mas magiging pathetic ang dating niya? sinabi na to before, na ang eden character ay palaban. matapang. wala sa nature ni eden ang magpatalo sa takot. ganun sinulat ang character nya. as an actress, sinunod lang nya kung ano ang hinihinging emotion at reaction sa kanya ng directors ng panday. kaya expect more katarayan at katapangan from her. hindi lang si panday ang maghahanap sa kanya. si eden ay nakatakdang makatakas at hahanapin din nya si panday. sabi, maghahanapan sila sa iba’t-ibang mundo. pareho nilang ipaglalaban ang pag-ibig nila. lastly, di nyo siguro napanood si heart sa maalaala mo kaya this year. kasi kung napanood nyo siya dun, di nyo sasabihing walang nabago sa acting nya. dito sa panday, ang laki ng kaibahan nina eden at margaret ha. yung una ay palaban at yung huli ay iyakin.

  • cat

    I don’t watch Panday – and Im happy…hay, baka magka-heart attack lang ako criticizing the story, special effects and the whole production…

  • jammer

    i agree that probably the characters of Margaret and Eden are different THE WAY THEY ARE WRITTEN. Eden is palaban, i grant that. after all, she stood up for her feelings. I was commenting more on the ‘attack’ done on the role. that is all. i do not question Heart’s talent. She has talent, she can act. But not well enough yet.

  • haid

    iab nga cguro ang characterization ni Eden at Margaret pero sana inestablish muna nila bago nagkaganun…imagine kung ikaw kkidnapin dpat maninignig ka sa takot lalo na pag ibang nilalang kumikidnap sayo…unless normal lang sayo makakaita ng ganun…sa palagay nga natin matapang si Eden palaban pero dapat previous of the kidnapping dapat may scenes or epis na na si Eden ay isa talgang matapang na babae ..pero hindi ganun dba pinakita sa mga epis shes just rich and pretty watever…sana may scene wen shes younger shes really brave and faces things un ordinary things…gee if not kahit sinong matapang na tao matatakot pag they are in un normal situation..cguro nga ang director at ang may kasalanan but gee Heart pls ur acting is just fake..

  • querk

    my goodness.

    if FPJ was alive he’d probably shoot Philip Salvador in the mouth and Jericho in the ankle.

    madami pa silang bigas na kakainin!

    and heart! oh god… i don’t know who is worse… heart in panday or anne curtis in kapamilyang kuba! they look too sweet pa rin man! teeny bopper movies for life.

    i find it funny that in other threads… bilib na bilib ang mga tao sa mga acting ng mga ch2. although ch7 actors aren’t that great either… Rainier and Mark Herras? can they get any stiffer? please!

    gone are the days when our actors and actresses had skill… had a craft.

    nowadays… as long as you’re good looking… you are an actor! sheesh!

    jericho isn’t all that bad. it’s just bad material. i’ve met the guy and he’s pretty down to earth naman. abscbn talaga has no quality control. sayang…

  • angel

    over-analyzing a show will only ruin it for me. nanonood ako dahil gusto kong ma-entertain. so far, successful ang panday sa parteng yan: na-entertain ako…tungkol sa cellphone ek-ek, tingin ko ay kailangan nila ng isang bagay na makapagbabalik sa kanila sa mundo nila. sinabi nung matanda na di sigurado kung makakabalik nga sila sa mundo nila. for now, i will suspend my disbelief and give the show a chance to unfold…about heart, kanya-kanya lang talaga tayo ng pag-gauge sa kakayahan ng isang artista pagdating sa pagganap. sa ibang sites naman ay mababasa mo naman dun ang mga posts ng ilan na nagsabing di nila gusto si heart dati, pero pagkatapos nilang mapanood sya dito ay nagustuhan na ang pagiging eden nya. di daw sya tulad ni margaret na nakakairita ang sobrang sweetness…yung ginawa ni eden kung san sumugod sya sa party kahit nalaman nya na may bomba dun, i think isang pahiwatig yun ng things to come in how she will take things when faced with adversary. plus, nauna na ang takot. ilang scenes ang pinakita, mabilis nga lang, admittedly, kung saan naipamalas nya ang hinihinging “takot” sa kanya. anyway, ang pinaka-aim ng kahit na anong palabas ay ang ma-entertain ang manonood. so far, na-achieve ng panday ito.

  • Aurora


    Yah, I agree … channel 7 has its share of bad actors :D To Mark’s credit, he’s still young. Pwede pa siyang mag-improve. Pero I think his forte is really dancing and performing, not acting. Jennylyn however has grown by leaps and bounds in talent since she first appeared in showbiz.

    Rainier is good in comedy, he’s a natural. With more training and exposure, he’ll be a natural.

    Rare lang naman talaga yung stand-out talent.

    However, a good director and creative staff, good material can make a so-so actor do well – we’ve seen that happen with Encantadia. Iza Calzado, for example. Ayoko sa kanya sa Te Amo (her past GMA teleserye) pero talagang nag-mature siya as Amihan.

    Even Jericho, who I believe is a fine actor, can’t save this train wreck. It’s just plain bad material, which is a shame and a waste of his talent and potential.

  • Aurora

    Addendum: “gone are the days when our actors and actresses had skill?? had a craft”

    .. methinks you’re thinking about siguro late 70s or early 80s or during the days of Sampaguita … we don’t have a Lino Brocka or a Mike de Leon. No Hilda Koronels, Jay Ilagans or a young Christopher de Leon.

    It’s doubly hard these days because Pinoys don’t patronize their own – especially in cinema and what rates isn’t exactly good quality … and producers will always prioritize the bottomline. Lalo na ngayon na halos lahat ng local films lugi. It is way too idealistic to expect showbiz to be populated with good actors lang lahat.

    We just have to learn to support the “golden” ones from the commoners, and I’m glad indie filmmaking is having a resurgence of sorts.

    Pero ganyan talaga ang buhay eh. We still have a long way to go before our viewers become more discriminating. It’s a chicken and egg question — viewers get what they deserve din.

  • knightrider

    alright..i watched panday once..but it doesn’t amaze me….and even my friends were laughing on that show..

  • querk

    angel. in fairness naman… panday like most shows… has entertainment value. for me lang… sana talagang they stepped it up to the max. sayang eh. Panday is the ultimate filipino fantasy movie. i of all people know production costs… so i know when a show is “cheapened”. in most channels… but especially in channel 2… man… the actors and actresses get paid so much. even the second rate ones… everyone is demanding more and more money. if you only knew their talent fees… parang social sin na talaga. they should have really put the money sa effects, sa costumes, etc. i’m not a hater of ch2… it’s just that they have the resources na nga… they have loads of money… but their best is just not good enough. but again… ganoon talaga. graphics artists get paid 20 thousand to do 8 episodes of heavy effects while the artistas get hundreds of thousands to a million per episode.

    it’s just sad.

    aurora. yeah… i know the brockas and koronels will never rise again. pero sayang. i just feel so sad that quality wise, in general, philippines entertainment industry sucks. if you have enough money and enough connections and enough artsy-fartsy friends… you can become a director. the film school in cebu, the school of abaya, new york. just dish out money and bam you’re a director! also with actors… you’re good looking… you’re controversial… shazam! you are an actor.

    i just miss the old days when talagang they sweated blood and tears to be on stage or on screen or on the telly. or directors were a special breed.

    ayy. i guess it’s the signs of the times. buy a digital cam… you are a professional photographer for fhm or pump. money talks and beauty walks…

    someone wake me up…

  • querk

    oh yeah… mabuhay and indie!!!

  • guilla

    I agree with Aurora in her opinion, most of the so called actors and actresses that we have today have no talents. Kung meron mang talented ones they are not being patronized by the public. Sana lang talaga maging mature na ang viewers in terms of judging who has the talent. It’s so frustrating to watch a show na ang mga artista ay di marunong umarte.

  • tobats

    kakahiya ang Panday ni Jericho… Panday was the renowned figure of Philippine fiction, if they really wanted it to be great they should have put a big budget… the name of Panday was a long time legacy for the Filipino people, so kung ginawa lang nila ung teleserye para ipangtapat sa Encantandia or Darna sana nag-isip-isip sila bago nila ginawa ito… they should have made the Panday production much bigger than PBB… e mukhang pati costume e nde pinagkagastusan.. ano ba yan… I’m a big fan of Panday films.. much with respect with Mr. FPJ himself… it’s such a disgrace to see such a production to lower its standards… mas maganda pa ung Panday cartoons as I recalled… they should have retained Direk Carlo J. Caparas to handle the whole production… ibang-iba ang panday today compared to the whole concept of the whole panday story… I looked into the ABS-CBN forums and even their loyal fans are disgusted over the whole thing… one big error they’ve done – Wushu style!!! how can one ever picture FPJ doing wushu style over Max Alvarado? so very stupid!!! Classic Panday was the most artistic sword fight ever been shown in Philippine Cinema… they should have retained that!!! the form of FPJ in swordfighting with medieval style was the most memorable of all Panday scenes… tapos si Ipe – Wushu? grabe ang sagwa!!! I have to commend GMA for resurrecting Darna with style… surely Angel Locsin lived up to continuing the legacy of Darna… ABS should have done the same thing, not only for the ratings, not only for the competition but for the name of Panday and what it stands for… Panday is not an ordinary movie on which you just revive it for the sake of showing it… Both Panday and Darna depicts the origins of the Filipino culture and legacy… it is disappointing how companies can turn Gold into stone just because of commercialism and competition..

  • Roselle

    I like watching Panday. I think it has emotional appeal. The entire series captivates the audience who is not so critical in terms of production designs etc. My family and I enjoy watching it.

  • tobats

    Ms. Roselle,

    Are you sure you like watching Panday or you like watching Jericho Rosales? I’m not hypocritical if you really like watching the teleserye but if you happen to like it, why not watch the old Panday films of FPJ or Bong Revilla and compare it… then you would know how bad Panday of Jericho Rosales is… I just want to note the injustice given to the Panday legacy, kasi karamihan ng mga Pilipino ay alam ang panday simula ng pagkabata pa… Die-hard fans of Panday deserved something much more worthwhile than this Panday of Jericho…

  • Roselle

    Hi Tobats,

    I was able to watch Panday during my childhood and I respect its legacy. It has achieved its nobleness during its time until now. But, Jericho is not replacing FPJ as Panday, He’s just merely contuing what he has started. I’m not into production designs and all, I’m more pleased by how I see the actors and actresses perform. And I see this in Jericho and Heart. Though I also see some mediocre acting like Phillip, but he does not represent the entire Panday series.



  • marriane

    well sa panday actually maganda nman ang panday wala nman problem dun maganda ung pagkagawa ng panday kay eden saludo ko ksi ang tapang nya!cguro nman msasabi ntin un ung alam na nya na may bomba sa party pumunta pa rin sya sa loob khit alam nya nyang delikado pra lng maisave ung parents nya actually di nman sa pagmamayabang mas maganda ang panday kesa sa encantadia at sugo!tinatapos na nila ung palabas kasi matatalo lng!so watch panday ksi maganda ito!kng gsto nyo encantadia okay lng ksi matatapos na rin nman un!congrats sa panday ang galing astig #1 kayo sa pilipinas!congrats kay heart and echo!

  • RYPM

    Marriane, oo nga maganda ang Panday. Kasi kaya na nilang talunin ang…………..BUBBLE GANG! Kakaiba kasi ang Panday. Unique! Hard Action with COMEDY. Wheeew!! Pinagsamang ‘ACTION-COMEDY’ mix with stupid script, kakaiba e. Mas gusto ko to kesa sa Bubble Gang. Ooooops! Teka,teka. Nag-ring ung cellfone ko. Bye.

  • mas magaling panday!

    eto masasabi ko sa panday ung iba di nla matangap na ntalo ng panday ang encantadia at sugo!super boring ksi!panday kakaiba ksi sa encantadia kng ako sa inyo manood na kyo ng panday dhil walang mawawala sa inyo maeentertain pa kyo!sa encantadia at sugo ayusin nyo pala ung palabas nyo nakakatulog agad ung mga nanonood ksi sa super boring!pero okay lng tatapusin nyo nanaman eh!

  • ivy

    hi panday bagay kayo ni heart ikasi si heart hindi sya maarti at hindi mapili sa pilikola i hope sana ipagpatuloy ninyo ang teleserying panday kasi yan ang palagi kong sinusubay bayyan ehhh… kasi ang ang ganda panuurin tnx talaga sa ipinakita nyong iksina ang ganda kasi na kakaiyak at ang galing yong umarti para kayong matandang matanda na hindi joke lng i hope ok kayo and god bless u

  • velle

    mas magiging masaya nga c fpj eh kc until now eh sikat parin ung movie na unang ginanapan nea… think about it girl… they are the actors, so sa kanila bnigay ung role kc marami ang may alam na kaya nlang iportray..

  • velle

    mas magiging masaya nga c fpj eh kc until now eh sikat parin ung movie na unang ginanapan nea… think about it girl… they are the actors, so sa kanila bnigay ung role kc marami ang may alam na kaya nlang iportray..