Philippines had most number of natural disasters in 2011

Typhoon Sendong

Of the 303 natural disasters worldwide in 2011, 33 hit the Philippines. This affected more than three million families or 15.3 million people. The disasters also caused P26 Billion in damage to property.

1,924 people were killed in the Philippines in 2011 disasters.

So how about man-made?

From GMA News:

The Philippines topped the list of countries most frequently hit by natural disasters in 2011, the Citizens’ Disaster Response Center has reported.

In a news release last Tuesday, CDRC’s deputy executive director Carlos Padolina cited records from the Center for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters (CRED), showing that of the 302 natural disasters worldwide, 33 hit the Philippines.

CDRC is a partner of CRED, a World Health Organization collaborating center based in Brussels, Belgium, which maintains the Emergency Events Database (EM-DAT: The International Disaster Database).

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