Pinoy Big Brother – Theme Song MTV

Pinoy Ako – MTV

Somebody please wipe that smirk off the ONL lead singer’s face.

  • cass

    honestly rickey, do u like the song?

    just set aside the fact that it sounded like that of…chandelier? wutever..

  • by

    i cant beleive that you call that big brother im ashamed. big brother here in uk is well better and live and they get to take a bath you thats why its called big brother u agreed to let the viwers see evry move you do in your homes not like this its bullocks..
    you should see real big brother

  • Mish

    by, what are you talking about? That’s a music video with actors. The real Pinoy Big Brother show is just like any Big Brother franchise in the world. Pinoy Big Brother also has a website with access to 24/7 live video.

  • Tania Mae Gomesz

    Ang ganda tlga pakinggan ang theme song ng PPB!

  • annie

    BIG BROTHER THEME SONG —-nakakahiya ang Orange and Lemons… walang originality, whats new kaya nga PINOY AKO PINOY TAYO…. mahilig mangaya at mangopya, kailan pa ba tayo nagkaroon ng sariling originality. eh try to look at this… ang pinas at pilipino people in general are trying hard to be like western people, eh di naman kaya!

  • Sam Milby

    You are so … evil? I enjoyed myself there and now i’m famous. you all are bad

  • Sam Milby

    Ayoko na dito

  • benj

    nyak…annie naman. ilang popular pinoy songs na ang may ginayahan na foreign songs…dont tell me wala kang alam…magresearch ka sa internet muna ha kasi sa tingin ko nakiki-ride on ka lang sa controversy dahil deep inside andg gusto mong mangyari ay siraan ang ONL then PBB then ABS-CBN.

    and for you annie, here’s a popular that goes…”a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.”

  • Sam Milby

    back. kahit ayoko dito , ill come back every day

  • jason

    Ayoko na dito You are so ?? evil? I enjoyed myself there and now i???m famous. you all are bad back. kahit ayoko dito , ill come back every day

  • Sam Milby

    stop copying me ! >:(

  • Sam Milby

    stop copying me ! >:(

  • Sam Milby

    stop copying me ! >:(

  • mhyco

    i don’t know why some idiots here post such nonsense comments unrelated to the topic of the forum (not picking on anyone in particular). anywho, i happen to like the theme song of PBB coz the lyrics is very meaningful. it says that one should be proud to be a filipino because of the good qualities filipinos possess (it’s true! filipinos do possess some good distinctive qualities). also, the tune of the song is very catchy. as for the mtv, i think goin bulilit’s version is better!

  • Sam Milby

    -.- Agree

  • Rj

    To by of uk… Honestly, there were some part of your comment which i really can’t understand.. But i juz wanted you to know that what your seeing in pbb right now is what pinoy’s really are…

  • Sam Milby


  • ian_broudie

    hey pipol wake up!..

    PINOY AKO!!…have u really, i mean really…listened to this song?…? you understand what’s it trying to say?…for crying out loud!! has something to do with originality!! right!..the uniqueness of PINOY!!..right?…well..sad to say…the reality is…the song itself is COPIED!!…check out CHANDELIERS by THE CARE…and guess what?…do you have the slightest idea where on heavens sake is the name of the band ORANGE & LEMON got their name?…i don’t know really but…I have an XTC album which has a title ORANGES AND LEMONS..coincidence? i hope and i prayed so….

  • Sam Milby


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