Pinoy Big Brother – Theme Song

I couldn’t resist. Thanks to Koolbirks for giving me the Pinoy Big Brother mp3.

Pinoy Big Brother – Theme Song (Right-click and Save Target As… and play from your computer not your browser to conserve bandwidth! Thanks.)

Apparently, this band Orange and Lemons copied their song from an obscure UK band called the Care. The Care produced a collection of singles in 1997.

The Care – Chandeliers (Right-click and Save Target As… and play from your computer not your browser to conserve bandwidth! Thanks.)

I was about to write another original-my-ass comment, pero kayo na ang maghusga. I’m really doing this for the hits — and I really don’t… Care. Hahaha. I’m so funny.

  • svppr

    I listened to the song together with my officemate ( a PBB fan)…and we both agree…these two songs has a lot of comparisons. bad.

  • Odri

    Magkapareho nga, pero infairness mas maganda yung version ng pinoy. hehehe

    Pero sana, sinabi nila. tsk tsk

  • jeffer


    wow. similar. i’d hate to think it’s a rip-off…but then again, what else is new?

  • blanc

    Seems like the continuation of the discussion in the Pinoy Big Brother – Kissing pics…

  • Aurora

    hmmm, that’s the third case this year, only in a span of a few months, with all these new bands coming out.

    First there was Session Road ripping-off Superdrag’s Garbonzia with “Leaving You”

    Then Cueshe’s “Stay” ripping off Silverchair’s “The Greatest View”

    I have the mp3’s, rickey. I’ll email them.

    Naiiyak ako sa kahihiyan. Sobra.

    Pwede, wag na lang silang kumanta kung hindi
    magnanakaw sila ng material. Haaaay.

  • koolitz

    baka rin nagbayad sila for the rights… kasi ang parokya may mga kanta din na ginaya ang tono eh… o baka naman gawain na talaga manggaya ng tono.. :D

  • ents

    hindi naman na bago yan sa pinoy music, Saigono Iwake,

  • Aurora

    Well there is a difference between paying tribute/sampling from another artist, and ripping off totally.

    Parokya ni Edgar acknowledged the original artist when they used “I Will Survive” para sa Picha Pie. Same yata ang recording company nila sa international firm na may rights sa song na yon.

    Francis M sampled “Here There and Everywhere” for “Kaleidoscope World” but he acknowledged it.

    Eraserheads sampled “Silly Love Songs” sa “Toyang” pero they acknowledged and credited it in their album.

    Pero ito, they outright denied they copied it from The Care when it was obvious na talagang ni-rip-off nila:

    How ironic is the fact that the song talks about being Pinoy. Tsk, tsk.

  • koolitz

    ang lakas ng loob nila…eh intro at beat parehong pareho…tsk! im sure ipaglaban ng star records kasi sila naman ang mananagot don! :D

  • Pinoy_boy

    hindi naman kaya sila din gumawa ng ingay na ito para pag usapan ulit sila…palagay niyo??

  • kim

    man… saan na napunta ang creative spirit nila? siguro they were under a lot of pressure and deadlines… and napilitan na gayahin na lang yung song ng iba…

  • adrianne

    meron ako nung Silverchair song pero hindi naman ginaya ng Cueshe yung song na yun ah.. as far as I know, yung first line ng chorus ng The Greatest View yung same sa first line ng chorus ng Stay…

  • ents

    So ang MYMP hindi pala creative.

  • mondynet

    the first time i heard this song, something popped up in my mind right away.. “may katunog” .. sobrang similar, then i looked over the bunch of new wave cd collection that i have and found out that sobra ngang similar sa sound ng the care (paul simpson of wild swans and ian broudie of lightning seeds). at first, i thought people wouldn’t care because the band of ian broudie wasn’t that popular to all except for the new wave era peeps. then forums and blogs started to pop out with the same observations. i hate to admit but the song is an exact rip-off from the care’s song taken on their album released in japan “diamonds and emeralds”. Read about the care’s biography here

    hmmm.. pretty popular in Japan and Phillipines. Check out Paul Simpson’s current site under archives which has Philippine only released LPs.

    i guess orange and lemons will be popular for what they did.

  • Aurora

    or infamous? :D

    Well, I bet they’re laughing all the way to the bank while ripping off this song. It’s become a hit. Quite sad, actually.

    Ang MYMP hindi nga creative :D Kasi they base their success on reviving old tunes naman. Hekhekhek. Old foreign tunes pa.

    Need I say more about the current state of Pinoy music?

  • ents

    ok naman yung sound magkaiba sa chorus. I love new wave songs e, Pure by Lightning Seeds tsaka yung Flaming Swords ng The Care, Bihira ang Indie bands sa Pinas, the dawn lang ata ang alam ko w/ the song Envelope Ideas.

  • JP

    Hey, does somebody have a CD-quality MP3 of The Care’s “Chandeliers”? Can you send it to me at my email ( Thanks alot. I wanna mix it with the PBB Theme Song.

  • gangster ladies

    ang gwapo ni sam sana sya ang manalo gush!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    sana matanggal c cass masyado syang malandi pokpok!!!!!!!!!

    sana bumalik na c jb para magkasama na cla ni say yaeh!!!!!!!!!

    chx bagay kyo ni sam uyyy kilig tinggil!!!!!!!!11

  • Annie

    I dont care if its similar basta gusto ko ang song “Pinoy Ako”

  • jairus

    well, i’m a fan of PBB

    very nice song…..

    Pinoy ako pinoy tayo…..ipakita sa mundo..

    orange and lemons

  • red

    i love the pinoy big brother theme song.whenever i hear it,i sing along with it.

  • red

    i want jenny back at pbb house.she deserves it.

  • thuzkee02

    It really sounds alike….. why didn’t they told us… shame… pero, okee lang naman eh…. actually, i like the Pinoy Version more….. May sense kasi and it already became the unofficial Anthem ng mga Pinoy…..

    I love PBB!!!!!

  • gangster ladies

    cass malandi ka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gangster ladies

    sam iloveu!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    mahal ka ng barkadang gangster

  • patrick cruz


    can you send me a copy of the song “Chandeliers” by the care. I wanna compare it to PBB theme song rin eh. You can send it to me at cruz_patz@yahoo.comThanks so much.

  • patrick cruz


    can you send me a copy of the song ???Chandeliers??? by the care. I wanna compare it to PBB theme song rin eh. You can send it to me at Thanks so much.

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  • giselle

    This is a sad affair not only for Paul Simpson and Ian Broudie but to the entire filipino community since the putative song in question has been flagrantly plagiarized.
    If the song were about feelings, emotions, topics of the day then maybe some or if not, most would have felt they could have let it slide except those who are personally involved. However, this song talks about the modern filipino, as of what PBB depicts, maybe its modern lifestyle…
    This song, has become quite an anthem to the simple and ordinary filipino because they found pride in it and they somehow see themselves in it that they are top class and can compete with the global changes the world has to offer.
    In this regard, for those that defend or support ONL or for those whose dreams were shattered and are in denial then basing things on an academician’s point of view….allegedly, they did not violate the 7 chord progression rule regarding plagiarism.
    I hate to burst the bubble but the 7 chord progression rule, in landmark cases decided by foreign courts under the Intellectual Property Rights which have been in actual existence post or pre-world war 1, this is a flimsy defense since the pattern could be changed anytime by a fret or a half-note on the seventh note.
    Presently, under the 8 chord progression based on the drum and baseline, if the song or composition in question fails to change at the 8th base and drum progression then it is a vital requisite to be considered as a plagiarized material not discounting the facts of testimonies of credible witnesses and “scholars” to that effect.
    This is what admittedly happened during the course of this song.
    The worse part in this case is for the band to not give credence to where the song was allegedly “inspired” from so as the real composers would be deprived of their royalties and their dignity.
    Mind you, it’s not only our dignity and credibility as a songwriter that is in question but our respect to other’s intellectual property rights as well.
    Cueshe, Session Road etc. may not be getting much attention because their songs dealt with corporeal, if not, things which do not appeal to a filipino’s sense of patriotism. However, ONL’s song just hit the x on the spot because it appeals to filipino pride in general.

  • hermione potter

    Will to all the critics of orange and lemon, sad to say i like the song very much.

    Ask ko lang, kung di ba sumikat ang sog, will you still criticize them as you were doing right now. Again, you people inhereted the Spanish colonial trait of CRAB MENTALLITY. Hypocrites, Bakit si Regine Velazquez how sure you are no hindi yan nanggagaya ng song specially her singing style. Isnt the style of SONGBIRD, very simillar to Mariah. And the title itself”SOngbird” is the emitation of Marriah “Butterfly”, and isnt Lani Missalucha copied the idea of Adapting a title and her is Nightingle. You Hypocites, pag sumikat ag song hihilahin pababa, pro kung d naman sumikat khit kinopya di nyo naman pinapansin.
    Stop dragging the Pilipino pride that you are claimig being stained, kc matagal na yang stained, from collonial spanish their are filipino traitors na. Anu ba ang tawag mo dun hindi ba yon kahihiyan sa Lahing Pilipino. At mas nakakahiya ka GISSELE, kc d mo alam kung paano gamiti ang Filipino at Pilipino, san ka ba nag aral. Pilipino is to the race, while Filipino is the National Language okey.

    And Gissele, are u a lawyer ( lawyer expert on international law like that wordy Mirriam Santiago) to talk to us like your an expert to that field.

    And mind you, those americanas and europians used also our own masterpieces, to NAME one is the MOONROVER used in MOON EXPLORATION of USA. Did they mentioned that a filippino have designed that car. So stop spelling milk with against your fellow Pilipino.

  • Rickey

    Hahaha. Iba na talaga ang die-hard fan.

    Although I still encourage commenting, sometimes you just have to take a step back and be amazed at what people are capable of writing in the defense of blank.

    Take this specimen from hermione potter for example. In trying to defend the indefensible, nadamay na pati si Regine Valasquez at ang moon landing noong 1960’s. Anong kinalaman ng Orange and Lemons doon? Hahaha.

    First idea pa lang palpak na. Kaya nga pinag-uusapan dahil popular. At ang pinag-uusapan ay hindi dahil popular ito kindi dahil may katunog itong iba.

    Pero mag-comment pa rin kayo, nakakatuwa eh.

  • roj

    pityful creatures…
    why are you criticizing the song? kaya nyo bang magcompose at mag pasikat ng song?

    tangkilikin nyo nlang kaya… parang di mga pinoy. dapat nga matuwa kayo kasi pinoy yung composer at artist. sariling atin.

    i think you’re one of the crabs…!

  • roj

    at sino palang may sabi na this song was copied? iba po yong katunog sa kinopya…

    magcompose ka nga ng iyo… tingnan natin kung sumikat.

    criticize ng criticize wala namang talent na magpasikat ng song…

    hay, pataka ra jud og yawit ba! insecure!

  • hermione potter

    Hey Rickey,what im want to say is that if Regie velasquez does sing thatPinoy ako will you mind criticizing her. Haha.. i doubt it. There are many instances that regine have copied style from a foreig artist and i bet your just avenging to ABS CBN maybe it happens that your got sack from your work as a writer i guess.

    May kinalaman talaga yun ano. Im relating it to the post made by hypocite Giselle. Shes talking about copyrights and the likes. So im relating it to the setuation of that Pilipino designer who happens to be the designer of Moon Roover. did you get it. Did that make any sensational cry from Pilipino people like what are trying to do in Orange and lemon. Very sarcastic and htpocrite. And how will you kow the real setuation here in Philippines if your living i US. Cmon.

  • hbmacale

    Hi Sir Rickey!

    Also did a post on the song ripoff in my site, the Bryanton Post ( Hahaha, From the initial comments on the post, it seems that I am also getting some heat from enraged Orange and Lemons/Kapamilya fans. Sigh.

    A friend, who is a Kapamilya forum member re-posted my post in the forum. And guess what? She’s getting lots of heat too! lol

    How come some people cannot go beyond their biases and look at the issue from an objective point of view? I like both Orange and Lemons (which prior to this incident, was one of my fave bands in the current wave of alternative bands) and ABS-CBN 2 (having grown up to ABS-CBN shows) but I think that we have to put things in perspective and answer the issue nice and square.


  • Rickey

    hemione! Mag-iodized salt ka. You’re not making any sense. If your arguments really had merit, you wouldn’t be resorting to personal attacks. Ano naman ang kinalaman KO sa pag-pe-plaigarize ng Orange and Lemons?

    Since you are so interested in my previous employment with ABS-CBN, I resigned. I decided to go back to school and finish my degree in U.P. Diliman. Although I did get fired as writer once, in RPN-9, haha. I couldn’t wake up early enough for that darned morning show with Jeanne Young.

    Pero mag-comment ka pa. Nakakatuwa eh. Seriously!

  • crashtest

    cute ang tunog ng orange and lemons…although yung 1st part and bridge talagang pareho ang sipra, nevertheless nakakaindak…yeh go pinoy music

  • http://n/a nature

    no acknowledgement?? bad bad bad
    but who cares?? for those who feel indignation for what ONL did, get over yourselves.. no need to talk about PILIPINO pride as if they were the epitome of our race.. i think laughing at em if they ever get sued would suffice.. the worlds a big place and things like these aren’t new.. so everyone jus deal with it.. geez

  • Marco

    nature….if you do not have pride being a filipino then might as well kill your parents and mga ninuno mo kasi PILIPINO KA! You are the type kung bakit walang respeto at galang ang kabataan kanino man….ang paki mo lang eh etits mo.

    Isa kang makapilili!!!

    ONL fan ka kasi…isa ka sa kumakanta ng “Pinoy Ako”….ipagmalaking magnanakaw sa buong mundo!

  • Andrew

    Rickey….no need to state who you are to these people who pretend to be intellectuals wherein these are:

    1. Maids/provincianas/colegialas from the UBELT who learned to use the internet at the sweat of their parents’ kalabaws yet hold songhits as their bible.
    2. The type of people just to be hip go to the UKAY-UKAY just to say they are elitists and rich.
    3. HEMIONE POTTER IS HIMSELF/HERSELF A PLAGIARIZER because as far as I am concenrned, MATAPANG LANG ITONG TAO NA ITO KASI NAKATAGO ANG PANGALAN NIYA….PLAGIARIZED PA AT MALI PA ANG SPELLING!!! Binayaran mo na ba day si J.K. Rawling niyan sa pagtampalasan ng pangalan ng mga artists sa Harry Potter series?
    4. Itong Hemione na ito is just a high school student or a high school titser sa public school na di alam ang difference sa toilet bowl from toilet bAwl ….
    5. Giselle, thank you for the enlightenment pero ano ang gagawin niyo ni Rickey kung ang mga katapat ninyo ay mangmang and refused to move on?
    6. Roj, mauna ka….sususundan kita…
    7. Why do these people hide under pseudonyms? dUwag kasi…

    Rickey, don’t go down to their level….para kang nakikipag-away sa katulong mo o sa tindera ng palengke..

  • Rickey

    Andrew: I’m okay. It’s all in fun! (At least for me.)

  • Neil Ryan

    Sana c Jb na lng ang nakapasok sa bahay ni kuya para di na sila magkalayo ni Say pero ok rin c Jenny sana matagal pang matanggal cna Jason at Franzen pati na rin c Uma

  • John

    Pre….expect the biases that will come out from these die hard fans because they had a rude awakening that their gods were human after all.

    Giselle, if you are reading this….look at that hermione and the way she writes along with the others who have sided with her….she even spelled your name wrong! Rickey, she’s the one that is a hypocrite because she does not know what she is talking about!

    These people cried foul because ONL depicted them–the masses. It’s a class thing, the haves and the have nots, the intellectuals vs. the simpletons.

    They do not know the word “patriot” because their identity is lost! Blame it on the school that they came from. Blame it on their parents. Galit sila sa marunong at nakakaintindi! However, when they put in their resume under nationality the word filipino, they spell it as pilipino.

    It’s an age-old battle and that is what makes this country third world.

    These are the types who will sell their mothers and fathers just to go to the States to become caregivers.

    These are the people who are in call centres re-learning the english language so as they can make a living imitating accents and these are the people once out of the call centre still speak in their accent so as for people to mistake them as balikbayans….so tell me,where is their identity?

    Our heroes died for nothing but ONL will live because they claim to be “Pinoy Ako”.

    I’m sorry, she’s not a hypocrite, she’s just plain creada—spanish term for maid.

  • hanggaw

    hoy hermoine!!!!! wag ka mag english…. you suck girl!!!!! hehehehe masakit tanggapin na kadalasan ang mga magnanakaw pa sumisikat….. hahahaha indenial ka pa din up to now… eh talaga gawain ng ibang kababayan natin yan

  • hanggaw

    hoy roj…. ayaw paulaw sa mga bisaya oi!!!!! wala bisaya na kawatan. hahahaha i guess orange and lemon has a point in their stand din naman…. after all my magnanakaw ba umamin na nagnakaw sila…. hahahahaha

  • hanggaw

    kasagaran bisaya holdaper ug kidnapper lang

  • Nestor

    Pinoy Ako
    Karangalan ko at ipinagmamalaki ko
    Magnanakaw ako sa buong mundo…..

    Panatang makabayan, iniibig ko ay Onl lamang kasi Pinoy sila, Pinoy din ako….magaling magnakaw sa buong mundo…

    lupang hinirang duyan ka ng magiting, sa manlulupig e ibebenta ko sa inyo…kanta ng Onl….pinoy ako!

  • jungleboy

    para sa mga DIOSSSS and OOOONNNNNNNLLLLL……umanib na lang kayo kay Botther, I mean brother Eli Soriano ng Ang Dating Daan…puro kayo sinungaling…ang sinungaling eh kapatid ng magnanakaw….

  • jungleboy

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    Ms. Linggit Tan Are ready Cass? Uma? Handa na
    ba kayo?
    Uma Yes, Mam,
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    ——- That is the First Part of the 28 scripted
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    Know The Fact!!!

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    SAM is the pamangkin of Director Lawrence
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    FRANZEN, CHX, SAY at si JAYSON ay pawang

    Tunghayan ang mga susunod na pangyayari sa
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    Ang lahat na ito ay nai-record naming sa isang CD,
    na may kasamang larawan (picture) na
    nagpapatunay na niloloko lang tayo ng ABS-CBN
    pamunuan ng BIG BROTHER. Ito po ay ilalabas
    namin, pagkatapos ng PINOY BIG BROTHER o sa
    kaukulang panahon.

    Paalala Sa hirap ng BUHAY ngayon, hwag natin
    sayangin ang 2.50 para lang magpaloko, hwag na
    po tayong mag-txt o tumawag para bomoto, dahil
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    Sources (MS. Carol E, Mr. Pablito B and MAY)

    HANGGANG KAILAN……sila…hindi tayo….ang magpapaloko….?

  • http://none butching

    the way orange and lemons respond to the croticism tells a lot about their guilt. in an interview with abs-cbn they say they were influenced by the care, in an interview with the inquirer they say they never heard the song. the influence may be shallow attested by their ignorance of the song. if that is the case, then how could it be so alike? mel villana said that it could have penetrated their subconscious, but if they dont know the song, how could it be? it means either they are lying about their influences by not recognizing the influence of the song, or they are guilty of blatant plagiarism which they were trying to deny now by saying that they never heard of the song. the song claimed by abscbn and adherents of pbb as the representation and epitome of what it means to be filipino is based on sheer lack of creativity and intellectual dishonesty, if not outright plagiarism.

  • Tekla

    The greatest fools are the ones defending and justifying the foolish.

  • Pinay


    Representative ka nga ng OnL. Manggagaya na rin lang ng pangalan, mali pa ang spelling. Manggagaya na rin lang ng wikang Ingles, mali pa ang grammar.

    Tama si John, isa ka sa mga dahilan kung bakit hindi umuunlad ang Pilipinas. Isa ka sa mga nilalang na ibebenta ang dangal makapunta lang ng Amerika. Isa ka sa mga kolehiyalang bagsak sa klase kasi panay ang lakwatsa. Isa ka sa mga Pilipino na de-tatak ang pantalon, a la calvin klein, pero naka-perdible naman ang bra. Isa ka sa mga nilalang na di baleng magkaroon ng malaking utang, magsuot lang ng magandang trahe sa kasal.

    Iyang mga ganyang klaseng Pilipino ay dapat lang na hilahin pababa dahil kahihiyan sila sa lipunang Pilipino.

  • http://None Jonas

    Pinoy Ba Ako?
    By Ponkan and Calamansi

    Lahat tayo ay naging biktima
    sa dinig pa lang ay malalaman na
    di man ito kagustuhan
    ngunit ito ang katotohanan

    Original na lyrics ang hanap ko
    magbibigay ng paghalaga sayo
    Nais mo bang ipakilala
    kung sino ka ngang talaga

    Pinoy ikaw ay Pinoy
    ipakita sa mundo
    kung anong ginaya mo
    Nahihiyang Pinoy
    Wag kang mang gagaya
    maging original ka
    Pinoy ako Pinoy tayo

    Pakita mo ang tunay kung sino ka
    wag kang umasa lang sa iba
    Kailangan ay perpekto basta ito ay totoo

    Original na lyrics ang hanap ko
    magbibigay ng paghalaga sayo
    Nais mo bang ipakilala
    kung sino ka ngang talaga

    Pinoy ikaw ay Pinoy
    ipakita sa mundo
    kung anong ginaya mo
    Nahihiyang Pinoy
    Wag kang mang gagaya
    maging original ka
    Pinoy ako Pinoy tayo

    Talagang ganyan ang buhay
    Wag tayong masanay
    walang ring mangyayari kung
    kung laging nakikigaya

    Wag ipagmalaki ang sarili
    kung ito ay yong gawain
    “Ang Lagi mong Iisipin
    Kayang Kopyahin”

    Pinoy ikaw ay Pinoy
    ipakita sa mundo
    kung anong ginaya mo
    Nahihiyang Pinoy
    Wag kang mang gagaya
    maging original ka
    Pinoy ako Pinoy tayo

  • korean ladies

    i love u sa lhat ng ppb housemate

  • ayie

    to hemrione potter:
    its not crab mentality, and i will not daresay im saying its criticism, from a listener’s point of view, and actual listening on both songs, its rip -off, plain and simple, ive been a fan of onl before, (their first album was good) but im having 2nd thoughts regarding the tracks orig. i can say is, ms. giselle did the ryt thing, buti nga lumabas ang issue n to, kung hindi pla, letting it pass would only say that we pinoys tolerate thievery in any aspect as long as most of us dont know it. sadly, parang this is a sublte statement sa OPM ntin ngayon, nawawala n ang originality unti-unti. long gone are the days of the 70, 80, early 90 to 90’s where OPM originality are what we can be proud of. even the Beatle george harrison have to pay up sa composer ng music n pinagbasehan ng MY SWEET LORD. hermione, crab mentality is also destrying someone w/o solid basis. sa Ginawa ni ms. giselle, may solid basis sya thats why she bought this issue up. its either your deaf or sadyang ngbibingihan lamang dahil sa popuLARITY ng PBB song and show. Bigyan mo nman ng credit sina Paul simpson and ian broudie. if you love listening to good music, love also the artist who Originally composed their own stuff. :)

  • Marinelle

    giselle, nice article on manila bulletin last sunday. congratulations! side by side pa kayo ng onl…..tapos ngayon sa inquirer eh deny sila sa mga sinabi nila doon na HINDI PA RAW NILA NARIRINIG ANG KANTA Na PINAGKOPYAHAN NILA. tapos eto yung tangang songwriter na Jonathan Matalo este Manalo na lumabas sa kontrobersyal saying the same thing. John, ang galing ng pagsusuri mo at gayun din si Andrew.

    yun lang po. ipagpatuloy ang laban!

  • ents

    pinoys are innovators not immitators.

  • desiree

    i love PINOY BIG BROTHER…….keep up the good work…your the best among the rest..

  • Dj

    Hay naku! nag taka pa kayo e wala naman talagang originallity itong DOS!!! parati nalang kopya…

  • azir

    regarding dun sa issue na “they never heard the song” is iba po ung tinutukoy nila dun. it’s a song from HouseMartins at ung sa N’SYNC na kino-compare sa mga kanta nila..hindi pa lumalabas ung Pinoy Ako sa radyo o wala pa ung PBB eh may nag-react na agad na fan ng OnL regarding nga dun sa “pagkakapareha” nung song dahil tinugtog na ng OnL ung song sa isang gig nila.
    Mcoy just posted yesterday o kanina lang ata na he tried singing the lyrics of Pinoy Ako with the care’s chandeliers. “I found it hard na pagsabayin.”, he said.
    Kaya nyo ba nagustuhan ang OnL dahil sa Pinoy Akosong??? ang babaw nyo naman para i-judge agad sila.
    Kung un ang basehan nang magnanakaw eh magnanakaw pala tayong lahat!!!!
    Tingin kayo sa paligid nyo dun nyo malalaman kung bakit at paano nangyari un.. o kaya tignan mo lang ung sarili mo at ung katabi mo.

  • cleng

    harsh. garsh.

  • cleng

    sana may sumikat na ibang channel bukod sa 2 at 7. para malaos na yang network wars. anyway, hinde lang tv ang buhay.

  • http://none butching

    reading it at the philippine daily inquirer, it obviously implies that one of the songs which the group is not even aware of the existence, chandeliers is one of them. as the report said, chandeliers was”a case in point.” kung mahirap pagsabayin yung dalawang kanta, it does not necessarily mean na walang “pangongopya’ o panghihiram na nangyari, of course they will do everything para hindi maging kamukha yun. sabi nga nung kaibigan ko, yung tugtog ay the care, pero yung pagkakakanta ay morrissey. kung hindi ka naniniwala, its your call, no reason at all to resort to name-calling and ad hominems

  • Jose Lynetto Radaza

    The song Pinoy Ako is definitely a copied song from the band called “The Care” with their song entitled “Chandeliers” the lead intro, the verse where exactly the same. it only differs in the chorus part… the base is 100% the same. I agree that it was copied and its not good… they could only justify the fact that it wasn’t copied through the chorus part but aside from that everything is the same. So for those fan of orange and lemons don’t be so fanatic with them try to see the different side yah i agree that the filipino version is 100% better compare to the care’s chandeliers. It’s nice to hear… But hopefully someday they will composed their own masterpiece… for those who wants a copy of “the care’s chandelier” you can visit my site at… by the way Orange and lemons i love your song Umuwi ka na baby… maganda 100% approved. walang katulad

  • Jose Lynetto Radaza

    The song Pinoy Ako is definitely a copied song from the band called ???The Care??? with their song entitled ???Chandeliers??? the lead intro, the verse where exactly the same. it only differs in the chorus part?? the base is 100% the same. I agree that it was copied and its not good?? they could only justify the fact that it wasn???t copied through the chorus part but aside from that everything is the same. So for those fan of orange and lemons don???t be so fanatic with them try to see the different side yah i agree that the filipino version is 100% better compare to the care???s chandeliers. It???s nice to hear?? But hopefully someday they will composed their own masterpiece?? for those who wants a copy of ???the care???s chandelier??? you can visit my site at by the way Orange and lemons i love your song Umuwi ka na baby?? maganda 100% approved. walang katulad

  • yaiba

    The song is a ripped out of the Care’s song.Its humiliating so to speak, but I hope that you guys stop bashing personally. We have our own opinions, mutual respect is necessary.

  • anne

    omg i havent read this entry for a while .. i didnt expect that people would react that way specially that hermione lolz she’s really makin me laugh hehe.. btw, what about that regine thing? she doesnt arrange music stuff as far as i know, she only sings them .. XD the point of the entry was the SONG ONL composed/arranged whatsoever sounds like the single of the care which is chandeliers right? omg am i making any sense here? *nosebleeds* hay. people -_-; i really think na may planted housemate yun lang hehe XD (is this a super duper late reply or something? haha)

  • http://none Bobbyo

    Hale songs resembles dishwalla songs
    Cueshe’s “stay”… from “The Greatest View”
    Orange and lemons … from chandeliers by the care. S

    US! and they (orange and lemons) say that there are a handful of notes on an octave… how come they have the same melody as well as the beats? Sheesh.. wala akong mukhang ihaharap kung sakaling bigyan ako ng award for ripping a song.. guys sana sinabi nyo nalang na inspired kayo ng mga favorite bands nyo kaya halos pareno ng melody and beat.. and come out clean.

  • bad bad bad

    I think the song producer is a BIG BIG BIG part of it. He has the final “say” on the production. He should be punished for this. or FIRED na lang!

    come to think of it this producer is the same guy who won the abs-cbn song contest on the youth… it’s ironic that the values he weaves in that song isn’t part of his lifestyle.

  • http://yahoo greeny

    chx… bilib ako sa’yo napakagaling mong pokpok pati batang c sam pinokpok mo… sam nasa iyo na lahat except sa brain….hahahhaha

  • http://yahoo greeny

    chx d kayo ni sam kasi kami ang bagay…bwahahahah pls lang chx maging kontento kana sa love mo pasalamat ka pa nga at least may nagkagusto pa sa iyong kagaya ni love… pls lang be a good girl na kasi sa kabila ng lahat nakuha ka parin gustuhin ni love. paano kasi namiss na kasi nya ang pokpok na katulad mo… peace.

  • spidey

    no one can really tell kung tlgang intention ng mga artists gayahin ung mga tono ng ibang kanta, cguro influenced sila o kya tlgang ang mga tono ay paikot ikot lng na nirerecycle. pero shempre, meron din namang mga bands na mas binibigyan importance ang fame, at hindi ung music nila. ms iniisip nila na yumaman sila sa artistic creations ng iba. gaya ng cue-gay.. ‘stay’ dito, tpos ‘stay (acoustic)’.. pahatetik…..

  • don

    ang saya-saya…hehehehe…pinoy na pinoy ang dating…me matatalino, me mga tunog-mayaman, meron ding tunog-kalye, tunog-banyo, tunog-bukid, tunog-malinis, tunog-perpekto… yan ang rason kung bakit masaya mabuhay sa pinas.

    ipagpatuloy po ang mga ugnayan. sabi nga ng kaTRIBU ko…HABANG LUMALALIM, SUMASARAP!

  • x’d

    they said that Orange and Lemons didn’t copy pinoy ako to the care’s chandeliers but we’re not stupid..

    OAL’s song wants us to boost our confidence as pinoys but they gave us a reason to feel sorry for ourselves..

    It’s like can’t we produce good songs na ba?

    OaL don’t insult our inteligence..

    and don’t put Philippines in mud..

  • archie

    Choose to be blind! I don’t really really really really really really really care but to deny that they indeed copied the song, that is ONL’s big problem. I used to be a fan but now things are just really looking stupid for them! and for those who look the other way! ‘tang ina naman Macoy! Wag ka nang deny ng deny eh inamin mo pa nga sa egroup diba? Leche ka and that guy from [bleep]! butingtingin mo na lang [bleep] ang mga partes ng [bleep] at baka mademanda pa ang gagamit ng [bleep] kasi imbis na binubusisi mo ang trabaho mo eh hanggang sa trabaho mo eh egroup ng ONL ang inaatupag mo!

    Ibig mong sabihin eh swinusweldohan ka ba ng [bleep] para i-defend ang ONL or paki-alaman ang egroup nila?

    gusto mo rin bang sumikat eh parang ONL, kilala ka ring magnanakaw ng CD sa tower records!

  • archie

    Kung gusto ninyo malaman kung gaano kagago ang tao sa ONL eh ganito, nung nilabas una sa manila bulletin noong october 5 yung pinakaunang denial nila eh inatake nila yung writer, nung october 16 naman, nung pinagtabi ang write-up ng ONL tapos yung babae na nag-expose’ sa kanila eh yung girl naman na iyon ang inatake. giselle ata ang pangalan noon. Nung lumabas naman sila sa inquirer eh sabi naman ng onl eh di naman nila alam ang The Care or such song exists tapos eto email si macoy na hindi raw iyon ang sinabi niya at misquoted daw siya! Take note, sa egroup nila, di nilabas ang write-up ng onl sa bulletin, yung expose’ lang tapos nag-react si Sidney Prescott yung ungas na dating may – ari ng amoeba dito sa libis! Ang bakla, siniriaan yung giselle e di naman niya kilala!

    Para magkaalaman na, nung itong si Sidney Prescott alyas bryan na may banda na Guz Condo ay hawak pa ang amoeba, ang pinapakain lang sa mga tumutugtog na banda ay galunggong at tuyo with matching toyo at kanin!

    Ganyan kababa ang tingin niya sa mga bandang pilipino EH PILIPINO NAMAN DIN SIYA na yung nanay nakapag-asawa ng americano kaya siya nakapag-aral abroad pero lumalabas ang katotohanan na baduy siya eh YUN ANG TINGIN NIYA SA MGA BANDA NATIN!

    Oh sige, makisama kayo sa onl at pati egroup nila para sikat din kayo. Sikat na baduy! Sikat na sinungaling!

    Igihan nyo pa!

  • archie

    correction, dati palang may hawak ng amoeba at kasi sarado na, di ba bryan alyas sidney prescott?

  • archie

    Ito ang poste nila sa egroup….thread 8701!

    From: “cranehead”
    Date: Tue??Aug??16,??2005?? 2:30 am
    Subject: Re: Pinoy Big Brother Song cranehead
    Send Email

    hahahahahah! i expected that reaction eric. it’s true that it was
    inspired by the care’s diamonds and emeralds and chandeliers. i won’t
    deny it. what you heard in gweilos was a very rough version. here’s
    the story behind that song:

    July 22 — i receive a notice that Star Records will commission us to
    do a remake of Big Brother Soundtrack (western version). The song was
    ok so we agreed to do it.

    July 25 — another notice saying that star records prefers a tagalog
    version and that the deadline for the final master would be july 31.

    July 26 — i received the lyrics from jonathan manalo and decided
    against adapting the original soundtrack coz i personally felt it wont
    work. so i came up with a new melody line. at that time my playlist
    includes Diamonds and Emeralds album hence the inspiration and
    adaptation not minding if abs cbn would like our version.

    July 29 — i presented the music to star records and guess what they
    dig our version.

    July 30 & 31 — proper recording in the studio.

    Aug 1 — submission of final master

    Aug 2 — Video Shoot of the Song Pinoy Ako.

    As you see that song is a product of pressure. and i only did what
    came naturally to me with regards to the music. the end result was
    very favorable to us. i personally like it and proud of it. And for
    you to fully scrutinize the song i’m gonna upload it in the file
    section. No worries about lawsuits, im sure the care wouldn’t mind.
    our guitar and banduria intro notes are way different from chandeliers
    and as for the melody line we never exceeded the 7 note rule. this
    version has a clear pinoy taste if i may say so and injected our
    originality in it. but i would appreciate any further comments from
    you mate.

    Pinoy Ako! haha!

    — In, “eric76_salvador”
    > Its the first time I heard the song last night at Gweilo’s Makati. I
    > thought the band was joking around because after they announced the
    > next song as the PBB song, they played the intro to
    > Care’s “Chandeliers”. When Mcoy sang in Tagalog, that’s when I
    > that its a different song.
    > I was going to sing “Your eyes are chandeliers..” sana e. Langya,
    > plakadong-plakado yung song!Dedemanda kayo ng Care nyan hahahaha!
    > eric

  • archie

    eto pa, message 9251 thread:

    From: “cranehead”
    Date: Sat??Sep??3,??2005?? 5:45 am
    Subject: [orange and lemons] Re: OnL’s Pinoy Big Bro song reminds me of The Care. (to colourfield) cranehead
    Send Email

    Salamat Eric, my intention of making that particular song sound
    Carish has received a lot of both positive and negative feedbacks.
    but has served my purpose. Now many are wondering who the
    hell “Care” is. You might like to give a few inputs mate about them
    and their works or if you have previous reviews of their songs and
    album. Whoever is really making the music for the Care songs I
    respect and love so much just like the level of enthusiasm i had for
    Morrissey’s lyricism/performance and Johnny Marr’s music.

    don’t worry eric, just like you, i’m neither one of them…


    “I want the one I can’t have, and it’s driving me mad…”

    — In, “Eric Salvador”
    > bro. colourfield,
    > Hope you’ve come to a decision to buy OnL albums upon hearing
    their songs. I think you’re also into new wave like some of the
    members here. If so, I’m sure you’ll enjoy OnL albums.
    > Regarding the Pinoy Big Brother song, well, there’s this 7 note
    rule pala when it comes to songs. If you reach the 7th note sounding
    like another song then you’re ripping off the work of another
    artist. I don’t think Pinoy Ako reached that 7th note limit though,
    but I can also understand the reaction people have over the song.
    > Anyway, its quite evident that OnL have a penchant for writing
    astounding original music on their own based on the albums they’ve
    come out with. I hope that with those merits, palampasin na lang ito
    ng iba’ng tao.
    > Tutal, Pinoy Ako, is a great song, and if I we’re Simpson or
    Broudie, I’ll be flattered with it. Sadly though, I’m neither one of
    > eric

    Oh ano?! Di ba? di ba clem ikaw yan? May hell ka pang alam! Burn in it pare!

  • archie

    Eto pa! Ngayon, ano ang masasabi ninyo?

    > []On Behalf Of colourfield169
    > Sent: Friday, September 02, 2005 7:43 AM
    > To:
    > Subject: [orange and lemons] Re: OnL’s Pinoy Big Bro song reminds
    me of
    > The Care.
    > Yup, the band could expect these reactions from people who are
    > familiar with Ian Broudie’s and Paul Simpson’s work (mga new wave
    > generation). Sa unang dinig kasi talaga ng Pinoy Ako, ay mukha
    > syang parehong-pareho sa Chandelier.
    > But if you would play the two songs, particularly the two intros,
    > one after the other, syempre richer ang tunog ng Chandelier, pero
    > iba nga notes sequence ng Pinoy Ako tulad ng sabi ni Clem,
    > mukhang same chords. May differences din sa melody line. Yung
    > sequence at drums lang ang sa dinig ko ay pareho.
    > But what could you expect nga naman kasi hora-horada kung
    > magpacommission ng work itong Star Records para sa theme song ng
    > New here nga pala, just joined to check mp3 samplers and decide
    > whether to buy OnL’s CDs or not.

  • archie

    Ito ang sabi nila naman sa inquirer:

    ???We have no malicious intent,??? says vocalist
    and guitarist Clem Castro. ???In fact, we???re not even
    aware that such songs already exist.???

    Ha? Eto o, bistado na kayo po! Inamin, binawi, binawi, binawi. ano ito, eat bulaga?

  • archie

    Rickey, if you are not biased, please post my posts.


  • archie

    Huli na lang ito para sa mga dudero at dudera at sa mga may matang bukas ngunit walang nakikita at sa mga nakakarinig na nagbibibingibingihan!

    From: sancho
    > > > Date: Fri Oct 21, 2005 11:24 am
    > > > Subject: Re: [eraserheads] pinoy pinoy tayo…be
    the judge!
    > > >
    > > > To lay all doubts to rest, here’s an mp3 file na
    > Pinoy Ako and
    > > > Chandeliers. On the right speaker, you’ll hear
    > the left is
    > > > Orange & Lemons supposedly original composition.
    heard on
    > your
    > > > headphones. Wattashame!
    > > >
    > > >
    > > >
    > > > — snip —
    > > >
    > > > i attached the mp3 file – sa mga naka web mode,
    you can
    > the mp3 at
    > > >

    Mabuhay kayong lahat at kunin na ni Lord!

  • archie

    thank you Rickey for the acknowledgement bro.

  • archie

    eto pa, Oh, di pa kayo pagod? Eto pa ang sinabi ni [bleep], ang tinitingalang new wave guru ng Orange and Lemons, thread 10883.

    From: [bleep]
    Date: Wed Oct 12, 2005 3:39 pm
    Subject: RE: [orange and lemons] about their case? RESPECT THE BANDS! Part 1 [bleep]@??
    Send Email


    I don???t think OnL???s ???mistake??? was made from the copying of that Care song, the
    mistake lies on the notion they???ve given to the masses that it was indeed an
    original song??a song that was entirely their own. Siguro kung noong una pa,
    openly they admitted that the song was based on a foreign song and that parts
    were copied from it, wala???ng ganito???ng issue. Tapos agad ito. Anyways, OnL is
    still relatively new to the biz. In my opinion, OnL is still capable of rising
    from this mess. They are talented artists with brilliant songwriting abilities.
    ???Pinoy Ako??? is just a one-off. Sabi nga ni Clem sa akin, ???hindi na mauulit yun???
    with a bit of wry smile on his face. At times, sa basketball, me off-night ang
    star player??ganito din ang kaso ngayon.

    Crab Mentality. I guess I used these words in defense of the band???s previous
    works na na-discredit dahil lang sa ???Pinoy Ako??? song. Unfair kasi yun. Ang
    gumagawa lang ng ganun, mga utak-talangka talaga. But I won???t use this crab
    mentality as an excuse for ???borrowing??? parts of a song. It doesn???t justify the

    We talk about respecting the band??Oh, I???m all for that guys. Kaya nga ako
    nag-rereact eh. Because I respect the band so much. Hindi na tayo iba sa OnL mga
    tol, let them hear what they have to hear, positive man o negative. Also, I
    respect bands who create original music??.isa na dun ang OnL??isa na dun ang
    CARE. IF some of you guys somehow try to convince yourselves na okay lang
    kumopya ng kanta, well, I can???t argue with you on that. That???s your opinion. Sa
    akin, the least a band can do is to acknowledge immediately and openly the band
    and the song where their song was based. Wag nang intayin pang me makapuna, bago
    aminin. Ang dating kasi eh OnL held back info and ???fooled??? people into thinking
    that ???Pinoy Ako??? was entirely theirs, tapos lalabas ang issue at MP3???s ng
    Chandeliers??further proof na its more than just influence??me parts talaga na
    same, drum beat, melody etc.

    Question: How would you feel if a certain band ???copies??? an OnL song? Of course
    not entirely, pero obvious ang melody, chord pattern at beat? Would you still
    say, ???so what????. Nah, didn???t think so.

    Can they get out of this mess? Like I said earlier, why not? I???m sure that when
    the third album (o baka nga third single) is released next year, they will be
    able to prove their critics wrong. Real critics know when they are right and are
    open to anything. Hindi sarado ang utak. OnL, with their wealth of talent in
    songwriting and musicianship will easily dispel the ugly myth.

    I wasn???t pissed-off really. just disappointed. And if somebody tells me not to
    be in this forum because I feel that way about the song??well??tsk tsk??talk
    about open-minds and respect.

    My two cents.


    [bleep]! Gusto mo ba ng phone pall? Di kahit ikaw eh inaamin mo rin! Di ba? Ikaw ang nagsulat niyan di ba?

    ???I don???t think OnL???s ???mistake??? was made from the copying of that Care song, the
    mistake lies on the notion they???ve given to the masses that it was indeed an
    original song??a song that was entirely their own. Siguro kung noong una pa,
    openly they admitted that the song was based on a foreign song and that parts
    were copied from it, wala???ng ganito???ng issue. Tapos agad ito.???

    Tapos, eto naman ang sinabi ng amerikanong pilipinong hilaw na brent daw galing at sosyal daw tapos BADUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUY!!!!

    ??? In, ???sid???
    SO THE
    > > ARE.
    > >
    > > CARTOONS.
    > >

    NGAYON NAMAN E JINGLE PALA! Phoooota! Gago! Kahit jingle eh kinopya kinopya kinopya kinopy kinopya kinopya kinopya kinopya kinopya kinopya kinopya kinopya kinopya kinopya at kinopya pa din!

  • agate

    well, kung i-a-analyze ung lyrics ng pin0y aq, y0u can relate t0 it,, tp0s cnisiraan na ginaya?? h0w about the lyrics, tinagal0g lng ba?? no it’s n0t!! the lyrics are 100% original.., mga hindi filipino ang mga nagsasav nyan…, PBB r0cks!!

  • archie

    Well Rickey, need I say more? Me mga tao talaga na talaga naman pinipilit ituwid ang mali! See the article above. UMAMIN NA NGA NA KINOPYA YUNG MELODY EH PINAGTANGGOL PA! Mga kaanib ng Dating Doon talaga!

  • pirata

    pinoy ikaw pinoy! npka creative ng pinoy! galing dmiskarte sa paggawa ng mga songs!!! hahaha!!!!

  • Peter G

    This is a great song. What’s the big deal if the group used or “lifted” the song from another. Are are critis scrutinizing it too much. Come on guys, Mariah Carey does it, Jessica Simpson does it, and many hip hop artists do it such as puff daddy. Doesn’t anybody remember the group PM Dawn with their song “Set A Drift on Memory Bliss.” They took Spandau Ballet’s song “True” and rehashed into their own. Come on guys…do we always have ut down our own people for doing something good whether it be original or a copy?

  • banjo

    ay basta alam ko ang magnanakaw, maging pinoy man o hindi eh magnanakaw pa rin kasi tao lang yan. sandali, eh kung kaya isang foreign germs eheste foreigner ang numakaw ng kanta ng orange and lemons? Ganun pa rin kaya ang pakiramdam ninyong lahat?

  • sentinel

    What’s with it? I’ll tell you what’s wrong, they keep telling the whole world that they’re the original. it’s ok adapt a melody or a song as long as you don’t claim you’re the original. As for the artist you mentioned they never claimed they were the original, they’re just singers, they never composed. As for the sour orange and lemons they claimed they were the were the original composers.


  • mark

    Archie, wag ka nang magalit at talagang may ibang bulag. Para doon sa mga nakakainitindi eh mabuhay kayong lahat at sana sumagana lalo ang buhay ninyo lalo ikaw rickey.

    Nagtataka lang ako at di mo ito pinoposte dito sa site mo. Ang huling balita ayon sa manila bulletin eh vindication raw ang nangyari sa ONL kasi GOOD RECORD SALES!

    Natural! Nakanakaw na at marami pang nagpupunyagi sa pagnanakaw nila! KASI EH NAKAISA SILA!

    Archie, Rickey, Giselle, and the rest na di pinapalampas ito, noong oktubre 16, 2005 eh ganito ang sabi ng orange and lemons:

    Orange and Lemons cries foul!
    “It saddens us because it?s unfair.”

    This Universal Records act Orange and Lemons told Manila Bulletin when sought for reaction to allegations that the melody and musical arrangement of their radio smash “Pinoy Ako,” also used as theme song in the hit reality show, “Pinoy Big Brother,” was patterned after an obscure single dubbed “Chandeliers” by 80?s New Wave group, The Care.

    “The guitar intro part, perhaps,” the quartet allowed. “But then again, if you listen to most New Wave songs, lahat naman halos nagsisimula sa gitara. ?Boys Don?t Cry? by The Cure is one example. What?s important is that the melody of ?Pinoy Ako? from ?Chandelier”s is different. Kahit i-compare mo yung dalawa ng note for note, safe kami sa panggagaya kasi di naman talaga kami nanggaya at lalong di kami yung tipong magnanakaw ng kanta ng may kanta. Kung magkatunog man, walang malisya yon.”

    Orange and Lemons said that Universal Records (their mother company) and even Star Records (company that produced “Pinoy Ako”) have already looked into the matter and found the group not guilty of infringing on any intellectual property rules.

    BMG Music (now Sony BMG Music Entertainment) that owns the rights to The Care?s “Diamonds And Emeralds” CD from which “Chandeliers” came is yet to issue a statement or take legal actions if it so warrants.

    “In fact, while recording the song, our producer Robert Javier was with us. Eh di dapat siya na mismo ang unang nagsalita. You can say that ?Chandeliers? was the inspiration, the peg of ?Pinoy Ako.? But it wasn?t derived from that or any other song.”

    How did they end up recording ?Pinoy Ako,? anyway, considering that they did so for another record company?

    “Lauren Dyogi, who directs ?Pinoy Big Brother,? heard our first single ?Hanggang Kailan? at the mall. He liked what he heard so he suggested to ABS-CBN that we do the theme song for the reality show. The lyrics were written by Jonathan Manalo tapos nilagyan na lang namin ng tono at ginawan ng areglo. Funny, but when I was doing the song in the studio, I wasn?t thinking of The Care at all but Rey Valera,” said Orange and Lemons vocalist Mcoy Fundales.

    This is not the first time that Orange and Lemons has been accused of musical plagiarism. The band revealed that even when they released their independently produced album under Toti Dalmacion?s Terno Records a few years ago, some people have come up to them to point out similarities between some of their originals and songs by international British groups.

    “Minsan nga, nagdadala pa sila ng CDs ng mga kanta to prove their ?point,?” they said.

    “Pero di naman namin ito gaanong pinapansin. Unang-una, kung meron kami talagang naagrabyado dahil sa panggagaya, bakit walang complainant? Hindi ba dapat, ang unang mag-complain ay yung may ari ng kanta?”

    They added: “Besides, mas madaming tao ang lumalapit sa amin thanking us for the music that we do. We even have fans from as far away as Japan e-mailing us, ?You?re amazing!? It?s not also unusual na makakita ka ng buong pamilya sa mga shows namin because even parents who grew up to New Wave music appreciate our sound.”

    They continued, “This is our way of paying back to artists who have set the road before us; this is us paying our dues.”

    The quartet stressed though they are not solely a New Wave act.

    “We?re indie pop bordering on New Wave. Besides, our influences go beyond New Wave to include The Beatles, Oasis, The Smiths, etc. Ang The Beatles ba, New Wave? Hindi. Minsan nga, napagbibintangan kami na New Wave poseurs kasi hindi naman daw kami lumaki during the New Wave era. But New Wave is not just an era but a sound; one of elegance and eloquence that we appreciate. Siguro, what?s more accurate to say is that we were influenced by British bands and that years of emulation have brought about our present sound.”

    When asked where their name came from, they pointed to an old XTC (another New Wave band) album. “Yun nga lang, it was called ?Oranges and Lemons.? May ?s.? Sa amin, wala. We liked the name kasi it denotes freshness of bittersweet quality. Parang yung mga songs namin na fresh ang dating from other local bands but at the same time may nostalgia kasi nga you can hear the old in the new,” they explained.

    The band also emphasized that they are no overnight success. “We have been in the scene for six, seven years now. Kaya nga namin nakuha yung New Wave sound kasi we had to do covers in the past para magkaroon kami ng gigs. Back then, the trend was to do 70?s music. Para maiba, we chose to do New Wave and Brit pop covers. But make no mistake about it-Orange and Lemons is basically Pinoy at heart and in sound.”

    Confronting the allegations are farthest from the minds of Orange and Lemons members right now. Rather, it?s their busy schedule that they?d like to concentrate on beginning with the release of the repackaged “Strike Whilst The Iron Is Hot” that will contain four bonus tracks including acoustic versions of “Hanggang Kailan” and “Heaven Knows” (their current single) and “Pinoy Ako.”

    There, too, is the release of the upcoming single “Blue Moon” also to be used as theme song to Regal Films Metro Manila Filmfestival entry of the same title.

    “We?re too busy to even listen to radio or watch TV let alone pay attention to critics. Anyway, the truth will set us free eventually,” they ended.

    Orange and Lemons is composed of Ace Del Mundo on drums and percussions, JM Del Mundo on bass guitar, Mcoy Fundales on vocals and acoustic guitar and Clem Castro on vocals and electric guitar.

  • mark

    part 2, sa tabi noong article na iyon SA MANILA BULLETIN eh yung poste nung giselle roque na kinontra sila. ARCHIE, DITO SIYA NAGPAPATOTOO SA LAHAT NG SINABI MO, take note, Oktubre 16, 2005 pa ito ha. Nagtataka lang ako kay Rickey kung bakit di nabigyan pansin ito, huwag ka sanang magalit:

    Music writer blows whistle against Orange and Lemons
    The sore truth is that pop band Orange and Lemons ripped-off “Chandeliers” by ?80s duo The Care and used the melody for “Pinoy Ako” according to music correspondent Giselle Roque who beseeched Manila Bulletin after she read an article this broadsheet published last Oct. 5.

    “When I was posting e?mails that certain artists did not ask permission [from The Care] and copied ?Chandeliers, I did not mention Orange and Lemons. But they were the ones who reacted and posted their own defense in turn so that was the time that established na kinopya nila talaga yung kanta,” Roque, who is also the niece of rock icon Sampaguita added.

    “?We did make it Carish? went Orange and Lemons ?admission? and they have the guts to say that these are two different songs?” pointed out Roque, who is a friend of Paul Simpson, who wrote and sang “Chandeliers” for the album “Diamonds and Emeralds.”

    The other half of The Care duo is Ian Broudie. “Chandeliers” was credited to Broudie/Simpson, like the rest of the songs in the said album, published under Warner Chappell, Ltd. The Care, which was formed in 1983, was most noted for the singles “My Boyish Days,” “Flaming Sword,” and “Whatever Possessed You.”

    Roque disclosed to the Bulletin that she could not believe it when Orange and Lemons posted on an e-group mail she received that they were just waiting to be noticed by Simpson and his camp. “They said, At last, this is just what they?ve been waiting for to get noticed. They also said that at least now, people are researching The Cares music. My point is how could people research it if you don?t acknowledge that you got the song from The Care? Ang isinagot ni Clem (Castro of Orange and Lemons) ?E bakit kami magpapaalam? Magpasalamat pa nga ang The Care at pinasikat namin ang kanta nila. It was really frustrating. They even wrote, Do we have to find people who are avid fans of The Care and ask permission from them? Well, if they?d ask me, they didn?t have to track down Care fans, only the person who wrote the song they ripped?off.”

    She further revealed that “Orange and Lemons said that they were pressured and did not know what else to do. Since they were listening to The Care, to that effect, they decided na puwede ang Chandeliers. I have the e?mail from Orange and Lemons to prove this including the time line explaining they had to rush the song because ABS-CBN gave them barely a week to do it and record the video for Pinoy Ako.”

    The said ?time line,? Roque gathered, came up when earlier queries were thrown against the band in certain e?groups both Orange and Lemons and Roque belong to.

    She continued, “At that time they were commissioned to do the melody of the song, they were listening to The Care and thought that it?s some sort of natural tendency to come out with something that sounds like but I?ve heard of ?Pinoy Ako? and that?s not katunog. When I heard on board a bus, I was almost sure that ?Chandelier?s? lyrics are next after the intro so you could just imagine the shock when Tagalog lyrics settled in! I was like ?Oh my God! What is this?? I didn?t know who ripped the song off that time but same thing, I thought ?This is very sad. This is very frustrating.? Then, somebody from the States e?mailed me that they saw it on ABS?CBN?s ?Big Brother.?”

    Meanwhile, ABS?CBN?s official statement on the issue was: “ABS-CBN commissioned Orange and Lemons to compose the music, arrange and perform an original song, ?Pinoy Ako,? as the theme of ?Pinoy Big Brother.? Any inquiry with regard to this matter should be addressed to the band and Universal Records (Orange and Lemons music label).”

    A staunch believer of Indie musicians and OPM, Roque was prompted to come out after she read the band?s denial in the Bulletin, which she described, “Dumbfounding. How could they (Orange and Lemons) deny they copied the song when I have all the e?mails to prove them wrong?” noted Roque who has been a music writer for Pulp music magazine since 2003.

    Paul Simpson happened to be in constant correspondence with Roque “and as a friend of Paul, it?s unfair for Orange and Lemons to rip-off his song without asking for Paul?s permission. They know very well that I can relay the message for them; instead they apologized to me saying ?apologies to ma?am Giselle;? and that they?re sorry if it caused me sleepless nights, that they are willing to treat me out for coffee?which I felt was very insulting?and the best part is that they said they?re sure that The Care wouldn?t mind. I replied to that e?mail and said ?why are you apologizing to me?? They never apologized to Paul or Ian Broudie about the whole event!”

    The bottomline was, told Roque sharply is that, “Orange and Lemons are making it sound as if it?s OK to copy melody of a foreign song then use it in their own song that ironically speaks about Filipinos.”

    Roque said she had a hard time believing that the local act did rip?off “Chandeliers.” She stressed, “I?ve long heard [of] rumors long before ?Pinoy Ako? became a hit that the song is parehong-pareho ng ?Chandeliers? but of course I did not want to believe because the people from Orange and Lemons are my friends. In fact it was me that firstly introduced them through Pulp magazine and before they were featured, my editor then had to ask me if I really know them. It was quite a struggle before I finally came out with the feature that started their rise.”

    Because she had been in constant connection with Simpson, Simpson?s Brit music label Skyray and the label?s representative Nick Halliwell, Roque notified the concerned individuals. “Right now, they are waiting for a move from Warner Chappell?s because they own the rights of the song,” Roque revealed.

    Asked why she decided to come out with these allegations, she replied, “Paul is my friend but other than that, I have no stake in this thing. Nothing. I just happen to know the truth and I don?t mind sharing it with people who may have been humming a song they believed [to be] original. You just have to listen to both songs to conclude that it?s a violation of intellectual rights.”

  • mark

    Ngayon heto po naman ang interbyu nila sa Inquirer para dakilang kontrahin ang lahat ng pinagsasabi nila at pati yung giselle roque. Nagtataka lang ako kasi ang inquirer eh di kinuha ang panig niya o ang panig ng warner music at gayun din ang kontrobersiyal. Archie, ulit, ito ang pagpapatoo. Di ba, ito ang sabi nila doon sa Manila Bulletin:

    “They continued, “This is our way of paying back to artists who have set the road before us; this is us paying our dues.”

    The quartet stressed though they are not solely a New Wave act.

    “We?re indie pop bordering on New Wave. Besides, our influences go beyond New Wave to include The Beatles, Oasis, The Smiths, etc. ”

    Ang ibig nilang sabihin dito eh yug new wave artists. Di ba sabi nila eh si Rey Valera ang pinakikinggan nila? Bakit? Ganyan ba ang tunog ni Rey Valera? Tama ka talaga Archie.

    Ngayon, ito ang sabi nila.

    Orange you glad they???re no lemons?
    First posted 11:33pm (Mla time) Oct 19, 2005
    By Jocelyn Valle
    Inquirer News Service

    Editor’s Note: Published on Page A26 of the October 20, 2005 issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer

    THE MEMBERS OF THE BAND ORANGE AND LEMONS offer no apologies when people find similarities between their compositions and other artists??? recordings.

    ???We have no malicious intent,??? says vocalist and guitarist Clem Castro. ???In fact, we???re not even aware that such songs already exist.???

    A case in point is ???Pinoy Ako,??? the theme from the reality TV show, ???Pinoy Big Brother,??? which, according to an online forum, is a rip-off of The Care???s ???Chandeliers.???

    Clem and his bandmates Mcoy Fundales (acoustic guitars/vocals), JM del Mundo (bass) and Ace del Mundo (drums/percussions) say that ???Pinoy Ako???s??? melody and lyrics, written by songwriter Jonathan Manalo, are all original. But they admit that the arrangement is already a mish-mash of varied influences, including some from Rey Valera.

    The band says criticisms aren???t new to them. When they were starting out seven or eight years ago, they would get flak from new wave hard cores who accused them of being poseurs.

    we never personally announced that we???re a new wave band,??? Clem clarifies. ???We were required by bar owners to do covers in our gigs and we chose mostly ???80s new wave stuff because we observed that no other band was doing it.???

    Mcoy says they are basically a pop-rock band that???s heavily influenced by British groups like the Beatles and the Smiths, not only musically, but also fashion-wise. Clem has also imbibed the accent, which slips out when he sings. All this British-ness has stirred up another criticism???that they are pretentious.
    Anglophiles from Bulacan

    The guys may be self-confessed Anglophiles but they???re Bulacan natives at heart. For starters, they don???t have the stiff upper lip or the legendary dry humor of the Brits. They???re casual and easy to please. They hardly ever use ???bloody??? in their expletives and instead exclaim using Tagalog words that are considered archaic but poetic.

    But they do source some of their fashion finds from the UK. ???As in ukay-ukay,??? says the quartet, adding that they don???t go as far as donning trench coats to complete the look.

    Though the band gets more than its share of criticisms, they also get a lot of love from their new fans, who are hooked on ???Pinoy Big Brother.??? Thus, Universal Records will be releasing a repackaged version of their sophomore album, ???Strike Whilst the Iron is Hot??? (after their 2003 indie debut, ???Love in the Land of Rubber Shoes and Dirty Ice Cream???). The popular theme song plus a couple of new songs will be included in the already packed 12-track CD.

    Clem says they got involved in the project when ABS-CBN, which airs the show and owns Star Records, approached Universal for a name and one boss recommended them. The network???s decision-makers need not be convinced since business unit head Lauren Dyogi was already won over by the band???s first hit song, ???Hanggang Kailan.???

    ???We???ve met all the housemates and we???ve shook hands with them but unfortunately we don???t get to watch the show,??? confesses Clem.

    You see, the guys spend most of their time traveling (they take public transportation) from their homes in Baliwag, Bulacan to their gigs and appointments in Metro Manila and back. It???s tiring but they don???t mind.

    ???Bottom line for us is the music,??? the twentysomething fulltime musicians say. ???We???re not here for the fame.???

    ???In fact, we???re not even aware that such songs already exist.???

    A case in point is ???Pinoy Ako,??? the theme from the reality TV show, ???Pinoy Big Brother,??? which, according to an online forum, is a rip-off of The Care???s ???Chandeliers.???, ano ito?! Binawi, ngayon di nila alam na may ganoong kanta pala?

  • archie

    sumpain ang bandang yan at lahat ng umanib sa kanila! karmahin sila at lahat ng kakampi nila sapagkat sila ay nagkasala 70 x7 times na walang balikan!

    biro mo, ang press release sa bulletin naman eh good sales has vindicated them? ULUL! PERA BA ANG HALAGA NG KAPALIT NG SIRA NG PURI NG SAMBAYANANG PILIPINO?

    Hindi sana magagalit ANG MGA NAKAKAINTINDI kung yung kanta eh tungkol sa brief nila, kape nila o titi nila eh hindi! Pinoy Ako! Ipagmalaki na magnanakaw! Puta! Tingnan mo na lang mga kasama nila sa egroup? May pumuna eh pinukol ng kung ano ano na ang mga tao daw na di nila kaanib eh wankers at pahayag pa nung sidney presscott alias bryan na baka pag nakita siya eh pati nanay ng mga pumuna eh malaglag ang panty sa kanya! Puro lahat ito ay depensa niya sa onl!

    Pero heto, Toti “Titi” Dalmacion! Ang original na producer NA NILOKO RIN SILA tulad ng panloloko sa Lotus Eaters way back 2003. Kung naalala ninyo ay na-detain at nakulong ang 2 new wave greats kasi di niya kinuha ng permit para mag-concert dito.

    Alam niyo ba? Yung unang album ng ONL eh bago sumapit sa Tower eh kumalat muna sa bangketa? Bakit kaya? Nauna muna ang bulsa niya. Kaya ngayon eh natuto ang ONL! Natutong mandaya!

    Oh, nagtataka pa kayo? Ang mga kinocover nila ngayon eh puro new order. Ang kinocover nila doon sa bandang iyon eh Theives Like Us.

    Ay konsiyensya! Mark, wag muna tayo mag-unsub sa egroup para mamahagi tayo sa lahat kung ano ano pa ang mga kagaguhan nila doon.

    Wankers ha?! Yan na ba ang pilipino ngayon? Pumuna ng mali eh wankers?!

  • mark

    Oh rickey, ito ang ginagalaiti ni Archie. STRAIGHT FROM THE ONL EGROUP, ganito ka-uncivilized ang tao dito: WANKERS ANG TAWAG PAG DI KA KAAYON SA ONL!

    message 11681 and 11643….READ ON….

    From: Egrouper Egrouper
    Date: Wed??Nov??2,??2005?? 11:38 am
    Subject: Re: [orange and lemons] FOR ASS CRACK, E GROUP, AND THE REST OF YOU CRITICS egrouper123
    Send Email

    yer full of crap!

    — sid wrote:

    > I like that! ‘Wet people’s appetites’ … We open
    > for the Lemons. A
    > sweet band opens with us aswell. We play 3 songs
    > that night to sow
    > the seed and set the scene. No word wot time we
    > play. Get there
    > early I guess. ;) … OH MY GOD … YOU’LL NEVER
    > SHHHHH! … Crack head, Nokia, and Grouper might get
    > their panties
    > in a bunch … HAHAHAHAHA!
    > — In, acid maria
    > wrote:
    > >
    > >
    > > u sure know how to whet peoples appetite. ;)
    > > what time’s ur gig?
    > >
    > >
    > > TIM
    > >
    > >
    > > sid wrote:
    > > Yeah ;) … I can’t wait to see you there.
    > >
    > > — In, marie dela
    > cruz
    > > wrote:
    > > >
    > > > yah! total chaos! hahaha! cant wait to see it.vL
    > na toh! gweilos
    > > right? now im interested in condo guz and the man
    > named sid.
    > > >
    > > > acid_ankh wrote:this sounds
    > fun.
    > > > marie dude, should we file for a leave on the
    > 9th now? hehe ;)
    > > >
    > > > TIM
    > > >
    > > >
    > > >
    > > >
    > > > — In, “sid”
    > > wrote:
    > > > >
    > > > > Makati baby ;)
    > > > >
    > > > > — In, sOLo
    > > wrote:
    > > > > >
    > > > > > kuya bryan! eastwood or makati? :)
    > > > > >
    > > > > > solo
    > > > > >
    > > > > > On 10/26/05, sid wrote:
    > > > > > >
    > > > > SENSATIONAL
    > OWN
    > > > > BAND AND
    > > SUPPOSED
    > > > > TO BE
    > > MAKE
    > > > > YOU THE
    > > SO
    > > > IF
    > > > > YOU
    > > NOV.
    > > > > MY
    > > > > > > NAME IS SID. I’LL BE THE GUY BY THE BAR.
    > > > CONDO
    > > > > GUZ.
    > GAVE
    > > YA.

  • macky

    mark at archei, para hindi kayo nahihirapan sa kaka-post ng mga messages from the egroup of OnL eh pasalihin nyo na lang kaya sila. Para naman sila mismo makabasa baka kasi minsan hindi pa kayo updated.
    Minumura nyo ung OnL, eh pano kayo nakakuha ng mga messages from the egroup???(member kayo ng egroup nila noh??!!)hehe…
    Naiinis kayo sa kanila, ginagalit nyo lang ung sarili nyo wala naman kayong napapala.
    Kung may mga taong gusto pa rin ang OnL hindi ibig sabihin eh bulag sila sa katotohanan o ano. Maaari kasing nagustuhan nila ung Onl nung “Just Like A Splendid Love Song” days pa, hindi ung “PBB”days lang. O kaya naman ung tipong unang panood(2003) pa lang sa kanila sa Mayric’s o Gweilos eh nagustuhan na sila.
    Kaya please let’s respect them na lang. Eh kung balewala sa kanila ung “Pinoy Ako” eh may magagawa pa ba tayo???
    Wag nyo lang kasi lalahatin kapag tinitira nyo na ung mga “bulag” na fans.

  • mark


    Kung fan ka eh di fan ka! Kami rin eh dating mga fan pero kami eh di tulad ng iba na pinipilit tuwirin ang mali.

    Bakit, masakit ba?

    Respect? We have so much respect for them kaya nga namin inilalahad ang katotohanan. ANG RESPETO SA TAO AY HINDI LANG PURO PAPURI NA MINSAY NAUUWI SA BOLAHAN PERO PAGPUNA NG PAGKAKAMALI PARA ITUWID NILA!

    Yan ang respeto!

  • shane

    lam nyo para kayong mga tanga na nagtatalunan tungkol sa kanta na yan, hindi nyo ba na gets.. pinoy ako pinoy tayo…which means typical mangagaya sa foreign artists, walang originality. sus..kailan pa ba tayo naging original, tingnan nyo naman syadong trying hard ang pinoy na gumaya sa mga western style..para kayo di sanay, eh nag eenjoy naman kayo ng theme song na yan ah! and OnL were laughing at you… ngayon sino ang sikat.. sila! sinu kumikita …Sila rin, theyre all laughing at you for criticizing them, dahil dyan lalo silang sumikat and they are laughing their ass of to the bank.. gets nyo mga dudes!!!!

  • annie

    message to MARK’S comment —Dude.. alam mo ba ang ibig sabihin ng WANKERS…pa wankers wankers ka dyan baka hindi mo alam ang sinasabi mo.

  • Leidyann

    I’m a big fan of orange and lemons and i believe in their skills in contributing to our musoc so thankful na nagexist sila kasi our industry is alive again..the issue about the rip-off, i believe they are only6 inspired by the care..actually creating a song is very hard, pero bilib ako sa onl on how they came up with such wonderful songs..kay archie at mark from the way you rote things from onl eh parang you know everything its very rude of you guys not paying respect sa onl band at sa mga supporters nito..i don’t want to be fair to archie and mark dahil mas unfair sila if they are member of the e-group of onl with the purpose na siraan lang yun band..i think that both of them(archie nad mark)had gone too far in giving negative comments ’bout onl..pero one thing is for sure if you think na kasalanan ang pagiging supporter and believer ng onl I’D RATHER BE SINFUL!!
    *more power to the band orange and lemons, you guys made everything worthwhile in this world!

  • jekri

    archi and mark….bkit ba glit na glit kau sa onl? inagawan ba nila kau ng girlfriends kaya ultimo briefs and private organs nila dinadamay nio pa? pati ung nananahimik na producer ng 1st album(toti dalmacion) eh dinadamay nio pa? at pati pangalan nia ginago nio pa huh? ang lakas niong magcriticize mga pare pero ung mga words na lumalabas sa bibig nio amzing ah!!! it makes me proud…clap!clap1clap! pati diyos dinamay nio na! ano atheist ba kau? tsk…tsk…tsk… gusto “nio” kaming imulat sa katotohanan??? tama ba? andami niong pinost guyz puro galing sa e-group “namin”(kasi di ba sabi nio di na kayo part nun kasi kinanhihiya nio sila) plagiarism din un mga pare…it’s “our” exclusive world…either it’s good or bad wla na kaung pkielam dun kasi nga it’s our own world…. and kuha kayo ng kuha ng message sa e-group namin kasi you want other people “to know the truth”…..un ung sabi nio di ba…eh ano ba gusto niong mangyari? wag suportahan ang onl? talikuran sila? laitin din sila katulad ng gingawa nio? ikahiya na pilipino ako? ikahiya ung ugali ng mga pilipino? ikahiya pati kapwa ko pilipino? ano yun ba yung gusto nio ung ipakalat sa buong mundo na wala akong kwenta? wlang kwenta onl? walang kwenta lahat ng pilipino? wow men kahit kelan di ko gagawin un… kahit ano mangyari….eh ano gusto mo? dakilain ka namin or kayong lahat….PUTANG INA lalong di mangyayari un…..di lang dahil sa isang song particularly pinoy ako….. ayos ka pare…daig mo ghost stories…..kahindik-hindik ka!!!! kung mkasalanan ang mgaing onl fan….putang ina pinagmamalaki kong makasalanan ako….poootah pare bkit good boy ka ba para sabihing sana kunin na ni lord ang mga onl followers? di ka nga naniniwala sa diyos eh….tsk…tsk…tsk…

  • angelofforgiveness

    Masdan niyo kung gaano sila ka-defensive:-)

    At least inamin nila na galing sa egroup nila so TOTOO PALA NA TALAGANG RIP-OFF LANG ANG KANTA?

    Kakamiyembro ko lang sa egroup nila pasalamat kay Archie sa lahat at lalong pasalamat kay Rickey kasi alam niya ang totoo.




    Hay nakkkuuuuu! Imbis na parusahan ninyo sina Archie at Mark eh bakit di niyo parusahan yung ONL kasi totoo palang nangopya sila ng kanta?!! Di kailangan ang isang Archie at Mark para diyan! Tenga lang! Tingnan mo yung sampler na ginawa ni Rickey!

  • Gena

    Tama na yan! Ang importante ay dapat magbayad sa Care ang ONL.

    Annie, marunong ka bang magbasa? O makaintindi? Pilipino na nga eh di mo maintindihan na pinapalabas ng mga taga-ONL na kapag di ka nila kakampi eh wanker ka.

    Bakla ka siguro kaya kailangang ilathala mo pa iyan.


  • Luisa

    Bakit ako magmemembro sa egroup nila kung ganyang mga tao ang sasalubong sa akin na imbes na maging mapagkumbaba eh nagmumura pa PAGKATAPOS AMININ na totoo pala ang nababasa namin sa mga poste nila sa egroup nila?

  • jekri

    pinaparusahan ba nmin sila mark and archie? is that what you think huh? murahin daw ba ang members ng onl…. do you think papayag kmi nun…di ang katulad LANG ni arcchie or mark o kahit sino pa senio d2 ang dserving na murahin ang khit sino sa knila noh….hehehehe siguro nga inagawan ng GF or may gusto si archie sa isang member ng onl kaya ganyan siya….what do you think huh archie or mark or kung sino-sino pa man kayo? di nio nmn sinagot tanong ko eh… anong gusto nio ngang gwin “nmin” (onl fans)? gusto niong iwanan na nmin sila sa ere huh? yun ba ung gusto nio? uhmmm…spakin nmin sila pag may gig and tell them ” oi onl !@#$%^&* nio ginaya ni rip-off nio ung chandelier” ano yun ba ung gusto nio? ikahiya nmin ung culture natin oh sige nmin na lang kung ayaw nio ng culture ng mga pinoy… sige sagutin nio…. guyz ano ba kau may perfect culture ba? may perfect country ba? may perfect world ba? may perfect person ba? may perfect band ba eh kung wla ngang perpektong tao? kau guyz kung mkapagsalita kau…perfect ba kau? kung perfect kau naku one of a kind yan as in kau lng ang perfect sa history ng mundo magparegister na kau sa guiness gusto nio sgutin ko pa ung trip nio papunta dun sama nio pa buong pamilya nio…yun eh kung perfect kau…pag perfect nga kau send nio e-mail add nio, ung cell no. and lhat ng info tapos kuha na kayo ng passport kukuha ko na kau ng ticket….deal yan huh? and one more thing nga pala ARCHIE…kung si clem nasa hell aba hindi hell yun heaven yun…at sino ang gusto mong mpunta sa heaven ikaw? naku hindi heaven yun….eh di ba atheist ka nga? habang buhay ka na lng alikabok sa lupa palutang-lutang at wlang mapuntahan….. pati mga “dati” mong co-listers sinisiraan mo….remember sid? pati school nia siniraan mo na din….ano ba yan inggit or what? ano kamo baduy xa? eh anong tawag sayo king of kings? your majesty tama po ba un….kasi pati po ung wardrobe nila nilalait nio eh…ukay-ukay?…honestly hindi tlga ako nag-uukay-ukay….so what kung dun gling mga damit nila? nasa nagdadala yun YOUR MAJESTY…wla yun sa brand or sa pinanggalingan ng damit….pare halos 1/2 ng population ng pilipinas galing sa ukay-ukay ang mga damit ang lupit mo tsong ang lupit mo mag-research amazing ka tlga as in ONE OF A KIND! *clap*clap*clap* malamang defensive kami guyz may sense of LOYALTY kase kami eh… LOYAL ONL fans “kami” di tulad ng iba na dahil lang sa isang rip-off/plagiarism issue DAW huh…eh iniwanan na sa ere ang onl…ang lupit niong mag-idolize mga tsong nadadala kau ng mga ganun ganun lang…nakakahiya nmn yan… pati pagka-pinoy nio kinakahiya nio na din…wow tlga mga pare astig kau….sinasabihan nio na agad na “burn in hell” ang isang taong nag rip-off DAW….ang gagagalinmg nio…parang masahol pa sa pumatay ang ginawa nung mga pinagbibintangan nio ah! and excuse me po angelofforgiveness parang di bagay sayo ung pangalan mo….what do you think huh…bago ka maglagay ng “angel” at “forgiveness” i-check mo muna yan…try mo lang alamin kung bkit huh…. oo nga pla alam mo din ba ung ibig sbihin ng back-stabbers? back as in likod…nasan ung likod nasa harap ba yun huh….wag kang stupid pare back-stabber naninira patalikod yun…what do you think am i doing huh? sinisira ko ba kyo ptalikod huh….sinasagot ko kau ng harapan di katulad ng ginawa ni archie sa mga “dating” co-listers nia like sid,makati baby, acid_ankh…and etc…pati ung nananahimik na si toti dalamacion, si mcoy AT ANG HINDI KO MAPALAMPAS AY SI……CLEM!!! di na puede yun! sinong back-stabber ngaun huh?

  • romeo toring

    Pbb rockss!!!!!!!
    talo na ang GMA!!
    kapamilya no.1
    unfair talaga big brother kapag gma no .1
    hindi ako papayag !!!!!!!!!
    say Idol

  • thinzzy_whinzy


  • Richard

    wala gusto lang talaga ang pbb favorite ko kz!!! pinoy ako rules!!!

  • jerry


    MGA CHIMAY KAYO KASI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hate you SAM!

    i love SAM!

  • Bongsie


  • johnny flash

    New Wave RULES!!! Sa mga New Waver mabuhay…nasa akin pa nga ung copy ng album ng The Care ng Diamonds and Emeralds, buti naitago ko…hehehe!

  • binggo boy


  • hector


    too bad indeed. . .that for something we could easily relate to as Filipinos turned out to be a copy. well of this am not so sure since am not an authority in the music discipline, but when i listened to both, i did sense a certain similarity. i do like the song. . .ang daling sabayan. . .and it speaks of how good we Filipinos are in coping with whatever comes. i would admit im a fan of PBB, though sometimes i am disgusted with obvious flaws in the show. then the e-mails about sam,uma and cass being favorites of the management . . .blah. . .blah. medyo nagsubside ang kahunghangan ko sa show. . .now comes this. . . .siguro nga magaling lang mangopya ang pinoy. . .to the extent of making a better and more impressive version than the original.

    but still. . . O&L should have at least acknowledged Chandeliers.. . .

    tsk!!!!! too bad indeed!!!!

  • eiryll

    cas ang pangit mo………..
    uma pasaway..bading!!!!!!!
    say umalis kana jan…. puntahan mo n c JB…..
    nene ang cute moh… pag naktalikod….
    jayson mukha kng bata… 2mau k nmn,……

  • Ronald

    ok lng yan…. im a full blooded new waver…. ibig sabihin lng na nand2 na ang mga new breed of new wave artist like orange & lemons and sheila and the insects….on local

    kung alam nyo lng mga baguhan at hindi nakakaalam ng new wave song… e2 ang mga papausbong bagong foreign new wave artist in the new millenium.. The Killers, The Rakes, Editors, Bloc Party, Franz Ferdinand, Interpol, British Sea Power, The Bravery, The Coral… at marami pang iba…. kung gusto nyo malaman ang iba pang detalye go to

  • Ronald

    P.S. correction please…. its pronounced the band “Care” not “The Care”…. hehehehehehe… tapos naging “The Wild Swans” ung kumanta ng “Bringing Home The Ashes” dahil nadagdagan sila ng isang member fromd “Duo” naging “Trio”

  • Sentinel

    Looks like natatauhan na rin mga tao dito…

  • chuck’s gal

    the song of orange and lemons fuckin suck…even if it’s like the same thing(because o-a-l copied the band care which is one of the greatest bands ever). one o-a-l isn’t original, 2 they fuckin copied a better song than thiers and three they just fuckin’ suck even if i sometimes watch the show i fuckin get pissed when ever i hear thier not orig. song…i just got one thing to say to o-a-l…be more original…i dont want to be mean/vain or anything but i’m much younger that this group cause i have a band our ages ranges from 11-16 years and i think our song is more orig. than this o-a-l band…so yeah..booyah!
    *simple plan rocks*

  • toti dalmacion

    Pero heto, Toti ???Titi??? Dalmacion! Ang original na producer NA NILOKO RIN SILA tulad ng panloloko sa Lotus Eaters way back 2003. Kung naalala ninyo ay na-detain at nakulong ang 2 new wave greats kasi di niya kinuha ng permit para mag-concert dito.

    Alam niyo ba? Yung unang album ng ONL eh bago sumapit sa Tower eh kumalat muna sa bangketa? Bakit kaya? Nauna muna ang bulsa niya. Kaya ngayon eh natuto ang ONL! Natutong mandaya!”

    i’d just like to tell “archie” maybe he should get facts straight and not get his info from hearsay,rumours or TABLOIDS where that story came out a few days after The Lotus Eaters left for a quick vacation in another Asian country where Peter attended a wedding. That story came about because Studio 23 who were the promoters(it was a Studio 23 concert-obviosly you wern’t there “Archie”)didnt meet the fiancial expectations of some makati officials and lo and behold ,this made up story came up much to the amusement of jeremy Kelly and Peter Coyle who came into the Philippines with the latter going back home from Thailand while Jeremy Kelly even came back for a few days because his flight is from here to the UK) The Lotus Eaters were NOT detained nor sent to some prison. You can even ask “Giselle” who blew the whistle on Orange and Lemons. she is a big fan of The Lotus Eaters and she would be the first to complain if that did happen. Jem kelly of The Lotus Eaters have become such good friends of mine and we still keep in touch. Do you even think CHINA CRISIS would freaking come to the Philippines after if such a thing happened or if i was stupid enough not to get them permits? It was their recommendation that’s why China Crisis said yes to coming over and For one thing its Studio 23 who got them their permits,.not me. I tour managed them! Get your facts STRAIGHT before you divulge info to people.

    Also your amusing story na nasa banketa yung first album bago dumating sa Tower is quite a tale ,you actually think everyone in the music industry are opportunists,sleazy fucks who only care about money. You hear rumours about record labels pirating their own stuff to sell in Quiapo or wherever the hell and you immediately assume everyone does that. Majors with money might be able to do that(if the rumours are true) but small time independent labels like mine cannot afford to do such things. I have more integrity than you think and i back up what i say. You’ve got the nerve to accuse that i am into pirating just to make fucking money. You obviously dont know me and you have no respect for people who are actually trying to change the way things are in this twisted country. You dont know how hard it is to put out something just for the sake of music and with not much capital at that but i do because i believe that we have such great talents and artists and they deserve to be heard. who the fuck in his right mind and with credentials would ruin his reputation just for money???di ako patay gutom Archie. I am not filty rich but i am not dirt poor as well. You should ask Radioactive sago Project and the other 6 bands i handle if i steal money from them. PUTA. Tumutulong ka na.pinagbibintangan ka pa na manloloko! Just because you have a big beef with Orange and Lemons ,you conclude that everyone that has had connections with them are of the same cloth. I dont have any fucking role with them doing the Pinoy Big Brother theme nor their move to Universal nor was i their manager.

    i just released their first album(since NO MAJOR label would accept them nor their material in their hungry days), i thought it was a good album albeit the overly “new wavey” tunes.(i was against them sounding too new wave or still covering new wave songs in their gigs to avoid stereotype and mockery from other bands who played all original but their management insisted) Re the album, I even sent jeremy Kelly(, Johan of Club 8 to listen to it and they did like it) great. 4 months into the release O n L manager decides they will go major for the next release after having made me the stepping stone. I am not thrilled that happened . I dont like being used. i’m still ok with the band though i have nothing to do with them, I dont even consider them a Terno artist though their first album is still under me for the next 3 years or so… obviously i have nothing to do their latest release(Universal) nor this Rip off fiasco they’ve gotten themselves entangled with. Honestly, I am quite disappointed and embarrassed being that i released their first and championed them at the start. I have heard Pinoy ako melody/parts/vocal phrasing and to me it is Chandeliers. So as you can see i agree with you on the discussion at hand but its the only time ive commented on it. I dont know what made them decide or think it won’t matter and people or at least some people will notice but that’s their decision,albeit a bad one but they have to face the music re this issue. I wish them all the luck and hopefully they clear this up…. What i dont agree to is you Archie CARElessly and haphazardly accusing me of things you have no definite knowledege of.(thanks to some concerned people who pointed me to this direction) I dont appreciate and do take insult at your potshots and insinuations “archie”. You dont know me and you dont know how fucking rabid and passionate i am when it comes to music and how much contribution ive made to the industry and why there are bands like Radioactive Sago Project,Updharmadown,Juan Pablo DReam and many more who are making it out there with their cred intact and not sacrificing their art, as well as not having to do pogi rock songs or ripping off other people’s songs. I shouldnt and woudnt even react to your unfounded accusations but its just a tad too would be different if i was guilty as hell and couldnt care a fuck about people like you. But there are days when i dont even have 20 pesos in my wallet because i spent most of what i have on a freaking band’s recording or an advance just so these bands make it and get to release their album without them selling their soul to the devil or their songs forever…so before you jump to conclusions and show off to your friends that you’re in the know with certain individuals in the music industry, think before you open your mouth and most of all do some RESEARCH!
    What’s your full name “Archie”? is that even your real name? kindly state your full name since you’re ok with dissing people na nanahimik. Have the decency and balls to let me know at the very least your name and let others here know as well whether their pro O N L or Anti ONL ok?

  • rannie raymundo

    As a musician/artist, I am happy for o-a-l. Success is a sweet thing!

    As a songwriter, I am quite disappointed. I have written over 900 songs since 83′. I lost count after500. My point is I should know the diff bet copying and being inspired by another artist. Accidentals do occur, and synchronicity abound! In this case synchronicity is out of the question because they were apparently inspired by the care.Accidentals is out as well for the same reason. Inspiration only covers feel and perhaps the mood and the sound. Thats as far as it gets.

    To a material that was consciously listened to, any similarity of notes and beat that goes over 8 bars is copying. If a melody is 70% similar , this is copying.

    Accidentals only happens when the other song was never heard.

    I like O-a-l . I hope they stop reasoning out and just work harder. Charge this to experience.
    Mabuhay ang OPM kahit naghihingalo na sa cancer!


  • http://site marivn

    karat na lng kau para maganda hnd ung nangi2alm kau sa ibang tao…..ok ^_^

  • chuck’s gal

    This is the last time I would post. I just want to point out that this is a open forum. People may speak their mind. At least this is what I understand this to be. Songwriters have a diff take on matters like these. Same with people who care about the integrity of our industry. Its not “Pakikialam”. Its Malasakit if anything.

    Having said this, I wish Orange and lemons more power and perhaps more wisdom, honesty and creativity. They have it going. They are good and I enjoy their music.I hope they dont lose it. I hope they don’t lose their integrity as well.



  • jenny

    thanks to big brother he inspired me

  • walter

    heheheh Peke Peke peke!!!!!!! that’s what it is…. puto! kahiya! 2 peke, 3 PBB contestants PEKE, SONG peke… ano pa ba? PEKE PEKE PEKE?PEKE PEKE PEKE?PEKE PEKE PEKE?PEKE PEKE PEKE?PEKE PEKE PEKE?PEKE PEKE PEKE?PEKE PEKE PEKE?PEKE PEKE PEKE?PEKE PEKE PEKE?

    lol… just a thought…… Palag?

  • walter/DjKoRn

    i agree with you TOTI!!!! long live!!! IDOL!!!! i hope sana.. sali mo ako sa mga gigs nyo…. :P im a big fan of groovenation…. ish…

  • http://none jo

    I love O n L, bago pa sumikat yung kanta nilang PBB theme “pinoy Ako” i have heard their music “just like a splendid love song” and likened it..
    And yes hindi na bago yung ripping off, copying, etc..etc..
    nakaka turn-of lang sa OnL, hindi man lang nila ina-acknowledge yung source na pinagkunan nila para mabuo yung Pinoy ako song.
    Pero maganda yung pagkaka-pinoy twist nila dun sa original ng the care.
    Kaso yung attitude nila as an upcoming rising stars…. Turns me off.
    And sana some bands think outside the box… that goes double for the slo artists as well..
    Puro airplay sa radio mga revivals e.. nakakarindi.. Nasan na yung true OPM!!
    OPM na ba ngayon stands for O PIRATED MUSIC?!?
    Keep on Rockin`!!

  • nicole b adame

    imferness napakaganda ng pbb sana d ganun ugali n franzen pra d sya napaalis fuck you bitch

  • JustAnotherFan

    Paborito ng ate ko ‘to, eh. Ayan, sumasayaw sa may computer na naman. Hindi lang itong ‘Pinoy Ako’ yung gusto kong kanta ng Orange and Lemons, marami ring iba.


  • JustAnotherFan

    cas ang pangit mo??????..
    uma pasaway..bading!!!!!!!
    say umalis kana jan??. puntahan mo n c JB??..
    nene ang cute moh?? pag naktalikod??.
    jayson mukha kng bata?? 2mau k nmn,????

    XD Bwahahahahaahaaaa….miss ko si Franzen…

  • archie

    Oi Toti,

    Pa-englis englis ka pa diyan eh kapag nakita ka naman eh mamong syopaw ka na naman!

    Archibald Michael Rafael V. Santo Tomas ang buong ngalan ko. Dating fan ng ONL.

    Di kita kilala? Ulul! Isa ako sa mga ulul na bumibili ng mga plaka mo noong nasa Vernida Amorsolo ka pa! Mayabang ka na noon pa at noong di pa nauso ang ebay.

    Tour manager?! Haha! Sino ang niloko mo? Kung napakagaling mo pala e bakit sa tennis court mo lang pina-concert ang TLE?

    Eh bakit noong nagconcert ang China Crisis dito eh yung ticket para sa mga pribeliyadong isanglibo at mahigit eh nabili ko lang sa scalpel ng kalahating presyo tapos nakanood pa ako sa baba?

    Kumita ka rin doon kahit papano di ba?

    Kumita ka rin ng isang milyon sa Lotus Eaters hangal! Akala mo di ko nababasa mga poste mo sa xb forums dati?

    Tanda ka na! Wag kang sinungaling!

    Pero taas kamay pa rin ako sa iyo kasi inamin mo rin na nangrip-off ang mga DATI MONG ALAGA!

    PERO, pinasalamatan ka pa rin sa pangalawang album nila. Me autograph ba iyon nung binigay sa iyo?

    Isa pa, ano ang kinalalaman ng Giselle dito eh di ko naman siya kilala! Ikaw, kilala mo ba? Ang yabang mong gumamit ng pangalan ng iba! Laos ka na! Yung groove nation mo, bakit dati palipat lipat ng station? pagkatapos ng apat na buwan eh lipat nanaman ng iba?

    Wala kang makuhang sponsor? Di kita kilala?

  • archie

    Rannie Raymundo,

    Huwag ka ng sumipsip sa ONL, sa Universal na lang baka sakaling sumikat ka nanaman muli.

    Isa ka ring hangal! Kanino ka ba nagpapaimpress? Lumantad ka rin sa pahayagan at ipagyabang mo yang mensahe mo at hindi dito sa pinoyrickey bobo!

  • freddie

    ang tyaga nyo manuod ng pbb.. e para ka lang naman nanunuod ng hamsters sa kulungan! nakakabobo pwe! ika ngqa ni joey de leon “pinoy big basura”!!!



    Luzon,Visayas and Mindanao, TFC subscribers all over the world,Good Day to everyone !!! It is Monday morning,start for our buzy week.Hope our day and week will be filled with happiness,good things and very peaceful one.

    Last night PBB show was so emotional,excited and full of fun.Ang cute ni SAY,being Mahal bagay sa kanya as in bagay na bagay talaga. Nakakatawa siya.Walang ka effort effort,hahahaha.

    Now nomination was done,pasok si JASON,CASS,NENE and SAY,they are the (un)lucky HM for the week ,But I still wish good luck to them???and hoping that all of you friends will vote CASS,NENE and JASON AND SAY. Okey ?

    Muli , Nawa’y kapayapaan ang maghahari dito sa blogsite… Life is beautiful people,…Lets injoy,have fun and peace to all, bloggers,!!!


    Col 3:16 Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all
    wisdom, teaching and admonishing one another with psalms and
    hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts
    to God.


  • sigbin_nga_puti

    PBB SUCKS!!!

    go pinoy ipakita sa mundo kung ano ang kaya mo.
    ang galing mong mag rip-off ng song..
    orange and lemons go go go go!!!

  • ana-liza


  • http://pinoybigbrother jo

    sino ba si big brother? pwede kung alam niyo eh share nyo naman sa akin.

  • anti ana-liza

    to ana-liza:

  • huwag-ka-maingay-ako-si-batman-sikreto-natin-un-ha

    yung chandeliers ba full version???

    thanks sa magaling na si pinoy rickey!!

    isa ka sa mga hinahangaan ko!!!

    ako ay isang webmaster ng section namin sa school!! hehe

  • fresthel monica climacosa

    basta pinoy ako da best..
    naka2adik prang si lee na aking mahal..
    at si see go mahal ko din!

  • kronik

    malala na talaga ang eksena ng musika sa pinas, ipinagmamalaki pa na ang pinoy ay mga magnanakaw at mandurugas. nakakalungkot lang na isipin na ang mga nabibigyan ng opportunity na ikalat ang musik nila ay yun mga trendy, no-talent posers, sila yun mga yumayaman sa pagnanakaw ng gawa ng iba. tuwang tuwa pa mga fans ng OAL dahil ang ganda daw ng kanta nila, very inspiring pa nga sa iba kahit alam na nila na kinopya lang ng mga hunghang na yan yun kanta nila…tama yun matuwa kayo kasi nakikita kung gaano kababaw ang mga utak nyo, proud kayo sa magnanakaw? musician din ako at hindi ko kayang masikmura ang mga ginagawa ng mga tulad ng orange and lemons, cueshit and their kind. respeto lang. nasabi ko rin na malala ang music scene natin dito kasi ang mga totoong hard-working na artist ay hanggang ngayon hindi nabibigyan ng break, pero yun mga magnanakaw, pacute, mga trendy, yun ang mga gustong gusto ng mga pilipino. wala naman talagang justice sa pilipinas eh, kaya wag na tayong umasa pa. to the bands concerned, i hope you are fuckin proud of yourselves, makatulog sana kayo ng mahimbing thinking na ang pinanggagalingan ng kabuhayan nyo galing sa pagnanakaw! i say that respect should be given to everybody, it shouldn’t be earned (respetuhin natin trip ng iba at kahit sino pa sila)…until they fuck you over like what these losers did. binastos nila tayong mga Pilipino!

  • jhunn

    alam nyo mga guys ang theme ng PBB ay parang kakanin na napakasarap kainin gaya ng fishballs, squidballs, kikiam at iba pang streetfoods. masarap , malasa at malinamnam. pag nakita mu at naglaway ka mapapabili ka. di mo na iisipin kung paano ginawa at napaunta sa nagtitinda.
    pero pag may mga nagmamarunong at nagsabi sa yo kung paano ginawa (gaya ng fishcraker scandal, yakii..) baka di ka na bumili o magdalwang isip ka bago kumain.
    malisya lang naman ang nagpapabago ng ating sentido kumon sa mga bagay na hindi natin puna.
    kaya ang masasabi ko lang ay depende na lang kung magpapa-apekto kayo sa mga malilisyosong puna kung paano nagawa ang kantang ng PBB.
    ang mahalaga, kung baga, kahit ba parehas ang rekado kung mas masarap naman ang pagkakaluto at malinis pa di ba?….
    iyon ho e sa akin lang naman. thanks.

  • kronik

    apathy among our countrymen is what makes our country what it is today…a big pile of $#iT! wala ng moral ang mga tao, ang mali ay nagiging tama. basta maganda sa paningin o pandinig ok na kahit sa masamang paraan galing. ang mga kababayan natin kahit subuan mo ng basura lulunukin basta ba mukhang masarap. tama yun sinabi ng isang nagpost dito na kahit magulang ibebenta para makarating lang sa ibang bansa o makamit ang ginhawa, ganun din ang ibang magulang hahayaan mag-puta sa ibang bansa ang mga anak para lang may mapanggastos, dahil mas madali ang asenso sa ganun paraan. pero brod, hindi lahat ng tao kayang tanggapin ang mga kasamaan/kababuyan na ginagawa ng ating mga kababayan. nasa tao naman yun kung ok na sayo kumain ng basura o galing sa nakaw eh, kaya nga tayo binigyan ng Diyos ng utak ay para natin gamitin. if it’s ur choice to eat garbage, then more power to you. pero hindi lahat ng tao tulad mo.

  • Anonymous

    Argh… OnL is an embarrassment to the Filipino music artists. I already find it hard to defend Filipinos for their behaviour online and now THIS?!

  • JustAnotherFan

    And the big winner is…Nene Tamayo! WOOHOOO!!! I even voted for her! ^_^


    1st Place

    2nd Place:

    3rd Place

  • JustAnotherFan

    JustAnotherFan: see the latest news about Pinoy Big Brother.


    JustAnotherFan’s sister: Ngayon ko lang nalaman na kinopya ng Orange and Lemons ang Chandeliers ng The Care. Talaga namang mangongopya ang mga Filipino, eh. Kita mo naman yung Extra Challenge, kinopya nila sa Fear Factor. At marami pang iba.

  • JustAnotherFan

    sino ba si big brother? pwede kung alam niyo eh share nyo naman sa akin.


    They say that Big Brother is acutally Direk Lauren, who knew?

  • don robert

    the song Pinoy Ako, in my opinion, obviously is inspired from the song Chandelier. Take into
    consideration, OnL is a fan of the care, a they admit.

    but i dont believe it is a rip-off. d melody are similar, and the only thing that is the same is the intro, and maybe the melody when the first lyric part is sang. but the chorus and the bridge, are totally different from the chandelier song.

    having said this, i dont believe OnL have to give credence to the care, in their album. BUT, for courtesy sake, they could have outright admitted to the fact that they are fans of the care and the song inspired them, to which they did beat around bush at first.

    rip-off is too heavy accusation, much more plagiarism. it is a simple case of two similar songs, with pinoy ako inspired from d song chandelier. the mere fact that a pinoy/pinoys composed pinoy ako, any controversy is overblown outright, which is sad.

    it is hard to be a pinoy this time of age. but as has been our “values”, albeit unfortunately, instilled in us, most of d time, much is expected from you, but less is asked from the person that is expecting too much from you.

    maybe the song best tell about us pinoys. and most of us hate it, that they want to rip-off OnL.

    kasi… pinoy ako. :)

  • Anonymous

    >JustAnotherFan???s sister: Ngayon ko lang nalaman na kinopya ng Orange and Lemons ang Chandeliers ng The Care. Talaga namang mangongopya ang mga Filipino, eh. Kita mo naman yung Extra Challenge, kinopya nila sa Fear Factor. At marami pang iba.

    Ang problema, hindi sila nagpa-alam o binanggit man lang na na-inspire o nanggaling sa The Care ang tono ng kanta nila. Original daw.

  • Danny

    Kahit kopya daw? ang Extra Challenge maganda pa rin. Di katulad ng iba kung mang gaya palpak.

  • Yug Reitellep

    I’mback in Canada…
    I’ve been in Phills for 4 months and really, I think Big Brother sucks. But I can say I love the title song.

  • http://yahoo Francesca

    hey. kahit gaya lang ang song maganda parin pinoy ba kayo. Inggit lng kayo sabihin niyo lasi sobrang sikat na ung song.HAHAHA

  • don robert

    hahaha, pls. let us not go overboard with our arguments.

    anyway, “similar” is not the same as “identical”. chandelier and pinoy ako have similarities, esp. in d first part of d song. but, again, the songs are not the same.

    how many songs exists that has this kind of case? this is usually true when songs have similar chord progressions.

    mangongopya ang filipino? hahahaha, u r actually speaking in behalf of d filipinos?

    again, the songs are similar in some parts, but not d same. that is all there is to it.

    get over it. :)

  • Anonymous

    don robert,

    The problem is not whether they copied it or not. The problem is they never even gave credit to the Care and just claimed it as their original composition.

  • don robert


    why do they have to give credit to the care?

    that is one thing i dont understand, really. given that the intro and the melody in d first part of pinoy ako were “similar” with chandelier, but the song in its ENTIRETY is different from the song chandelier. rip-off is having the same melody’s and all, but may have different lyrics. that is a rip-off. did OnL do that with pinoy ako on chandelier? c’mon.

    and, is it not enough that these guys admitted that d care is just one of their fave bands (or so i read from d threads here and other sites)?

    the thing is, everybody have their OWN standards on how to giver “credit” (whatever that means and what it is really for) to the band, d care. should the care also put in all their albums and songs that their name is derived from d popular band, the cure, also?

    i can get a melody from d care songs and build on it. is that ripping-off??? rip off will be like parokya ni edgar singing “pizza pie” to d tune of “i will survive”, and claiming it as their own. but did OnL did that? if u listen to d two songs, i dont think they did.

    cmon, i dont really know OnL and their songs much, but puh-lease, dont crucify them for this non-issue. they didnt rip off d care with their pinoy ako song.

    just listen to it, bro… or sis? :)

  • Jaden

    rIP OFF:

    Francis M’s song i forgot the title copied from LAURYN HILL’S song (Doo Wop) That Thing!

    tell that to the old hag joey de leon.. he is just plain shit.. people in glass houses shouldnt throw stones

  • Anonymous

    @don robert,

    Have you even listened to the Care’s “Chandelier”? Inspired derivative work has no problem in my book as long as they give a little credit to the source. The problem is that the two songs has an uncanny resemblance when in comes to melody and chord progression. Even the drum arrangement is unmistakenly similar. You even said that…

    “rip-off is having the same melody???s and all, but may have different lyrics. that is a rip-off.”

    The similarities are beyond coincidence, AFAIK.

    On a positive light, I loved the lyrics and the message it brings. Ironic that they have to resort to blatant copying…

    As for this thing…

    “the thing is, everybody have their OWN standards on how to giver ???credit??? (whatever that means and what it is really for) to the band, d care. should the care also put in all their albums and songs that their name is derived from d popular band, the cure, also?”

    Everyone has their own standards? Following your logic, I can create a standard of giving credit by copying blatantly the song, give it new lyrics then push it out as “giving credit”. I’ll go to the patent office and patent my new way of giving credit. It’s named plagiarism.

    Also, your analogy of The Care copying their name from The Cure is very weak and trivial. Did they copy “The Cure” because they have the same “The” and also “Cure” and “Care” has the same first, third and last letter? Microsoft needs people like you, seriously.

    And as for this…

    “i can get a melody from d care songs and build on it. is that ripping-off??? rip off will be like parokya ni edgar singing ???pizza pie??? to d tune of ???i will survive???, and claiming it as their own.”

    Blatant plagiarism is when you don’t even acknowledge the inspiration of the song. Like what Aurora said, Parokya ni Edgar acknowledge the source of their melody. OnL didn’t mention The Care and when confronted with the evidence, they just mentioned that it just so happens that The Care was one of their favorite bands. Nice.

    Heh. Non-issue, huh. This would be if only OnL would just say that they derived their melody from The Care’s Chandelier in the first place. Instead, they go off passing it as their entirely original music. Why keep denying? Give me a break…


    I listened to both songs and even tried playing them simultaneously.

  • junatan

    hello just want to comment on the orange n lemons song. talagang kapareho nga talaga ng care version yung pbb song,but if you will observe that the influences of ONL are uk bands and before they were popular, they play new wave songs. i have read an article on them. pero sana nasabi nila na may kapareho yung kanta. anyways, basta pinoy support na lng tyo. peace out!

  • don robert


    If it is a case of “blatant plagiarism”, how come nobody is accusing them, hauling them to court? and even if the case is brought to d court, do u think it will stand a chance? if so, if all of these people who really, really, really value their being pilipino (daw), why wont they do it on their own — go to d court and damn file a case against them OnL? the “integrity” of the pilipino is at stake here, di ba? di ba???


    and… i read this article from, of a certain gisselle roque who was crying foul. she said she just want everybody to know the truth, bla bla bla. and dahil daw friend nya itong the care. but did the care, cared???

    anyway… if u so believe ur PLAGIARISM theorismis, then why dont u go to the court urself?

    and… let me ask u, why is nobody from d music industry saying something on this issue? why are they not “bolting-in” altogether in putting an end to all these? para man lang sa INTEGRITY ng pinoy na ur so value.

    also, what i am really saying about people having their “own standard” is sometimes a person say their opinions borne out of ignorance, or because their ka text mate , or bcoz their pastor said so, etc. people will always say a glass with water as either half full or half empty.

    Blatant Plagiarism is u dont acknowledge the inspiration of d song???

    did ely buendia mentioned in their album about d girlfriend of his buddy that inspired him to write “torpedo”??? did john lennon write in the beatle’s album Rubber Soul, his acknowledgment on getting the first line of his song “run for your life”, from d song “Baby, lets play house”, by the king himself, elvis presley?

    there are a lot more of these things that ur version of “acknowledgement” is, like i said earlier, may be bourne out of ignorance, im sorry to say.

    my post on the cure and care was supposed to be a humor, sorry u didnt get it, hahahaha!!!

    u listened to d two songs together, huh? well, the ability to do that is not exclusive only to you. hundreds of other pinoy have done that too.

    and again…

    for d nth time, the intro and d melody of the first stanza of d song are SIMILAR. even OnL admitted that. now, what i want to know is, if u really listened to d two songs together, which part did they BLATANTLY PLAGIARIZED???

    get over it, anonymous.

  • Anonymous

    don robert,

    Forgive me for going off like that. It’s just that I find it harder and harder to defend Filipinos for what they’re doing offline and online and this just irked me. I may have gone too much about that “blatant plagiarism” bit. What pissed me off is when they can’t just come clean and just admit that their music’s melody have been taken from The Care’s Chandelier from the start. Their song will not get less popularity if they did so. A clean conscience for them. Instead, they manage to drag on that they never copied the anything from song until pressure just forced them to do so. :-/ Sheesh.

    On a side note, if you meant for your post to be humorous, forgive me for not catching the joke (wherever that was). Either you did it too subtle or I lost my sense of humor somewhere. LOL @ me.

    As for me hauling them in court, I don’t have that much money to hire a lawyer for civil cases. Woe is me.

    And for these…

    “did ely buendia mentioned in their album about d girlfriend of his buddy that inspired him to write ???torpedo??????”

    I wonder where you got the info…

    “did john lennon write in the beatle???s album Rubber Soul, his acknowledgment on getting the first line of his song ???run for your life???, from d song ???Baby, lets play house???, by the king himself, elvis presley?”

    I thought John Lennon mentioned this one. Oh well.

    “and?? let me ask u, why is nobody from d music industry saying something on this issue? why are they not ???bolting-in??? altogether in putting an end to all these? para man lang sa INTEGRITY ng pinoy na ur so value.”

    I dunno, maybe because THE MUSIC INDUSTRY IS DOING THE SAME AND TO PIN-POINT SOMEBODY’S FAULT WOULD MOST LIKE MAKE THEM A TARGET TOO? Besides, you make it sound like the INTEGRITY of Filipinos is not worth it. Maybe it’s not to you but at least it is to me. Sorry for caring.


    Um… LOL?

    “for d nth time, the intro and d melody of the first stanza of d song are SIMILAR. even OnL admitted that. now, what i want to know is, if u really listened to d two songs together, which part did they BLATANTLY PLAGIARIZED???”

    You just answered your question. (-_-)

    Anyway, I’ll respect your cynical point of view. It’s your point of view after all. :-/

    In other words, I got over it. Thanks.


    The group Orange and Lemons is very pleased with the good public reception to their song “Pinoy Ako,” the theme song of “Pinoy Big Brother.”

    The group was asked to react on the issue that “Pinoy Ako” bears striking resemblance to another song. The group says it’s a matter of one’s opinion. “It depends on who listens to it.

    Every song is protected by a copyright law, and O&L is of course aware of that and other artist too. If you are good listener, you will notice that there are notes that was changed and I belived tha PINOY AKO is different totally with the CHANDELIER.

    Think hard people….only the intro melody and the first few lines sound similar…try another “tsimis”, and this time more interesting ha??…


  • don robert


    write on, buddy!!!

    all this brouhaha about ‘pinoy ako’ and ‘chandelier’ is a bit suspicious from d start. it is like somebody is doing a crusade on something, piracy or palgiarism, perhaps. and, it is just unfortunate for OnL to be the more popular one to be involved in this case. i have read that another band has been proven that they did copy a song and made it as their own. so, the ‘witch hunt’ ensued.

    d nearest i can think of OnL’s fault is they did somehow beat d bush about d chandelier issue. maybe bcos of some legal issues, or maybe plainly they were just surprised by d question and attention. it could be so many things. and i am not sure if OnL had an interview with their ‘pinoy ako’ lengthily discussed. if they did, and didnt mention d care one bit, then, that would be discrediting one of their influences. that is as far as it goes.

    but reading that article from, about that certain gal who ‘really knows’ one of members of d care, was really surprising. as in she took it personally, as if she IS d care. maybe her ‘closeness’ with d care and all d emotions affected her. but, why didnt d care, cared? or maybe, she is trying hard to provoke it? hahahaha!!!

    d most funny thing about that article is when she mentioned that OnL sent a text telling her “sorry and everythin”, to which she replied that they should say sorry to d care, not to her. well, ho-ho, who was complaining anyway, d care? hahahahahahaaaa!!! all i can say is.. lady, get over it. hahahahahaha!!!

    also, this is where i derived my point on “everybody having their own standards on credit”. i mean, just bcoz u think that’s it, everybody should think like u too. and worse thing with people in general, sometimes they just dont have their own opinion, they usually get carried away with other people’s opinion.

    and this… protect the integrity of d pilipino??? if so, i dont see much pinoys protesting GMA, our “president”. now, that would be a great integrity check, hahahahaha!!!

    maybe, one lesson we all get with this issue is, we should always give people the benefit of d doubt. if they said they didnt do this thing they are being accused of, we can all get over it. we can always crucify them when their proven wrong later, hahahahahaaaa!!!

    and in this case, OnL has been proven with nothing. and hopefully, they will not prove me wrong, hahahahahaaaa!!!

    and oh, on that BLATANT PALGIARISM, i did? hahahahaaaa!!! im sorry, which part? hahahaha!

    im just knocking u around, anonymous.

    let us all keep an open mind on anything. let us accept things the way they are. if someone says ty are this, well, let’s give them d benefit of d doubt. faith in d goodness of our fellow pinoys, that would really help us this christmas, and maybe beyond.

    but of cors, not all d time. confusing, ryt? hahahahahaha!!!

    what’s d new wave song, “mad world”? hahahaha!!!

    anyway, like pepe smith always say, “keep on rockin'”.

  • don robert


    i can tell ur a big fan of OnL. and perhaps, abs-cbn as well??? hahahahaaaa!!!

    nothing wrong with that. but, keep an open mind, tho. it wont hurt. accept things as they come along. if there is a good show on gma7, go watch it. but dont get caught up with the silly thing that ur “disloyal” to abs, whatever that means.

    same thing with gma7, how can they say ur kapuso if u watch one show on their channel? it is all rubbish. u watch shows bcoz u want to get entertained. not bcoz u want them to know ur watching their show.

    gma and abs, they offer d same dish. but, lucky for them both, that is d same dish everybody is willing to fight over with, hahahahaha!!!

    mad world, ryt? let us all get over it.


  • isoentropic

    don robert,

    medyo consistent na kasi grammatical errors mo sa “did” sa lahat ng posts mo, mahirap nang palampasin as typo e. pag “did” kasi past na yun, wag mo nang dagdagan pa ng past tense ng verb… did the care, care?

    on topic, sa plagiarism cases kasi, one simply needs to establish so-called “substantial similarity” between two songs para masabing plagiarized yun. and often, the judge hearing the case is not that well versed in music, walang alam sa 7-notes or chord-progressions na yan. it’s not the other way around, which is that of establishing where the songs differed, basta may obvious na pagkakapareho, sentensyado na ng huwes yan.

    ang problema, ang pwede lang magfile ng case ay yung copyright holders – sina ian broudie at paul simpson, at ang record labels. kung may balak silang magkaso o wala ay hindi natin alam. hindi din natin alam kung anong steps ang ginagawa ng mga taga music industry at recording industry natin tungkol sa issue ng rip-off na ito. wait and see na lang, kung si madonna nga ay found guilty of plagiarism after so many years had passed muna…

  • joane

    I was realy suprise wen i was hear that song IBA KC ANG KAPAMILYA,orig na MAPAGMAHAL PA,UNG MGA NANI2RA,INGGIT lang kau gumawa rin kau ng sarili nio pra nman my maipagmlaki kau……

  • NOR

    i was realy suprised wen i was hear the song of ORANGE AND LEMON,iba kc ang kapamilya orig na mapagmahal pa..kya ung mga iba inggit…>>>>>>gumawa rin kau ng sarili nio, pra nman my maipagmalaki kau,,,,

  • NOR

    i was realy suprised wen i was hear the song of ORANGE AND LEMON,iba kc ang kapamilya orig na mapagmahal pa..kya ung mga iba inggit…>>>>>>gumawa rin kau ng sarili nio, pra nman my maipagmalaki kau,,,,BASTA PINOY TAYO

  • lander

    joane na, NOR pa!!! kapamilya talaga oo

  • don robert


    hahahaha, sorry sa grammar ko, ha? i dont have time to edit. instinct at type lang ng type kasi, hahahaha!!! meron pa nga akong post na, did na at nag did pa ulit, hahahaha!!!


    judge walang alam? balik na lang kaya tayo sa grammar, hahahahahaaaa!!! napalaway mo ako dun sa kakatawa. damn it, ur funny.


    substantial similarity? what’s that? pinsan ba iyan ng “cirumstantial evidence”? damn it, ur inventive.


    7-chord progression? from what i read from other blogs, our law only involve 8-chord progression. this is where siguro nagsabi ang OnL na, “safe kami dito”.


    ur d expert here. better than a judge, i suppose, so maybe it is a 7-chord progression.
    what do u think? hahahaha!

    kung ang record label at d care lang pala ang pwedeng mag akusa, then what is all this fuss?

    ah, oo nga pala…

    for d integrity of d pilipino people.

    get over it. ngiyahahahahahhaaaa!!!

    ps: promise ko, di na gumamit ng verb na iyan, ang “did”. from now on, e did-ma ko na ang word na iyan hahahahahahahahahahahaaaaa!!!!

  • empress maruja

    NOr, you obviously didn’t hear the ORIGINAL SONG from which it was PLAGIARIZED. Now, who are you calling original now?

  • isoentropic

    don robert,

    got the term “substantial similarity” from examples of plagiarism cases that you could easily find with the help of good ol’ google, nothing special about that. didn’t invent it bro, actually it’s you who’s quite inventive about your concepts on disproving plagiarism in music.

    yes i’d still say only a handful among our judges are both experts on law and musicians as well. didn’t say anything about 7-chord progression, but i’m confused likewise on what our law specifically states about this nth note rule or chord-progression rule, probably you could post some links to authoritative references on this rules.

  • don robert

    actually, isoentropic, i find one good thing about this plagiarism issue with OnL.

    i learned about this 7 or 8 chord issue in d law. altho ive known there is a law about these things, but not that specific until now.

    if we go further with plagiarsim, all d infos i get are about d same thing: copying of exact things from a material (musically or otherwise) and pretend that it is your own.

    and, contrary to what u think, the judge or any judge, does not have to be “music knowledgeable” to “judge” correctly. that is a wrong perception. very wrong if i may add.

    all d judge has to do is listen to complaints and check the merits according to our laws. if d prosecution can prove that the accused is in violation, then on that merit, d judge will act on it.

    dont give credit too much on judges knowing everything. if they ever get a 99% percentile in d bar exams, it does not translate to them knowing everything. it still boils down to laws and facts.

    and on OnL’s pinoy ako, u actually have made up ur decision that they did commit (oooops, i thot did-ma ko na iyan, hahahahaha!!!) a crime. have u or anybody who has been whining about, even think that OnL and their label, with all their money, ever consulted a lawyer in case this allegation is true? why do u think their record company is backing them up? and why nobody has accused them legally so far?

    does the thought that they are doing nothing wrong ever crossed ur mind??? or maybe, u r just too darn arrogant that bcoz somebody said it is what it is, u jump over and yell, “yes, it is plagiarism”???

    ignorance is bliss, they say. but spreading lies, confusion or various theorismis about PLAGIARISM is not healthy.

    i dont really know where this whole brouhaha on OnL’s alleged PLAGIARISM will bring us all. all i can think of is this: somebody cried wolf, when all the while… she is the wolf.

    she better get over it. ngiyahahahahahaaaa!!!!

  • isoentropic

    don robert,

    quoting from your post above:

    “ignorance is bliss, they say. but spreading lies, confusion or various theorismis about PLAGIARISM is not healthy.”

    i think that is one thing that you should get over with, which is that of spreading misconceptions about plagiarism. if you could still recall one of your previous posts, a part of which i quote below:

    “that is one thing i dont understand, really. given that the intro and the melody in d first part of pinoy ako were ???similar??? with chandelier, but the song in its ENTIRETY is different from the song chandelier. rip-off is having the same melody???s and all, but may have different lyrics. that is a rip-off. did OnL do that with pinoy ako on chandelier? c???mon.”

    now, that is one huge misconception or lie that you’re spreading. does one need to copy the ENTIRE melody of a song in order to commit plagiarism? got any basis for this logic of yours ba? me, i couldn’t have derived this, even from common sense, galing mo talaga pre.

    and yes, i had formed my decision on this rip-off case by OnL by myself, after consulting some stuff from the web and fora and blogsites.

    re OnL/star records legal counsels, of course they do have their lawyers, kaya nga right from the start planado na nila depensa nila, just in case magreklamo ang the care or their label’s local rep. kaya nga di ba, sa simula pa lang nagtatago na sa saya ng 7-note rule itong OnL.

    could anyone here ba quote the exact entry on this 7-note rule as part of phil laws on copyright as applied to music? maski kasi si trusted google ko e hirap magchurn out ng results on this 7-note rule. and may defense na ba sa plagiarism cases na nanalo base dito sa 7-note rule na ito?

    re the judge, ultimately it would still have to boil down to his own unbiased interpretation of what “substantial similarity” is. and for me, if the copyright holders of chandeliers would file a case in court, it would definitely stand a chance, just to answer one of your questions in a previous post.

  • don robert


    when u said:

    “re OnL/star records legal counsels, of course they do have their lawyers, kaya nga right from the start planado na nila depensa nila, just in case magreklamo ang the care or their label???s local rep. kaya nga di ba, sa simula pa lang nagtatago na sa saya ng 7-note rule itong OnL.”

    now ur moving from PLAGIARISM, to LIBEL here. careful, boy, careful.

    about the comment on the “similar intros, stanzas” and all, yup, i stand by it. simply becoz what im saying is, it does not involve copying. copying means “the same”. “similar” can be anything, but not exclusive to.

    Here are some definitions of PLAGIARISM :

    1. Plagiarism
    Failure to acknowledge the sources from which we borrow ideas, examples, words and the progression of thought constitutes plagiarism.

    2. Plagiarism
    A form of academic malpractice. It refers to the use of another’s information, language, or writing, when done without proper acknowledgment of the original source.

    if u listen to d intro of a U2 song, with or without u, the intro is similar to d two songs discussed here. except, U2’s song is using two notes in d intro. chandelier uses 3 notes, and pinoy ako uses a 4th note. well, if i follow the tabs, that is.

    now, these songs have “similarities” but these 3 songs in their entirety are different. now, tell me, which part of the two songs, pinoy ako and chandelier, was plagiarized???

    d problem with u, like ur “libelous comment”, hahaha, is you already have made up ur mind on the “crime” OnL has done. How, I don???t know.

    kaya pre, get over it. Hahahaha!!!

    ps: i hope ur not a member of the pro-kapuso, pro-kapamilya sect, hahaha! this fraternal allegiance, if i may coin words, is really depriving most pinoys of making independent decisions/choices. kapuso? kapamilya? u all have to get over it, hahahahaha!

  • don robert

    isoentropic, if i may add on PLAGIARISM Laws:

    1. Plagiarism is neither a criminal nor a civil offence.
    2. Plagiarism is not a legal term and is not legally recognised.

    and u said:

    “re the judge, ultimately it would still have to boil down to his own unbiased interpretation of what ???substantial similarity??? is. and for me, if the copyright holders of chandeliers would file a case in court, it would definitely stand a chance, just to answer one of your questions in a previous post.”

    no further comment. i know u must have thot well this one out, JUDGE isoentropic??? hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!

    “boil down to (judge’s) unbiased interpretation of what substantial similarity is”???

    i’ll be damned. hahahaaaaa!!!!

    just to help you get some ideas on how a song can be “Plagiarized”, download songs of Harrison’s “My Sweet Lord”, which was taken from Chiffons “He’s so fine”. a little more info wont hurt u, right?

    now compare pinoy ako and chandelier. it will help make u sleep well at night, i tell u.

  • abbey

    ano ba yan..lahat ginaya na… yung show pati yung theme song…though binili ng abs yung concept and all ng big brother…

    super na to…kakahiya na.then sabi pa nila wag daw bumili ng pirated cd! galeng talaga!

  • isoentropic

    naks, nagresearch si attorney ah! wikipedia ba suki mo? lagyan mo naman ng reference para maniwala readers mo. saka kulang ka naman kung magdefine e, cut and paste na nga lang hindi mo pa tinodo. here’s what you may have intentionally left out:

    “But breach of copyright or intellectual property rights (IPR) is illegal; if an act of plagiarism breaches copyright or IPR then it is illegal. Not every act of plagiarism is a breach of copyright. For example, you can plagiarise work that has no copyright (such as material that is out of copyright).”

    Plagiarism is a more general term, and copyright infringement falls under it. You could also say that plagiarism is a layman’s term and copyright or IPR infringement are terms in law.

    uy, may libel ka pa palang nalalaman dyan ‘torney. why, is there any falsity in my statements? may nakita ka na din bang literal meaning ng pagtago sa saya? onl did admit in their mailing list that they copied a few notes from chandeliers, but they didn’t go beyond 7 notes. so tolz, in music copyright infringement, nota-nota lang ang binibilang, even as few as 4 notes ay may cases nang naifile. kaya one does not need to copy the melody of a song in its entirety para masabing plagiarized o infringement of copyright, which is the idea you’re promoting here.

    still about the judge thing, i think you may have missed my point about this right from my first post. i never said anything about the judge hearing copyright infringement cases in music has to be knowledgeable in music also.
    kaya baka aside from grammar, you may also need to brush up on your comprehension skills pre.

    “and, contrary to what u think, the judge or any judge, does not have to be ???music knowledgeable??? to ???judge??? correctly. that is a wrong perception. very wrong if i may add.”

    try listening na lang to the side-by-side arrangement of the two songs, i think you could find links to it in one of rickey’s blogs here, may ginawa din si sancho na mas maiksi, then tell us what you think…

  • don robert

    ngiyahahahaha, see? now ur accusing me of PLAGIARISM, becoz i didnt post my “reference”? i thot we r n d context of, what was it u posted, good ol’ google, kaya copy paste na lang ako? besides, i never said those words were mine. napapaparanoid ka na ata ng OnL, “pre”? ngiyahahahahaha!!!

    u said “…is there any falsity in my statements”. eh ano ba pagka comprehend mo sa sinabi mo na:

    “kaya nga right from the start planado na nila depensa nila”.

    r u part of OnL “team”? parang me direct line ka nila ah, u actually know this for a fact? me proof ka ba? kung wala, eh di libelous yung sinabi mo.

    di ba? di ba? ngiyahahahahahahaaaa!!!

    tama ka, i need to brush up my comprehension. brush up? charming ng mga terms mo, “pre”. ngiyahahahaha!

    at eto pa:

    “only a handful among our judges are both experts on law”??? (di ko na kinontinue ang sentence, kasi mali ang… thought eh, hahahaha)

    coming from u, u know this for a fact. di ba? di ba? ngiyahahahaha!!!

    sa mga sinasabi mo, lalo mo lang kino confuse sarili mo.

    anyway… i did listen to d two songs, “side by side”. again, dr r similarities on d intro and first stanza, but if u listen to d whole song, theyre entirely different. and even if im familiar with chandelier, i wouldnt say that it was “copied” and made into this pinoy ako song.

    pero… compare mo dito: play “side by side” my sweet lord and he’s so fine, pareho talaga.

    and then tell us what u think… too.


  • empress maruja

    ang alam ko, copyright laws here in the philippines are so loose, kaya if ever kasuhan ang ONL, they would still get away with it due to technicalities.

    Oh well, at least pinasasaringan na sila sa backstage ng bawat gig na puntahan nila.

    “Hey, ang mga magnanakaw ng kanta, nandito na,” other bands tend to comment.

  • don robert

    well, in my opinion, as long as gloria is the president, nobody has d right to judge anybody. for what, bcoz we r pinoys and it is our moral right? bcoz we r pinoys and we need to expect highly of our moral standards?


    just look at our president, and think about morality. pinas has nowhere to go. our values are misplaced, misunderstood. we love to point our filthy fingers on people, when we all should take a good look of ourselves.

    OnL, magnanakaw ng kanta?

    nobody has d moral authority to say that.

    get over it.

  • isoentropic

    don robert,

    it’s take a good look at ourselves, NOT your “take a good look of ourselves.” tsk, tsk, pati pala common English idiom lang hindi mo pa nagets. enrol ka na lang kaya muna ulit sa English 101?

    accusing him of plagiarism pa daw o, i think you’re the one that’s confused pre, mukha kasing your uncommon sense of humor is clouding your reasoning e, even your common sense is not that common, baka you might need to seek professional or medical help regarding that. otherwise mahirap nga makipag-usap sa kagaya mo tol.

  • don robert

    ang puso mo, “tol”, ang puso mo, ngiyahahahahaa!.

    yup, it should be AT not OF, ngiyahahahahaaaa, nakita ko rin yun but na send ko na, eh, sorry na po, mr. english, ngiyahahahahaaa! no wonder u have some kind of animosity with this song, pinoy ako. it’s not about OnL ryt? it’s d song that u hate. english ka eh, ngiyahahahaha!

    ah, hinde mo ba ako inaakusa? im sorry, my apologies, “tol”. “tol” nga ba? hahahaha!

    naubusan ka na ata ng ideas, wa ka na masabi sa OnL? wasabe ba? hahahahahaaa!!!

    well, i take it as uve learnd dat OnL, with pinoy ako, didnt commit anything wrong. well, good for u.

    b a “true” pinoy. walang pakialam kung tama o mali, basta good time lang parati. approve pa iyan ng simbahan, with our government as role model. ngiyahahahahaaa!!!

    at last, u got over it. good for u.

  • isoentropic

    yup, got over it na pre – talking to you, that is. nakakahawa daw kasi yan e, pag lagi kang nakikicorrespond sa mga ganyan. sa mga gullible dyan wag na lang kayong magpapaniwala kaagad sa sinasabi netu.

  • don robert

    ngiyahahahahaaa, huwag kang ganyan, “pre”. matatag ka, hwag kang patalo sa emotions mo.

    whatever my stand with this OnL alleged PLAGIARISM, is entirely my own opinion. same way with u, and i respect that. ikaw lang ang lumabas sa usapan, at kinantyawan mo ang grammar ko, hahahaha! ang labas eh, ako pa ngayun ang nahawa sa yo nang lumabas na din ako sa usapan at diskusyun natin. so, parang bumalik sayo ang advise mo na… hwag magpapaniwala… sa yo? hahahahaha!

    kapuso ka siguro. masyado kang madamdamin.

    opinion, opinion at opinion lang lahat eto.

    so, u better get over it. whatever “it” is now with you.

  • isoentropic

    oo nga naman, some parting words muna…

    first off, i’m cool tol.

    “ang puso mo, ???tol???, ang puso mo, ngiyahahahahaa!.”
    “kapuso ka siguro. masyado kang madamdamin.”

    you’re imagining things talaga pre, and very inventive pa. sabi ko sayo, habang maaga baka madaan pa sa counselling yan e, without necessitating meds. but then again, you could put them to good use, and who knows baka ikaw pa maging dahilan ng pag-asenso ng pinas…

    “ikaw lang ang lumabas sa usapan, at kinantyawan mo ang grammar ko, hahahaha!”

    actually, nakisabat na nga lang ako sa usapan nyo ni anonymous, kasi nairita nako sa grammar mo, sa palitan nyo pa lang ng posts. yun pala, gumive-up na rin sayo tong si anonymous, tsk tsk, wawa ka naman, mawawalan ka na naman ng kausap…

    anyway, di naman siguro maglalaon at may papatol ding makipagtalastasan sa iyo dyan. sana sya yung makakarelate sa sarili mong definitions ng plagiarism, music copyright infringement, at libel… oops, pati na din sa grammar, comprehension skills at logic mo… oops, kulang pa… pati na din inventiveness at imagination mo.

    ayan, sige tol, good luck na lang…

  • lhia jhel

    hy naku bagay talaga kami ni papa sam paki ko sa mga ingitera all around us, Sana ma relized na ni papa sam na kami talaga para sa isat isa. I LOVE HIM VERY VERY MUCH………..

  • empress maruja

    PBB has changed the instrumentation of the theme song para matago yung pinagkopyahang kanta. In other words, ni-remix at ginawang Disco version at Christmas version. Hindi niyo na napansin ano?

  • don robert

    isoentropic… ngiyahahahahahaaa!!!

    sa mga sinasabi mo, i think ikaw ang kailangan ng counseling, ngiyahahahaaa!!! im sorry i have to say that, ngiyahahahahahaaaa!!!

    anyway, i admit, cool ka nga… “tol”?

    happy new year to all OnL lovers, and haters.
    kahit ano ang mangyari, pinoy ako pa rin…

    ma christmas or disco version man.


  • Ian

    Wow kaya pala orange ang lemons dahil kinopya sa diamonds and emeralds, naiinsulto bilang Pilipino lalo na noong kinakanta yung Pinoy ako sa SEA games. E ano kung mas maganda e kopya nga e! E ano kung mas sumikat kopya nga e tapos ayaw pang iacknowledge yung mga totoong gumawa. Bagay na bagay nga sa SEA games lalo ng noong inaakusahan tayo ng thailand na nangdadaya wow pinagmamalaki ko ngang “Pinoy ako.”

  • tRiSha

    well, after i heard the 2 songs..
    i coudn’t believe that both of them sounds the same..
    but we can’t judge them..
    pero sana they just tell the public about what’s true..
    o d kaya they just want to make noise…
    yan lang…

  • Roberto Trinidad

    May kasabihan tayo, “Ang pinakamahirap gisingin ay ang nagtutulog-tulogan.”

  • Jerem

    hello po ^^

    wla lng, napadaan lng ako.. ndi nmn ako fan ng PBB, pero big fan ako ng pinoy music.. kya nga nalungkot ako nung narinig ko ung sa rip-off.

    sayang nmn, sna nagcompose n lng cla ng ibang song na tlgang OPM, gets.. tinuring p nmn na patriotic ung song, nakakahiya..

    anyways, nakakatuwa tlga c hermione potter, ngkataon lng nabasa ko mga post nya, sobrang nakakaasar na nagiging nakakatawa, hehe, wla lng… ^^

  • Appheia E. Avendula

    Say I really like you with Sam singing because I like you and Sam

    Thats All!

    can I be your friend?

    Appheia Avendula

  • Appheia E. Avendula

    Say I like you in the TV Beause you are beautiful.when i saw you in last Sinulog your so beautiful has long hair and your skin is very white not unlike at the the TV you are black beauty but in personal very white skin.

    S-so beautiful
    Y-you are very good at the pinoy big brotherhouse

    nice voice when you sing

    Appheia! =)

  • Albert

    hi!hellow!wla lng pants lng kse aq ng PBB ng kapamilaya ABS-CBN.Excited na kse aq sa nala2pit ns pagbukas ng pinoy big brother sa Feb.4 .I hope na patuloy nyong suportahan ang PBB kse its so nice tlaga at my moral lesson pa sa lahat specialy sa buong Pilipino of all the world…(“;)

  • JustAnotherFan

    Wow! Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition!!! Hindi nga mas maganda kaysa yung unang season pero, what the heck? Gusto ko makita mag-away-away yung mga kilala sa showbiz!! xD

  • slytherinz

    hahahha, moral lesson kamo, ok, sabi mo eh

  • http://none missy

    good luck sa before housemates and ang pinoy celebrities special mension kela roxane,rico,mang rudy,mich at ke budoy!!!!i love you housemates!!!grabe na to!!!!!!!!!!

  • stupdog

    wat s2pid people lets see you get in2 the music buznez at least they got the song to be popular do you think its that izy lets see you make song r u sure it will get famous i feel sorry 4 dumb pipol like you

  • MixMagz

    ahhhhhmmmm guys i like PBB but what is the title of the english song …. tune like this ….(aha aha aha aha …) like that when cathy go to finland for the big swap whats that song? plsss email me if someone knows my email is thanks! PBB ever….

  • MixMagz

    ahhhhhmmmm guys i like PBB but what is the title of the english song …. tune like this ….(aha aha aha aha …) like that when cathy go to finland for the big swap whats that song? plsss email me if someone knows my email is thanks! PBB ever….

  • Blacklquorevaporator

    why is i the music so so loud ont he b  b brother show,, this show is at best borderline entertaiment ,, would only take a few more very bland and out landish music to turn this t v show off for good