Sheryn Regis on ASAP 11/18/07

Sheryn Regis

Sheryn Regis

Sheryn Regis

OMG this was just one of the funniest things I’ve seen on TV in a long time. Hahaha. I couldn’t stop laughing.

Sheryn Regis’ birthday performance on ASAP. Entertainment gold!

Grabe, nag-Beyonce-moment si inday. Funny talaga siya — to the tune of “Dito Ba?”. Nakakaloka. They should make Sheryn do this more. LOL

Video clip:

Sheryn Regis

  • anonymousreader96

    This was certainly a unique performance from Sheryn. I hope to see more of her in ASAP as a versatile performer. Thanks for recognizing Sheryn’s performance, Sir Rickey!

  • picklepepper

    I sort of cringed when I saw it…anybody else feel the same way?

    (This is not a criticism of her singing voice, btw.)

  • jakile

    Medyo na cringe ako when i saw it. Baka mag change ng image si Sheryn, gusto na niyang katapat ni Ai ai delas Alas.

    I know game na game si Sheryn to do this, but its up to her if she wants to maintain to be a serious singer or a novelty singer.

  • anonymousreader96

    Come on people, lighten up! if top entertainment blogger Rickey Yaneza himself was entertained by Sheryn’s number, why shouldn’t you be?

    Sheryn just wanted to break the ice and try something new to entertain you. This is in no way an indication of a career shift, jeez! Unlike other artists na hanggang pagkanta lang, Sheryn wants to show you that she can dance, sing, and make you laugh all at the same time!

  • nik137

    oMG!!! what was that!! THEY MUST CHANGE THE CHOREOGRAPHY of that!! that was sooo cheap!!

    puro lift?? ano un???

  • anonymousreader96

    haha.. jeez.. some people just doooonnnn’ttt get this at all…

    nik137, you want sheryn to be all jumpy and dancing while singing DITO BA?? how is that even possible?!

  • maiko

    Basta ang galing ni sheryn! Sobra. Ang galing niya dito. at talagang unique ang ginawa niya!