Super Sireyna 2007 on Eat Bulaga

Super Sireyna

Ay! Ang mga mujer! Super Sireyna parade of candidates and talent portion.

Medyo no itong plawta talent na ‘to. It was very sad to watch…

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  • foxy_roxy

    Rickey, sabi diyan look-a-like daw siya ni Iya Villania? Pero she is more likely a deadringer to MELISSA RICKS (Ka-loveteam ni Matt) of PEDRO PENDUKO. HAHAHAH

  • nik137

    wow! kamukhang kamukha nung isa si Iwa Motto.. woot! scond.. new member po me.. hello ^_^ bakit kalahati lang ang talent portion ?

  • nik137

    wow.. kamukhang kamukha ni IWA MOTTO!!!

  • missveruska143

    thank you kuya rickey for making us all happy

    ang ganda ng kristin hermosa lookalike, babaeng babae ang katawan rin

  • Mari

    Teka, just a stupid question. Mga babae yon di ba? Missveruska? They can’t be men.

  • haid

    lol wat a question, lalaki po sila. niwez galing nila sa question and answer portion.

  • bemdman


    MARK Butler has always wanted to become an actor, that is why when
    he was just 13 years old, he entered a reality artista search.
    Although he did not make it to the finals, he was taken by the ABS-
    CBN Talent Center (now Star Magic) as a member of an all-male dance

    But the group failed to make any impression. It was dissolved.
    After only a few months. He only made one more TV appearance after
    that, also as a contestant in the loveteam reality show, `Qpids’
    where he and his partner were eliminated early on because they were
    too young. Ater that, it was nowhere to go for Mark who also did a
    few print ads and TV commercial during that time.
    In December 2005, when Mark was 15 years old, his showbiz dreams
    were slowly fading away as there were no available projects in
    sight for him. That was when he was taken in by talent manager
    Popoy Caritativo as one of his talents (Popoy’s other talents are
    Dennis Trillo, Marian Rivera and Gary Estrada) when Popoy saw his
    picture in a teen magazine. Mark’s real name was dropped and he was
    given the better sounding screen name Martin Escudero (he is related
    to Cong. Francis “Chiz” Escudero).

    He was asked by his manager to audition for a role in Marian’s
    Drama starrer, the TAPE, Inc. produced afternoon soap, “Agawin Mo
    Man Ang Lahat” which landed for him the role of Emman, Marian’s
    youngest brother. This was his first regular job as an actor. He
    earned praises for his dramatic acting experience other than acting
    workshop and cameo roles. He developed an instant rapport with his
    co-stars, Marian, Oyo Sotto, Rita Avila and Perla Bautista. He
    stayed on with the show until it ended in July 2006.

    Martin’s dream is to become a multi-award winning dramatic actor
    just like his idol and “Kuya” Dennis Trillo. That is why young as he
    is, he takes showbusiness seriously. He also dreams of starring
    with his longtime crush, Angel Locsin. Although he is too young to
    be her leading man, just to star in a project with Angel is already
    a dream come true for this young man.

    After Agawin, Martin was enrolled in various acting workshops to
    further develop his acting skills. Most noteworthy of which is the
    Teens & Adults Acting Workshop For Film & TV wherein he topped his

    He auditioned for GMA7’s Reality Artista Search, StarStruck in
    October of 2006. He went through all phases of the auditions,
    wherein he used his dancing talent as his audition piece. The
    contestants were trimmed from 117 to 60 to 40 to 20 to 16 to 14 to
    10 and now only 8 of them remain.

    It was a very tough competition but Martin, who was renamed Mart
    Escudero by the StarStruck producers, is determined to stay on.
    Now, his aim is to keep on improving and polishing himself each
    week; to learn more, to do his very best so that he would be able
    to stay on, hopefully until the very end, and thus make his dream a

    Bong de Leon

  • Mari

    Wow, they are that good. I was fooled, except when they were speaking, I was wondering why their voices were deep. Ang gaganda pa’t ang seseksi. Ang galing galing.

    Yong sumayaw ng “como se llama” lalaki ba yon? My goodness, ang ganda ng katawan.. babaeng babae.

  • ja1207

    bemdman, is that true, wow, what a good biography, kahit ndi dramatic, nagawang maayos at convincing, pero bkit d2 mo pinost, dpat dun sa starstruck, sayang lang to d2, ala namang bumabasa n2, well, as for the “super sireyna”

    kamukhang kamukha tlaga nung 1 si iwa moto,

    un namang si “iya villania”, nag-ala “aguilus” pa (mulawin), hahaha,

  • ja1207

    cno nga ba ang nanalo?

  • missveruska143

    the kristine hermosa lookalike

    from CEBU, she is very beautiful and intelligent

    sana they can form a group, sireyna babes

  • lander

    sino po winner… pakwento po anong nangyari….

    rickey, wala bang screencaps ng kristine hermosa from cebu. please..